The Great White Exodus: White Nationalists Leave the United States En Mass

White nationalists were just voted as one of the top 10 threats to the United States by the US military. Trump has just associated white nationalists with right wing terrorists. Jews have passed red flag gun confiscation legislation in 11 states and counting. CNN anchor Don Lemon recommended screening and arresting all white men. The public generally agrees with this except for white men and 60% of white women. Demographic shifts in Arizona, Florida, and Texas indicate that by 2020 republikikes will have no chance of winning. This leaves white nationalists with a few options, but ITT I argue for exodus.

Why contribute to a system that seeks to destroy you? Why fight for land that barely has any meaning to you? Why submit to the slow boil death by a thousand cuts method that the kikes have in store for you?

ITT we plan for the great white exodus™. Whether that's to another state first, or to another country is up for you to decide. Keep in mind that our purchasing power as white men is still fairly high and most third world governments would be glad to take in a massive amount of whites to contribute to their economy. Though the big challenge here is to find the threshold for when whites decide that they can't handle living in Weimerica any longer. At what point will the average joe decide to leave? Will he ever? Should we plan for only white nationalists to migrate instead? Would it be better to migrate in a massive block of tens of thousands or slowly over a decade so as not to alert ZOG?

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Argentina is our best bet

I've looked at argentina too because its projected to peak in population soon, and has good agricultural land.

im not sure about learning spanish though, and I'm worried about mass migration from oter south american countries could still happen.

Im betting on balkanization for now, but I'll run if the fight never goes hot



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Reported, then. Go back to reddit.

The hostile way in which you responded reaks of IDF


Sage isn't a down vote Noseberg. You Israelis really are retarded.

Pretty much every white person who isn't on welfare, minimum wage and not a patriotard has been playing their exit from the US for quite some time

technically all of your posts so far have been strawmen sweetie, maybe this thread scares you

Argentina is victim to some of the femishitiest laws in the region. Though not near Sweden levels, they are rapidly approaching Spain's. This user has a great point. The places to run to are disappearing.

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Reported for not even trying.

Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, China.

filtered for endless kvetching


Speaking of Don Lemon does anyone have some canned answers for this nigger’s lie? Suddenly, mysteriously I can’t find terror statistics anymore.

I'm not running, but if I were going to, it'd be to an extremely cold climate where spics and niggers would have a tough time following.

Latvia Estonia and Lithuania have property based inmigration policy. Highly white. Some nascent nationalist movements. We might be able to flood them and help swing politics toward nationalism then shut the immigration spigot excrpt to right wing whites.

last stand in Europe tbh

you're having a stroke.

it is happening, AFAIK southern cone is browning just as fast as the USA


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Do you know how hard it was for our white ancestors? It was fucking brutal to settle this remote-ass colonial outpost and later push into the wild west. They sacrificed way too much for you faggots to give up. They'd be disgusted if they saw you today.

The current atomized, individualistic strategy the right follows won't work, though. The answer is form a small but fierce new country. This can happen within bounds of the US. Balkanization isn't cutting and running–it's accepting reality and fighting back effectively. But just fleeing to another country is cowardly.

I would love to but also I don’t want to give up my guns.

the US is seriously fucked and you're dumb if you think otherwise. the demographics are too far gone
the under 35 demographics are all that matters, and they're really bad. Brazil will be whiter than the US within a decade or two as the boomers start croaking en masse

Nah, USA is shit. Best to let it rot. I'm moving to Europe

If I was ever going to run from my country like a chickenshit coward (and I won't), I'd run to Belarus.

Top 10 threats:
1) Jews
2) Niggers
3) Mudslimes
4) Poos
5) Spics
6) Chinks
7) Gooks
8 ) Spruce niggers
9) Liberals
10) White Nationalists

It's a reasonable ranking all things considered.

Yeah but White flight is suicide. I will stand and fight until they kill me.

I'm honest with you, your children will end up liking chinks and gooks more than his origin. Because they are not cucked and you showed them you are cucked by being a rapefugee.
Yellow infatuation with western culture is shallow and won't last long, when they are more and more used to the shit that flows into their media, and their economies are being propped up by globablists everywhere.
Just my opinion from observation.

Hey, there are some pretty decent islands that could be of use for the white race.
Some even fairly cheap to get, fuck it, a decent group of Zig Forums minded individuals could probably take them by force even!
And no one would probably give a shit, as long everyone shuts up about it
Sure there might be some "inconveniences" on the islands, and getting there might be a shore and a half.

our demographics right now are about 60% roughly.

1. We have about 30million straight up illegal taco benders running around right now. we cut off all their sources of support, e-verify, no more welfare gibs etc, and we can make a huge number of them self deport. we round up and chuck the rest. That boosts our demographics by 9% right there.

2. we deal with all these fucking green card holding pakis and other assorted "temp" migrants that have just been allowed to stay in the country on infinity renewals due to jewing and that will knock out another 2-3 million probably. there's another solid 1% back to our demographics.

3. we are back up to a solid 70% with those first two, even traitor shit lib whites can't stop us at this point. Now we focus on retroactively removing citizen ship from all these fucking anchor babies. That's another solid 20-30 million of the fuckers we can scratch off the pie chart.

It's not going to be easy and we will have to fight for every fucking inch, but don't let black pilling kikes convince you it's impossible, because it's not.

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You're an idiot.

You're an idiot

Consider the portuguese azores my friends.
Plenty of land to cultivate, easy to have cattle with the permanent green pastures.
Good weather and not that far from the US.

Alright cap'n sunshine - touché!
But I dont see YOU coming up with counter, or better solutions.

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We go North.

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The elites are already building bunkers in new zealand. NZ is basically just a big island, It has all the seafood you can eat, The surrounding oceans make it easy to defend against invasion. The elites are obviously operating on more information than we are. They know that either a civil war or some sort of commie uprising is on the horizon.

Nice digits. Nice plan. Can't see enough whites Awakening to pull it off though. Time is running out. I've gone 70% power level IRL. Lots of people are receptive. Wr can't stop beating around the bush at this point.


Witch creates the biggest death trap there is, and its absolutely, devilishly beautiful.
Just one little nuke….

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As someone who has studied psych, do not do this! Your children will imprint on the ants. It's passing down suicide by one generation.

Some of the guys I work with literally call me "the Nazi". :-)

I'm seeing a very noticeable increase in the number of white people around me starting to notice things they aren't supposed to notice. I'm hearing more and more comments like "if these people keep flooding in here where are we supposed to go?" It's slow but it's definitely building. All these idiot jews/libshits that have tried to make anti whiteness main stream have really fucked up. Normies are noticing that shit and it's causing their almonds to activate.

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Jews will not allow balkanization to occur, they will genocide whites before it gets to that. Probably once whites are at 35% or so they'll start rounding us up. Fleeing might be the only reasonable strategy especially if we can get 50,000 or more to do it.

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remember that NZ now screens tourists and migrants for white nationalist sentiments. They turned down Stefan Molyneux even for being too extreme. They also request that you unlock your phone for them when entering the country.

-there is no one-size-fits-all solution
-our own military (not LEO's) have declared their largest military demographic a threat; right up there with pissed off muzzies. Nothing about spics, nigs or kikes; all psychopaths/sociopaths within their own right. How fucking awesome is that shit? Noneed to wonder why so many White men say "Fuck it!" and disappear into Gamelands
-Stay, and you should move to the PNW (no one mentioned Alaska) and hope like hell not to get killed by a commie or some military/PMC's just out for a fist full of shekels
-leave, and move to Argentina, the Azores, China(really?), the Philippines, Nam, Europe(Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania - there truly is some pure DNA here), or …
This is great news and fucked at the same time. I'm happy for Whites and saddened simultaneously

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I have heard Europe described as a "rat hole". You cannot get lost there. 5G is invasive. I have personally heard that Czech people, at least, are generally unaware about this constant … destruction so to say, but from another source that they are at least conscious of the danger of soros and (((immigration))) (I may have not read that last one? I feel that it's the case though).
Please take care. Please do.

No, jew.

No it's probably already under 50% considering they consider North Africans to be white and a lot of hispanics claim they're non hispanic white.

Also your figure of 30 million illegals is definitely inaccurate most up to date estimates have it around 70 million. Deportation is considered immoral by most of the developed nations which means your plan fails.

sealing your self up in one of those is literally the dumbest thing possible to do. all anyone has to do is find it, locate the air intakes, then dump dirt on them with a back hoe. then they can just take up position within scope range of the door and wait for Scholmo Shekelberg to come gasping out.

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Where are the christians (or other religions) and eco terrorists?

oh, is that your personal list? Cute.

Wow, this country is fucked.


Alaska is an interesting option but is fortified by ZOG so I don't see a white nationalist faction existing there without being genocided by them.

This or the sea. Create an armada of ships and live on the sea, get energy from solar, wind and nuclear power, and travel the world, port to port, trading with various nations.
Seaweed and fish will provide sustenance.

This is another one of those Kikes thinking the are brilliant without realizing how dumb their plan is. If anything balkanization would become inevitable if the white population fell that far just look at how hostile politics have become once whites fell below 80%.

We probably fell under 50% but that isn't because niggers are out breeding us their birthrates are as shitty as ours. Spics getting shipped in are out breeding us initially but after the first generation they actually have even shittier birth rates then we do.

*We probably fell under 60%
It's gonna take some time before we go under 50%.

I postulate Chile:
>sadly the previous term of a socialist whore of the (((un))) brought in haitians
And much more

No, 3rd generation spics still have .2 fertility rate than we do. Agreed though that it drops off after second generation.

.2 higher*

I’m going back to Ukraine lads. I’m fairly fluent in the language and my family is from there the writing is on the wall for the fate of the US. I’ll see you on the other side lads

This list has kike written all over it. We are poised for a rebirth; no matter how strange these times are.
And once again, it will brothers wars; Judeo-Christian on White European Caucasians
The kike should be the number one threat on your list

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Also Prussian heritage in the police structure
The police was/is greatly respected unlike in brazil etc.

We are most likely somewhere between 50-60. Fortunately a lot of the invading mud is concentrated in large urban centers as these are the locations with the most gibs. This at least isolates it somewhat.

As for deportation being considered immoral, that's not true. Deportation is PORTRAYED as immoral by our jewish media and jewish politicians. Once someone gives people permission to not like all these illegal beaners shitting their country up, they quickly switch to being for deportation. This is very evident with the sudden swing in people's views on immigration once Trump started talking about it. He gave white people permission and they are taking it.

As for 30 million versus 70 million. I'm fine with it being 70. The straight up illegal beaners are the ones we have the clearest path to deal with.

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Yeah, nothing kiked about that idea user. Great one.

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This is quite literally what we're doing in The New Awakening. The Northwest Front predates us but uses a very different strategy. They want advocate white migration to Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Western Montana but they don't coordinate where people go, help them go there, or direct them afterward. There's no networking or infrastructure or anything like that. Conversely, those are all things that we do.

If you want to live around other race-aware whites, find an attractive white wife who shares your views and start a family, then this is absolutely the best place for you. There really is no better group doing this, so this is the bandwagon to jump on if you like this concept.

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Which is all that matters. The normalfags' moral compass is controlled by der juden. Moral outrage results in passionate actions e.g. genocide. If any white nationalist politician tried to do it you'd be facing a civil conflict based on this moral outrage and international action. The UN would carry out the genocide at that point.

Second part to that video

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We haven't even begun to fight. Knowing we are already pre-blamed; FUKKIT!

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mexico rated lower than white nationalists. my god.

Washington is filled with millions of pajeets, chinks, and spics at this point. Same with Oregon. Idaho has anti-2nd ammendment legislation if I remember correctly. Western Montana is the only rational choice but even then the spics will start to flood there as well once they finish taking over the other states. Also you'll have to deal with illegal shitskin immigrants from Canada as well.

No, most non lib shit whites aren't as fully on board with this shit as you think. They are just not speaking out against it. As I said, once someone gives them permission to do so, they do.

As for (((international action))) that's just non sense. They might pull that shit in some small shit hole country, but it's not happening here. We literally have more guns then the UN and we are better with them. Most of these UN blue helmet faggots spend all their time raping children in third world shit holes. They aren't fighters or soldiers. If any of those faggots set foot here they'd be dead in a week.

The entire PNW is still 90%+ white, with any non-whites being near-exclusive to either Portland or Seattle. That just goes hand-in-hand with big cities and America. Most of them are there on work visas because kike companies don't want to pay whites a fair wage.

As for Idaho, I have no idea what you're on about. Idaho has some of the best gun laws in the country, going so far as to have a castle law that prevents civil suits in self-defense cases. Just for reference, that's the real life-ruining aspect of self-defense: you shoot a nigger who broke into your house and even if the law exonerates you, you spend the rest of your life paying their nigger family, or paying for court fees. Idaho has laws preventing this. It's such a great state that it alone is probably the single best reason for choosing the PNW. The New Awakening isn't even the first group to move people up there. Before us, there was the Northwest Front and the Aryan Nations before them, as well as many smaller groups, a lot of white preppers and christians. Particularly northern Idaho. Very likely the most race-aware territory in the country.

Didn't know there was a successor to NWF. Yeah I was thinking about the wrong state tbh I'll look into Northern Idaho then as I'm looking to move from my current state in the next two years.

Ok moishe

Multiple threads recently about this.

Its like the exact opposite strategy that the jews use to fill this place with non whites. By convincing the whites already here to leave.

Dont fall for it.

Also OP used a stupid meme nazi waifu.

Its like OP read an article on what the chans like and then made OP.

Any time i see those "resources" at the end i get sketched. Who puts that much effort into a post?

You absolutely should get into contact with us if you're serious about that. Helping people move up there, find jobs, find a wife/husband, find housing, etc, are big reasons we even exist as an organization. Which is to say nothing of the importance of networking with other race-aware whites in the region.

Here's a link to our chat:

I do want to clarify, though: we don't allow non-whites of any kind.

>reddit spacing

Wow imagine if you are white nationalist civil disobedience group that uses the internet to….well you know where I'm going with this.


…commit conspiracy of 'Free Speech' in New Kikelandia?

Good. But it's a 70% chance this is a honeypot anyway.

Go Ex-Soviet.

Argentina is Jewed and full of mestizos.

You're so white supremacist that you wanna live with asians?

The Russian Empire is the last White Empire left in the world. You can try your luck in Eastern Europe, but if you really want your own space, go to Eastern Russia, the far eastern part.

White flight never works, retards.

Fuck off

There's no ungoverned territory for us to take, so no matter what we'll have to deal with some kind of governance over our heads. For that, our best bet is to go somewhere where the government not only wants/needs us but is also ineffectual by itself. An African country like Nmibia is viable imo, if we establish ourselves as a agrarian community from the outset requiring no aid/resources from their government.

My ancestors' quarrel is with the government who ruined this country, not with me. If saving this country was hopeless (and it absolutely is), they would have left, too. Loyalty to a traitorous government is worth nothing.

The official 37-IQ post of this thread.

it was 56% "non-hispanic white" in 2015, this includes 2% jews and 1% moslems, plus an indeterminate number of mutts that identify as non-hispanic white. so let's say 53% in 2015, that was 3 years ago. we'll almost certainly be under 50% by 2020 and also look at the other demographic problems I noted . most of the white people are worthless old people, most of the non-whites are of breeding age

whites are declining there too, holocaust revisionists and "nazis" go to jail. northwest Russia is pretty white and since it's so poor, there's little incentive to immigrate, but it's no haven and the Russian government is not pro-white, that's just a meme. there is no pro-white government in the world

dumbest idea ever

No, because the *official*census estimate is 60%. That assumes the ridiculous 11 million illegals number, which is more like 30-40 million. 60% also includes kikes and "white" Arabs/North Africans etc. The actual real white population is probably at 50 or below.

Thank god the US military isn't a democracy of grunts.

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Why are you being a pussy?

56% non-hispanic white in 2015. where do you think the le 56% face meme came from?

Wouldn't be a very good one. We don't collect any personal info on anyone who joins. We actually have a rule against people doxxing themselves because we don't want that info. The more we know about someone, the more the glow in the dark niggers will be interested in us if they start looking for that person.

Why are you saging

White flight has never worked and is in reality an ethnic cleansing. They will follow you to the ends of the Earth, if they cannot have you– they will attack you.

no, stay out if you're not Portuguese

because I've been posting in quick succession and I don't want to bumprape, check my id

Have you guys considered this? Move to … INDIA!

India is a developed country and they are genetically close to you. They respect you and look up to you. Go there and you can prosper.