100 years

Was this pointless war the beginning of the end for European civilisation?

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It was pretty based tbh

Again? What was this war about?

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There is no end to our civilization, we've been killing each other and other peoples since before we were civilized. War is what gave birth to us in the first place, we only need to learn how to utilize such tendencies more productively rather than being led by the duplicitous and the insidious. Happy armistice day.

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Watch this thread get slid though.


Go away if you can’t even read the rules.

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What exactly is wrong with this thread?

Nothing, these bastards who want us all to remain ignorant or want their happy little fantasies don't want to take the time to remember why WWI happened, what it caused internationally, and (((who))) ultimately benefited (Balfour Declaration, international market crises, power gains through monarchical or governmental collapses, (((Bolshevik) Russia, etc)

Those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it and certain (((groups))) are invested that we don't learn that history or at least learn it through their pre-packaged lenses.

Read the fucking rules.

Read the fucking rules.

It was pretty horrifying to be in let me tell you.

This kikes hate actual historical discussion. They want the catalog to be filled with Trump threads and "trigger the libs xD."

Specify the rule in question that has you so buttblasted.

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This war was about crumbling the last lines of the ancien regime aristocracy.

A cluster fuck of epic proportions. The English were trying to contain the Germans and the French wanted Revenge.

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If it's "Keep it politics" the 100th anniversary of the day that white people stopped killing each other after four years of non-stop bullet exchange has special political significance on foreign policy posturing this last week in the exchange between Macron and Trump on the arming of soldiers in Europe.

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No, the English were spurred into war by the jewry in control of their parliament.

you are very intolerant, do you know that? you must be an unpleasant, terribly illiberal person. and to be fair, i get my dander up from time to time but doggone it, i don't go flying off the handle like you do.


Fucking how? You want some linked and archived article that no one wants to read about Armistice Day? You prefer all the fuck tons of low-quality shill threads instead? You mad because you want magapede Republicuck threads REEEING about muh dems?
Bold talk for a foreigner.

The war was really inevitable because Germany had successfully created the second Reich and upset the balance of Power in Europe. France was eager for blood due to their humiliation in the Franco Prussian war so was eager to destroy Germany. Germany was ruled by an idealistic but not pragmatic emperor who fucked his nation when he decided to create colonies and challenge British naval supremacy. The British were eager to curb German power as they were being outperformed by the German empires industry and were beginning to seriously be threatened as a naval power, they also secretly wanted to destroy Russia because the fast rate they were also industrializing. Which is why the Brits left the Tsar to die. The Austrian empire was an inept relic of a bygone age ready to explode. It was inevitably the catalyst for a large scale war. Italy was a political opportunist looking for territorial gain. Russia was dragged into the war by political alliances that it shouldn’t have honored it wasn’t at all ready to face the Germans in the field.

Since there's only four fucking rules it shouldn't be hard to pick the one that love you so dearly and that you want enforced. Go ahead faggot, specify the rule being broken.

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No the Anglos were getting ready for war about a decade before it even began. The Kaiser himself had said the anglos were trying to encircle him by making political alliances with France and Russia, and they were.

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There's nothing strange about not having psychic powers, but it is strange you're still posting the same shit over and over again when you could have spared yourself the effort by specifying the rule thereby vindicating your point, instead you just sperg out doing damage to your own argument.

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Kind of, since it caused the second world war. The end of the second world war marked the official beginning of the end of civilization.

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Yes it was.


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Not personal criteria, but ones that they decided upon in a discord circlejerk a while back and have since been trying to impose on others with the mods actively supporting them instead of only doing the one job they exist for, which is to stop automated raids and otherwise keep their retarded mitts off the organic development of the board. No matter how many times you tell them thought, they shrug it off with all the cross eyed hubris that the Dunning-Kruger effect affords them.

Great War was hoax.
Just think about it. Tsar Nicholas abdicates for no reason. Kaiser Wilhelm abdicates for no reason. What is the precedent in history of kings abdicating their thrones due to a small sedition movement gaining momentum? Would it not make sense for the Monarchs to crush the rebellion, or at least attempt to mount an attack on the rebels? Look at America, the british attempted to crush the rebellion. Look today at Syria, Bashar assad is still in power because he has fought the rebels.

Yet with the great war, people are supposed to believe that these empires and monarchs just faded away without commanding their militaries and polices to smash the rebels. Unreal.

we are not being told the truth.

They were both inept rulers for starters.

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Nicholas was far from being the perfect Tsar but Kaiser Wilhelm is probably the worst Monarch in European history

If it's so shitty then why stay?

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I watched a documentary on Rasputin recently and the only thing I could think was Nicholas was a sap.

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Bismarck warned against it, WW1 was entirely avoidable, just like WW2.

In fact, if there is no WW1, there wouldn't be WW2.

Hello polvol4, I remember when you anchors my Bismarck thread too.


It was the result of a series of events that would have had a similar outcome regardless, you'd have to look further in the past to get a clear answer.

Nein, this is a very deterministic view of history, WW1 was a freakshow and wasn't meant to happen, no matter how jews wish it to be.

And it's fucking anchored. Mods only want trump dick-sucking threads allowed.

Nope, there's a terrible mod-gang here who enforces their own shitty rules instead of Codemonkey rules.

This is precisely why this board is terrible, it's moderated by a bunch of kikes who hate HISTORY!


No, it was the Roundheads and then Liberalism but you couldn't have had that without Protestantism, which you couldn't have without Catholicism which you wouldn't have without Christianity which wouldn't have gained without the Rome Empire which you couldn't have without the Roman Republic which wouldn't exist without the Trojan War which would have not have happened had Paris not taken Helen which he'd not have taken if Troy didn't control the grain from ancient Ukraine to Greece which they'd not have such Wheat fields without the knowledge from …

Both had lost the largest war ever fought at the time and had ruined their nations


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Weren't both German and Russian royal houses connected to the post-Cromwellian British Royal House? I'm thinking it was a big plot to mass murder generations of ethnic Celts and ethnic Slavs whos populations were becoming unmanageable. Once the two Germans & Russian Royal Houses abdicated they elevated additional British "revolutionary" assets knowing the end game was to genocide Celts and Slavs.

anchoring a thread about WWI on remembrance day
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When historians look back on our history, they will say the first world war the beginning of our end.


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