Why are american jews genociding themselves?

Pew survey of U.S. Jews: soaring intermarriage, assimilation rates


Have they fallen for their own poison? Do the jewish elite want to rid themselves of their underclass?

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They're still nopotistic


Probably this. Jews jewing jews is old news.

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It won't last when the cultural identity fades entirely. Or are we really gonna have 1/32 jews giving favors to 1/64 jews several generations down the road?

Dispersing their neurosis isn't a positive development. The Nuremberg standards will have to be revised.

Accepting statistics from pew as genuine is like accepting an Israeli intelligence report as genuine.

primary reason - women, female behavior.instincts
secondary reason - culture

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The jew has always assimilated itself into the next goyfarm, it can't stand out too much. Jews mixed with whites to bring us down, soon in the dawn of the mutt the Jews will control 2/3s od the globe.

Implying that jews using Whites to breed more jews will somehow lead to their genocide. All this does is lead to White genocide.

I have never in my entire life met an actual practicing kike. Daily reminder that judaism is not a religion, but a race. The only ones that were brave or stupid enough to mention it in my school were made fun of with kike jokes for a reason.
My highschool history teacher (that called CNN 'Communist News Network') did nothing to stop my old classmates from making them. You were my first redpill, Mr. C.

I think one of the best metaphors I've ever seen on Zig Forums compared the white race to a barrel of wine and all other shitskins to a barrel of mud. If you add a glass of mud to the wine barrel, it's ruined. It's mud. If you add a glass of wine to the mud barrel, it's still mud. Kikes can't genocide themselves by breeding and assimilating to the cultures they're parasites of. They have nothing to lose by mixing their mutant genetics.

Also this.

It'll be a funny day when a 1/128 kike working as a construction laborer gets deported after mandatory DNA tests are put in place. Won't even see it coming. Israel needs construction workers anyway. All those mischlings will be a boon to Israel's economy to be sure.

They are not, the jew virus withstands a lot of mixing.

They're gonna need various brown, black, and asian jews to control the new cattle of tomorrow once Whites disappear. They probably think they have already won the hardest battle.

Or maybe, just fucking maybe,

The "jews" are just a title used by a group of corrupt men who actually give very little shit about the jewish population

It's not quite that. They just fucked up, got drunk on their own swill.


It just so happens that, actually, I have a lot in common with wealthy kikes - I too wish for the destruction of Israel, and the whole diaspora.

Maybe we can work out a deal or something. We get a white country, the diaspora and Israel get cucked beyond recognition, cease to exist as kikes, losing all kike identity.


Meant for

Also the analogy is water and not wine.

the cumskins won

This thread is brought to you by JIDF and the_donald cucks to steer the argument like "muh diaspora yids vs nationalist israeli yids" . This the same sort of shit they did before taking over cuckchan.

Muttsrael is a lost cause too. I don't see a future for the underclass jews.

Jewishness is their new religion. That's why atheist kikes still send their kids to Hebrew school. It's no longer about religion, it's about jewish supremacy, DNA and infecting the goyim with their "superior" genes.

You already have that, they have no religion and they mixed to have no jewish genes at all. Plus they stupidly think that if their ancestor was a religious (only) jew, they are ethnicly jews.

I am learning Hebrew, so that I may accelerate this.

Dud jews have to intermarry or their dna disintergrates.

OK, the #1 target here is the orthodox community. They must be filled with deviancy, and clever messaging can not only fill their land with cuckoldry and faggotry, but net a fat sum of money too. :^)

Such a Zig Forums thread to have. Loss of identity? GENOCIDE!!!!!!

This is a Hooktube embed.
Listen to the video to gain much needed wisdom from Dr. William Pierce.

Assimilation is genocide. We must never integrate with the values, or assent to the arguments, of anyone from any other ethnic background. If a jew does science, that’s jewish science. If a black solves an equation (LOL), look behind him for the jew who solved it, but consider it niggermath. An asian buys some property? That’s bugman commie property. Do this or face GENOCIDE!!

Their pure-blooded Ashkenazi breeder caste is doing just fine. If current trends continue, Ashkenazim will be the majority of the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. within 100 years. The purpose of their demographic suicide bomber secular caste is to destroy our civilization and make it safe for the breeders to multiply unimpeded.

The exponential population growth of Haredi Ashkenazim in the Eastern United States is objectively the greatest long term threat to European civilization which currently exists.

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"Many non-Orthodox Jews, myself included, feel that the spread of state-enforced religiosity in Israel is turning a modern, liberal nation into a semi-theocratic one. A vast majority of Jews around the world do not accept the exclusion of women in certain religious practices, strict conversion laws or the ban of egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall. They are bewildered by the impression that Israel is abandoning the humanistic vision of Theodor Herzl and taking on a character that does not suit its own core values or the spirit of the 21st century."
- Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress.

All to the good.

Made into a list:
1. Between old and young (*from a different paragraph)
2. "state-enforced religiosity" (I'll need to research this one)
3. misogynistic religious exclusion
4. "strict conversion laws" (what are these?)
5. Western Wall restrictions
6. Theodor Herzl

Agreed. This is why I'm learning Hebrew. I'm no talent for languages, but I am determined, and I shall achieve my goal. I'm already able to make out loan words, though haltingly.

This is misleading. The reason that many Ashkenazim no longer feel at home in Israel is because what was originally founded as an Ashkenazi ethnostate is now majority Mizrahi Arab Jew. They are pivoting to make the United States into their Ashkenazi ethnostate. First they must expunge the last remnant of European civilization from this continent, then they will easily genocide their brown helots and seize the most bountiful continent on earth for themselves.

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Why was the Armistice Day thread anchored?

By making it a nigger sharia cartel state?f

You’re an inspiration to us all. You see, the subtext of this board is “Become the jew to defeat him”. Nothing is more brave than learning the language and embarking upon a career in the oldest jewish vocation. Bravo, brother sir!

Saved. I probably won't use that exact one, but it's good source material (it should be labeled in Hebrew, for example - and the style needs to be the sort popular in Israel).

I think we have a solution to our little problem of not having an ethnostate, pic related.

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Thanks for the encouragement.

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Jews seek whites for the same reason blacks do: even the lesser races are attracted to beauty.

But, there is no difference. Jews consider their race and religion to be ONE AND THE SAME!

All wrong. The only meaningful cleavage within kikery is between Ashkenazim and non-Ashkenazim. Pure-blooded Ashkenazim are a minority in Israel yet dominate every institution. Mizrahim resent their status as second class citizens and actually feel more cultural affinity with Arabs rather than with inbred Semite-larping majority-European merchant caste Ashkenazim. Mizrahim are dumb and lack media power, so they cannot organize for themselves. There was a small Mizrahi black panther movement but it was quickly suppressed and its energies redirected into the Ashkenazi dominated Likud nationalist movement. If we had some high IQ Hebrew speakers with an understanding of Israeli Mizrahi culture, we might be able to get Mizrahim as agitated and incited as American Niggers have been. Ashkenazim often refer to Mizrahim with the racial slur of "Arsim" (Shepards), the following is an Ashkenazi comedy skit illustrating a typical Ashkenazi view of Mizrahim.


Are you implying that once European-Americans are irreversibly polluted, isolated and displaced that the ascendant North American Ashkenazim show any more mercy to the remaining mulatto-sharia-cartel-niggers than they do to Palestinians? Without Europeans around to morally manipulate, the Ashkenazim will outright mercilessly slaughter the non-whites that get in the way of their settlement growth.

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Thankfully, you're wrong. That's a big one, but it's not the only one. But I was already familiar with it (there was some youtuber who did a video the schwartz - some kikess was asked, on the street about it, she informed that she was ashkenazi and her friend was a schwartz. Her friend hilariously got tears in her eyes, equally hilarious, her friend was oblivious). So I agree, yes, it's something. But it's only the old thing.

It used to be that way with whites. The only divides were south/north and rich/poor. Now there're faggots, women-v-men, race mixing (which used to be extremely rare), and, most especially, progressive sentiment.

What the fuck are you talking about? Ashkenazim make comedy skits comparing Mizrahim to wildlife. This is clearly the most salient cleavage to be exploited. The purported religious cleavage is just for show. 90% of secular Ashkenazim look up to and defer to the Haredim. Secular Jews are extremely protective of Haredim, if you think that there is a cleavage to be exploited here then you are out of your mind.


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the kike is genetically destined for racial suicide. the reason is because the kike has been cursed by Hashem for rejecting the Messiah and murdering Jesus and turning away from him and embracing wickedness and worshiping graven idols like Ba'al instead of Hashem. the whole reason for the past 2,000 years of the kike punishing the world and being exiled from their Promised Land and the Diaspora being their sentence and their inflicting their insanity upon the rest of us by infiltrating our lands and by meddling in our affairs and in subverting our social order and constantly starting revolutions and coups and wars and generally conspiring to destroy our great race–all of this is a consequence of the kike's Original Sin.

the kike cannot help themselves to save themselves from themselves. best bet is to think of the kike like the Cane Toad or some zoo animal whom you must put into a cage and heavily regulate in order to prevent them from killing themselves (and inadvertently killing the rest of us with them.)

this is also why the only Final Solution to the JQ is for all of them to be exterminated with zero exceptions. because it is biblical and it is not just human mechanics but it is the Divine Will. if a single kike is allowed to remain, they will continue to perpetuate their ancient curse. the Mark of the Beast–the sign of Cain is carved onto the soul of every kike, so until they perish, the curse will never be lifted and they will curse the rest of us.

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Partly this. Partly other. See below.
Eh, IDK. Their "underclass" in the US is primarily the orthodox and they're not intermarrying much at all.
Some of the intermarriage is to other elites, for example, Jacob Schiff funded the Bolsheviks and has a great-great-grandkid who just married Al Gore's kid in an "Episcopal" ceremony.

Even with their mischlings. See UnHolywood for numerous examples. Kind of like

except IDK what the cutoff is, it's gotta be something they can still identify with. I guess if dad was only 1/32 but still identified then the kids at 1/64 will, too.

Yidsnotreal basically used Nuremberg standards when they revised the Right of Return laws. Just a kekworthy obs.

fact: there is no such thing as the "jewish race", it was merely a legal fiction concocted in the 1960, so that they could be considered a group of people being persecuted

fact: jewish people consider you jewish if you are mother was. why? because it is a religion of slaves, and while they could never be sure who your father was, they always knew who your mother was

ergo, the jewish race cannot be genocided, because a) its not really a race, and b) if it was a race, they have an engineering plan

Jews are destructive beasts. You think they're poisoning white society because they hate whites, but in reality, at least at base, its because they hate EVERYTHING – society, nature, even LIFE ITSELF. Jews believe they're own bullshit. They poison your societies (mostly) because THEY ARE SIMPLY POISONOUS. Jews buy their own degenerate bullshit. They just want to bring everyone else down with them

They're not but they want you to think they are.

Secret phoenix-legacy jewjitsu

All I know is that jewish women are the biggest whores and niggerlovers I've ever fucked in my entire life. All they do in bed is whine about how much they hate their fellow tribesmen nice jewish guys beta insects kek

I almost feel bad for kike males. Almost.

Oh and I'm so happy I voted Democrat because the Jews behind the Democrat party are starting to realize they are in bad company.

Before Zig Forums blows a gasket about this, mine was openly gas the kikes while running so I couldn't NOT vote for them relative to the GOP's ZOG dog. We'll have the dixiecrats return, we will have Andrew Jackson himself come back and nuke the banks and hang every banker and the federal reserve.

fact: retards like this guy thinks a little baptismal water is enough to deal with the jews

cry louder, you NS larping faggot loser

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The ultra-orthodox Jews will remain "pure" and have a high birthrate thus replenishing whatever that is lost by intermarriage, while the useful mischlings will further melt away, disseminating their cancerous genetics upon the aristocracy. Thus you get the ultra-orthodox rabbis that pull the strings of the biggest bankers and media bosses (usually ashkenazi or some kind of half-Semite), then you have the partially Jewish degenerate aristocracy with no sense of noblesse oblige whatsoever that enable the Jewish ruling class (you especially see this in the Anglo-Saxons and the Dutch)

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Kikes are so predetermined to poison the well they usually neglect to secure a source of clean water for themselves.

To destroy is just the nature of the jew.

Jews try to lead by example because they are the ones who consume their own poison first. They are the most susceptible to their own poisons:

The first person a jew learns to jew is another jew. Jews jew themselves as much as anyone else. In-jew fighting is a constant experience for them.

But I digress. They try to lead by example, so bluepills who can't see past their jewish appearance will think what jews do is okay because they're just other people. This is consistently the case with kikewood celebrities. Jews raise up the exposure of a degenerate as an idol hoping that breaks the taboo.

The bottom line is that jews are trying to spread their self-destructive tendencies on everyone else. We should be encouraging jews to take their own poison and cause them to fight more amongst themselves. At the same time ensuring people do not fall for degeneracy keeps the jew out.

This is genocide how?

Its almost as if they cry out in pain as they strike you or something

Exelent post.

Is this why anglos are overall identical to kikes? pic related

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Jews are matrilineal, so even if they are intermarrying, the growth rate of Jews is paradoxically increasing.

There's nothing all that wrong on Anglo-Saxons per se, it's just they are among the biggest Jew-enablers in all history, especially their kiked Elite. Anglo-Saxons along with other Germanics have contributed the majority of all scientific accomplishments, along with excellency in the arts… but their individualism and their judeophilia is among their biggest drawbacks as a race. This is simply the way things are, after all, there is no such thing as some perfect master race… as least that's my opinion.

This is coming from a half Anglo-Saxon, by the way.

Oh and by the way, I hope you are posting that image as a joke, because it's complete nonsense.

That's only according to their religion, which is somewhat besides the point. Biologically speaking, characteristics have to come from both the Father and the Mother. If someone is 99% European with blond hair and blue eyes but with maternally Semitic lineage, they are probably not going to behave Jewish.

Fuck off /leftyturd/, Jews and Jewish politicians are heavily supportive of multiculturalism and rapefugees in the West but not on their own nation, by this logic the Soviets were very heroic for killing innocent Germans and White cultural displacement is apparently a good thing because Israel doesn't support it on their own race. Your love for "progressivism and democracy" is centered around a literal psychological weapon of mental destruction (Marxism). The Zionism vs. Marxism bullshit is nothing but a false dichotomy. Stop thinking "Left vs. Right" exists you retarded tranny el goblino. It's not like Hitler didn't support Palestinine, anyways. Inb4 muh Havaara Agreement happened and gave (((them Palestinine))) (which it fucking didn't, the Eternal Anglo gave (((them))) Palestinine via the Balfour Declaration).

It's the latest iteration of the /int/ X is not white meme. They've progressed from trying to say some European groups are not white and cause infighting to just saying some are better than others. /int/ has always been a sucker to jewish d&c schemes.

except dead ones*

Yes OP, the dummies have infected themselves with their own cancer. Faggotry, drugs and race mixing will have THEM exterminated LONG before Whites. Only like 20m of them. American degeneracy plus a war with Iran and they don't make it out of this century.

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Even if intermarried, theh will pass the brood of vipers status to their desdecents. Tbh this will not help Jews but will hurt others.

This is gobots levels of shit. I wanna see a cartoon of Jews fighting ex-kikes.


Yawn, Jewish D&C is so tiresome. Yes white goyim fight north vs south. Yes white goyim fight man vs woman.

No, they just want to create more crypto-kike (((fellow whites))) who will continue the plot to destroy the white race.


Jews have been intermarrying into whites for awhile, they DNA is all fucked up due to being in league with Satan and God banning them from heaven. They are trying to regain what they have lost by stealing it from whites.

One thing that Zig Forums fundamentally gets wrong is that they view all aspects of the Jewish question in terms of powerful conspiracy.

Much of the Jewish problem, however, simply relates to the nature of these people. It is in their nature to subvert order, to subvert power structures, and to undermine nature and beauty. This is the very core of the Jewish question, it is also the reason they hate whites. Because they see us as personification of these things.
Yet this nature is ultimately self-defeating. When they get into power they cannot stop this subversive nature and continue subverting all structure until all that is left is chaos, and you cannot govern and rule over chaos.

I don't know if we win this in the end or not, but I am quite certain the Jews only will not win, but are incapable of it. Subversion is an immensely powerful group strategy, but in its final moment of victory destroys itself. It cannot create, only destroy. And once there is nothing left to destroy, destroys itself.

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60,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews fill Citi Field and Arthur Ashe Stadium to denounce evils of the Internet

A mass rally for men only drew more than 40,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews to Citi Field Sunday to denounce the Internet and its pervasive impact on family life.

An overflow crowd of another 20,000 bearded men sporting long black coats and big black hats filled nearby Arthur Ashe Stadium for the unprecedented attack on modern technology.

Unable to enter the Queens stadiums because of the strict separation of the sexes enforced by the organizers, more than 15,000 Hasidic women watched the speeches at six sites across the tristate area — thanks to live-streaming on the Internet.

The rally was organized by a little-known rabbinical group called Ichud Hakehillos L'tohar Hamachane — the Union of Communities for the Purity of the Camp — to spread the word that online activities can lead to porn, child abuse and other acts of immorality.

But Eytan Kobre, who runs a Jewish family weekly magazine in Brooklyn and serves as the group's spokesman, insists it is not calling for a ban on Internet use, but wants to use filters to manage it.

"With one click, all of a sudden, you lose control and are whisked away to a world you never intended to see, and it overtakes your life," he said. "As a community, we are asking, is it worth it?"

Kobre cited social media like Facebook and Twitter that he argues can lead people away from prayer, community and family and cause social ruination.

"I know that Facebook ruins marriages," he said.

The No. 1 message of the rally is to protect children from a world where unbridled freedom can be destructive, said Dr. Reuven Weinstein, 58, a dentist from Flatbush.

"We want a clean Internet," he said.

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