Can anybody on Zig Forums tell me how to buy a helium tank

Can anybody on Zig Forums tell me where to get 100% helium?

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No Seriously guys I need help. From what I know they only sell it mixed with O2 now.

srsly m8 you can get it from methane, so go find ur nearest beaner and start huffing dat stank assgas

Pure Helium is used for welding copper.

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Thanks bro. Hope all works out in your life

oy m8y i dunno if I should tell you this but if you order 15k worth of dragon dildos, you get a tank of helium free with purchase

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IDK, go ask /b/ you faggot.

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I'd advise against it of course but if you're truly suicidal then you're already dead so its no use.

You should do this

Airgas is awesome
I had to construct a high pressure glycol pump station to simulate wellhead pressure of 400+ psi
Nitrogen cause it's inert and the tank and regulator are all in one shop
Great welding equipment for sure

If you're going to off yourself at least take Soros down in the process.

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Can you buy me a tank

Oh silly goose.

And Mr. Alphabet Soup, this post is a joke, this thread is a metaphor - and Zig Forums is a board of peace.

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You and your boss can both felate each other

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Go to the nearest Dollar General, dress up in a yellow hazard vest, carry a clipboard with an official looking document from Airgas, rent a $20 truck from Home Depot, tell them you're there to refill their helium tank. Put it on a hand truck and roll it out to your rented truck and drive off before they have a chance to react.

Why was the Armistice thread anchored?

I'm not a hotpocket m8 you might want to ask them.

You do realize that the whole "exit bag" thing, along with the recommendation of low capacity, low pressure balloon tanks, is a giant troll against boomers and the suicidal, designed to create thousands of severely brain damaged zombies who will act as a cash cow for jew pharma and medicine (life long care required)?
If they were serious then they'd never recommend these balloon canisters, but welding store nitrogen, argon or helium.

I would imagine you could buy them from amazon.

Helium tanks aren't illega dipshit. You use them to inflate things like balloons and bouncy castles for your kids.

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Sadly you can't make em inexplicably inflate away, but nice try Agent Deviantart.

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why would you use helium, you'd die sounding like a faggot? nitrous oxide (laughing gas) would be better

but yeah don't do it bro