The last thing they'd ever expect

The horrific effectiveness of this clickbait method will surprise you 😲😲😲😱
Normies will never see it coming.
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This pisses me off for some reason. Fuck you

Hitler himself specifically talked about making low common denominator propaganda, it has to be colorful, eye catching but overwhelmingly dumb. He warned against discerning palets for design and message.

Dont try to reason with me, Im pissed off.

It angers you because you know we will have to get to this level if anything is to be done.
Its sickening but true.

But it looks dumb as shit.

some people on this website are legitimately insane

If you wanted to redpill bottom of the barrel normies it would be a good approach.

Yes it does but it got you angry - didnt it? Do you know why? Because its so fucking dumb but effective.

(((they))) have been making millions of shekels on Hitler / Nazi clickbait for decades
time to pay

If it's effective, start using it now, it will catch on anyway. We're not your personal army. It pisses him off because he has a enough a brain to see how blatantly retarded this is.

The sad thing is, no more insane than on any other social media website now.

At that level its all about repeated exposure anyway. You simply can not touch the bottom of the barrel as without reaching through the top, as long as academics and media is controlled there is little point in something that pisses me off so much.

Mein Kampf: War Propaganda (Ford Translation, pg116)

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Huffpost, Salon, or Buzzfeed's mind-numbing headline style fills me with eternal red angst. They are so insulting:

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Plenty of ways this could be done in conjunction with seo and blogs and medium articles.

fuck off incel Zig Forumstards

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Makes me think of how powerful it would be if we just aligned the far-right movement with homosexuality. I'd like to see Don Lemon accost a bunch of his fellow faggots for being white.

Once we formed the ethnostate, all the useful faggots would get the gas, of course.

It won't work lol.

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Just need to start posting these kinds of things with links to easily digestible articles pointing out the truth

Hitler memes on early 4chan before national socialists ever trolled that website were dumb and catchy. They slowly turned me into a national socialist. OP is correct.

same. dumb "edginess" leads to full blown nat-soc.


kek, it's like they're doing our work for us!

No one became a national socialist by browsing memes, I went full fascist by reading books

The only way to convert people is through intellectual arguments and literature


Put down your hammer young man, the world is starting to look like a bunch of nails.

I find this hilarious, lmao

People don't to the point of reading the literature until our memes replace the ones the jews planted in their minds. Your average human being's primary mode of reasoning is emotional; people only use facts and logic to confirm what they want to be true. If you try beating normalniggers over the head with facts, they'll just brush it off as "pseudoscience" and return to CNN to hear about the latest study claiming that White people are evil. Humor gives you that foot in the door that will eventually enable you to drop off the facts; you need to establish that Jewish sacred cows can be slaughtered before normalfags will let you slaughter them.

kek, what a nerd

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Objectively, there are millions more actual insane users of Facebook than there are of 4chan users. It's not even comparable.

Kind of this. The memes are the kindling to the fire ( it rises).

You don't start with CofC then move onto memes. You start with memes; then move into MacDonald, Gottfried Feder, and E. Michael Jones.

Memes are effective because they have an extraordinary ability to implant massive amounts of information into the mind in a very short amount of time. They give us the ideas. Reading organizes those ideas for us to give us a deep understanding and proper rhetoric.

i thought i knew everything about hotler! what more is there 2 know?🤔😱🤔😲😱🤔😲

Am I the only one surprised to see emojis on here? 🤯

Thankfully, all jews will be gone by 2050.

gotta jew fast

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Myth of the 20th century was my inoculation.

More edgy memes please

Not true, and you know it. People who use facebook and twitter aren't exactly in the same room as Zig Forums. You have to actually get down on their level when introducing anything of actual value.

This filename isn't from a phone. It's fat sister watching the thread hoping you'll download her greasy bait.

That isn't the naming convention that Android, or iPhone use. And no one has yet to introduce a plausible explanation.


Android has it's own naming convention for various sites. These are just a few examples(and what I was willing to browse).Also note that Android allows you to go in and rename your images as well.


iPhone uses a simpler formula, and also won't let you rename images. The app the images are saved from don't matter either.


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i'm not very good at this

what font should we use to make it look my faggy and buzzfeedy?

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Wow you're right user, our propaganda should exclusively be shit that literally fucking nobody but those already in the know and in the group will look at, that'll convince more people to go natsoc. Fucking retard.