Possible voter fraud in Wisconsin gubernatorial race?

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Walker won. Milwaukee County played the same game as Broward.

It was called out days ago, and it's not even a lost since Wisconsin's proximity to the Great Shit States.

I live in Milwaukee. You don’t even know how absolutely awful it is. We can’t even live in the suburbs without criminals wandering out of their containment zone to steal our cars or smoke in our parks.

you think so?

Why do you people think that counting votes is an instantaneous thing? Seriously, is this your first election? Vote counts sometimes take weeks … WEEKS! Lurk 2 years before posting again.



It is highly unlikely that voter fraud would occur, and that they would fix the numbers so that it's less than half a point out of reach for asking for a recount.
It is doubtful that this is voter fraud, because "suddenly, those numbers came in" is exactly how it fucking works. It takes hours to count the votes, of course some will come in in an odd hour, as pointed out.
Someone can check the math and verify that I did it correctly.

git gud t. the rest of the world

As strange as it sounds, that could very well be immaterial to the discussion. The spectre of voter fraud is upon this election, and there has never been a better time to push the issue and force these corrupt crony faggots to face the issue. Bring up voter fraud everywhere it might be happening which is literally everywhere, push for election transparency reform, and force politicians to field voter ID laws.

If there is no voter fraud happening, then there's nothing to hide. Transparency is for those who govern, and is key to public trust in government.

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With 97% of the vote in Walker was winning, then 50,000 absentee ballots from Milwaukee came in and pushed Evers to win by 1.1%, 0.1% off from being able to call for a recount.



You stick out, and I bet you dont know why.

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Quick question Abraham: do you think anyone is that stupid besides jews, negros. spics, mudshits, and other browns?



Literally any and every single election be it local or higher with a dem in the race stands a huge chance of them cheating in some way. EVERY… fucking time… no exceptions, none.

Milwaukee is full of niggers. so yes it was stolen.

What do you mean "possible voter fraud"?
It's reality at this point and has been happening for decades with 0 repercussions and 0 consequences. Why do "democrats" get away with always "finding boxes of uncounted ballots" not just at the last minute for FOR DAYS ON END?
Shut the fuck up

Do not support walker. Honestly, I dont even fucking care that he was cheated and ousted.

Scott is a fucking piece of shit, terrible governor. He sucks coch brother cock like its fucking going out of style. Hes been the governor as long as Ive lived in the state and Im sick of it, so get good riddance.

I live in the supposedly "purple" part of the state. NO ONE AT ALL fucking voting democrat. But the ballot machines are Israeli manufactured. I see tons of republican signs along the highways, almost no democrat signs. Everybody talks respectfully of Walker, except teachers and (((school administrators.)))

Also look ta the logic. No one is voting the super intendant of one of the worse school systems in the country on a platform of fixing them. Total fucking kike scamming bullshit!



No one cares about voter fraud. We're not convincing people anymore - there's two sides of the White race, side one which demands our genocide and side two which wants to defend ourselves. You can't convince side one of anything side two thinks and why would side two ever listen to anything side one thinks they want them dead.

They will cheat as hard and as often as they want and not a single person will do anything about it.

Well worth reading Robert Caro's volume one (it's up to volume 5 now!) of his LBJ biography. LBJ's run for the senate in Texas was a textbook case of voter fraud.

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Why do people even still care about Republican/Democrat when Trump is going to empty the prisons?

Because they don't want to surrender their degenerate way of life, their vices and luxuries - so they'll pretend/ Most of them knowing deep down inside it's pretend - that they can gather once every several years and write an X on a piece of paper with all the accompanying theatrics and that that mundane action is somehow what politics is.

He is a total piece of shit, Evers is nuts, he's a sheltered retard who wants to free half of the nigger prisoners, and all sorts of retarded stuff. But Reps have a supermajority in the state assembly so nothing is going to happen.

Wisconsin needs another Tommy Thompson or something.

People were mad at Walker because he basically went
and then he failed and came back. He's a corporate RINO stooge. Hopefully we get someone better than Evers next election.