Brit/pol/ #2927: Localism Rising Edition

Armed vigilantes are recruiting members in this crime-ridden North Staffordshire town
The 'vigilante group' was created on social media in response to trouble around Clough Hall Park, Birchenwood playing fields and local schools in Kidsgrove

Jeremy Corbyn crisis: Labour Party facing £400k bill for anti-Semitism legal fees
JEREMY CORBYN is under fire after the Labour Party was accused of spending £400,000 on legal advice over the anti-Semitism crisis

Boris Johnson begins 'Brexit Cold War' battle as EU say no to scrapping backstop
BORIS JOHNSON’S tough talking over Brexit and demands to scrap the Northern Irish backstop has rattled the heart of Brussels with eurocrats fearing a new “Cold War” style stand-off with the new tory Prime Minister

NHS will not be put up for sale, Liz Truss to warn US
The NHS “will not be put up for sale” Liz Truss, the new International Trade Secretary, will say as she prepares to fly to America to start talks on a free trade deal with senior Trump aides

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good boy

How has no-one dashed Owen Jones' head against a brick wall yet lads?

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Screenshot any of it lad? It's all deleted


See ,

It's still up, I just checked.


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Eating more cheddar and chives cheese slices.

wuht? i haven't even gone to bed yet! yikes

Staying up tbh

water for dindins for me

smh tbh lad

Good lad

what I miss most about the NEET lifestyle was going upstairs to grab as much food as I could then retreating to my room.

Basement dweller LMAO

sa is a lying mew. he knows he is a liar. he lies deliberately, which is why he bans the people he slanders, just like twitter literal jews. sa lies exactly like pic related. wallace is a phony member of the right. sa is a phony member of the right. sa won’t post his nose profile, however we are right to suspect. wallace is a kike. and wallace knowingly lies, just like sa lies.

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I don't have the energy to go grab food from downstairs. Just sleep most of the time tbh



tommy is in prison. but it was totally not the kikes 😂

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reacting won’t advance any cause. only with transnational unity and YOU choosing the battlefield will.

remember when everyone thought fashwave was cool and going to become a thing but it was actually just shite

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fuck off dog bot

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if you don’t stand up for the truth then you are not white.

If you don't see foreigners of all kinds as swarthy then you're not British tbh

Basedment dweller. I called it the banter bunker

Chad Blaze is dominating Barney and Webster by taking the new cushions all for himself in new video.

Id love to lay siege on that place.

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why do you defend liars and their lies?

I know blaze came out of nowhere and asserted his dominance as basset beachmaster

i want to move to California, not meneing, it seems like the perfect place. very beautiful and you can still get a winter in the mountains with a Mediterranean coastal life down below.


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have sex m80

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Too many happening tonight.

What the fuck is wrong with yanks

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ban krag jorgensen rifles lads 24 rounds a minute is too mf fast

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Wtf is a garlic festival

A festival about garlic.

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Even with a speed loader for a revolver you could whack out more than that, what the fuck was he using if that data is to be believed.

gee sure would ruin his day if someone wwre carrying for self defence wouldn't it

oh god
oh fuck

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what do you do at a garlic festival anyway

thank you

Who shoots up a garlic festival?

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Meant to spoiler tbh sorry

More you know

Buy garlic I guess

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Can it get any comfier?

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yes YES

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very good post

Reminder they haven’t caught the two Canadian lads that murdered three people three days ago and posted this picture online.

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get shot

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Who the fuck attacks a garlic festival?

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Something isn't adding up…


us cities/towns do shit like this to promote local agriculture. and to be slightly less boring.

who the fuck shoots up a garlic festival?

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disgruntled fairground worker?

fuq is mags going to get more expensive trying to hold off on buying mags

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i dunno if there even are rides tbh

Buy all the non-materialistic mags you can as soon as possible lad

Have you ever been to a garlic festival lad?

would you lads operate with this man during hurricane katrina?

3D print them lad.

Also as a noguns do you need to replace mags often?

no i've been to a melon festival and a cherry festival and a apple festival tho

It can't be a vampire lads. It's likely that a group of people paid someone to impersonate a vampire to degrade how the public views them.
Wait a minute…

I think if I got back into guns from the get go, get a a smith and wesson .38 or whatever poorfag revolver so you don't have to deal with fixing shit mags that don't feed right because they are gook trash.

i think the arson in kyoto killing 30 renders the gun control debate a joke. can’t ban petrol.

he kind of looks like a basset

If I was in katrina I’d play this song.

ban guns, ban anything flammable, ban blades, ban forks, ban spoons, ban blunt objects, ban people with the potential to commit wrong think, ban critical thought

I don't think there is, this is legit troubling me, seriously, of all the places, why a garlic festival? I hope this isn't some Zig Forums autist.

I guess its a Q tard

Jus don't like garlic. Simple as.

mags last a long time, if you mean ordinary mags like in handguns and rifles. both polymer and metal ones. in fact, mega shooters (competitive) don’t talk about wearing out mags, but obviously inserting them leads to wear. so they’ll get a bit more loose over time.