GOP lost because Trump failed to fulfill his promises, he dicked around on twitter...

GOP lost because Trump failed to fulfill his promises, he dicked around on twitter, insulted journalists and gave a tax cut to the super wealthy. Theres no conspiracy, no deep state, no corrupt DEMONRATS (who are the real racists!) who stole the congress. Just pure incompetence.
Congratulations trumpfags, you squandered a great moment in history just to own some LIBTARDS EPIC STYLE.

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GOP lost because goddamn democrat votes are spurn out of thin air now.

The turn-out of this year was actually one of the highest too.

Hope the dems keep this up, if voting can't solve the problems, shooting will.


We know the fact that white men will never act ever

When 1960s Finally Jew and Black subvert white men's rules

what is response of white men ?

They either run away or Vote Republicans…

Because they don't want to act

They choose not to act

They choose to surrender

"Please, Can you allow us to live in precious suburbs?"

"We can give you whatever you want, Master"

Trumpfag and Alt-right cunt aren't better than Reagan's cucks

Right now, white men feel bad about how unlucky they are not live in 90% white America

In future, white men think they are unlucky to not live in 60% white America

White Nationalist is Lame MEME made up by 4chan

Nazis fight to the death in both Soviet and United State

Nazis know that "They can't win" But fight for the their people

So to the Japanese , Soviet and Chinese Crushing Japanese base at the same time American Landing on Japanese soil

Japanese Know they can't win but fight for the death until "Nuke Bomb hit the cities"

What about White men in United States?

There is no Nuke Bomb to Targeting them

White men have all Bunch of Weapon and United States Army mostly whites… But White men choose not to fight

In Other Hand, Black men have nothing but guts to fight

They March on Street with bare hands

And Society Reward them because They aren't like white men a Coward

White Nationalist? FUCK OFF

All the white people who think Part of "Conservative" do not act, do not fight , Just Chat on the internet

Faggots think ZOG will stop White genocide for them because they bothered to vote.

America White men aren't fucking Nationalist or Nazis

Its actually very insult to the Nazis and Nationalist

It doesn't matter you stupid fucking nigger, nothing in regards to voting does. You vote republican the kikes push their agenda through more quietly since they know the goys are a bit more pissed. Both sides are jews, you don't vote yourself out of a genocide especially given the demographic cliff we are on.

How many fucking threads do you faggots need for this shit? cuckservative RINOs lost and Paul Ryan didn't do jackshit while Blue Wave didn't happen.


You're so transparent that you literally showed your hand trying to prove you dont have one.
Its fucking delicious watching you piss away millions of dollars on a losing battle.

yeah, GOP lost

Germany had the freedom of having an enthostate. In the United States the adversary is everywhere, including inside the same party by anglo-british scum. Much harder to operate under a different type of condition.

Also, there is a strategy called Right-Wing Anarchy in play helping the system crash sooner, than later.


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I agree.
You guys need to drop this line if you're going to shill effectively. Even I got a tax cut.

you got a tiny tax cut, the election results show it was insubstantial for pretty much everyone

If I lived in Thailand maybe I'd take up a job like shilling, too. Here's an English expression for you:
Learn English.

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Wait what did GOP lose?

Yeah I basically got a 3% raise out of it. Tiny, yes. But you guys always state "super wealthy" or "1%" like they're the only ones that benefited.

Okay, shlomo.

Nigger tier JIDF thread is nigger tier JIDF thread. Kill yourself, faggot.

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Trump's promises were not the reason as to why I voted for him. His victory bought me time.
They deserved it tbh.
That was not the only demographic to receive a tax cut.
Be specific fuckwit
Bill kristol says otherwise (pic related)

The rest of your post is simple retardation.

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I have already saved more then 3k on my quarterly taxes (self employed) not even including dropping the Obamacare mandate… I got by but federal taxes used to keep me out of the middle class.

The first year that i was in business I made 24k and paid almost 5k to the feds. OP confirmed for NEET (and probably kissless virgin).

All the things Trump has done wrong to choose from and you pick an example of something he did right.

that's the part that gets my noggin joggin


Actually, faggot, blue wave IS happening by theft.

He's a fucking idiot. tfw dems were right.

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Drop the act. The tax cut was inconsequential for the overwhelming majority of the population – even the working White population. A tiny kick back that is immediately eaten up through debt service or cost of living increases is irrelevant.

hey dumb fuck, its typical and expected that the opposite party of the President wins the mid-terms, as historically this is what happens

actually Trump did great because he won more seats on the senate, which deals with foreign policy

Checked. Since 50% of the population doesn't even make enough to pay any taxes (and that includes a shit-ton of working whites), it didn't really benefit anyone except those already in the establishment and therefore more likely to be cuckservative or even liberal. Not the people who elected Trump.

Trump sold out completely by doing absolutely nothing he promised. He just continued the exact same agenda the red flavor of the uniparty has been pursuing since Reagan. Muh tax cuts muh military spending. Literally fucking lied about every single other thing and let the last chance to stop the browning go to waste. And now he's just watching the Dems steal multiple elections and doing nothing but tweeting, as usual. LO fucking L at this "country."

No, faggot, he's about to have those seats stolen, and in fact Romney and co will block anything Trump tries to do with respect to appointments. Trump is letting himself get walked all over and doing nothing about it except tweeting as usual.

No shit. This doesn't need another fucking thread.

It does when the entire fucking board is overrun by reddit.


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No, the cuckservatives didn't deliver on their promise of support and let the dems win. The cuckservative's careers are over.

It’s all one party. They all follow jews. Enough of this shit.

What's the story with that picture? Are the Proud Boys really a bunch of shlubby mongrels?



You're really bad at this. Here, have a bingo card.

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It's like I'm reading my favorite MSM blog on my favorite message board!


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just fucking kill yourself

What type of Asian are you?

To be fair, he did give the middle class a decent tax cut. I saved $4k last year. But yeah we got the same thing under GWB in 2003, so he really hasn’t done shit.

How's the weather in Ankara

There's no deep state. Trump randomly decided to start the Space Force. But there's no deep state.

this is a copypasta, he posted it in the white flight thread

Like I predicted months ago, it was weird Trump not getting anything done with Republicans controlling Congress. Hillary was supposed to win and complain how she couldn't get anything done (except for Israel) because of those greedy Republicans. It wasn't working as well with a Republican as president saying he can't get anything done with Republicans controlling Congress.

How do I know you're a leftist NPC moron?

If one party in control of the entire government can’t get anything done in 2 years then the country is over with.

How do I know you're a dumb fucking NPC?

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Fuck off, if only more people qould have voted republican, we would have had the wall by the end of the year. It's the spics' in Texas that are at fault. >:3


It isn't the last chance to stop the invasion. Perhaps the last chance via socially acceptable political means, but that is only if you think our shadow dictatorship actually would have let there be a political solution. Think of Trump as an opportunity to get prepared.

A judge Trump himself nominated restored Acosta's press pass and Trump isn't even fighting it

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Of course he isn't. Everyone figured out that Trump is full of shit and they'll be calling his bluff every single time from this point on. Trump is either going to keep his mouth shut (unlikely) or he's going to keep getting embarrassed for the next two years.