American Judeophilia

There can be many complains against Donald Trump for being a disgusting raging zionist, but all of that is rather misdirected if the American public is supportive of Israel. You can't elect an anti-zionist president with a zionist population.

So how in the world can American anons redpill their fellow Americans on Israel? Go to Trump rallies with anti-Israel signs? Go to Church with anti-Israel signs? Because simply complaining about Trump on the internet will not get anywhere.

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We need to educate Americans first FULL STOP, as the most informed and jew-wise generation in US history just spent the last few years wanking off NeoCon kike dicks calling anyone who pointed out the folly of their jew fellating ways a "Cuck", "blackpiller" and called them "leftist muslim shareblue" for their efforts.

Americans had their chance and shown the world that at best all they can do is serve the jew.
Rinse and repeat till the last white man is gone, way to go Americlaps

Kill yourself hasbarafag

People will have to Red-Pill themselves. We meme a campaign of YT vids where average citizens, and maybe some known faces; stand before the camera and declare to the planet:

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If the blood of their fellow brothers and sisters running through the streets of their own country doesn't do the trick, then nothing will.

Well this previous year has seen a significant drop in the momentum of Trump's presidency, and this mid-terms outcome ought to be a wake-up call. He went from being against Middle-east intervention to nearly being all for it. That being said, excessive cynicism is not going to help, much like blind hope. I think to myself that I should have done much more political activity in the last two years, but I was too busy with work.

Now as for the future of white America, I am rather conflicted. On one hand I would like to see the return of white America and the overthrowing of Jewish power. On the other hand, seeing the inability of the white race in America to wake up to the Jewish question, I hope for the fast destruction of white America and therefore the loss of significant Jewish power projection upon this world (the Jews have a habit of mistreating their best pawns), before the effects of this Jewish global influence is irreversible.

We were effective/instrumental in putting him into office, and ….
The 'Left' is already weaponized. They are tools ready to be used.
There is a greater chance of energizing the Left to act against the Zionist cabal than ever expecting anything from the NPC judeo-christian enamored with sky wizards, winning god points for virtue signaling and shadowy clandestine figures that are on the inside that have a plan that just needs to be trusted.
Trump&Co have an option to distance themselves from the "bad actors" or giving all energies to them to carry out the genocide of Whites; but neither result is good for Trump&Co
Trump&Co have already pissed off a lot of people. Additionally, no matter how far he nor anyone else sticks their tongues up jewish ass, it will never be enough. The result there increases the likelihood of a JFK-situation. A JFK situation "could" potentially be the wake up call to the judeo-christian/evangelical tools.

White people revolting from a JFK situation would be a wonderful outcome, but I fear that the result of such a revolution would lead to just another Zionist regime, and then the score would be back to one.

…if the white people are not adequately redpilled on Israel, that is. I forgot to say that

There is no redemption for a group of NPC's fully indoctrinated by a combination of the Balfour declaration, Marxist/Maoist/Leninist programming, a steady diet of TelAvivision, a constant source of Zionist bible thumpers taking their queues from the Scofield edition and its evangelical offshoots, … however, being RP'd on the JQ isn't necessarily the goal nor the expected result.
They may be a complete loss, benign to any real expected positive actions.
They are still in the fog despite 9/11, the ensuing wars, the constant diet of jewish everything from hollywood to the media machine, constantly seeing jewish bad actors, … yet they sit on their laurels.
The 'Left' on the other hand are itching for battle. They could use some red-pilling of their own to see them actually do something of significance besides attacking the goyim proletariat

They have a hard time wrapping their brainwashed heads around this

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the strikethroughs should be the same color as the rest of the text; in that case black
easier to recognize the strikethroughs from far away that way

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Why not just use the term Philosemitism?

By attacking the institutions that brainwash them to be into good little philosemite goy, or worse into (modern) kike worshippers, besides that deliver time on target redpills on anyone who expresses a political interest and back it up with facts

See the thread on Evangelicals - Evangelicalism as a philosemitic social and political institution

>Urban Moving Systems

(((Urban Moving Systems))) was the first Israeli-front moving company caught in relationship to 9/11 that day. Furthermore, that company is just the tip of the iceberg because all you get from that company is that they were in position to film the first tower strike 45 minutes before it. While moments before the second strike, one of them says, "They are about to take down the second tower."

What is important is their relationship to (((White Glove Movers))), where they picked up 2 more Israelis (for a total of 5) after they changed locations. It is then when they get arrested and one of them says something along the lines of "We're not they problem, Palestinians are the problem." Also, the 5 men and their van tested positive for explosive residue. A second explosive test concluded that the explosive residue was that of RDX.

BTW, the other companies were (((Schleppers Moving & Storage))), (((Classical International Movers))), and (((Moishe Movers Company))).

If you're going to look into Israeli front companies in relationship to 9/11, it is important to also look into (((Denko Mechanical))) as it was that company which was related to ILLEGAL work in the Twin Towers' sprinkler system. Remember what failed to put out the fires on 9/11?

Finally, I'll leave you with the biggest bombshell in terms of world wide ramifications: The activities of (((Private Security Systems Development))) in 10/10 (a month after 9/11) in Mexico is very SIMILAR to the terrorist attack on the American Embassy in Peru just before Bush went to visit.


Most people already hate the jews. If that simple fact of our civilization weren't true then all of the organized hasbara operations and calls for ever increasing censorship online - and calls for laws against freedom of speech - would NOT be necessary for jews to engage in.

Not long ago I had a conversation with a woman who works as a prosecutor. She's just an acquaintance of mine, a friend of a friend who had invited us (and other people) to dinner. When I told her it was obvious that the Negroes are naturally violent and dim witted, she was quick to defend them with all of the usual cliches. When I criticized the Mestizos/Latinos for much the same thing, she again took the role of an apologist for that ethnic group too.

But as soon as I mentioned the incessant whining and lying of jews, she agreed wholeheartedly right away. She even offered the idea that if White Nationalists want to convince people about our ideas and our political positions, we should start with telling people our criticisms of jews.

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Pretty good info, BUT:
The VAST majority of spics are not White, especially in the USA.
The term for what you are describing is "White genocide."
White America IS America.
Stopping White genocide by reestablishing White homelands is paramount in importance and morally imperative.
Spics already have homelands. Vast homelands all to themselves. Yet they invade what should be, and used to be, White homelands. It is spics own fault that their homelands are shitholes. It is what they are genetically capable of building. Now they are tearing down White America.
Build the wall, deport them ALL.
Reminder: Genetics is the foundation of everything living, including humans and their behavior/ abilities.
Reminder: Race is genetic.
Reminder: Import the third world, your country becomes third world.

I don't see anything wrong with that. Many anons here have DACA.

Because Jews are not racial Semites, you pseudointellectual Judeophile.

The term "anti-Semite" is Jewed language which wraps within it multiple levels of deceit. I am not an "anti-Semite": I am anti-Jewish! Jews are indeed the real anti-Semites, although they use and manipulate Semites for their own agenda just as they do to other goyim. (With typical Jewish gratitude, the Jews then accuse Semites of anti-Semitism.)

By the same token, I can't very well accuse shabbos goyim of "philosemitism" – well, not unless they also love sandniggers, which would be offensive to their inevitable Zionism.

(Perhaps I may have some anti-Semitic tendencies myself. Certainly, I am outright violently hateful toward the Semites and Semitic mongrels who are invading Europe. But I'd leave them in peace in their own countries, if they would just "Handen weg Europa." I am not a Zionist warmonger!)

Now, go split hairs with whatever rabbi you most adore. It's unwelcome here.

Damn, I missed that. Don't be so polite. OP gets the rope.

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Only because the Zionist media is telling them to.
How would you go about redpilling an NPC whose only desire is to be socially approved and politically correct?

sunset them our revive them done. the real question getting more women into fascism I want my girl to be further right then me

Red is better. Contrast and what not.
Red is a color that catches the eye. Survival instincts and what not.

then why are so many white females dying their
fucking hair and fucking niggers and kikes

I mean trumps daughter is getting dicked down a jew



are you serious? White replacement rate the last time I checked was 1.87 niggers 2.3 spics 3.2 you see the problem

Stop thinking with your dick user.
My post was to point out how a red strike through is better than a black strike through when it comes to black text on white background.
Fucking hell.

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those stats are complete bs… post evidence bro

dude I am a newfag I have no idea what your talking about go ahead roast the newfag

I saw it a couple of years ago look it up Europe and America white birth rates are DROPPING get white women pregnant say our kind all anons

unless your a nigger or kike or spic Asians are OK
sunset all non whites except the KAWAII chink girls

Anytime a lefty mentions Russia, mention Israel.
Anytime someone on the 'right' mentions China, mention Israel.

The One Belt One Road initiative in general needs to become a bigger talking point.

Pic related:

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obligatory post

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post less; lurk moar newfag

Then find a woman and be a strong man. Women conform to the strongest man in their life.

I think it is appropriate to quote here one of the greatest American patriots of the twentieth century – a man who truly loved the united States, and strove for decades in activism to conserve it:

>Such was our folly. Our guilt is undeniable. It cannot be palliated. We made the Yids our masters, and it was our power that consummated the Suicide of the West. And it is only natural that Europeans now take satisfaction in the decay and coming dissolution of the contrivers of their ruin.

> – Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, "To See Ourselves", Liberty Bell, February 1992; Vol. 19, No. 6; p. 7.

Sure, he felt guilty. He himself had done secret cryptanalysis work for the U.S. military during WWII. At least he had a conscience, unlike those who gabble to this day about the "Greatest Generation" (of world-destroying kike-lovers).

Play board games like the jewish classic "oil wars"

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General Patton also had a conscience – too late.

To thread topic: Add some General Patton stuff. I know that's already memed much; so do it more. Oh, how he must have hated the Jews in the last months of his life! Since he fought the "Nazis", it screws with the optics (albeit not as much as a gun). Good for hitting the right – especially military and police zogbots. Let General Patton inform them of what crimes their "Greatest Generation" did to please the Jews.

The Jews have been using guilt with great effect through their Holohoax. Hit overgrown guilt-trip sensibilities from the other side, with the truth.

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Heros of WW2 got an aerly start zucking zog balls.

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My woman is practically Murdochchan.
Be picky and ease her into it slowly. Above all else, if you want to change the thinking and behavior of women, you must assimilate just two concepts
1. You must be absolutely confident in the correctness of your beliefs. And you must be able to articulate your beliefs well. Without rage or anger.
2. You must show avid interest in the small steps your woman makes in adopting your philosophy. Be absolutely interested and supportive and you will have a redpilled woman in under a year.
I should know. My woman was a former feminist and member of a feminist organization. But she is beautiful and intelligent.

Again though, be picky. There are plenty of women out there. Don't go for the low hanging fruit and you will be surprised how loyal a true woman can be.
Also, when you get to the jews, start with IsraHell first. There is a litany of disgusting crimes that parasitical little shithole of a "country" has done to us and to the world to talk about. Mention some horrid thing the Zionists have done to us and ask her how she feels about that and your woman will open up and allow you to guide her to the logical conclusions. My personal favourite and the one that worked best for me is how IsraHell sends thousands of African rapists to Sweden. They us us and our nations as dumping grounds for the refuse that they refuse to allow into their shithole of a "country"
And then they have the brass, the unmitigated arrogance to wag their fingers at us and chide us for our "racism" if we complain about it!

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Funny, I was thinking of the Bonus Army when I posted about Patton. But my purpose with that post was to make propaganda. I will not lie to make propaganda, but I also don't see a need to tear down Patton in the eyes of Judeophilic Americans who admire him: Let them admire him, and let them admire the very end of his career when he tried to redeem himself too late. (Well, don't put it that way.)

For the record, I myself do not admire Patton. To the exact extent that that's what it was, I will grant him the excuse that a soldier obeys orders – one of many important principles (((denied))) at the (((Nuremberg Show Trials))), where the factual falsity of the accusations should have been moot with charges dismissed before even considering the evidence. (Obedience to orders was, of course, also legally moot before a court of incompetent jurisdiction trying alleged violations of ex post facto laws imposed without authority.) But I don't admire him.

I do admire Dr. Oliver. The point of that post was different. Patton is good for introductory un-Jewing dumb Americans who hate "Nazis" – people who would consider Dr. Oliver a "neo-Nazi", because that's what the (((ADL))) called him. I quoted Dr. Oliver for the benefit of Americans who already hate the Jews, but somehow retain a blind spot about where their own grand-daddies were in the 1940s. There are plenty of those here; and some of them even have the gall to traduce "Germanistan" and "Euro-weenies". Also for anybody who wants to learn some of the inside history of the old-line American conservative movement, so as to not repeat its failures.

Ya didn't think much, did ya?


The Palestinian angle. It even turns prominent Jews against Israel.

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Who is she?

Yum…gimmie dat ole time religion..

Oh boy a Dunnigan fan…

My favorite; Firefight

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I married a DACAryan girl from Bolivia, and even they know it was a false flag.

It's true. Christians are the power source of the Jew

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And there's nobody the jews hate more than those Christian Zionist idiots. They hate them with a venomous passion.
What a bizarre world we live in.

Everybody but North Americans know it. They're totally indoctrinated by American networks.

I couldn't disagree more. A lot of people in the know find it really easy to forget to process of actually coming to the realization. Ignoring the process is rushing to the end while figuring out the actual pathway to success. This is just as true with historical figures.

Patton did it without any internet in an environment that was even more vehemently anti-German/natsoc.

Don't make assumptions, dubs-user. I myself was a full-blown Judeophilic Zionist zealot, being groomed for hookup to an Esther type to keep me under permanent control. (You may observe that many prominent Shabbos Goyim are married to Jewesses.) I remember my own "realization" all too well – with waking nightmares, sometimes still.

I hate the Jews so much because I understand them so well, from inside information.

I am lucky that I never did any significant harm to Aryans. Mostly, I was just a patsy in vicious intra-Jewish factional fighting. Hitler was right: The Jews fight each other like rats, and only come together to confront common prey or common threats. (See Mein Kampf I, Chapter 11.)

If I had done what Patton did, I do not think I would be able to live with myself for even one minute.

Patton got a front-row seat to see German women being gang-raped, German children starving to death, and honorable German soldiers being mass-murdered, with their leaders judicially murdered before kangaroo courts – all with the inescapable knowledge that he, as the only truly competent American general in the European theater, had a grave personal responsibility for this. If that didn't "redpill" him, it would have meant he had no soul.

For my part, I've tried and thus far failed to derive any useful formula from my own "realization". I was Holohoax-guilted on a very personal level. Revisionist scholarship hit me at just the right time, in just the right way; I can only ascribe this to Destiny and the guidance of my ancestors. People with whom I had close personal relationships refused to even look at the same materials – and chose the Jews over me, much to my personal detriment. I was as if a son of Cassandra who told of past as well as future. (White genocide demographic facts are similarly ignored.)


Thanks, user. Heil Hitler.


Christians, and "liberals" who retain the cultural residue of Christianity: Its universalism, its egalitarianism, its superstitious elevation of "revealed knowledge" over naturalistic observation, its fetishization of whatever is diseased, depraved, and degenerate, and of course, its fundamental adoration of Yahweh's Special Pets. Dr. Oliver did some extended analysis of these cultural residues – there is a reason why I keep referring to him.

A spiritual syphilis has infected Aryan mankind for over a thousand years, destroying its internal powers of resistance. A number of great minds have correctly diagnosed it. The only one who thus far succeeded with a practical cure was Adolf Hitler himself – and the concrete form of his prescription was specific to the existing Weltanschauung of Germans as they existed in the 1920-30s. He himself understood this, and said that German National Socialism was not for export. We can learn much from him; but observe that mechanistic reconstructions of German National Socialism have always failed, for a reason. First rule: Know your own people.

…or have their offspring intermarried with Jews. To anybody who truly understands the Jewish problem, this fact alone is all which is required to understand Trump. Yahweh's Special Masterpieces must be snickering behind their hands at the dumb goyim who do not understand that an intelligent man will always act to protect his own posterity. Of course, the same White masses who do not understand this principle also consistently fail to protect their posterity. It says much about them.

That widely linked Times of Israel article with the quote about a "beautiful Jewish baby" was a signal to the Jewish masses, easily grasped even by the "little Jews". Trump can say anything he wants to dog-whistle the Aryan curs. Jews may scream at him, but they know he is fundamentally /theirguy/ in the sense that he will protect the interests of his grandchildren. Too bad if such conflicts with the interests of your grandchildren, goy.

From the more vehement anti-Trump attacks from the Jewish Left, I also see the mark of an epic Jewish factional fight ongoing behind the scenes; see what I said above on that topic. It is essentially a matter of Communism vs. Zionism, with a few twists. What the goyim do not understand is that both sides are acting to advance the interests of the the Jewish people as a whole; they differ only on matters of strategy and of divvying up the spoils of war. "MAGA" banner-carriers are blissfully unaware that they act as patsies and proxies in an intra-Jewish struggle, as well as being a pressure-release valve as Zig Forums well knows.

(Topic-drifting double-post not saged on a thread addressing an important subject. Hire a Jewish lawyer and sue me if you don't like it.)

I kinda support DACA as well

Not at all, your posts are wonderful

American's wouldn't vote for an atheist. Remind the public how much jews HATE Jesus. Words simply cannot begin to describe how much the jews hate Jesus.

They vote for whoever they are told to vote for.
B&W matinee star
Rich frat boy from political family
And again
Sax playing womanizer
culturally vague black homosexual
reality tv star