Operation Security for The Future White Man

It only become more and more clear that the United States is Banana Republic Tier. We are all going to need to act to give out descendants a world free of Tyranny. This is an effort that will require many people focusing on several disciplines. The problem is, as soon as organizing efforts begin, we will be put under the thumb of our unconstitutional government, and activist Jew lawyers/Judges. Democrats have already a history of weaponizing bureaucratic institutions. The IRS scandal was the first step. "show me the man and I'll show you the crime" is in play. Now these red letter gun confiscation laws will only lead to further trouble. We must organize without big brother knowing the extent of our efforts. The problem is, it is impossible to organize any effort without the government knowing. The technical edge the possess is nearly impossible to surmount. Furthermore, if they find members they will ruin their lives to get what they want. I am not even talking about doing anything illegal, or extreme. As soon as the powers see and organized effort to reclaim independence they will try to crush it.

We need to form an international coalition. We need to find ways of creating our own Independence. IE leaving the economic system. We need advanced farming techniques, and business disciplines that give of flexibility to extract money from the system on our own terms. We will need computer experts to obtain information on the true nature of government. We will need to create a matrix of people, that is essence will be a nation without borders. I know it sounds Jewish as fuck. The jews developed this behavior from being in a vulnerable position for generations. Jewish revenge has now put the white man in the same place.

The first step is effective communication. Electronic communication is almost entirely compromised. x86 backdoors and extreme NSA technology all block safe communication. I believe we must find some sort of hybrid communication effort. I combination of old school paper and older technology developed before the pozzed electronic era. Using the the US postal service would be great, except I can't figure out any way to make it anonymous. We might be forced to recruit people from events. If that's the case, a trusted pool of people would take a long time to acquire.

Please help me with this operational security. It really has gotten to the point, that if I do not act, I will feel great shame from my ancestors and to my descendants. Playing by the established rule set won't do shit. Demographics alone ensure that. We need to think outside the box, and establish our own network outside any prominent power. It must be multinational.

What I am personally trying to do at this moment, is acquiring citizenship to another country. making money. I have a good career, and my own business, with more business on the way. I am interested in mycology, hydroponics, and other forms of permaculture. If we can figure out how to feed a large portion of people without extreme effort, that is the first pathway to independence.

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Have you considered meeting up IRL at existing local government public meetings? That way you can participate in your own towns governance and also meet like minded people that can help you as well. It's actually a decent system if utilized properly.

You might even meet some women there user? Let's start going to own city's public meetings and hijacking our own democratic process for our own needs.Crazy idea right?

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I have some experience with local/state chamber of commerce. I have not settled down to really participate in local affairs. I am thinking a step ahead. Like I said, I have kind of determined the chance of succeeding while playing inside the standard rule-set is not very good. Government integrity is almost non existent, and demographics are changing faster than 90% of people realize. Large scale Armed rebellion will only strengthen a tyrannical government and kill off good men.

The time for international organization multi focused, but putting white settlement first is the best option at this time IMO. IF we can be strong enough to see our decedents reach space colonization that may be enough.

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You should rape your white children and try impregnating them during their peak. That's the only way you'll save the white race.

Based and truly red pilled. This is the sort of knowledge we need to take over the world

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I've figured out the hybridized communication but I need someone to build it. You'll need someone who understands hardware of phones/radio/computers and software development along with cybersecurity to create what is essentially the phone of the future.

Great idea. Do a long-term infiltration plan starting from the bottom when we are on the cusp of being wiped the fuck out. "Hey Armenians, instead of taking up arms against the Turks, go to your city council meetings!"

Instead of writing a block of text that is intolerable to read, cut your word count in half and use more paragraphs.

Please tell me more.

Read more books; if your reading comprehension is that poor. I know I have some typos, but if reading what I wrote is "intolerable" you have a problem. Seriously, when is that last time you read any book? Let's not even talk about reading level.

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Take your ADHD medication, you fucking redditor. Holy christ, kill yourself if you’re too lazy and stupid to read two minutes of text.

Not clear what you mean by operation or security.

I'm working on a document right now.
"Become an Ambassador for the White World Order"
I've got 50 Protocols of White Wellbeing Activity so far (borrowed and modified from No White Guilt/The Great Order).
Also doing a chapter on a Political Action Plan which is basically ripping off Joe Owens strategy.
People are always asking what they can do to help? A lot of energy in our movement. We need to make sure it's channeled in the right direction.
First draft .pdf will be posted by Xmas hopefully. Shouldn't be more than 50 pages.
We do not need constant digital communication to synchronize our action.

Pretty standard formatting and the user's thoughts align with the paragraphs, indicating a pause between separate thoughts.
Ever pick up a book?

This has been happening on multiple threads. Somebody posts an intelligent question, uses more than 30 words or a meme, and immediately one or two anons show up like idiots in the back of a high school class making fart noises and complaining about a rule violation.


I agree we do not need constant communication, but synchronizing our actions is key. Any movement will require some from of leadership, anonymous or not. The movement needs a a spirit that will only come from a unity of several people. People need something to look to.

If we could have layers of thought all protected by anonymity that would be great. But (((they))) are shutting websites down left and right. I don't think you can even get a website without attaching a name to it. Building mailing lists is possible.

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If you were to make the promised chan, how would you do it?

make my own servers in a small town with fiber internet. Run it on tor, or maybe some other type of software like IRC.

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Push for reservations. Don't call them ethnostates; that's a no-no. Follow the lead of the indigenous Americans. Get a swath of land, a few Casino's, complete tax exemption, and use it to build your treasures. Casino's are a top-notch method of washing bills, hiding expenditures, and keeping treasures which no one will ever know about.

That would certainly be one way to do it, may I ask you a few questions though. Through my own research I've come to understand that the under 30 crowd very seldom uses a laptop/desktop for their internet browsing usage, which means that any innovation should be prioritized for a mobile hybrid for maximum adoption. How would you keep shills and bad actors off your servers promised chan? Creating an account is antithetical to the user format but it isn't really what we're looking for intruders can still enter is it not? Think about MFA in terms of cybersecurity, this is where the physical component arrives. Do people need all of the internet all of the time?

I have thought about his a little. Accounts couldn't be a thing, but there could be some type of password gate keeping. Either the password could be posted in place like infinity chan, or maybe have the password come from books. IE. word 3 on page 15 of title X. Honestly old school Email news letters might be the best way to go forward with this.

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