Germany, "Day X": nazis in SAS planned mass assassinations

Germany, "Day X": nazis in SAS planned mass assassinations
Unfortunately foiled by cuckold traitor

Coming soon, to a country near (((you)))!

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Check out the comment sections on the article for a whitepill.

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Cucks gon cuks. Probably a Jew plant.

This looks more like a blackpill.

[sages schemingly]

What faggots keep forcing this hyperbolic fakenews?

Some of us just don't deem our posts worth bumping a thread over. That is, it's a statement about the post, not about the thread.

It is funny. It's so hard to imagine people who go through military indoctrination to go full "I will destroy all of them."

Rulecucks are always the problem. Even here on Zig Forums rulecucks have been the problem. Back in ww2 rulecucks were the problem


Reminder the media always either exaggerates or plays down the truth. This is a textbook case of blowing up shit to serve the "white surpremacist threat" narrative to undermine the lawful political gains the "right" has worked hard on and gained

have a bump

Every day it seems more and more unlikely to make gains within the bounds of the law, against people who can easily go outside it's bounds to achieve what they want.

Did any of you retards actually read the article? This shit is fucking legit. You retards don't understand what this means for Germany. The army is fracturing and anyone well read on stability factors in countries SHOULD KNOW HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS!

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Imagine how terrified the kikes are now that they know that even in kiked goymany, their very apparatus and 'good goyim' are plotting against them at the highest levels.

Checked. This is huge news.
Deutschland Erwache

Not only this, but this is clearly what the populace wants, as per the comments section of articles on this topic in non-leftist media

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Remember cell structures.
Less is more. That shit was too bloated and that is why they all failed.
If a jew/cuck finds a group of four, that’s only four, not two hundred.

can we get another source on this because it feels fake, reads fake atm.

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As much as I want to believe it's real, 200 neo-nazis inside the German military's top-secret special forces unit plotting to and actually capable of SIEGEing the system and kicking things off in Germany, sounds far too incredible to be true and exactly like a B action movie from the late 80s. I'd perfectly believe that they might have found 4-12 guys or so in the KSK who were national socialists and hanging out together, but two full infantry companies of modern special forces pledging their allegiance to the Swastika?

If it is real, or is only slightly exaggerated then I'll shit my pants in anticipation and joy, because we are alot, alot fucking closer to the clock striking midnight for this rotten jew-capitalist system than previously thought.

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These guys are special forces, they aren't retarded enough to put all their eggs in one basket.

Even more to corroborate this

You know nothing of the right wing movements in Europe. This is happening in multiple countries atm.

for fuck sake user, this is my point. Don't be ignorant and tell me what YOU think i don't know.

You wanna know the reason?
Thats why it wasn't printed. Here is a secondary source

Just look at the way Britbong commentors reacted on their own news article, they're calling for "brexitsquads" to execute their own politicians.

Woah nigger, I was just expanding on my first post. Special forces receive extensive training in asymmetric warfare, no way this is their only cell and no way this will be any kind of show-stopper for the remaining cells.

The fire rises


People here are pissed.
The chans like to mock us bongs.
But that's because you listen to our media.
Whenever I go to a pub (not often), I routinely hear bongs calling for ethnic cleansing and hanging politicians.
People talk about redpilling normies. I think most of the normies are already on our side, even if they can't express it.

Thats great to hear. It seems the violent solution draws closer than the political solution.

Agreed, even second source link reads like journalistic fuckary

Kek and yes most anons here are not even aware of the underground RW movements in Germany.
There are far more and far wider spread than even Zig Forums or their authorities realize. They keep to themselves and do not make 'formal clubs'. They operate much like and IRL version of Zig Forums and the most unexpected and unlikely people are part of it, from workers to CEOs, young and old.
They all said the same thing to me, that there would be a revolution/civil war if things keep going the way they are going and that there are people in many different places biding their time.
They also try to keep them out of the millitary (which is 2 years service for each German), so obviously these ones were either hiding their power levels or redpilled upon entering. The latter is very favourable.

It's close.

So fucking pumped. The happening draws closer.

I call bullshit. It's all about spreading yourself thin, not attacking a gathering and then wait to be killed off. What's more intelligent is to take over one mayor TV station/news webpage and address the public with the truth…that would be the spark the whole world is waiting for.

It was amazing feeling to find out the truth in person and gave me hope for Germany.
One last thing many said was quite interesting, they expect a new Hitler to rise, but probably not from Germany due to usual suppression there. They said the wave/Bewegung likely begins from Eastern EU.
Hence why they are so fucking scared of Zig Forumsand and Hungary in the EU right now.


Violence is the only way at this point. Mass deportation is not feasible and the leftists who pushed for mass immigration know this.
It would be a legal and logistical nightmare.

Patrick Little was a Lance Corporal who spoke out. Key word being spoke out.

A man can dream, user. A man can dream.

This is happening in Poland right now…with the right message this will become a chance for liberation or at least a foothold for independence.

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Fuck you nigger. Focus is a large and established newspaper in Germany, why would you make your enemy seem stronger?


'Right Message?' TKMAXX is better than Polish Owned businessess/ goods.
WHat Independence is this in reference to ?

The EU controls and Run this Country

Polish Petrol taken over by SHell etc

Tesco, TKMaxx, Kaufland etc has shut down all Polish owned business

Their roads and buildings are all funded by outsiders ( including Saudi A)

Their biggest employer is export of labour

Am i missing something ?>>12407628

If anyone finds any more source on this pleas post them. No state run media seems to have posted it yet, probably some EU media thinktank pulling out all the stops.

It's very likely a complete fabrication by the shekel grubbing tabloid press, or at least totally blown out of proportion.

It's from a large and established news magazine. This isn't some shitty tabloid.

You always make your enemy seem stronger after you've already defeated them.

I would say quite the opposite, a small section of a massive movement was uncovered and blown out of proportion.
The real meat and potatoes here are left covered, bit like an iceberg.

Not if the enemy is internal, a direct opposition to your ideology. Making your opposition seem powerful in the eyes of your populace is not a particularly bright idea.

very problematic, police to their door this afternoon

It would literally be 1/5th of the entire KSK.



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Shit. Hope that cuck who reported them gets the rope soon.

The faggot that outted them deserves to be tortured for weeks.

Checked. Fuck the rope, though, it's too quick for a traitor.

Sounds like a great false flag to discredit the national army and push for a new joint (((European army)))

Probably, but I wouldn't meme that.


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It's most likely fake news in order to castrate the last remaining "dangerous" parts of the German military before (((they))) move on to the next point on the genocide agenda.

Adjustment Day is upon us.

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Are you saying that TKMAXX is nicely priced and is reflective of freedom?

Noch sitzt Ihr da oben, Ihr feigen Gestalten.
Vom Feinde bezahlt, doch dem Volke zum Spott!
Doch einst wird wieder Gerechtigkeit walten,
dann richtet das Volk, dann gnade Euch Gott!

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This won't deter warriors.

If this is true, these guy will strike from within their prison cells. For every 1 they did capture there was another.

Multiply this by the number of SpecOps groups in the West.

One can only hope they disable the grid at key locations and then initiate race riots.

Logistics are key. Be prepared to fund

The reads like a jewish fantasy novel. even the characters sound like the caricature of some writers persona; the lines scripted. All Hollywood. All day

As far as I can tell this is fake news. Dailymail reported on it, a few other sites copied their report and then deleted it. German news is reporting something different.

Sounds like we need to set a bounty on that traitor's head. I'm starting it off at 405 Bitcoin

I'm surprised this made the news. First heard of this when I started looking into German UFO's.

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Sounds about right

Posts like these are why people don't want anything to do with nu-National-Socialism and are giving up on fighting for the White race. Every time anything like this happens it's all

The story is hollywood but the reason for it is pure tavistock. Psycological operations. Just like the Q thing. Don't worry guys, military patriots within the gov will rise up and save you. BTW, have you played the latest moonman vidya?

Hope and belief aren't substitutes for truth.

Link to german news?

Why is your version the truth and mine not though? Because a jew article in a jewpaper written by what is almost assuredly a jew sounds like a jew fantasy novel?

Shut up you burger moron. You idiots see an edgy headline by some kike paper and immediately start posting race war Pepes and saying "day of the rope soon". How old are you, 14? You have no feel for the situation on the ground here in Germany, no background info, no cultural knowledge. You probably have no idea what the fucking KSK even is. And yet if someone expresses doubt about this completely Hollywood sounding story you immediately whine about black pilling. Shut up fag. Just shut up.
And by the way I actually think that regardless whether it's bullshit or not, it would be a good idea to meme it and run with it.

The board is being kiked

If you show them as stronger than they are, it's easier to justify taking more extreme measures to stop them. It gives them an excuse to take more direct power.

How much more power can they "take"? They've outlawed parties, thrown people in jail for thoughtcrime and they run the government and law enforcement agencies. There is no more power to take.

No I won't shut up kike. You have no power over me. Get fucked.
They're describing a prepper movement that some soldiers were a part of. They arrested one person for "terrorism" (thoughtcrime) charges.

This is two years old news. Someday you will understand what Jennifer did to William. Pro-tip his ss# was stolen by niggersand Hillary.

Ach halt doch die Schnauze du behinderter Ami Spast.

they're going to execute White men on camera with full (((US approval))) Lavoy Finicum-style
anything by Moonman is lit

Yeah, and they survive off of soft, distant power that doesn't have an impact on the average lemming, it's the keystone of legitimacy for the modern system, the childish delusion that they're the open happy society free of repression that only crazy extremists would have a problem with. If they're forced into taking off the silk glove from the iron fist, well nobody's going to fucking pretend to owe anything to a system of forcible suppression of the population, openly and transparently for the interests of a small international financial elite composed of jew politicans, media bosses and bankers

kikes love creating a narrative after the fact to meet current needs. I fucking hate jews.

I have a rust machate for your throat Hillary

Fuck off faggot. I'll never shut up.


They also found a hit list for politicians, and uncovered that several high ranking KSK officers where running anti-government prepper groups. These groups are normal in Europe and many of them plan to kill politicians if the country destabilizes. I have never seen them in such a high level of military, which is kind of exciting.

We're almost at USSR levels, all we need is for states to directly start publicly killing people for being nationalists.

The only legit part here is that the government wants the Bundeswehr gone and they made up a reason to do away with it.

german user, start killing police and judges

There is none.
Heil Hitler

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I will kill Hillary Clinton myself if she shows her face in Ohio. Paybacks a bitch. Bittch

So we are down to no arguments now? I guess it's best I leave before I give you any real ammo to actually hit me with.

Looking at it philosophically, one can't avoid the conclusion that it is corruption, not tyranny, which leads to the overthrow of governments. A strong and vigorous government, no matter how oppressive, usually need not fear revolution. But a corrupt, inefficient, decadent government-even a benevolent one-is always ripe for revolution. The System we are fighting is both corrupt and oppressive, and we should thank God for the corruption.
~The Turner Diaries

t. Agent Smith

It's interesting that people just lump it up to "larpy" behavior when in reality its found globally throughout the white world. It's a natural externalization of an internal feeling that we inherently all have because we're bound to the same race. It's a historical behavioral trait that we have when shits unfixable to prepare yourself accordingly and become an opportunist when the time allows for it, and it always does.

Although the article does do the fed posting for us. Too many people just want to go around and target minorities because reasons. If you don't strike at the power structure you're wasting your time and letting the opportunity pass. People should listen to Horus he actually is waiting for some fed up whites running the infrastructure to start to take actions. We control the power grid, water/sewer grid, and communication grids. Would be a shame if a few people knew its weak spots and released that information or took action themselves if the opportunity was right.

The system fears one person able to cause tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in damage that would effect cities or regions even and take not days or just weeks, but months or years to recover from.


Imagine how powerless the powerful will be without power.

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Yes that's the only way. The only language they understand. We must make these plutocrats as well as their lackeys fear the common indigenous people again. They must be afraid than when they step out of their homes in the morning they might get a bullet through their brains.

Shut up you faggot.