Degeneracy on College Campus

So my school recently decided to host a charity "drag show" which was put on by (((student Diversity initiatives))). Reluctantly I decided to go to get some footage of how degenerate our society has become. I took a good video but decided to hold off on posting it until I can find a safer way of revealing it (could end up doxxing me). There was a Jewess at a booth handing out condoms, anal lube, some pro LGBTQ flyers, and a guide on how to make a "dam" to safely eat ass. I have never been so disgusted and enraged before.

One important lesson I learned from this is that all this faggotry is a good starting point to introduce redpill ideology to normie men. I have talked to many students on campus and showed them the footage and all of them have this (almost genetic) negative reaction towards this. It seems once you speak out in disgust How does this compare to other user's universities?

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Go print out a bunch of hate facts. Cover them with rainbow shit and put it right next to the actual fag propaganda.

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It's a good idea, but unfortunately when you throw the word fag, they will just denounce and ignore what the poster says

This is the right approach but not quite.

Don't use the word Fag first off.
Second, you have to feed them the transparent pill.

For instance on the third one you should instead say

Stop Fake News! LGBT are not a threat to your kids!

LGBT are 3% of the population but only 40% of the child predators.

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$3 million reward to whoever writes "nigger" on the most sjw propaganda

Good for you to get some footage of this stuff. My college has the same kind of shit in it. Their big show and tell of the year is called DiverseU, and in it there was a particularly disgusting piece called "Alex not Amy" about a family deciding that their 3 or 4 year old was actually a tranny and raising her to be a boy and getting hormone blockers and testosterone pumped into her at the age of 10. It was so fucking filthy I nearly vomited towards the end. And now so can you:
That's good, and makes sense. The disgust reaction is visceral and primal because it is a reaction to potential disease whether it is physical, mental, or social. These people enjoy being disgusting because the reaction of it empowers their victim narratives, so I'd recommend extracting out the juiciest bits of foul shit from them, putting them into webm and picture format, and spread it around.

Take the actual facts of these cases and recreate the posters. Better yet, take some of the existing designs and motifs of their pro-homosexual and anti-rape culture stuff and put the facts on them. Their cognitive dissonance will either associate their attempts as disgusting or mask your efforts as goodthink. Put them in bathrooms and wherever you'd find those posters normally I suppose. Would be an interesting experiment in any case.

What else have you got, OP?

thanks for you input user. This is the only place I can go to talk to like minded people. Now regarding the webm thing, how exactly do I make one? When I try to save them off Zig Forums to my pc I just get some weird link. I will post parts of the video if I can make a good webm. The video shows their perverted humor and other creepy shit. The announcer gave me that pizza gate vibe. You know that video in comet ping pong with the dude in the red ski mask and blonde wig? That kind of guy

Not sure, I've never made one. Look it up on google how to make a webm and give that a shot I guess. Once you figure it out, let the rest know since webm making is critical to communicating videos on here.

I just used this site Seemed like it worked for a clip.

MP4 also works for posting here, if you want to use that format instead.

Wait, you go to MST too?

Show me the 3 mil. I'll fly wherever you want and do it.

Why am I not surprised St. Louis is full of faggots?

I thought I should be nice and point out you left more than enough information to find your school.

In other news, the Sky is blue.

Oh and Rolla is close enough to faggy St. Louis for my purposes. I triple dog dare dare you to go to Can I Call You A Native? and yell tree nigger.

Agreed. I should have been more clear, I was presenting the first pic is a good example, but it's too thick with facts. The 2nd two are punchier, but need to have the negative imagery removed and replaced with more "pride stuff" For example the 3rd would be optimal with an image like pic related.

Any photoshop fags want to redo some of these, maybe some with color and some more printable?

It'd be great to have a few ready to print when similar fag stuff comes to my town.

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Those gear symbols mean "you're only attending if you want to be fucked in the ass."

There is no overt reason an "ally" need to attend these functions. I did it when I was a leftist because it was a work requirement, but I tolerate faggots, not celebrate them.

Sounds like a good thread idea by itself. This one should be about the OP posting what clips and photos he's got of his particular adventure into degenerate culture.

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