Ebola outbreak: Death toll tops 200 in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Source: theguardian.com/world/2018/nov/11/ebola-outbreak-death-toll-tops-200-in-democratic-republic-of-the-congo
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The funny thing is, when you consider fairy tales (e.g. manga style) you imagine the village would be kind to witch who blesses them with advancement. Eventually, in their own arrogance, they might kill the witch to attempt to steal her knowledge, but would ultimately fall into ruin after her passing.
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The only hope of white survival is outbreaks so devastating that Apefricans get reduced to pre 1900 levels of population and all transit between Africa and the rest of the world is stopped for decades. Don't stop now Ebolachan you are our only hope.

No, I mean, I knew about this, but still. I am still blown away by Africa stories. Every documentary I watch and news item I read. Amazing what a continent of 60 IQ/no-impulse control savages does

Ebola is a hoax. There never was an outbreak. The Western kike media created the whole thing as reality TV.
This is common knowledge for anyone who paid attention at the time.
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i heard that ebola is too fast a killer for its own good, that you can't get a proper epidemic to spread fast enough.

When in Deepest Darkest Africa make sure to visit the Ebola Diner, and enjoy a healthy meal with these highly skilled medical professionals.

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CDC chief: Congo Ebola outbreak may not be containable


The outbreak is taking place in part of northeastern Congo that is an active war zone. Dozens of armed militias operate in the area, attacking government outposts and civilians, complicating the work of Ebola response teams and putting their security at risk. Violence has escalated in recent weeks, severely hampering the response. The daily rate of new Ebola cases more than doubled in early October. In addition, there is community resistance and deep mistrust of the government.

Some sick people have refused to go to treatment centers, health-care workers are still being infected, and some people are dying of Ebola or spreading the virus to new areas. An estimated 60 to 80 percent of new confirmed cases have no known epidemiological link to prior cases, making it very difficult for responders to track cases and stop transmission. In late August, the United States withdrew some of CDC’s most seasoned Ebola experts who had been stationed in Beni, the urban epicenter, because of security risks.

“I do think this is one of the challenges we’ll have to see, whether we’re able to contain, control and end the current outbreak, with the current security situation, or do we move into the idea that this becomes more of an endemic Ebola outbreak in this region, which we’ve never really confronted,” Redfield said.

If that happens, health-care responders may need to consider vaccinating broader populations instead of the current strategy of vaccinating people who have been in contact with infected people.

When contact tracing begins to fall apart, “then you are entering another phase and losing the hope that you can arrest the outbreak through standard interventions,” said J. Stephen Morrison, senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in an interview. In a new report, Morrison said there is an urgent need for “high-level political attention focused on generating an updated game plan” to improve security, train and deploy community health workers and win community trust.

“This is going to be a complicated and deeply problematic situation and we need to prepare ourselves for dealing with this long term,” Morrison said.

Redfield, officials from the World Health Organization and other experts say one of the biggest worries is the spread within Congo to places like Butembo, a major trading port and urban area, where the risk of widespread transmission escalates dramatically.

Really really really hoping something big comes from this. Please, may the Red Death spread all across the dark continent and then into Europe.

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