The eternal state of this shit board

I want cuck/pol/ crossposters to fuckoff forever

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If you think Wojak memes are the problem you only understand half of what's going on.

Fuck off with your spam, you goddamn faggot. Codemonkey personally protects them. They will never leave until he is dead.

They're part of it

The problem with the board is its popularity and subsequent regression to the mean.

See you all back on Myspace.

This plus the unwillingness of the owner to keep standards in place.

Yes. because the difference between chans is vast.

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The cuckchanner cries as he strikes you

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All that can be done is minimizing it by not responding

Are you lost??

This whole board is lost

Yeah show me the way, I am so sorry I used the wrong word. Faggot.

Pretty significant.
I exclusively posted on 8 for two years, then quit for a while before returning to both 4 and 8.
Enormous differences. This board changed much less over two years than cuckchan did.

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Since you two love birds are asking so nicely: >>Zig Forums

Fucking hell. That takes me back.
For the longest time, I couldn't understand why most went to faceberg.
Boring fucking blue and white. That's it.
Now I know.
Fucking (((reptilians)))

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Leftypol was always shit this one used to be good once.

OP is a mongrel

Honest question: what did you hope to achieve with this post?

Board culture is defined by its users.

I'm European

That's the issue, the crossposting between this board and cuck/pol/ is watering down this boards culture.

You can't scoop a turd out of the lemonade once it's been put in. You cannot unpoz a neghole. The contamination remains forever.

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I may not be up to your chan elitist standards but fuck me if im going to that place. Now if we are done here im gonna go contribute to a real thread since there is no way to get halfchan to stop coming here.

Yes, for about 6 months after the Exodus. Then Kikey happened. Then Trump happened. Now we're here.

Well, step one is identifying the issue. Let's go past that.

Provide three realistic sample solutions so that we might debate them.

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Go to the catalog, use the search function and type NPC

God fucking dammit, you were a bot all along

The eternal state of anonymously bitching about things on fringe internet forums.

Stop being so intolerant

8ch needs to accept more 4chan immigrants

Welcome to the club faggot, you didn't need to waste a thread for it, though.


Sage and filter, if you're not already doing it you don't belong here either

Hmmm.. I look like a combo of East Baltic and Mediterranean.


The bigger issue is that 4/pol/ has gone to shit, and hard. Expect more refugees until both here and there are unrecognizable, or they get their act together (which is almost certainly not going to happen).>>12408206

Just pressure incel to commit suicide. 8 is for strong willed people not pathetic whiney faggots. Find the popular buzzword users are call them out. It's really not that hard to get rid of these cockroaches.

lol natsoc

can we just gas them all?

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there is literally no difference between cuck/pol/ and nu/pol/ at this point, except cuck/pol/ has more posts. that's it. everything else is the same

how about getting rid of redditors and the kike mods first?

Gamergate stopped posting