The U.S. opioid epidemic rages on

The latest official estimates say 72,000* last year.

– nearly 200 victims a day.

–Researchers say actual overdose deaths
are likely 20% to 35% higher.

The MSM is doing a good job suppressing photos of the victims. Can someone start an obituary thread.

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Eh, don't take drugs then you won't be a "victim."

Sackler apologists

They should be in prison.

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They were prescribed, you shit head.

People use opiates and stimulants for other reasons than your immature response.

Yet I can’t cop two percocets for my itis.

At least OD next time so the epidemic won't have been in vain and we will have at least bled a couple of useless manlets with awful taste.

Prescribed in pill form. You have to actively go out of your way to turn it into a much more addictive form—grinding the pills up before taking them. The blame doesn't lie on the people giving out pills.

You fucking retard, grinding up opiates(which are in their purest form) doesn't make them any more or less addictive than they already are.
Opiates are just that addictive you fucking imbecile(and grinding them up and doing a cold water extraction is actually safer than swallowing the entire pill)

Grinding them up destroys the time-release mechanism of the pill so they effects are all felt at once.

its people being spiked with fentanyl in other drugs like coke and meth just a sprinkle of fentanyl and you have dead americans.
its chemical warfare and mexico is winning


the guy you replied to also ignored how these opiate pills were overprescribed by doctors (many, if not most them, by indians and jews) to their patients.

Very few actually have that. Only "XR" and then these are the high dosage pills.

Some people just don't want to accept reality man

We're being raided consistently and our mods do nothing. The shills know this and they're even making threads about this and encouraging the breakup of fullpol. These are dark times, but I assume they'll cease once the midterms are finally over. This is no excuse, because Zig Forums is always right in the sense that we're here for the truth. By the way, there's no reason to get angry at these people, just continuously argue with them with their facts and have the mods anchor them as they spew their nonsense. Never forget as well, that Shareblue and other shill groups are afraid of Zig Forums and it's work so much that it was named in one of their political strategy documents. take care and keep up the fight.

Make a list. Keep it local

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I've posted this in other related threads but lately cocaine in this country has been started to get cut with fentanyl. I think it's for purely malicious purposes tbh fam

PDF related

let the fucking druggies die, better yet, get the niggers and spics hooked on 100% mortality rate drugs.

I tried watching that episode earlier, but you can only listen to some drugfag for so long.

>but or 95% truth 5%disinfo that poisons you sent psyop kike from (((them))) Stevie Pieceznik says its irrelevant

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The problem with the opioid epidemic, is that it is targeted to whites. Don't think the government won't do to white people what they did to the inner city blacks with crack-cocaine.

Have you ever encountered one of these sociopaths? This is one of the few psyops that have a benefit. Sure the whole black op money laundering / con artist medical industry / oh you are an addict FUNDING here have some heroin FUNDING here have housing FUNDING you did armed robbery you are just diseased like you have the cold you just need to give us more FUNDING and youl get better! Part is fucked, but this is a euthanasia program Hitler could only dream of!

Evil fuck people naturally flock to money , cocaine, heroin, power , alcohol . Then they destroy themselves one way or the other. The drugs help them show their true intentions. When I did cocaine a few times I just chilled out. Was like an espresso. These people do cocaine and would Mass murder if they could. This shit increases the chance that dumb fucks make mistakes and eliminate themselves from existence.

Apart of think Putin behind the drug krokodile. It kills junkies in less than a year. I hope krookodipe becomes big in America. It will take care of drug problem overtime.
Death to junkies and drug dealers

80% of this thread is dumb nigger faggots

Have you ever met someone who woke up one day and said "AHAH! Today I'll get hooked on opiates!"
No, you retards, that's not how shit works.
90% of opiate users were involved in some serious surgery that takes a fuckload of time to recover from. And during all that time (months) your body is covered in pain that very slowly goes away (and that's if the surgery went okay).
There's a crapload of ways to deal with pain, even chronic pain, but guess what the cheapest one is? More than half of your hospitals aren't even equipped to do more than pump people full of the stuff, all other pain treatments were discarded in favor of the "Magic Happy Pills" that some Hebrew Quack Doctor sold you.
Very few people end that recovery time without an addiction. The actual norm is to slowly grow more and more dependent on it to the point your brain and the very way you think/see the world change.
Consuming more Opiates becomes an absolute maxim, because your mind has associated lack of Opiates with excruciating pain. It's very similar to training people using torture (MK-Ultra anyone?).
When the recovery ends, doctors will stop prescribing it, and the poor fucker that got hooked on that shit will grow desperate and try to find more anywhere he can. Even fentanyl-laced shit from the local dealer starts sounding appealing after a few days of cold sweating, nervous breakdown and psychosomatic pain.

Do you have any fucking idea how hard it is to see a friend, father of 3 and happily married with a great job go down this path? He ended up stealing from his own friends prescriptions, got into a knife fight, and when he felt he was letting everyone around him down, he disappeared for a week before turning up in a morgue.

So yeah, you're half right. It kills drug addicts, no problem. But first, it WILL turn your loved one's, your friends and family into drug addicts. Then it kills them.

t. Seen it happen to close to home. Opiates are murder. Slow and insidious, but murder all the same.


Thank you for being able to appreciate the effects of a person's nature on behavior and responses to stimuli instead of mindlessly echoing the leftist tabula rasa style nurture and environment worldview where power turns you evil just like that mean ol' Addy H who gassed 6666666 jewgleplexes of nosefolk and ratpeople and the addicts are poor eternal children that just can't help it boo hoo. I'm not opposed to the death penalty for anyone pushing dangerous drugs, but addicts have options in much the same way as anyone else. They are merely lesser and inclined to choose the wrong ones for whatever reason(s). Never give faggots an external force to blame for shortcomings of intelligence, willpower and virtue.

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This. Whites need to start taking responsibility again. Too many stormfaggots keep whining about muh jooz and muh prescriptshuns and sheeit. But who takes those fucking pills? Who allows to this day, kikes to practice their (((medicine)))?

Stop looking at excuses and get the fuck back up.

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Canada too. In my city 5 people died in 24 hours of overdoses. It's unprecedented.
They're cutting meth with it too..

You know who's fault it is, right? white boomers

christcuck mind poison + jews. Replace with natural healthy protective ethnic identity, a huge impediment to jews jewing.

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Hi, paid jewish shill. No one believes a word you say.

Lost two cousins and a friend from high school to it
Fuck opiajews

Dude you know he's right , right?
Eaucharist or Jesus sacrament rituals are literal spirit cooking and ritual canibalism
Take this bread as my body
Take this wine as my blood

Also he was a yid and so was his whore lying mother who said lies to save her own ass from getting stoned to death

Isn't this now the #1 killer of people under 18?

Many bodybuilders and gym fags are on opioids meth or coke. Many gym fags have the same mentality as Rich Piana use anything to get stronger even if it kills you in the long term. Gym culture today is a degenerate playground.

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For the humans in here:
I hear Kratom helps with opiate addiction. However, it is merely a southern eastern asian plant.
I am just saying what I heard.

50s were the zenith of the united states of america

On balance; the Opiod crisis lies largely not with illicit drugs but with pharmaceuticals. We already know about the pharmaceutical companies and those that own them.