200,000 Polish Nationalists



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Jews admit on video the White Nationalists are right about what they do twitter.com/BorzoiBoskovic/status/1059192442560438272

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So likely 1.5 million+.


they're all feds

We should thank kikes for pushing more people to being open nationalist.

Youre a fed
Theyre a fed
Everyones a fed
Hes a fed
Shes a fed
Feds under your bed
Your childs a fed
You're moms a fed
Even dead auntie sue
Your dogs a fed
Your cats a fed
And your goldfish too
Im a fed
Everyones a fed
Except when they're a jew.

Checked and kekked at the folly of kikes.

Incredible pictures. Someone post this here:
Wish I could get it in hi-res.


Fan-fucking-Tastic Poland..!

I just saw this story over on yahoo news feed and came here to Zig Forums to celebrate this march.

Lead us, Poland. Lead a new Europe to Victory.

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Sources indicate that at least 100,000 of the marchers are "far right nationalists and virulent anti-Semites".

Yeah, bruh…

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If you have almost a quarter of a million fucking people, that's not "far-right," it's just normal. Kikes crying and whining because Poland doesn't hate itself or bend over backwards for Africans or Islam.

Great. Have they done anything about the indoctrination and sexual abuse of their children by shit-skins in that Euro program?

Add another zero


the only ones who isn't fed are those apes in somalia
please adopt a nigglet for just 20 dollars a month, you could save a homo-erectus-humanoid!

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Oh man, I wonder why! Anyone pretending like this is some grand thing is delusional. Poland was a third world shit-hole ruled by communism until three decades ago. As a result they're very homogeneous. There's no social resistance to a display like this, because they're all the same. This is not even commendable. This display is worthless because they are already and remain a homogeneous country. What these niggers need to be doing is stopping the indoctrination of their children and stopping the leftward shift of their governance. This kind of display is only worth a damn in a place like Germany, or England, or USA, where a show of strength against opposition actually motivates people. This shit is just fucking worthless. Meanwhile a few weeks ago their kids were all forcibly sent to some Euro week shit where shit-skins scouted out future "grooming" participants, and displayed to them how grand diversity is. Where were the nationalists then? Prideful stupidity with no effect. It's like boasting about receiving a trophy in a competition where all participants receive one, when in actuality you're only worsening as a person because your failures are being celebrated.


Take your D&C back to Haifa, Shlomo

lol natsoc

can we just gas them all?

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Nice try. What do you think this is? Cuckchan?

If 10 guys in your movement are feds, it means the government is trying to destroy your movement.

If 200,000 guys in your movement are feds, you are the government. Your movement is about to take power.

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My bad
t. phonenigger

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Fuccccckk yeah bump

the absolute state of journalism

Serious question: how hard of a language to learn is Polish? This might be a good backup plan if this whole USA thing goes tits up.

how can this be? i thought poland is in the EU?

Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz, powiat łękołody, wieś grzegrzółki.


no u

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They're feds too.

I guess that means Israel must be full of white supremacists

The best redpills come from the mouth of theJews themselves.


You're dumb
You debunk your post in your own post.

They were in Poland keeping Poland nationalistic, dumbass.

Yeah. We know.

Good for you Poland. That being said, when I read the headline for this thread in the catalog, I thought it said "Poohish nationalists".

"Oh, bother" said Pooh bear, as he chambered another round.jpg

Incredible. Never seen a nation so healthy.

Poland এ কি white women আছে?

Their children will become feds. Why do you think all the security guards at Federal Buildings are all niggers?

Oh look a strong white woman in power.
What a cohencidence.
I hope you faggot don't start hating white women though, the red pill is obviously to D&C you from embracing our better half.

The fire rises.

Do you want to be genocided? No? Congratulations, you're now a member of the far right.


This is beautiful, I'm happy for the Pollacks.

>(((Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz)))
Pick one user

Could the majority of these people have just been celebrating their national holiday and somehow it got turned into a racist event?



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the state of pol

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Extremelly hard due to an insane amount of morfem variation and declination variations. It has more declinations than latin, when latin has
Polish has this jeltsch.org/polish
That is not even going into conjugation. Polish has over 17 forms of the word "2". Learning the Arabic language is honestly easier than learning Polish. So do with that what you will.

I thought those were the same thing though.

She's a filthy rat kike tho


I remember when I was younger it was always a meme to my boomer father and the rest of the boomers to compare someone who's acting stupid to a Polish person(obviously implying the Polish are stupid). Now they are one of the few bastions of the white race. Checkmate boomers.

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oh boy

lovely :3

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The polish subhuman thing was always a D&C lie.

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This is a good point.. remember in America when the KKK had regular marches and was huge? 80-100 years later and we have modernity

polacucks* like they say on vichan

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Is fed an identifiable nationality at this stage?

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Seems the Germoney thing to do.

stfu ja jestem Rosjanem

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с уважением

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no i optymalnie

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Jews aren't white, Rabbiski.

bolshe od vas

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Need to shoop Brendan Frasers face onto this.


Your reading comprehension skills are shit. I addressed why it's worthless in a homogeneous country. You're just too dumb of a monkey to comprehend why.
How are they keeping it nationalistic when the children of their nation are required to attending grooming week and experience forced diversification? How is this doing anything to impact the government? You don't march to keep homogeneity, you work in politics and education and media to keep homogeneity. Poles are like simple children. Make a big loud show, but accomplish nothing.
Meanwhile their children are all lusting after brown people in grooming centers around the country.

pollacks are cucks

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Well an ass can be a source if you pull hard enough.

I want bots to die.

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Polish people aren't Zig Forums you retard. Go pretend to be a National Socialist in Poland and you'll get jumped and tossed in prison.

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and he shitted himself

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Some shit-tier criticisms coming after they've showed themselves stronger than any other country in the EU except say Hungary.


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who cares if orangutan is strong, he is still ape

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what's your beef with poland?


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Nie chcę zabrzmieć jak Tuziak, ale prawda taka, że ten rajd się skończy, wrócisz na szą, może zalogujesz się na swoje konto wykopie i zrobisz dwadzieścia tredów jak bardzo brakuje ci loszki, a w ogóle lochy to kurwy, a ty masz depresję i chcesz się zabić. Chociaż w sumie mogę właśnie pleść strawmana, bo równie dobrze możesz być ironicznym oskarkiem z grupek.
To do miłego, anonku :3
Inb4 bul dupy

gloopity gloppity gloopity
t. Polish speaker



It's almost like the cuckchan split was done to intentionally fill this place with cuckchan's trash

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