Exit Polls of Voters Reveal a Race War is in Progress

"At least 80 percent of jews, 90 percent of blacks, 69 percent of “Latinos,” and 77 percent of Asians voted Democratic in this week’s mid-term elections.., underlining the fact that all the nonwhite groups have aligned in a grand anti-White coalition…

"According to a CNN Exit Poll, reported upon by the far left Jewish Daily Forward newspaper, “80 percent of Jews” Voted Democratic", a percentage, which that paper eagerly pointed out, was “far more than other faiths.”

"In addition, the 'Daily Forward' continued, it was “a banner night for Jewish candidates, five of whom picked up Democratic seats in the House as the party retook control of the chamber. Some of the candidates also staged upsets in suburban areas that went for Trump in 2016.”

"According to the CNN Exit Poll, 54 percent of “Whites” voted Republican, and 44 percent voted Democratic. This definition of “White” however follows US Federal government guidelines, which includes Jews, Arabs, North Africans and large numbers of central and South Americans who choose not to define themselves as “Latino.”

"In other words, the actual number of whites who voted Republican is likely far higher than 54 percent, and is probably closer to two-thirds of white voters, or even more."

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It's nice to bring so many of "our friends" into our country…

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Is there a future for USA? At this rate niggers will have enough votes to take away the rights of humans. Even race war doesn't look like an option anymore, the whole country is infested and damage would be immense.

What a surprise! And anyways, don’t think the GOP is pro-white or are /ourguys/, but it would be great if they were to bring this up and use it to become a more WN party.
And what the fuck, I thought Asians were socially conservative?

Like Sarah Jeong, currently employed by the New York Times, who writes regularly about wanting to kill white men (and was endorsed by a senator from Hawaii)?

I’m aware of her, but I’m positive most Asians in America don’t think like her. I thought they were very traditional, family oriented and have a good economic standing? Why whole they vote Democrat?

Asians hate you. If they seem to like you, they want you to drop your guard so they can get something from you.

They see no problem with wanting to flood America with chinks and creating chink culture everywhere.

The jew knows Whites don't make good slaves and the subhumans are too stupid to realize that's exactly what they will become once Whites are gone.
Not that most people aren't usury slaves right now, but I imagine a world in which jews occupy as the elevated species controlling the every move, word and action of their slaves.

Enjoy your future subhumans, you earned it!

I think they include Indian in Asian, which are probably half the Asian population of America meaning the Far East Asians are mostly Conservative.
Look at Orange County, CA for verification. High Far East Asian population and a very Conservative political stance, at least in South OC.

This is nothing more than a byproduct of "progressive" degeneracy. The shitskins want to keep their precious "quality" entertainment pieces pushed by corporate kikes. Their "independent movements" are literally backed by kike corporations (i.e. Ben & Jerry's, Netflix, Kellog's, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and yet they still claim they are being "marginalized and oppressed" by Whitey. Before kikes leave a nation for another host, they pin the blame on Whitey for all the problems of non-Whitey, and yet it makes non-Whitey think Dr. Shekelgoldbergstein is part of Whitey. It's a wild ride after another.

Disagree. I'm a White Nationalist & live on the west coast. We are up to our nostrils in Asians these days.

U are right about some Asians, but the key word is "some". Others want very much to join us and become part of the White or Western world.

I'm going to give a ball park figure of 50/50 on how the Asians I know feel - whether overtly or covertly - about Whites.

Blame the jews media for poisoning the minds of many of those who hate us by constantly vilifying Whites for "racism"… (whatever the fuck that is).

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Those numbers are virtually the same every election, and every cycle Repubicunts waste time and energy pandering to "minority" voters.
Kikes and shitskins ARE the Democrat party. There is no common ground.

Literally just an extension of (((MSNBC))) niggery whining about muh White privilege, not some commie WordPress blog whining about muh ebil rayciss fascist gubmint, and muh White privilege.

We built this country once, we can do it again.
The future for European americans (if there is one) is ethnostates.

Yeah, complete with white spouses, right?
Non whites are not your friends.
Do you really think that if SHTF and the central govt breaks down, that those based gooks wont be busy ethnically cleansing all non Asians from their areas?

You mean like the Japanese did to the Germans?

Cross posting this from another thread:

For those of you who may be wondering if the Republicans have "reached out" to the minorities, yes they have. The GOP has tried for a century to court black and other non-white voters. The party has always been populated by ambitious people who desire power and the idea of a minority vote going red is so appealing that many party members are willing to abandon their principles to get those votes.

-Over 90% of republicans voted for the civil rights act in 1964 that took away our freedom of association and lead to niggers being pumped into our communities.

-75% of Republicans voted for the 1965 immigration act that flooded our country with 3rd world invaders and drove the white population under 50%.

-The Republicans supported the amnesty bill in 1986 and Reagan happily signed it which added 3 million illegal immigrant voters to the voting rolls and in one election cycle turned California from a red state to a blue state.

Republicans have NEVER moved the needle with non-whites in the decades they have tried. Non-whites will always vote for socialism because genetically that is what they are predisposed to doing. The Republicans this past election cycle were all over WeChat, they were running countless ads in asian language news papers, they made non-discrimination against asians in higher education a central platform, and they did not convert any significant amount of votes in any election across the country.

Non-whites want your wealth white man, period. The Democrats are offering it to them on a silver platter. You want to talk about lower marginal tax rates to your "based immigrants"? Your Democratic opponent is going to let their 15 closest relatives immigrate to American and live off the welfare system. Who do you think your "based immigrates" are going to support? That nice black man at your company who works hard and pays his taxes, maybe he will one day be a Republican… NOPE. That "based black" also has a bunch of relatives that are living off of SSI and food stamps and he's not about to throw his relatives under the bus so that your "racist ass" can keep a little more of what you earn.

The absolute smartest and most savvy media minds have worked to convert non-whites to conservatives. Trump made it part of every rally he has done. You can all see the results for yourselves. Non-whites as a group will never support you white man. NEVER. The do not share your blood nor culture and do not care if your people continue to exist or not.

Apples and oranges.
North America has literally millions of Asians.
Japan had what, a few hundred german diplomats?
Also, before you go full "based japan" on me, they were a shitty ally to the reich.
They brought the americans into the war and didn't attack the Asiatic regions of the USSR during Barbarossa.

Ah, you are a conservacuck.

The thing you should be taking away from this is that sticking up for and backing guys like Trump is going to get you killed. You can't just see what you want to see when some guy comes along and almost, maybe, if you really try, tells you what you think you want to hear. People need to wake the fuck up. The Republican party is going to kill you. Trump is going to kill you. You need to organize on a local level in preparation of doing real shit. Yes, that means violence.

They don't care about creating/building anything. Only destroying. And their pet niggers get a rush out of taking over/appropriating all things White. They've learned nothing

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Interesting. I hope the orange boomer cheeto gets redpilled on demographics.

That's because your either a shitskin or a limp wrist pussy.
Even if outnumbered, my Volk give one hell of a fight.

Good question. I think they're actually so successful, and the path to success in America means adopting establishment (anti-white) views, that they've fully adopted that view. Not sure why, because if shit hits the fan, niggers and spics would kill every asian no matter how good they are at fighting. Asians are just outnumbered by shitskins in a big way.

Like 70% of Muslims voted for Bush 2 before 9/11 and Iraq War.

The fact is simple. The GOP is gonna transform into the White Man's Party while the Dems will be the other.

The GOP will NEVER be the White Man's Party. The White Man's Party will have zero jews or jews on a tight leash with very little power, and only a specific set of tasks. One wrong move and he's next to Jimmy Hoffa

No really. Muslims used to be Hard-Core GOP/Conservative in USA and UK before the Iraq War. They only became Dem and Labor because of self-preservation.

I respect the Iranians doing flag desecration a whole lot more. At least they only do it because they hate ZOG, the niggers are literally only doing it because they want to disrespect Whitey as much as they can because somehow they still think the US is being "dominated by White male klansmen".

pic related

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like that will ever happen, boomers will just keep trying to convince themselves that it'll just be one more generation before the BASTE natural conservative spics start being born

I'm glad the gooks finally showed their true colors.

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But MUH Based Blacks MAGA

20% of Asian Americans are Indian and those wet blankets are cucked to hell. I wouldn't be surprised if 90% or more voted Democrat.

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Chinks are invasive bugs. The idea that any subhumans share cultural touchstones with whites is ridiculous, but the yellow jew is utterly alien to humanity.

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Honestly, I don't give two fucks what happens on the other side of the planet. Israel does, and the US government is Israel's bitch. Uncle Shem dictates what happens with US might, US Treasures, all US energies. Many people like me feel the same way for the same reasons.
That said, best of luck to Iran. The whole planet would benefit if they made a huge fucking smoldering nuclear hole out of Israel.

Respectfully user, at no time did 70% of Muslims support the GOP. That meme was from a 2000 CAIR survey that was basically just make believe numbers that people ran with so that the GOP would think they could get the Muslim vote. Even the Atlantic has called out this misinformation:

There is simply no way to appeal to non-white voters as an aggregate because it's in their best interest to vote away your wealth and culture. I have asked everyone: Show me a state, show me a country, hell show me a local election where these "based non-whites" are pushing European values as a majority. I have scoured for an example and come up empty handed. Every time I think I might have found something it turns out the numbers were complete bullshit. If there was some way I could push the right issues to get the non-whites to vote for conservatism I would be teaching that method to every central committee in the country, it's just not possible.

Imagine if China let us openly immigrate to their country and we could vote in their elections and use their welfare system, if they offered us subsidies and housing to have as many white children as we could possibly have. Do you not think for a second that NEETS would be forming message boards and organizing to extract as much of the Chinese wealth for their benefit as possible? Imagine these hypothetical Chinese conservatives pleading with us to respect Chinese culture and to vote for people who would take away our free goodies.

We would absolutely do what these non-whites are doing, the only difference is that non-whites are not stupid enough to open up their cultures like we do in the west.

Only Asians that voted republican are first generation Japanese and Filipinos. Filipinos use to be the most conservative Asian group in America. Only Hispanic groups that isn’t anti-white were the first generation Cubans. Cubans were the biggest nonewhites Republican Base until the fall of Berlin Wall.

What gave you that impression?

Considering the shit in Broward et al. I don't believe (((polls))) and I don't believe (((elections))). Enough of the data and results is made up that I don't give a shit.

Those asians are voting/protesting in favor of their people, not others. The only good thing about them is that they are able to buy houses at top prices as white families flee the area.

Not really, dude. That's the line (((deep state))) wants to promote to get another arms race and/or war started, but the reality is Chinese are ruthless in business but otherwise stick to themselves and are socially responsible. They are generally not bad people. Trump is handling them exactly right–harsh business terms, talking some shit to make them back down, but they will. They just want money. They're not out to destroy whites forever and ever like kikes are.

You are a deep state shill pushing the deep state shill line. Sorry, nobody's buying your shit.

Oh, and inb4 you accuse me of shilling for China–Tiananmen square was brutal Chinese government oppression. The Chinese government is authoritarian and evil and should collapse.

What do you think is more appealing to the asians:

A) You can have a slightly lower tax rates and perhaps socially conservative policies. Vote Republican!

B) You can have an open doors policy where Uncle Wang and 15 other people from your "family" can move to America, get paid under the table to avoid taxes, then collect social security. Oh and because mom&dad take their paycheck in cash, their kids qualify for free college paid for by the white tax payers. Vote Democrat!

Not a hard choice for the asians to make.

You also need to understand that Asian conservatism and western conservatism are two different things. Asians don't care about abortion, they don't care if America exists as a white country, they don't care about integrating with society in general. They will talk social conservatism when they complain about being discriminated against at Harvard, but it's only when it is in their own self interest or the interest of their family. Most importantly, if America fails it means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO THEM.

The Chinese have military-authored policy papers explicitly calling for the genocide of Europeans to take control of the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for purposes of colonization. It couldn't be more clear that they are acting on this as we speak and have made exceptional progress.

They'd fare better than you think, shitskins are quick to flee from battle once they start incurring losses, Asians have a habit of not even knowing when they should give up.

Highly, highly unlikely for it to be niggers. Mexicans almost undoubtably, niggers' population says pretty much the same constantly.

Anything non White is my enemy.

I wish there was information on the intellectual divide of voter bases as opposed to the racial divide. I'd be inclined to feel it is more an indicator of voting trend than race, but of course I have no way of knowing for sure.

I just can't wrap my head around how anyone that owns property can want communism?

I guess we need to buy a lot of Lockheed products to make sure that doesn't happen! Please protect me!

That nigger is part of the US Army. She'd kill any enemy of Shlomo if it meant she would have more gibs. Also, here are some information on a bunch of other leftard faggots I've found. The first one is known as "Miah Dalek Akston", a USAF vet who once burned the US flag once only because "she" wanted to "rustle some jimmies" while mocking the people who died in 9/11. So essentially "she" was praising a Mossad false flag that was the driving force of the Iraq War as a good thing, so in a way this makes "her" Zionistic in nature. The last one is basically your typical libtard who knows fuck all about politics beyond reading whatever's popular on (((The Washington Post))) and (((AP))). Funny because actual commies would never support (((gun control))), (((gun control))) is literally backed by Jewish billionaires, who are of course Zionists.

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No need to complicate it.

I'm going to go ahead and filter you now, since you're obviously Chinese.

It's happening again.

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Oh fuck I forget about last pic. Here it is, Zig Forumsacks. Feel free to see how much intelligence the left really has.

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Tiananmen Square was an act of murder and tyrannical oppression against the Chinese people, who were right to stand up to the Chinese government, which is evil.

No dude, I've just lived a long time among all kinds of shitskins in America, and I can tell you, of all the groups that don't fuck with you and are mostly decent (but extremely greedy) people, it's the chinks. They're just greedy as shit. That's the bottom line. Literally give them a few bucks and they'd vote Republican. They do not care either way about whites, but they do not actively want to destroy us.

This anti-Chinese deep state shilling is really transparent. You assholes are trying to start up a new arms race because your little September 11 false flag didn't yield you a sustainable, long-term cash flow, because people started questioning your sandbox wars. And you tried reviving the old Cold War, but nobody's buying that muh Russia shit. So now it's China China China. Nobody wants to hear it. You faggots have enough problems domestically you should probably be thinking about instead of trying to scam the public yet again on some foreign enemy.


Sometimes a good bolshevking is the only answer. I applaud the jews, led by most based Rothshild, for doing the dirty work necessary to undo the damage done.

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I would have no problem if his citizenship gets exchanged with the citizenship of my lawnmower guy.

You make it seem so simple:

Yet no one has been able to accomplish this allegedly simply feat of getting asians to vote conservative. And believe me we have worked on converting asians so hard. Chinese flyers, social media groups, Asians for [insert conservative]. If you have some amazing formula to get us a better result please let us know.

In the asians we have a people that had fled from an oppressive government, allegedly have conservative social values, who earned a high enough income to care about taxes, and who were being shit on by liberal policies. None of this mattered, they voted democrat. We tried appealing to them every way imaginable. The still voted democrat. Nothing worked.

You have the solution? TEACH US. If you became the "asian conservative whisperer" you would be one of the highest paid campaign consultants in the industry. Talking $500,000+ per year guaranteed if you can actually run a successful campaign targeting the asians. NO ONE has done it yet.

Niggers are so bad in combat units that more of them are lost to friendly fire than enemy fire. That negress wouldn't do anything other than be the first woman to fire an M4 sideways and put a bullet in her own head.

It's important people read posts like this to understand the kind of guy you are going to have to kill and step over. Still trapped in party politics, still trapped in wondering what to do. They will only get in your way, frustrate you, and ultimately get you killed if you don't get them out of the way first.

There is no party goal involved here. There are no party politics involved here. The ultimate goal is not the implementation of the republican agenda – but rather it, and all other parties, destruction. It is not about getting anyone on your side, it is about getting them off the field period.

Go get em tiger. Warren will lead you.

Nice try, chink. We see through you.

Turn-out is highest in decades.

And it hasn't gotten you anything but a nigger-loving president whose spigot for israel never shuts off, with a revolving door of celebrity general cameos trying to drag you back to the PNAC agenda. Filtered.

Yeah, chinks, try on. We are sick of jews buying your shit to feed americans.

Why don't you just keep to poisoning your own population?

Daily reminder that chinese goods are some of the worst of this planet, especially their steel, plastic and food.

Whites already oppose open border Globalism. Now we need them to oppose Zionism and Democrats may aid in this. Of course Dems. will open our borders in a show of force against European-Americans, but in the end, whites will oppose both Israel and white genocide especially when both are in their faces. We need whites to remove their noses from their tv dinners and animes. They're too comfortable. Dems are a means to an end.

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In your fucking dream, kike.

True that. At a recent showing of Beethoven's Ninth at the symphony, it was opened by a piece written by a local negro composer. It took elements of the symphony and turned them into a terrible dirge that imparted a great feeling of malaise. Metaphorically taking a dump on the piece.

pic related

Democrat VS. Republican is a false dichotomy and each side has specific roles to play. Knowing this we can manipulate both for our agenda.

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Like I said in the other post, show me Hitler's return or when DOTR is happening and I will abandon party politics.

Anything you are going to say about either party I probably already know. Much of it disgusts me, go post one of those black pill cartoons that encourages our guys to stay home and not get involved. However, just incase some of these posters give a damn, I want to make my knowledge available as best as I can. I don't know if the average Polack knows what we see from inside the bubble. Chasing fools gold like the "muh based minority" vote is something I want to warn every poster here about because if someone like me doesn't tell them that it's bullshit they may spend a year or two learning that non-whites don't give a fuck about European centric policies.

I stay involved because I want you guys to know what we learn when we survey 10,000 non-whites. I want to provide guidance when some polack asking about running a campaign. You want to shoot me for being involved with the system, helping any pro-white upstarts, and doing the best I can just in case DOTR doesn't come? I think you have more reasonable targets that attacking a 1488 poster that is learning the system.

I'm not interested in showing you anything. You're a waste of time and a nobody.

Nice try kike.

What does it say? Oh yes, "pledged to".

Show me when it actually happens, because it won't.

Can I see these papers? If we have a direct source, we can start showing Whites that Asians are not our friends, but our enemies.

Should Democrats expose the American People to Israel's crimes we win. If Democrats suck Israel cock just like Republicans then we win because our People will see both parties are controlled by Israel and they will turn against Zion. There is a strategy resulting in a win no matter what move our Enemy makes.

It's gonna be exactly like before when both parties are pro-Zion and nobody in America gives a shit because palestinians are a non-issue to anyone in America.

It doesn't help that palestinians are totally ball-less too.

No they won't. If they did, both would've been done away with decades ago. Each 'party' suck Israeli cock 24/7 because they're controlled by Jews completely. That's why all 100 senators talked about opposing anti-semetism.

One of the most telling traits of non-whites is a distaste for reasonable discourse. I said nothing besides what I was doing and that I was willing to support DOTR if the time comes, however your response was:

This is a bizarre response and is fairly boiler plate. I never asked you to show me anything nor would any member of this board ever insist on credentials that could expose them publicly. I noticed in this thread you are also lowering the level of respect by throwing fairly wild accusations around at other members.

The core thesis I can derive from your posts is "Don't do anything, black pill this black pill that, shoot Polacks who are involved in politics". You can shove your love for inaction up your you-know-what. One of the best defenses we have on an anonymous message board is having a degree of respect towards other white men, non-whites never understand this, they think that by shouting obscenities and name calling they can win an argument. In the Talmud they call that pilpup. But you already knew that didn't you.

This is where the meme magicians come in. Before no one really tried to make them give a shit, but that's within our power now. We can re-educate everyone with superior and honest propaganda. We know the enemy's agenda, how he means to achieve his goals, and can not only stand in the way of them but use his own strategy against the Plot. All it takes is a willingly to commit one's personal time to the struggle.

What was this like in 2016? Is Trump losing these voters?

There isn't anything to discuss. That's what you aren't getting. You're a waste of time because you don't this. You're borderline bragging that you send out surveys to thousands of shitskins only to "learn" they don't like you. Wow. That's really hard hitting stuff. I can figure it out just by looking at one them.

You're a waste of time. I want you to really internalize that [you won't]. I want other lurkers to internalize that [hopefully they will]. If it was up to guys like you, the trajectory of the next 100 years is eeking out a marginal electoral victory here and there, making oodles of contractor/security/firearm lobbying money off of the ongoing White genocide, and the same foreign policy that got us into this mess. You are unserious and self-aggrandizing. In other words, you're a conservative.

No one here cares about capitalism – we don't care about Kraft Foods or New Balance or Remington or Unilever. We don't care about marginal tax rates or the stock market. You are a waste of time. You really are.

Both parties already vote unanimously for pro-Israel policies. Neither party is pro-white. They do not support white racial identities or interests. They only promote jews, blacks, hispanics, and asians. Consider that it is radical to even state it is OK to be white. Some consider it a hate crime.

Pic related. The role of Democrats, who are subservient to Israel, is to play the anti-Israel shtick. Whites already oppose open borders, now we need them to oppose Zionism and we will never get their with Republicans. We should consider these political parties as pawns on our chessboard because this is how Israel uses them. I'm only suggesting we play superior chess.

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I've been identifying as "hispanic" for the last couple of years… when my last son was born, I marked his race as "hispanic". how much is a house in South America? And do you need Spanish to live there?

How much is a house north of the equator?

You mean like forming a National Socialist American Workers Party?

So in short, a know-nothing who says a lot of things.

lol this sounds fucking moarpheus.

"We", there's no "we" here, you do.

Playing superior chess by VOTING democrats, who are just pro-Israel as republican, nice try.

I've been checking houses in Central America, but the real estate market is very weird there (little land, but cheap prices, BUT companies/wealthy are moving there bit by bit).

I really don't want to go to Ecuador though because they have earthquakes.

Yes, something like that. If we're to win we need new words, new symbols, and a new party. National Socialism resides in the soul, not in the label given it. We can not call our system National Socialist but we can reason National Socialism into a new philosophy promoting these ideals.

Come at me with a counter-argument. I've sourced my claims. If my thinking is wrong then correct it undeniably so I may have true thinking. Otherwise you bring nothing to the table.

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No counter-argument needed since it's basic fact that America supports Israel humongously during Obama with the wars in Syria and Lybia.

You are trying to deceive people.

Bragging? Just save your nonsense. You have not made a single post illustrating anything you are doing besides making broad proclamations about everyone else being unserious. You made about 10% of the posts in this thread and every single one is designed to cause disharmony and undermine conversation.

What are you really going for here Schlomo? There, I said it. I do not think you are one of our guys. I think you are trying to talk a bunch of vague shit to keep us fighting amongst ourselves and not disorganized. "Oh you're a conservative not a real white nationalist" just save it you mole.

But let's assume you aren't an agitator. I'll go down this path so other posters can see how to deal with the trolls that try to do purity tests on us. "Oh you're not shooting niggers RIGHT NOW? what a light weight you are", shut it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing two hats. You can have a career and be a white nationalist. You don't need to unplug from society to have 4+ kids to help the race. I am here same as every other white nationalist else trying to learn how to be as effective as possible. I may happen to work within one of the two political parties, it may not be the one you suspect, or maybe it is. Doesn't matter.

What matters is that we are staying active. I noticed one thing, whenever we start to hint about being active politically a person starts posting the exact same things this user posted. They tell us don't get involved, don't work within a corrupt system, whatever you do don't gain any political power Polacks or learn how to run a campaign, getting elected is something only CUCKSERVATIVES do.

You other posters starting to get how these Pilpup plants work? They are getting more sophisticated. But anti-white trolls are very similar to chess machines from the 1980's, if you don't know what you're doing they can beat you, but when you figure them out you can spank them every single time.

Oh and Schlomo anons, save your breath. I am responding to your posts for instructional purposes only. I will continue to be active here, I will be active politically, and I will teach other anons how to do the same. And there isn't a damn piece of verbal trickery you can use to stop me.

I was nice the first couple posts, but now, fuck off.

Americans during Obama-era opposed Israel. Under Trump, they support Israel. I've provided sources backing the claim.

Yeah, they don't. They have the same amount of support i.e. apatheticness, you can say support for Israel has waned over the year considering the low recruitment turn-out for US army.

Your sources are bunch of articles quoting a bunch of polls, which are NOT verifiable.

Try harder, kike.

If we were to take that as an example, then our new flag must be Red, White and Blue.

Name: American Progressive Party

Greeting: Fellow Americans.

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my chinese gf voted republikike

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Unless you're a heterosexual white human, or until you disagree with one of their opinions. I'd love to slam one of the creatures in that crowd to the ground by its unwashed hair if a self defense situation were to ever arise.

LOL this kike is so fucking mad it's hilarious.

Are you calling me the kike?

All that is needed in the US to be considered hispanic is liking mexican food and welfare. Hispanics in the US average around 70% European already. The attracive ones are over 90%.

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nice flag. Now you're thinking.

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I was being facetious you half nigger, I said equator not equador.
Costa Rica has an internal lending system. The rates are 18-25% on their loans, but you can get 12-15% return on your deposit as well. Say you wanted to buy a house worth 30 grand, which would be nice, you can post up 15k in their bank and borrow the other 15k, earning enough income on the 15k to live and just pay the note on the house. Its something that can be managed with a meager income of 700-900 dollars per month.

Yes, I am, since kikes fear argument.

So yet another poll, which is not verifiable.

Nice try, kike.