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Australia's election is just around the corner Zig Forumsacks. For those of you out of the loop, the opposition leader Bill Shorten, is wildly unpopular, but Scott Morrison also known as "ScoMo", the leader of the current government is actually doing an "OK" job in the eyes of the "average voter". However, he will still lose as his government is well behind in the 2 party preferred. The current government needs to make this election about Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten, not the Liberal and Labour governments. I am making this thread to make some propaganda images anti-Shorten and Pro-ScoMo.

ScoMo is a pro-immigrant cuck, but an anti-illegal strong-border, staunch Christian leader. He is more likely to work with Pauline Hanson, or any right-wing party than our centre-left party. He is not our ideal Prime Minister by a long shot, and people are going to vote for independents in record numbers this election than any previous however is much better than the alternative.

Scott Morrison comes across as clean, smartly dressed and all that. Bill Shorten just oozes unlikeability. He is the easiest political target anyone has ever had, and yet it is likely he will still win. He is literally the Steven Bradbury of politics, our media never shuts the fuck up and constantly shills against our current government/against anti-immigrant candidates.

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The voters whom are genuinely interested in the politics will have hard time choosing either of them. Bill isn’t supposed to be in the election again due to his unpopularity so I don’t know what were the labors thinking? Scott is not elected by the voters so he isn’t supposed to be there either!

Lol fooling for the old bait and switch.
No one votes for leaders in Australia, the funny thing is everyone thinks they do even though its swapped out right in front of them. Imagine being so fucking cucked that the person you elected gets removed and you literally think ah bloody hell shell be right mate ill vote for em again cobber.

Yeah, he fights for Christian principles so staunchly that he explicitly forbade Catholic schools having the right to discriminate against faggots and transgenders on religious grounds, forcing them to conform to progressive "inclusive" hiring practices. I'm not Christian, but lots of my family are, and they are pissed. Rightfully so. Anyone anti-faggot should be furious.

ScoMo is trying too hard to be liked, it stinks of marketing.

Aussies are fed up with the two major parties. We will see an absolute landslide of independants being elected. Wentworth was only the beginning: lmao, seat of the previous sitting prime minister, one of if not the safest liberal seat, going to a lefty lesbian independant. Better that than labor they thought. The old power bases of the major parties will scurry like rats from a sinking ship. Cut off the nose to spite the face just like in Wentworth.

Expect to see big gains for the greens at the expense of labor and the fracturing of the conservative population into a slew of minor parties and independants: lib democrats, bernadi con party, family first cucks, one nation, retards voting palmer united again. I reckon the nationals may even lose out to the likes of shooters and fishers.

Exciting times. We're pretty fucked.

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Yup I don’t think they knew how effed they are at this stage now. Many voters already planned to vote minor parties up to the tope and vote major parties to the bottom.

I wish more people would do this
It doesn't help that there is still a chance major parties will get your vote

does anyone here listen to the Dingoes? i think their political analysis is fairly spot on, as well as their takedowns of the academic & media establishment.

Never voted and everyone is either leftist or controlled opposition. What do?

that "independant" that got elected in Wentworth is an utter piece of shit too.

The kind of turd that would be in prison with the rest of them if any of this Q user bullshit was real.

Honestly our parties are fucked.
The liberals hold true to the anti illegal immigration stance as well as generally good foreign policy but are pretty much fully bought out by the corporations.
Labour on the other hand has good home policies and has the potential to really eradicate the slowly creeping unemployment rate but are corrupted by communistic ideals like political correctness, unregulated immigration and excessive welfare (some welfare is good, but too much will make us weak)
Not to mention they all have problems with Chinese infiltration or the fact that they think being a republic is actually something that will bring about change (either under the Commonwealth or free, we are still America's district 1)
Meanwhile our grass roots options are the fanatic greens, that stupid one nation party and that dithering idiot Clive Palmer.
It seems unlikely to change and I honestly believe that we are not going to see any real meaningful change until it's too late.

I'm still wanting to know why Sam Dastyiari has not been tried for treason.

fraser anning or libdems

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Destroy your ballot.

so who the fuck do we even vote for if the line up is that bad?

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14/88, you Antipodeans
Best of Luck to you guys.
May it come to pass that the majority of Australians go full neon-nazi.

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Both of them are shit and unlikeable.

So any polls on the major issues that normalfag aussies care about?

Over 70% of the country wants to shut immigration the fuck down. Never going to happen, though. Business has never been better for the (((top end))) and the economy would crash if we stopped so no government wants to do it on their watch.

There isn't any reason to choose between the two. Vote as absolutely far to the right as you can, it'll eventually filter to the LNP, and if there's a brain anywhere between them they'll understand their base is shifting and advocate accordingly.

it never ceases to tickle my cockles of my ass that all of palmer's candidates dropped him and scrubbed their association of his retarded meme party the second they actually got into the house, senate or wherever.
An unfortunate side-effect of independent parties and an important thing to remember is that the particularly savvy rats know it pays dividends to hitch your wagon to a small party riding a popular movement. You get the snakes who cuddle up to the establishment machine at the first possible opportunity in order to maintain a cushy seat and a politician's pension or they do something impossibly retarded and scuttle the party's image, reminding people of the one advantage of a large party: not having to take the first person that sticks their hand up.

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It cuts both ways though - that retarded leb-in-a-hat Katter ditched Fraser Anning after having wrung all the useful publicity out of Anning's maiden speech. When Anning continued to push a referendum on the White Australia Policy, Katter promptly decided he was too "racist" to continue on the KAP brand. Pants on head retarded when you consider the outpouring of public support following Anning's maiden speech and Katter's claim of "1000% support," but there you go. Katter's handlers have spoken.

The Sustainable Australia Party are pro ICAC and want to lower immigration. They say they're a centrist party but it feels pretty comfy. Definitely agree the lib/lab dichotomy is circling the drain at this point. Too many have-a-go PMs.

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