Is Zig Forums incestous?

Let's say you get your wish and wipe out one race from the Earth. This reduces genetic diversity of humans. Some of you want to wipe out more races than others. Making the world even closer to how you look like. Even more closer related to you.

Why do you want to reduce genetic diversity?

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Shit thread is shit.

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Nice concern trolling, brainlet yid. Look up how many people you need for a diverse breeding population not suffering from inbreeding. It is very few, we have FAR more people even if you are hyper autistic about what qualifies as a pure European fit to breed. After you look that up though, kill yourself pronto stat.

Its not called reducing genetic diversity, its called promoting evolution.

This is a very obvious Zig Forums or Tumblr post. Please sage and report guys.

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But that didn't happen. The only humans are whites, the rest are subhuman.

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Also I came across this post on /sci/

Thoughts? Specifically on the marxist academics.

something like 35 people is required to increase the population without ever inbreeding


That's impossible you moron.

Do you know how big of a number 2^100 is? 2^30 is just over a billion. If one generation is 30 years then 30 generations ago is 900 years. There were not 1 billion humans on earth 900 years ago.

3rd cousins are shown to effect the best preservation of a species while resulting in the lowest birth defects and strongest offspring.
I'm a 6'5" mesomorph with 20/20 vision why would I want to breed some 3rd world shitskin? Anything beyond my 3rd cousin is a reduction in my genetic profile.
I would never plant my seed in an ugly girl, a fat girl or a dumb girl and that eliminates all niggers and spics. I would breed a Japanese girl if no white girl were available, but thankfully plenty of white girls are available so I don't have to risk my offspring having ugly black hair and brown eyes.

"If we don't breed with primates,itz just like fucking our sisters!"

Do you not realize "spics" are much closer to white people than japs and don't suffer from the small penis gene.

spics are midget mongloid looking brown turds. Spaniards are OK in my book, but I'm personally very turned off by hair and the spanish girls I have dated had hairy peach fuzz on their backs and/or on their arms. I dated a spanish and Italian girl who was gorgeous but without a week or shaving she wolfed out. I couldn't hang.
I am attracted to my own North Atlantid sub-species. I'll try to stick with that.

If that was true everyone on the fucking planet would’ve been inbred by the modern era

Was it incest when we wiped out the dodo?

Is there any data that shows the average IQ distribution between women of different ethnic groups?

Nice try but there are like 500 million white people and you're in decline. And since Zig Forums's definition of who's white and who isn't (Southern europeans, slavs etc) it's even less than that.

Why Race Matters, Michael Levin
I believe the information may be in there but I don't have access to the book at the moment.

muhdick, nigga

you arent even pretending anymore, try harder chaim

here's the magnet link magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1A8C44E7A7B8A332736B830EB07591B96758BC62&

The reason I ask, is because while it is true that men are usually extreme in their distributions (i.e. lots of dumb men, lots of smart men, but not as many in the median range), women tend to have their distribution massed around the average. Therefore is intelligence even something objective in searching for a girl?

Nobody said they had to be on earth, faggot.

Why the fuck am I even replying to this shitty slide thread. Fuck off, kikes.

White people are the least inbred race on the planet.
Do you know who the most inbred are? Kikes.
It's actually Abbos

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Zig Forums is a board of non-jews, so 'No'. Zig Forums does not believe in jewish ideals such as incest, marrying family members, inbreeding, sucking newborn baby cawk, blood libel, child molestation, child sex, pedophilia, marrying faggits or any other number of jew degenerate behavior

Kill yourself redditfaggot. Reporting os sufficient. If you feel so strongly why is commenting necessary?
Im here for sauce on that monkey asshole. Has someone made a shoop of that plus jaffa or obama mouth yet?

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jews love (You)'s

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Lol white people are the ones who racemix the most too. They're own people hate themselves and promote white interracial couples. Take that into account along with the least inbred thing. Who's really the loser race?

This is what I love about this place; the cartoons are so visceral, they come from this deep place in the ID, a place full of kinky lust, or raw hate or just twisted freaky shit.

but thats wrong you fucking retard. "white" is a broad term, and we have plenty of genetic diversity. mixing with brown people is breeding down and makes white people that are already a small minority disappear even faster. there are zero reasons for whites to racemix and you should go back to facebook, OP.

The people who don't fuck farm animals. Degenerates have to breed like gambling hope they get lucky and if they don't procreation turns into unhealthy addiction

No time to fuck the horse. I'm feeling lucky.

Yes that's why all the people over at >>>/zoo/ are white. Retard.

so threads like this stop existing also

Then white people can't be losers if they're not addicted to gambling on procreation. Can't lose if they don't play the stupid game.

I've met girls with very high IQ's and within a few minutes of talking to them, completely forgotten how they look.
For me, personally, it's a preference due to the fact that I'd have to live with her for a couple decades at least and I couldn't cohabit with an idiot.
I've personally been told that "I won the genetic lottery" and although I pretty much wasted the potential due to not wanting to contribute to a system I'm ardently opposed to, I have no desire to denigrate my line due to a fleeting feeling of desire.
I would personally marry and live my life out with an ugly genius as that's what I've been most attracted to in the past, but I would hope she'd understand my lack in desire to breed her.
Eugenics is the most compassionate thing we can perform with our lives and our choice in breeding.

this is a little misleading because it suggests white men choose to walk away from white women instead of being ignored by them so much they fuck chinks out of desperation.

What the fuck are you blabbering on about bitchboi?

Should I have to explain?

I've got time.

This is actually myth. Less than 5% of white women in the US have interracial offspring. They're the least likely to race mix.

you've been fooled by mainstream propaganda.

retard, the context was an user said spic wives are better than jap
when in reality:
1. white
2. asian
3. primitive tribal (any continent)
4. spic
5. nigger
6. jewess

you stupid lazy nigger. 5 minutes of Jewgling would have BTFO your claim. the Minimum Viable Population for humans is 160 people. basically, Dunbar's number. 160 is the number decided by NASA scientists researching how many people would be needed to colonize Mars and survive and not devolve into imbred niggers and beaners and gooks and cannibal rape apes.

obviously, we can cull the herd of the 7 billions humans shitting up this planet today by 99%. Hitler could not have dreamed about how far we are going to take his ideas about the Master Race and make them into a reality.

citation plz:

Kek, this.
That's why they have to spend billions on shit like blacked and other cuck advertisements in retail shitholes to push it.

Checked btw
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Is that why you people won't let me have sex with farm animals?

No he didn't he said japs are better ffs… you people are so retarded it's tiring.


I'm guessing that 160 number is not 160 white people it's a diverse group. You really think NASA would send an all white team to colonize space? Hitler lost. So we're gonna be mixing it up out there.


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(checked back)
I'm looking at it from the viewpoint of a lefty being curious about our perspective on interbreeding and why we are "racist."
From that perspective, I could see it being an interesting thread that offers insight into our evil minds, as I'm sure they would coin them.

At the end of the day, people should be able to choose who they take on as a partner without having to face criticism from the outside world, but as far as reproduction is concerned, that's a global matter that effects the entirety of civilization and should be regulated by that civilization in an age when we can offer contraceptive or surgical inability to reproduce. I personally don't care if a white man wants to live his days out with a nigress, but I don't want them infecting the world with infectious offspring that may end up stabbing my child over a simple dispute about who can swim and who can't.

read this

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I've also met exceptionally smart girls too, but I admit that my physical tastes are quite specific, but the thing I really value the most is her willingness to follow me in my adventures, especially when shit inevitably becomes very difficult. I hate to have to admit this, but I really, really fell in love with my last gf, but she hurt me so bad by leaving me for another guy that idk if I will be able to fall in love the same again lol. She was honestly better than any girl I could have hoped for during the time she actually cared about me. The real irony is the guy she left me for isn't some bull or Chad, just some dumb fucker whos more positive than I am, and just happened to give her more attention for a time. Is raising a family necessary to fight the ZOG?

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Not at this point, we don't have that long.
Once Texas goes blue, there's no stopping mass migration and that will most likely happen in 2020 but definitely happen by 2024.

It's honestly time to panic. We need to collectively associate now but under the auspices of mutual advancement and possibly under the cover of interracial collectivism with a very selective handful of non whites. Without them, the flood gates are left open to certain reprise that would stall any advancement of a cell organization due to court filings being brought about or legislation being passed to separate us.

You only need a poulation of a few thousand people to avoid problems related to incest.

OP and his thread is a fine example of something and someone who needs to go into a wood chipper. Stop projecting your jew filth, faggot. Geez guise, what would we do without Ebola and sickle cell etc,etc. Fucking retard. Top of Monday's todo list, beat a jew.

I think the only justifiable way to stop that caravan would be if militias and mercenary companies were to protect people's personal property, on their property. Any other way would just be too untidy. Yeah, they are economic migrants at the best, welfare seekers at the baddest, and violent criminals and terrorists at the worst. Just the absolute state of things.

This is where you're wrong. Girls are a reflection of societies. They're like seaweed flowing with the currents.
Humanity is found in the postponement of pleasure. Nothing can be built without foregoing instant gratification for a longer term goal. Even owning a car requires oil changes that take 20-30 minutes of our time every few months to enjoy the next few months of driving. Animals don't contain that ability and neither do most women. Sure they can work for their own college degrees or save some money for a dress they want, but they will spend your labor/money without a second thought. This is inhuman just as a dog will eat your last slice of pizza while you starve.
In this sense, don't look at women as human. Most of them are not looking at you as human. You're a pleasure mechanism and when the fun runs out, they run out.
Enjoy it while it lasts but don't let yourself get too attached because they aren't that attached to you.

There are ways to make them become attached to you, but it requires restricting their resources and putting them in a state of subjectivity that makes them more receptive to suggestion. At that point, you are basically their handler and you plant pleasure mechanisms in their brain that you want. It takes a complete separation of the girl from society for a period of no less than a month but 3 months is much better.

Justifiable is to put a bullet in each one of their brains. They want to remove us from the planet and they're willing to do so forcibly. The respectable thing to do is act in kind.



they might take over the country in a hundred years or so but I would be more worried about them turning the neighborhoods into section eight housing before they mix with white people right now. I honestly can't bring myself to want to kill anyone unless they were being violent though. All the hate and anger I've seen in my life has made me tired of causing damage into other people's lives, even if they are non violent scumbags.

Whites are the most diverse in looks, the only way to ruin whites is by breeding with nonwhites.

There are 2 points that are of pinnacle importance right now.

1. Gun Confiscation / People Control (same thing)
2. Mass Immigration

Over the next few months I want you to constantly think about those 2 points that I just brought to your attention. Watch everything with those 2 points in the back of your mind. Ever single thing you see on any media outlet will focus around those 2 points of contention.

You have to realize that "they" are better at this than "we" are. They know it's a game of attrition. They don't care that we know the Borderline Shooting was fake or Parkland was fake or Sandy Hook was fake, They don't give a shit because they know it's a game of attrition. People have already stopped caring as much. When Sandy Hoax happened, people were on it like stink on shit. Borderline just happened and I don't even know if the thread is on the top 5 pages right now.

Here's the thing. They win!

Work with that because that's what you have to work with. Understand it and work as if they've already won their objective.

I'll say it again. It's time to panic.

fuck off JIDF your shitty country is going to be a steaming crater in 100 years
The arabs will black all of you kikes to death

gun confiscation is actually more disturbing to me than the mass immigration, to the degree that the caravan is in part to distract people from new legislation. However, I will add though that there are a lot of states that will never accept red flag laws.

I bet the residents of Maryland said the same thing

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fertility is best at 3rd or 4th cousins
genetics best at 5th or 6th cousins
there is never a reason to bang half-ape niggers or other races that are part half-ape nigger
go back to reddit

I'm fully aware of what happened in Maryland, and if it continues it would justify civil war. However do you think that red flag laws would take off in a place like Tennessee?

1) that's not my wish
2) read origin of the species or stfu
3) study population genetics or stfu
4) you're a dumb kikenigger
5) the moderation on this board is awful

You apparently can't see how one plays into the other. They aren't two entirely different threats, they are neatly intertwined, in that disarming the White conservative population is integral in demographic displacement long-term.
As many have stated over the years, the 2nd Amendment doesn't JUST act - in theory at least - to dissuade enemies within, but enemies without as well.

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Its continuing and it's going to come to TN and all other states. We have no control of our government. None.

Alright this shits getting scary.