"Not Made in China" Initiative

I'm sick and fucking tired of all this Chinese shit and the Chinese governments increasing push to influence our lives. Boycotting Israel is easy, boycotting China, not so much. I understand it may not be easy to buy shit only made in your home country since most of the west has fallen for the "post-industrial" meme. However, it may be possible, with careful consideration, to avoid all Chinese trash at all costs.
Products easy to find made natively include
What may be difficult to find not made in Chinkland
But with careful consideration it is possible to avoid how much of the trash is actually from China, Apple products for example, while assembled in China, use screens from Korea and man boards in Taiwan (AKA the real China and not the bootleg commie China) and are merely assembled in suicidal Chinese factories. A lot of TVs are made in Korea as well
Because right now Xi and his party are the biggest champions of globalism. China, which was once simply the "workshop of the world" now wants nothing more than to dominate global trade and manufacturing in all sectors while being bolstered by Kikes in the USA, this is about telling kikes to fuck off while promoting domestic production and prove we can still have economic independence.

Help us all anons, help us in finding and promoting domestic manufacturers of all kinds, you can participate even if you're not American, any type of small domestic made products is welcome as long as its not Chinese. Taiwan is fine though

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Also, as a precaution



You can never be too sure.

If you live in America this is a valuable list

You can also search places like Amazon for made in USA items but I find this method does not quite instill as much confidence. Also remember that a lot of eBay sellers outright lie about the origin of their products to jack prices up. Avoid eBay at all costs

More product catalogs

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Chinese workers work in slave live conditions without worker's rights and environmental laws to make you super cheap goods that your Walmart executives asked them to make, which you buy with your overinflated petrodollars.

Do you know what kind of world you live in?

This isn't just about taking down China user, this is also about taking down the Kikes like Walmart who drove jobs away from America and help support Chinas regime

Then also you gotta stop the People of Walmart (and others) buying cheap shit, and that ain't easy.
I'm not sure what else is needed, possibly macro economic changes on a global level.

It starts at the bottom. The normalniggers will do whatever their masters tell them. We have to be the ones to pave the way and eventually they will see the light. The problem is China has over a billion people who all work for next to nothing. Its the sheer volume that country shits out every day that is the real issue. In America I believe large scale manufacturing can exist, but even if we take every single White-collar worker in the country and turned them Blue-Color the sheer volume of China will be unmatched. Regardless, you should support products made in your country out of principle

Other companies still outsource to the USA as well, if only to avoid tarrifs, it works well on products that rely on quality over volumed production, such as vehicles and semiconductor manufacturing

One of Samsungs largest plants is in Texas, and Toyotas largest plant ever is in Kentucky

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Most of Intels fabs are in the USA, and GlobalFoundries makes AMD and IBM processors in America as well

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Apples most expensive shit is assembled in the USA at their Austin facility

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chinese quality product memes when

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The entire country itself is already an inferior bootleg clone of Taiwan. Its like everything that comes out of China is an inferior clone

There's only one computer(CPU+motherboard) that's built entirely in America. It's gotten some attention on >>>Zig Forums982474 because it's also entirely free in the free software sense of computing freedom.

For your average computer user it's not worth getting as it's an entirely different CPU architecture to 99.999% of what's on the market. If you're comfortable compiling your own kernels and programs from source and dealing with library and dependency issues while going through mailing lists to find patches then it's for you. Well their newer cheaper one socket version that's coming out next year might be, current models start at over a grand.

For computer monitors some are still being manufactured in Japan but they cost a lot of money. They have interesting aspect ratios and resolutions(1920x1920) and are designed for medical or satellite imaging.

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Is Talos really all American? If so, then now I'm more interested

You won't go 100% made in usa, but you can do so with some strategic items.
Hand Tools, cutlery, kitchen ware and all metal parts and wares. Some good tools are made in euro/Canada, that's a compromise, if they are made with American values, USA can compete positively. With power tools look for assembled in USA at least.
Leatherman's forging us done in Mexico, which is a bigger compromise, but they are your neighbours. Let then aspire to make Mexico like the USA.
Toys can be hand made in the USA, you'll buy less but the quality is the best.

Note: I'm English, we've already lost 99% of our quality manufacturing. I try UK then Europe, then USA the Anglo countries and Japan. Japan is different to us bit still civilised and respectable.

A lot of cutlery and kitchen ware come from China, but a massive chunk also are made in the USA and are just about as expensive. Pretty much ever cutlery set I see at my local discount store has a big American Flag on them and say "Made in USA"

spending dollars on spics will make them whiter every day

Kike detected.

Thanks dog.

Genetic differences won't allow progress to be made no matter how much money you waste on them. It's actually strange you defend stance.that on a natsoc filled board.

Nobody said more money will make spic whiter, kike.


That's what I call quality propaganda. Made in USA (by your friend Shlomo)! I think we should just skip that bullshit and just start a war with chinks to the last american!
I mean what are they thinking of themselves over there? That people would freely choose to buy goods according to their price/quality demands instead of hate to China? Kek!

Yes, let's start a war and let every good goyim die off while they bring in boatloads of refugees.

As a computer for consumers it's incredibly expensive but it does perform as well as anything AMD or Intel has to offer on the high end for servers and intensive computing workloads. Compared to some xeons their $2,625 CPU is a bargain when it comes to performance per watt.

I remember them boasting about it on twitter when that tiny Chinese spy chip in servers story was making the news. It might sound good but the ram, GPU, PSU and hard drive or SSD you'll need to make it a working computer will have some or all of its manufacturing done in China. And unless you're familiar with GNU/Linux or BSD you're not going to find a POWER9 based computer useful.

And as an alternative option there's always 3d printing for making your own objects instead of buying cheap crap made by slaves halfway across the world. Having a fabricator in every home with shared designs that are collaborated on for improvements seems like the sort of future white people would be living in if they were allowed to forge their own path. Instead the relatively new industry of 3d printers is a disaster with patents preventing innovation and companies trying to lock everything down, some open projects like the reprap are trying to combat this but are failing as Chinese companies steal from them selling cheap clones.

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IIRC there is a company hat makes RAM and SSDs in America(Micron and Patriot Memory I think they were, I think Crucial makes some shit in America as well), not sure about any GPUs made in the states, are Nvidia reference cards made in America? Regardless, GPUs are technically not required, this could be a good chance to see what an all-American PC truly looks like and what it costs.

We freely choose to avoid China. There are many problems with third world goods.
The first is quality control and liability. Our factories operate to a minimum standard, they put lead in their toys all the time. There is no consequence for them, they just make a new name and continue. Can't trust them.
The second problem is innovation. They don't invest in design, just steal. We get no improvement, function gets worse. With our own goods some investment and improvement is more likely.
Third issue is ethics. They are rife with negative exploitation. They're better off in the farms they came from.

The last issue is one of patriotism. It's good for our economy and maintains healthy strategic manufacturing.


bds for chinks

This faggot hates America so much they want to buy shit made by chinks.

The ideal solution would be for american companies to steal chinese IP for their monopoly goods like they did to the west and out-chink the chinks. There are just so many products, paticularly electronics, that there is no hope in trying to produce fairly.

Why the fuck are you telling them not to buy overpriced american junk. let them. It will bleed them dry.

newenglandshirtco.com/ - Made in USA shirts from historical textile region.

highbarshirt.com/ - Quality made in USA shirts of various types.

rancourtandcompany.com/ - Extremely high quality handmade shoes made in Maine by white people.

redwingshoes.com/ - Only some of their boots are made in USA but high quality and resolability on those that are.

buy things made in regions where the demographics are white.
The real purpose is to move the economies of scale and vertical supply back to the US.

americanmadecutlery.com/kitchen-knife-categories/ - american made knives

cutco.com/company/made-in-america.jsp - american made knives made in upstate new york

lodgemfg.com/ - cheap lifetime lasting cast iron pots and pans.

What does it matter anymore when americans are made in Mexico and Somalia?

lots of companies post pictures of the factory on their about page and you can see if whites work there.

Can't say enough good things about getting yourself a made in Tennessee cast iron skillet by LODGE. It will outlive YOU.

Fuck Amazon. Jeff Bezos Cherry St. rape gang member is a globalist bitch that's why there's no option on Amazon to include only results mfg in USA.

globalist jews and their shabbos goys in the government don't work for me no do anything on my behalf

since the chink economy is now so deeply infiltrated into America's economy, there is no longer any way to effectively boycott goods Made in Manchuria. where would you even start?

as a modest proposal, Trump should order the US Navy to borrow from the Reich's u-boat playbook and start sinking gook transport ships using its 68 submarines. if no more cheap plastic trinkets manufactured in Chinkistan using stolen IP and slave labor can cross the Pacific Ocean to be unloaded in Long Beach, then how will the Burgers keep buying chink crap at WalmartZon? the flow of junk from China into America and the flow of capital from America into Manchuria will simply cease.

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Amazon is an esoteric metaphor

The only thing chinks build well are smartphones

Opinion discarded. Go back to boomerhedge.

No, but maybe if mexico wasn't such a shithole, and there were some jobs to be had, just maybe they wouldn't all be clamoring to come here.

I have finally gotten my wife to stop buying chinese shit. Anything she buys from there, I call "Chinesium" and ask what heavy metals the chinese put in there. Hey, lets put that Chinesium in the baby's mouth, I'm sure the Chinese would make sure this is all safe, right?

Now she checks labels. She has started calling stuff chinesium too. Feels good man.

Now she needs to learn that Hilter did nothing wrong.

They don't build anything well. Sometimes they follow instructions laid out by whites, and something good comes of it. Left to their own devices they will find a way to cut a corner on a fucking circle.

Just buy used goods which cuts the original producer out of the loop. Tons of fucking silverware and dishware at thrift stores.

lol this, "made in America" right by the border.

Not even niggers, really. They don't exist outside of food service and menial clerical work. America's "production capabilities" all run on spic labor, with the exception of boutique firearms.

What ive realized about manufacturing goods and products is that a lot of this is up to firms in question. Many popular brand firms use Chinese manufacturing. People should really be mad at firms that enabled Chinese manufacturing

Like if you look at electronics, you have to go out of your way to find non-Chinese goods


We should enjoy them while somebody is still extending us enough credit to get them.

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Transparent. Who else here remembers when we went from 0 china hate threads to daily china hate threads overnight?

Jewish subversion of white countries is problem #1. Without that solved it doesn't matter what the chinkies do.

Koreans build better smartphones