Vietcong bug woman put needles in thousands of strawberries

Vietcong bug woman put needles in thousands of strawberries

Ms Trinh, who was born in Vietnam but came to Australia as a refugee 20 years ago, worked at the Berrylicious/Berry Obsession fruit farm in southeast Queensland as a supervisor.

The court heard Ms Trinh was allegedly motivated by spite and revenge when she instead needles into strawberries between September 2 and 5.

Bug people exclusion act when? Bug people hate whites as well and want to enslave whites from within if they have the smarts. The less smart are resentful every day that they're living at the bottom of the western world, even though that bottom is 1000x better than the bottom of their countries.

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Those 60-70 year old women with spiky white / grey hair and have the same head shape as Edward Norton are so fucking hot

The best way to wake people up to how shitskins hate whites are to show people stories like this and encourage shitskins to chimp out.

Not even smart enough to use gloves. Wew.


Asians have a higher average IQ than whites, they said.

This is berry serious and she must be bought to justice immediately

I’ve always felt this was cherrypicked bullshit

Nice pun[jabi] shtick

Fucking commies

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Obviously it was only one bad apple, user. Why would we exclude millions of sub humans who hate us covertly just because one acts upon that hate and seeks to do indiscriminate harm?

t. liberal

It had to be said; doing the job that white people wouldn't do.

Agreed. It's the same thing with the "Ashkenazi jews have an average IQ of 110" claim.
The IQ studies leave me torn, because on the one hand it's pretty obvious that whites are more intelligent than the swarthier people on the planet and they confirm what seems obvious. On the other hand the methodology of the studies is so shit that they can hardly be used to prove anything. I'm even willing to buy that Koreans and Japanese might have a higher average IQ than whites, but I call bullshit on claims that the Chinese or South East Asians are super intelligent.

What's going on here? they're destroying crops to keep the prices high?

I worked on a construction site with two chink laborers that had their engineering degrees but couldn't use them here because of professional standards that didn't recognize their mainland degrees. The more talkative one laid it on the line to me;

"You white people think all Chinese are so intelligent, but it's bullshit. It seems that way because the most intelligent chinese can escape to get here. If you go to China you'll see that it's overflowing with millions and millions of really REALLY stupid people".

They had to dispose the "contaminated" strawberries after the needle strawberry spree months ago.

My DACApede wife from Brazil would never done that… I guess that's why we call all Hispanics DACAryans around here

I hate that phrase.
Really, I do.
Why? Because its not that the white man would'nt do it, its because its a "im lazy" or "its boring"excuse.
Were it not for the cheaper alternative of shitskin subhumans, the white race would invent a solution, that would either make the work easier or automated so he would'nt have to do it in the first place.
Just program it with directions and push "start".

I cant remember how many times something that really IS boring as fuck landed on me to do.
But I do it - you have to do it, because it just so happened to land in your lap to do.
SO better do it then and get it over with, so its off your hands quicker then!
That what's called responsibility - something subhumans factually lack.

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When there's a contamination, they have to destroy entire batches.

based (((esoteric))) immigrants

You need to join the winning side.

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Fucking knew it was a migrant doing this. Thought it would turn out to be a sandnigger or a pajeet, tbh, but unsurprising it turned out to be a veitcong bug. Called it as a woman too. My doubting-arse family can suck my sweaty "racist" ballsack.

How can I read the article without paying?


Enlighten me.

Yeah I was being pretty sarcastic when i said that.

not sure if OP is spamming or just gay…

And this is why you eat a strawberry in two bites and not one.

Strawberries are nasty little parcels of pesticide. Don't eat that skinless shit.

This is what you guys should do in nigger areas markets.

it took them a long long time to come up with this explanation

how real it was in the first place I don't know but as usual I absolutely assume that there's things they aren't telling us about this. Was this some kind of message from China ?

I wonder how many shekels a get like that gives.

It's important to note that despite their supposedly high IQ, China operates very much like a third world country: infrastructure collapsing and malfunctioning in retarded ways, killing tons of people; plastic foods killing infants and adults on mass scale, etc. I have no doubt that the Hans are probably pretty smart. And that's probably why the average is 105. Communism isn't much of an excuse either considering how well European countries rebounded. Obviously, they have their faults but they're still better than China.

That makes perfect sense, and it's a point even faggots like Stefan Molyneux have made about other non-whites (just not east asians or jews, because he's a cuck), that we get the best of another country's people first, and then their homelands are left even dumber.

I never fucking bought into "muh jewnese IQ".

Don't do it yourself, retard. You put a niglet up to it.

It's a well known fact that the brightest always migrate first, generally. Retards don't have enough money to move. Smarts have most of the cash.

I knew 100% from the start it was some squat SEA subhuman behind this, you can just tell from the nature of the crime itself, you can literally feel the slant eyed spite radiating off the pictures.

Exactly. This is a problem with people not constructing coherent worldviews with the knowledge they've acquired.

veit women have stories of humugous white engorged white cock igger than any nigger

I have noticed that south east asian media, particularly horror movies and such are filled with this kind of content. Causing great pain from something small and harmful. Hard to explain.

war makes whites dick hard for raping

Doesn't take a genius to put it together: Asian lady sticking needles in strawberries that will mostly be eaten by whites because whites are the majority. You'd only stick needles in food that would be eaten if you wanted to hurt the person who was going to eat it (whites). Other way to look at it is that she wanted to damage the company. Being red-pilled on race and the history of race relations, I'm better on the former, though.

You've got it all wrong, OP! This woman wasn't a bug, she was a (b/g)rave futurist, helping along the progress of technology towards automated strawberry harvesting!

They probably do, but their brains are also structured differently.
They're essentially human calculators and often have a pretty good memory and can imitate things real well, but they lack creativity, which means they're shit at innovation.
There's a reason the chinks had gunpowder for centuries and never came up with a sane version of a firearm or a cannon (and no, wooden cannons don't count as sane).

I felt bad for the farmers but I spent those days buying dollar punnets and eating all the strawberries I could. Helped the farmers out a bit (I would have paid more money if I could but bloody Woolworths would have pocketed it) and all I had to do was cut the strawberries in half before eating.

I fucking love strawberries, ever since I was a child. Painful pictures. She should die.

News at 11. Kek.


Really? 40 posts in and no one pointed out you can't even access the article? It's behind a fucking paywall.

How about you screencap it shitty faggot op.


Here's a mirror article The fucking charlie dyke only gets 10 years.

This. Enjoying the butthurt.

Technically it is one of those south vietnam rapefugee. You know, the one the shitcunts fought alongside? Lol

I'm waiting for the day the anglo of albion will find a literal piece of shit in their curry bowl.
Oh wait :^)

kek. The irony.

God, i hate the Vietnamese. I have to deal with quite a few of them since a while ago and I can tell you: Those bug men are the niggers of Asia. They can't articulate themselves; what comes out between their nigger lips is shit. Their language sounds like fucking apes trying too hard at speaking and they love littering their environment.

Never, Anglo men love little boys, then take their anger out on the world by fucking gook ladies.

One of the scariest things tbh.

Anyway, whole of SEA is pretty shit and Japan should have won and bring civilization to them all.
Too bad anglo shits won and now you are all picking needles out of your berries together :^)

how about turd world people poisoning and murdering their customers in restaurants?

it's a regular occurrence there

these people are absolutely irredeemable..

viets are the shiftiest of the shiftiest

australian viets con white australians into marrying their gook women and pimp them out once they're in australia

the levels of immorality are just off the charts…

I want to strangle to death the boomers I see who parade around their mail-order gook brides. They're simply importing a manipulative, subversive alien force because they can't get anything better. At. Our. Expense!

Apocalypse Now pretty much showed us what viets are like.

Whores and people that committed such acts of artrocity that white soldiers like Colonel Kurtz went crazy. (he saw a pile of vaccinated kids arms that were chopped off)

Afghani jihadi boy rapists ain't got nothing on the mindfuck inflicted by south east asian jungleniggers upon whites…

You need to seek medical help for your paranoia

Vietnam vet tells how shifty viets fight in war as in peace.

Covert, underhanded.

75 mining and sniping incidents in his first month in Vietnam. Half of them resulting in casualties, but nobody there to fight against.

Just like the jews they like the underhanded way, smiling in your face, pretending to be just like you, with a dagger behind their back.

American soldiers could never tell who is the enemy and who is not due to this.

Time to get the fucking bugspray tbh

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generally yes but not in the case of viets

That’s easy: they ALL are the enemy.

Is the direction of migration unclear to you, or are you just brainwashed.

To emphasize: ever been to Afghanistan or similar shithole?
The “good” natives are just as shit as the “terrorists” and will shoot you in the back after you train them when they feel like it

Every fucking thing the US is doing in the middle east is fucking retarded for us (not for jews though those fucking backstabbing parasites)

Yeah, while you ignore the first part where he says "I thought I would be welcomed as a hero, but when I was there, I realised they didn't want us there, that it was all a lie".
Americans are clinically brain dead.
You weren't wanted in south/central America where you replaced 42 governments, nor in the philipines where you "freed" the population from the spanish they had lived with for 400+ years, and then proceeded to butcher every male over the age of 10 as policy for 2-3 years, burning villages regularly.
You should try to realise that you are the jews, and that your entire country was custom built to serve them.

>muttmerica invading a country to prop up own interests after wanting to support the commies to undermine allied European colonial interests, kek
Go now and tell Germans to fight fair and chase the occupying mutts out of their country. Or tell that to your own founding fathers who fought against the brits.

Low IQ is the death of the West.

The US is not welcome or liked anywhere, you are insane marauding butchers that stick your nose and bayonet into every corner of the planet.
Keep in your own country, and no one will give a fuck about you.

It’s obvious that jew lobbyists with jew congressmen fuck over the US for jews’ benefit.
Even a nigger like you can see even though you want to demonize all the US though historically citizens were isolationists and didn’t want to get into ww1/2 and other wars.

Some gooks were using sharpened bamboo, perhaps they should have made a cavalry charge on the backs of dogs in an open field against the american tanks and flamethrowers.
if the US had never existed, I would consider that juden would have become extinct and mankind would be a hundred years ahead of where they are now.


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The book that Apocalypse Now is based on actually took place in the Beglian Congo. Kurtz was a Belgian. It was, also, a work of fiction.

The filthy gooks are in fact beyond worthless, evil, and savage. They are fantastic candidates for extermination, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

That being said, try not to base your worldview on irrelevant, fictional stories.

Then why don't you understand that the mud people and the Axis soldiers shooting at you were completely justified?

mutts only fight "fair" when they own the sky. Read about how the first contact with German soldiers in ww2 and they ran like scared hyenas until the brits saved them.

Yes. A small example:
amerimutts love to pound their chest about their gun industries, yet the Euros have completed caseless autocannon shells research, insanely innovative small arms are all international and European/Russian. Mutt airforce? F35, kek.
Rocket science? Never a single breakthrough after the last batch of NatSoc German scientists finally passed away.
Many other things.
Mutts are shit and they served the kikes to keep humanity back.

Oh, and how mutts fanatically destroyed Arno Breker's artworks immediately after the war and all NSDAP self improvement books and racial guides.
Tip top kek

Killing the mutts first would help the world quicker.

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So, you are poor helpless puppets, and the countries 10,000 miles away that never attacked your country are the bad guys.
Yeah it was juden, masons and templars founding your country and pushing for the invasion of the philipines, entry into ww1/2, the deliberate prolongation of ww2 by supplying arms to all sides - later seen in afganistan and iraq, which you later declared as enemies, despite creating them.
Yet your sort consistently blame 'england' for ww2, rather than the juden pushing it and manipulating in the background, and modern day Germany is the fault of the Germans, despite the US having been the one to occupy the country since 1945, running its own government on behalf of the juden, changing all laws in the country to subjugate the German people and serve the juden interests.
It is always funny how the american 'red pilled' claim not to believe the media, but as soon as the media says "hate france" or any other propaganda, you jump right onto it.
You are little relay switches that click on and off according to your masters.
If you want to redeem yourselves, kill your government, burn down the federal reserve, and raze new york to ashes.

pastebin with the full article:
The only picture in the article is in OP's lazy post.

All of you nonhumans still don’t deserve to live, just not for the benefit of the jew parasite, which also needs to die.

I meant Cased Telescoped. 40mm, British.
The Russians developed caseless 40mm and fielded them already.

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Right back at you, Holy Caliphate of Europoor or whichever islamic state you are from.

There you go. The low IQ retort of a shitskinned animals.

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It's not European, it's jewish pretending to be anti-American European. It's obvious D&C and the mods refuse to ban this crap.

I wanted to deecee but now I will just bump the thread, mutt :°)

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Why do you hate white people so much?

I don't hate "whites". But we have to correctly define "white" first.

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Yeah, who could POSSIBLY have created that cringe shit?

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You are right, I should have filtered it and ignored it.
Just an angry vet on Veterans’ Day drinking while hating the state I used to work for and how it hates my people, my nation.
At least the banana republic shit happening is finally obvious to notmalfags.

The Tree of Liberty should be watered more frequently. Now is a good time to make sure it is hydrated.

Yeah, you are a subhuman retard actually signed up for ZOG.

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Depends on the point of view. Chinks don't see human lives as really that valuable. For them humans are by themselves no more valuable than a machine or steel. Humanism never took roots on China.

In that question, chinese and russians are very similar

the irony in 1st pic is that Hitler friended with mudslimes because they are anti jews. so it's not like you wouldnt be ruled by mudslimes if hitler won the war.

Some muslims may be of great help in the future worldwide genocide.
Assad should be praised

Another retarded retort from a mutt.

And what is wrong with this? Are you say some semi skilled laborer of ZOG, e.g a typical retarded window licking grunt, is more valueable than a tank or a jet fighter?

looks like a guy

hitler liked people who wanted what was best for their own countries; thus muslims would stay in their muslim countries and improve their own countries rather than seeking asylum in others

syria is multi-denominational - primarily muslims, then christians, and some jews

The only ones that need to die are the nation of zog, the mutt-founded disgusting cesspit where not one of you has any pure line ancestry.
No identity, no history, no culture, no blood - only the will of the juden to guide you, from birth to death.

Your asshurt only empowers my erection.

No more retort, mutt? Still indulginf yourself in shitskin tier alcoholism? Has the ZOG thrown you a bone for your loyal barking yet?