Zionist socialism

Did isreal do nothing wrong?

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is there any good reading material on kibbutz communism?

From what I understand, the main downfall of the kibbutz was the constant temptation of hiring outside labor. When this started happening, it eventually spiraled to the point of Palestinian guest workers, and most kibbutzim have gone full porky.

Quite a shame, considering the kibbutzim started out being for solidarity with the locals against Ottoman landlords, sort of the Rojava of their day, but ended up being swamped among Zionists by capitalist Jews when the Zionism became more popular.

They destroyed all chances for socialism for everyone outside of the Jews.
Remember goy, all for me, none for thee.

you can always convert to judaism

I mean I could…

this is another reason why Israel must fall. its a Roastie Republic.

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Israel is probably the only country with a left in the middle east


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but what about the middle east being really tolerant and open to islam. that's progressive.


*When the left considers Zionism to be as bad as capitalism.


That reminds me of some unironic "KJV originalism"-tier conspiracy theories I've seen on Zig Forums about how Jesus wasn't ackshually a Jew, but a "Judean", making Christianity more Jewish than Judaism. And today's Jewry aren't ackshually the same as "Judeans", but a Khazar group from Eastern Europe that magically aren't Western Europeans or Slavs but also aren't Semites or East Asians, and "converted" to "Talmudism", which is ackshually Babylonian paganism, rather than the 1000.111% authentic Judean religion from the OT bible that wouldn't be compiled for centuries.

Israel does, the rest of the middle east does nothing, can't do nothing. That's why they're so full of resentment.

Today's jews really are just the khazar version of the black hebrew israelites. Genetics confirms that there is no actual relation with the judeans.

wtf I love the Holocaust now

Sure thing

>That reminds me of some unironic "KJV originalism"-tier conspiracy theories I've seen on Zig Forums about how Jesus wasn't ackshually a Jew, but a "Judean", making Christianity more Jewish than Judaism. And today's Jewry aren't ackshually the same as "Judeans", but a Khazar group from Eastern Europe that magically aren't Western Europeans or Slavs but also aren't Semites or East Asians, and "converted" to "Talmudism", which is ackshually Babylonian paganism, rather than the 1000.111% authentic Judean religion from the OT bible that wouldn't be compiled for centuries.
Not my point but okay. I meant the effect paganism and Bronze Age societies had on Judaism is still there.

I'd unironically let the blacks have the title of Jews as long as they help exterminate the white Jews.

The word is basically a synonym to "gentile", referring strictly and exclusively to any religion or culture that isn't Jewish, having been extended beyond that to encompass "other" "Abrahaimic" religions only because they've glommed onto Judaism. Referring to aspects of Jews as "pagan" is like referring to aspects of water as "dry".

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What do you want me to refer to Judaism as specifically pertaining previous traditions from the Semitic peoples? If context is what makes you tick I can be proper about it.
Is that why there was explicit pro gentile in it?
Technically a split from Christianity but okay.

*what, do

space jews best jews

Polytheist would be a good start, since the point when El shunned the rest of his Canaanite family, divorced Asherah, and changed his name to YHVH, is a reasonable enough point to demarcate the beginning of "Judaism",
It cribs a little bit from practically everything, since its history is recent enough to make out most of the embarrassing Scientology-tier scamming that Mohamed was engaged in.

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Israel is illegitimate. It's a spook nation. The real semites are the palestinians. Zionists are literal k¡kes.

Either way, antisemitism doesn't exist, since jewish people also don't exist; given that judaism is a liberal construct. Calling yourself a jew is idpol.

Antisemitism does exist but Israel is the biggest enabler of antisemitism because it claims to speak for all Jews.

Are they mostly snipers then? Are women the ones who've been sniping unarmed Palestinian protestors, medics, and journalists?

Ber Borochov - Class Struggle and the Jewish Nation

death. 2. kurds.

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u wot m8?

Thing is, if we went for the actual definition of a semite, being anti-jewish isn't even antisemitic. Semitic people are simply an ethnic group that speaks semitic languages. They can be either religious or atheist.

Anti-semitism is a loaded word that is conveniently used by jews to justify zionism (jewish supremacy).

Harakat al-Muqawamah al-Islamiyyah did nothing wrong

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Don't get me wrong, good on them for fighting Zionists and all, but that alone is doing something wrong.

Also natlibs LARP as revolutionaries but always wind up as the tools of the national bourgeoisie once in power, is there socialism in Gaza?

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I want the return of guy pictured. besides Kurds are the real roaches, infesting a host nation just to undermine it from beneath the surface.

true democracy, in the Aristotlean sense, cannot exist with them within the borders. they're allowed to vote, and just like yids and women, undermine true democracy.

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doesn't make my counterargument less true. I ain't a t*rk either. I just support them because it pisses everyone off.

I looked it up and you're actually right. Interesting how such jew-like peoples still exist after thousands of years while all others from those times, disappeared, were absorbed or formed new peoples.

Probably the ultimate anarchists vs. tankies argument: Centralized organizations just need to have their heart corrupted or ripped out to be broken, but decentralized leaderless organizations can withstand any disruption.

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Cioran made the same conclusion in his most controversial book. Anti-Zionist Trotskyism must a tactic.

i have a simple question for pro israel folks: what did israel ever do for me?

ok idk how to keep short 3 thousand years of history but basically babylon kicked jews for their trickery, then egypt had to tolerate jews but got sick of them when they monopolized translations industry and basically lied, then rome had to kick them out for counterfeiting coins and if bible is credible historical source christ himself had to throw them out of temples because all they would ever do there is "money changing", spain had to inquisition them, eastern european cossacks had to pogrom them because they would water down vodka they sell, shit they were pulling off in weimar germany if hitler is to be believed….

not really
look up uss liberty incident, israeli political assassinations of peaceful imams in the middle east, israeli spying, constantly destabilizing middle east (notice how all israeli enemies became american enemies after 9/11), extreme imperialism, murder of countless apolitical civilian nuclear engineers and the like all over the islamic world, how they leech trillion of dollars in foreign aid and holocaust pensions from usa without giving anything in return, and how they engage in extreme nepotism abroad where they colonize the whole industries

oh, remember those "italian" mafia movies?
what if i told you that you can google "murder inc" and other "italian" mafias, just to find out they were almost exclusively jewish, and that jews working in media managed to pull off in the public minds a trick and basically now we all believe those "italian" mafias were italian
very similar when it comes to russian mafia, girl trafficing in ukraine is almost exclusively jewish if you ask any local living there

Soviet style mass rape of Israeli women when Jerusalem falls?

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rape is a foul, disgusting, criminal act that breaks the codex of revolutionary discipline, and all found guilty should get 40 years in uranium mines, per rape
unless the rapee has big tits
then its justified
but only after the whole central committee, commissariat, and the local soviets thouroughly examine: total volume, breast to body index, buoyancy, softness, hanging index, bounce index, nipple to breast ratio, plastic and elastic force vectors when squeezed, and similar highly scientific and rigorous examinations
socialism is a science, and so is this crucial revolucionary necessary process

If you're not biologically jewish they'll never consider you a true jew. Only reform judaism truly accepts converts

Khazars are t*rkic, not European

Uzis and olive oil?

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Except for the nearest centralized organization.

Post more jewish qts!
Fight islamic patriarchy!

Israel is unironically BASTE 🇮🇱

No they don't.

Reminder that bazed Fidel supports israel
reminder that china communist supports israel
the PLO literally sought out American imperialist

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Mossad trained Mandela and Israel flipped on Rhodesia after everyone else did. They even sold Mugabe arms and oil

holy fuck post moar plz

I'm pretty sure they've done a lot wrong

unless you genocide them. and genocide is cool.

also, Israel is not a puppet state of the US, but the other way around. fite me.

they've done wrong by not fighting battles themselves. its not our responsibility to prop them up.

anti-semetic and problematic, saged

don't care fucker

My understanding was that the Kibbutz were told by the Labor government something to the effect of `you can take out as many loans as you want, we'll pay for it' so they spent irresponsibly and then Likud came to power after 30 years of Labor rule, caused a pretty awful financial crisis ending in nearly 400% inflation and a pile of debt for the Kibbutz that the government wasn't as willing to take care of. The debt agreements between the Kibbutz, Banks, & Likud lead to a freezing of the standard of living of the Kibbutz, encouraging members to leave along with a increasing capitalist nature to meet the demands of the debt arrangement.

It's has one of the largest `lefts' (just social democracy mind) in the developed world, but they also have one of the stronger rights, it's like that saying `Jews are like any other people only more so'.

The "Left" is practically non-existent in Israel. Just to the east Iraq actually has a communist party.

`Maki' the marxist-leninist party of Israel proportionally has over 4 times as many seats as The Iraqi Communist Party, and as was mentioned a actually present social democratic party. To my knowledge the strongest true Left party in the middle east is in Cyprus, the `Progressive Party of Working People': en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progressive_Party_of_Working_People (Ignoring suppression in t*rkey and Iran etc) and of course the communalist coalition in Rojava.

why can't there be revolution without jews women and niggers

this is Zig Forums, where things aren't about identity politics unless they are.

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Sionistas confirmed for 3dpd lovers

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The women above have decent bodies however this is rare with jewess women, and facially they are never above 7/10 as all Jews are, refrain from rape once Jerusalem falls, it's not worth it.

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Stop spamming this stuff. Cumming is reactionary.


They dna test immigrants, african jews werenpt accepted and stetilized

I like some myself and some of those bitches are not bad, but there has to be a way to take advantage of that through rape….

lol the absolute state of anti-Semites

its not how they look, its what they do in places that aren't theirs, which is nowhere.

its a shame Jesus didn't murder the jews before heading to the cross, they were smaller in numbers then.

Israel has done plenty wrong. Of course, so has almost any other nation state, but it's always weird to see people harping on about that one small country as if it's the centre of western "imperialism" or something. But their defence of women's rights, their general defense of the right of workers to form unions, their treatment of LGBT people and their largely communalised agricultural system is definitely to be commended, however.

Incorrect. The term "Semite" refers to middle-eastern language group peoples in general, but the term "anti-semite" was specifically coined by people who don't like Jews to describe their hatred of Jewish people using what they thought was more scientific language.

Basically this. In order to keep going in a neoliberal market with cheap imports your average kibbutz took out a heap of loans, then more right wing parties took over the country and they got screwed.

The role of Meretz and other centre-left bourgie parties is also to be applauded.

most liberal idpol can be traced back to women's suffrage. nothing to be commended for.

but this is a board that some posters will defend Israel and shit on the states even though most of the control of the US foreign policy, while not absolutely centered in the country, is often supported by liberal jews and their sick, disgusting relationship with senile neoconservatives here.

I'd give the right to vote to any working man of color than women in general overall.

I would give the right to vote to anyone who is stupid enough to believe that it matters.

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Only the first 2 posts have jewesses. The others I just felt like dumping


That's referring to the disembodied speech bubble not the photos.


I implied the precise opposite.


tbh it'd be pretty cool if Israel turned socialist again

Israel's military fucking sucks, not only is it comprised of women but they hide behind giant fucking walls and let daddy USA blow up their enemies, and when ☘️they☘️ actually engage in combat it's against civilians.

Idk bout that Israel has won or stalemated every single serious war it's ever been in. Sure now they kill Palestinian civilians for fun and hide behind walls but only a retard would refuse to acknowledge that they started out as the weaker side compared to the might of the Arab nations and only gradually became the dominant power in the region.


fighting sandniggers isn't a big achievement, especially with support from NATO and unlimited spending money