Ocasio-Cortez and the Chocolate Factory


Free medical, vision and dental care. Free housing. Free college education. Guaranteed jobs. These are some of the items included in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ platform. Her constituency wanted these free things, and so she was elected to represent them in Congress.

She combines all this free stuff with open borders. In other words, everyone in the world is welcome to come here and enjoy her offer of free stuff. This is a sure recipe for economic disaster. People have to work in order to provide this free stuff. Will doctors work for free? No. Will homebuilders build housing for free? No. Will professors teach for free? No. So it means much higher taxes. It means more government force. The doctors, homebuilders, and professors may still work, but they will not be rewarded for their efforts. Instead, a Cortez-led government will take most of their money away and redistribute it in order to make things ‘fair and equal.’

The problem is, when government breaks the link between effort and reward, less effort becomes inevitable. Stalin thought he had solved this problem by forcing 10 percent of his country’s population into gulags. There, his slaves were forced to work hard or die. If there is no force, there’s a situation where workers pretend to work and their government pretends to pay them.

Marx was a miserable, resentful, and lazy old crank. He neglected his family and depended on rich, capitalistic benefactors to keep him writing his hateful foolishness. He once claimed communism would lead to paradise on Earth, were a man could work however he liked. Here is one of her quotes regarding that:

“For as soon as the distribution of labor comes into being, each man has a particular, exclusive sphere of activity, which is forced upon him and from which he cannot escape. He is a hunter, a fisherman, a herdsman, or a critical critic, and must remain so if he does not want to lose his means of livelihood; while in communist society, where nobody has one exclusive sphere of activity but each can become accomplished in any branch he wishes, society regulates the general production and thus makes it possible for me to do one thing today and another tomorrow, to hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening, criticize after dinner, just as I have a mind, without ever becoming hunter, fisherman, herdsman or critic.”

Complete BS. Compare a man who has spent his life raising cattle with one who has spent his life as a fisherman. Both have spent years developing esoteric knowledge that allows them to succeed. You can’t expect them to switch jobs and be successful. I’m an artist. I’d like to be a musician! But I have no musical talent beyond the rudimentary. How can I sit in an orchestra and play as well as professional who have played for years? How can that professional musician be expected to draw editorial cartoons? It’s insanity made worse by a giant bureaucracy that keeps track of everything. That army of communist functionaries makes micro decisions about the economy and how the populace should conduct their work, when it’s best left to those who know how to work!

It’s the main reason the Soviet Union failed. They could only keep things going by brute, inefficient force.

Ocasio-Cortez is the young, new, and energetic face of socialism. She coins her approach as something novel: ‘Democratic Socialism,’ but a skunk cabbage by any other name will still have the offensive smell. It’s the same old, tired Marxism that has failed again and again for over a hundred years. The most recent example is Venezuela. A once prosperous country, it embraced socialism and as a result its citizens are now starving. Alexandria ignores this and talks heroically about cotton candy, unicorns and flowing rivers of chocolate. She’s not a hero.

Put her in charge of a chocolate factory and it would soon be producing rotten eggs.

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Well said, bump

not his best work

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I love ocasio cortez, I love the new brown-wave of leftist democrat voters who don't care much for israel and will find themselves at odds with the jewish leaders of the party, which is a stark difference to the jew fellaters who vote republican.
I find myself agreeing with these types even if for the wrong reasons.

Where's the original featuring Janet Yellen?

What's the problem with the picture?

They're Marxists, and they'll still kill your dumb white ass dead. Do you not know that, or are you trying to confuse people by taking advantage of the fact that there are pro and anti Israeli kikes by obscuring that the anti-Israelis hate whites too?

Mistake: OCW is wall-eyed.

I remember when the point was to make him anti-semitic, not help him jerk off zionist puppets.

Free stuff…that hurts you by being designed and crafted for keeping cattle. What do we tend cattle for? These so-called new elites don’t even prefer a space alien. Pathetic.

Would be better if she fell into a chipper.

the mass of hordes on the chans love capitalism and fetishize nazism

For anyone who doesn't get the reference.

too bad those things don't go together at all

Why does she trigger the jungle fever in me? Is this some kike psyop at play? I'm not a racemixer otherwise and find spicettes disgusting.

Now that's an idea worth pursuing, user.


Don't know what you could possibly see in that mule-faced beanbag. You are retarded.

Ben Garrison edits are from way before all this unironic 1488 RACEWAR NAO faggotry.
I feel bad for people like you always thinking about Jewish cocks sliding into your supple "European" sensibilities

You do realize these "New cartoon, fuckers!" posts are from Garrison himself? You're only pretending to be retarded, right?

You must be lost.

I could care less. He used to be at the ass end of a joke and now he uses this website to promote Zionist good goys.

Doesnt matter how well you make your point, you lost 90% of the non-whites the second SHE said "free." They don't understand the idea of working and achieving, and her argument about being "free to explore all possibilities" is meaningless to them. They just want free stuff. You really think 90% of them care anything about the "freedom" to explore different careers and find what suits them best, and then move on when it loses its luster after years while being supported by the state while they become "experts" in these new fields? Fuck no. They just want free stuff.

Its why when the minimum wage was raised in places on the west coast, people started dropping hours at work. Because they realized they could work LESS and still make the same and still have daddy government paying most of their bills, so they could work less and still lead the same life style.

These … do we even call them people at this point?… dont give one rats ass about your arguments, or even hers. They dont care about achieving things or being proud of their own accomplishments. All they care about is being able to live while working as little as possible so they can spend their free time engaging in various forms of hedonism and idolatry.

So yeah, argue as you wish, you're only giving arguments to productive people who already reject her ideas on their own. The rest of the do-nothing faggots of the world will reject all your arguments and come up with whatever bullshit they need to in order to support her and claim its for "high ideals" when in reality its just so they can be lazy and useless and still live a cozy life. The same shit happened with the minimum wage crap, how they'd be able to spur economic growth, move up, afford better education, stop using welfare, make a better life for themselves and their local communities.. but when all was said and done, all its resulted in is more lazy people working less and living the same life, because for them that life was good enough, and if you're offering them the options of work more and move up, or work less and stay where they are which they are comfortable with, they'll ALWAYS choose to simply work less. Its all a sham, they dont really want better lives, they just want to work less. If they wanted better lives, they'd have made it happen without any of that other nonsense.

And of course the marxists at the top know this as well. They are just dumb enough to think they can tax the rest of us who work into the poor house to pay for all their pet voters so THEY can live an extravagant life off the tax payers being a "politician." Its lazy people all the way down, just looking for a lie to justify their pursuit of being even lazier and living an even better life while being less and less productive.

But worry not, eventually such systems collapse, because when the majority of the population is sitting on its ass leeching off the hard work of the minority, the minority stop working, because why work when theres nothing to gain from it? And then everything collapses, you end up with brutal governments forcing people into labor to support their system, and this goes on for awhile until it finishes collapsing, because you can neither legislate your way to prosperity, nor can you enslave the only productive people who are the foundation of the society and force them to work for your benefit and expect them to 1) not revolt, and 2) actually be truly productive enough to support the system where 90% of the population leeches off the back breaking labor of 10%

So… while I like your post OP, you're pissing into the wind

I got the reference because I had a childhood.

A handful of Spics, and a handful of Chinks, are physically appealing. A tiny minority of those may even have conservative values. Those are worthy of "sowing some wild oats with", as long as you don't reproduce with them. Given a ball gag, and wrapping your John Thomas appropriately, yes, this marxist bitch is probably a good fuck. She'd probably cream herself at the thought of you banging her senseless whilst wearing a Trump mask. She'd just never admit it. On some level, all leftist feminist commie bitches crave as strong fascist man to tame them.

Roald Dahl's literature should be mandatory reading. Same for Lewis Carroll. There are references to the Mystery Schools in their works, and it should go alongside with the rest of Zig Forums's reading list.

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Being well-read in the classics is always a good idea.

Why do Jews hate her so much?

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Just as a leftist can wake up and see that marxism isn't all they thought it was, and move themselves to the center….
Just as a centrist can see they need to take a stand and embrace libertarianism…..
Just as a Libertarian can see that society needs some guiding force, some natural principles to follow, and move to the Right…
So can a Right-wing but Good Goy wake up, and one day call out the Jew.

Zyklon Ben was a powerful ally when it came to the 2016 election, and even if he isn't the Goebbels we want, he is surely closer to our side than many cartoonists / artists.

She's a pro-Palestine commie.

wtf I love marxism and jews now

If you voted from Trump you are a faggot.

Opinions are like assholes…


I hate to potentially besmirch a great lyric but anons with low bone density MUST breathe out when they see Casio-Calculator breathe in.

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Isn't better if we shit for Israeli kikes, instead of helping them. I mean Jews shit on whites anyway, it is bettter when they have nowhere to escape to


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Some people have better assholes then others.

You imply he doesn't know that. He didn't push any of that. Sounds like you are a projecting rat faced yid. If you are not a hooknosed kike, please re-evaluate the way in which you speak so as to not sound so much like a faggot. Supporting your enemies enemy in destroying your main enemy is not a bad thing at all, and keeping in mind the truth in your words is also important so we can keep cucks and bleeding heart faggots at arms reach and under heel rather than leading the controlled opposition.

No matter the play, our goal must be to win at any cost and any path. Jews first, the rest come later and are far easier to crush. If we can use the mongrel shitskin hordes as mass human waves against the kikes as they had planned on using against us, all the better. Every inch of power that slips from the kikes graps is another white life saved.

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No doubt. Yours has been destroyed by multiple insertions and years of regular abuse. I'd tell you to stop doing that, but you wouldn't listen anyway.



You like 'em crazy I guess.
In other words, you have self destructive tendencies.

Jews are just making it a thing so they can cry anti-semanticist later, make it a hate crime and whine about the holohoax. all going according to plan.

Hilarious if you know the context

Honk, honk!

That red outfit probably invokes images of qt brown schoolgirls or some shit heh.

"…However, she noted that she and her PARTNER have been saving money since before leaving her job as a bartender in New York…" “…WE'RE kind of just dealing with the logistics of it day by day,” said Ocasio-Cortez."
Her and her Partner will get an Apartment Lickety Split…

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Boomer garbage edit. Real Ben Garrison (based gen X) would never draw this.


Seriously, who gives a shit at this point?
Where do you think you are? The only problem with socialism is niggers and other muds. Europeans have social programs that worked fantastically until they opened their borders. It's not the system but who runs the system that dictates the success.
Low hanging, rotten fruit from a dead tree. The left are stuffing ballot boxes and Trump is bloviating on kiketube of how we're winning, and posting on twitter about how he might do x and y if z doesn't happen (here's a hint: he never does shit).

Does anyone seriously care about muh taxes right now? No wall, no funding, elections being stolen, no arrests, "we need immigrants to do all of these jobs that are coming into the country" t. trump. Who can care about some dumb rep from NYC?

It's not like he said he would stop legal immigration either.

The wall was a simple esoteric metaphor. Trump was talking about finding ourselves when looking deep inside.

lol at zog controlled pol threads raging against "socialism" because corporate benefactors of zog demand this. the clear problem is race. race is the only issue that matters. zog assholes did nothing but import shitskins like cortez, and if this "country" turns to socialism as a result, it's zog's fault. no amount of threads on Zig Forums will help avert it.

This right here.

That doesn't even make sense on a theoretical level.

First day here?

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Found the lolberg.


kill yourself

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Sandy the bartender is a marrano, don't be naive. The whole BDS thing is just more kikery. They play both sides.

Oh, one more thing to everyone here:


I can honestly see her as the next Maxine Waters now, beware she doesn't get too much past that.

Strategically not naming the jew always brings out the "what are you, chicken?" shills.

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spicy, hopefully her and the rest of the democrats are eventually executed on capitol hill.

They have a fucking housing bureau. Those edgelord congressmen you hear about sometimes who share a house don't tell you they are mostly with hookers in hotels and just need a place to receive mail.

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Funded by Bernie.


The liberal useful idiots are being sacrificed to create a new generation of conservative useful idiots.

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It's just, meh.


Where is the original unkiked version?

The point here is that "doctors, homebuilders and professors" are not super rich people. If you lower the incentive (aka more significantly more money compared to x) in this income bracket than you have a certain descrepancy. The main problem of capitalism as it is today is that it isnt like in the 80s where his arguments would have made a lot of sense, exactly as he posted it, instead it moved on to a hyper capitalistic society. And what ben blends out is said insanity.

It's one of 4cucks' T_D republikikes. It refuses to leave and can't even fathom it's surroundings.

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Horrifyingly accurate, Smeagol looks too much like her, poor guy can't catch a break.

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You can spot them out almost instantly.

Yes my fellow goyim, vote for a third party that will never win, or even better, don't vote at all.

Yeah that's nice and all but where is the original?

Pic related

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so she's a Menschivik then. The Bolsheviks will deal with her.

According to Chinese medical face reading, when the white part of the eye, known as the sclera, is visible beneath the iris, it represents physical imbalance in the body and is claimed to be present in alcoholics, drug addicts and people who over-consume sugar or grain. Conversely, when the upper sclera is visible it is said to be an indication of mental imbalance in people such as psychotics, murderers, and anyone rageful.

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2 gorillion micro seconds in ms paint

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This is how blue-pilled faggots think who don't belong here.


They aren't sending their best folks.

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That Bean Flicker would complain if someone had several dump trucks dump one million dollars worth of pennies on her lawn and said she could keep them.
pic related is woman that did not complain

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What's with this shitty edit. Someone post the original.

What the fuck is this shit; Niggers fighting Niggers, in the Jungle that they belong?

So who gets to be the blueberry?


If you're going to meme your opponents into idiots make it believable and don't make yourself look retarded.

kys and then get off this board.


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It's a real cartoon but it's pointless. Battle lines are drawn and no amount of memes will change the fact that we are going to war.

What an outdated, white-supremacist chauvinist notion!

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Is this the original? Found it online somewhere.

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