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Anyone wanna watch some Movies? I remember streaming and watching shit with Zig Forumsacks years ago. Was pretty fun.

Apparently this site doesn't shut down Zig Forums stuff either.


I was planning on streaming

But I'm open to whatever. Just post a good movie ITT I can torrent it. Thanks yify.

Anyway still in pre-show. Still testing bitrate/resolution.

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Nice; when I'm not so busy with work next week maybe I'll stop by and check it out.

inb4 this is a politics board no fun allowed sage x10

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I seem to have the video quality down. Still some issues with the audio though.
For best video quality put the stream Quality at >Source

Yeah lot of Anons get angry at stream shilling these days.

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Well gonna give it a try. Starship troopers on now.

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Starship Troopers CGI movie up next.

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Welp this is it.
Might stream Fight Club tomorrow. If anyone got movie suggestions post them ITT.

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(absolutely fucking checked)
LOTR Trilogy
Drive (there was a thread up here a long time ago about how kike thought it was anti-semetic, the projection was strong with that one)
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Read a book instead.


if anyone has this gif with him lifting his arms can you please help me farm? Will recipirocate with Rare Pepe

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Come join for some Kino.
On the list today:

Stream: stream.me/ImperatorAdeptus
Discord to shitpost in stream: honeypot/uqbp4Cs

For the best possible stream quality put the viewer to source. If your connection 2 slow then lower it.

If you guys know any good kino post it ITT. I need to fill up my HDD again.


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Zig Forums worthy action:
Tears of the Dead - Asian action
Daylights End - Zombie
Colt45 - French action (might be a bit too Zig Forums for pol)

Watching Drive now.
Fight club up next.

There's a 40k full length movie? Live action or all cgi?
T. Living under a rock

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Fuck off moshe.

If OP can find the new Gibson/Vaughn film Dragged Across Concrete that would be sweet

The movie was pretty shit. Ps1 tier CGI.

I don't know honestly.

Anyway we watching Death of Stalin now.

whoa…. Witniss'd

but check these dubs

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Thanks Paul Feig. We watching Ghostbusters next?

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That's actually kind of depressing.

Got any movies from the days of Nazi Germany? Also, how frequently are the streams going to be?

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The Kino is back on.

On the list today:

Stream: stream.me/ImperatorAdeptus
Discord to shitpost in stream: honeypot/uqbp4Cs

For the best possible stream quality put the viewer to source. If your connection 2 slow then lower it (576p and Mobile always works)
If you guys know any good kino post it ITT. I need to fill up my HDD again.


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Idk if you want entertainment or serious kino but here's a few unPozzed movies for your delectation

They Live / The Thing (John Carpenter)

Gladiator / Robin Hood / Kingdom of Heaven, (Ridley Scott)

Black Death (2010) - pic related

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Great movie

Also Ironclad (2011) is fucking brutal

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Gonna see if I can find them.

I saw they said no copyrighted content. So you might want to stream the movies in a fair use format ) : put a background and use a TV screen on top of it with some messages under (like donations or newest subscriber) or use youtube as a source, stream directly a youtube video uploaded by not a copyright holder with visible youtube play bar

btw you can create pols and raffles, use that to decide new movie

Hey OP, good post. I appreciate you. I can't watch today but I'll bump your thread.

Its cool I gonna stream all week around this time.

I fucked with the aspect ratio and put a fuckton of overlays to make it look like legit stream faggotry.

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The first was better than the second.

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I would have to suggest The Holy Mountain to ya'll. This is the only movie that has ever truly shook me, maybe because I was coming down off of acid after spending the night tripping on acid up on Mt. Shasta. Either way this is a patrician film that normies can't handle.

register your account you fucking mongoloids

really good overlay, the best i've seen on the site


if you suggest a movie then fucking visit the site

create a poll on the site for the next movie with suggestions posted on here, get these lazy faggots to join the stream and vote





who says I didn't Tyler?

Any chance of Lucky Number Sle7in in the lineup? It's about White guys taking out Jews, blacks, and spics with the help of an Asian waifu.

Fight Club is over.
We Blair Witch Project now.

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This thread is personally endorsed by both PV1 and PV6 on orders from Codemonkey

DJ Busty is that you?
Despite the fact that Jodorowsky is a jew and that it does feature degenerate kike shit, it IS a good movie when you finally finish it. It's unironically a fantastic introductory redpill for your average normie told through a poor man that looks like Jesus Christ. TL;DW:

op what happened with this?

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You want cuckime? Say no more. What's your flavor, fam?

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Unique art style or amazing story. No trash of life, no sports, no romance shit.