Brit/pol/ #2928: Yeehaw Edition

Cannabis 'to be legalised in the UK' within five to ten years, say MPs
A group of cross-party MPs who've been on a fact-finding trip to Canada predict the UK will fully legalise cannabis use within five to ten years

Petition Against Boris’s Illegal Migrant Amnesty Plan Breaks 10,000, Govt to Respond
The official petition against Boris Johnson’s proposed amnesty for illegal migrants who have been in the country for some years has broken the 10,000 signature threshold in a few days, meaning the Government will respond to it

Foreign doctors won't solve the NHS shortage, we must train and retain our own
The UK has never trained enough doctors to meet the needs of the NHS. Last year, of the 12,771 new doctors registered by the General Medical Council, 44 per cent qualified abroad: 17 per cent from other countries in the European Economic Area and 27 per cent in countries outside the EEA

also here's jewbery getting bullied:

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Doubt he's a black woman

What a plum….the pair of them

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Based bleaching

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Jolly good!

God curse everyone who touches the devil's lettuce.

Inevitable that his supporters would be drowned out by those calling him out.

lmao who'd've guessed a poofter would lap that up

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This GI shit pisses me of to no end. Reading their history in obscure French blogs they were literally founded by Nazbol skinheads including a known gun runner who sold weapons to ISIS that were used in the Charlie Hebdo attacks and shortly before the creation of GI one of the skinheads lured 4 Antifa next to a river and beat them unconscious then threw them in the river where they drowned. They’re on video beating up Arab women yelling sieg heil in bars and singing about killing Jews. The German branch has invited Azov Battalion to speak at conferences and posted pictures with CasaPound they even do the fascist-embrace with each other on videos they upload.

But fucking millennial woes is too far and they have to humiliate themselves publicly by cucking on twitter smh evropa is finished.

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Texas bbq chicken pizza for dinner

Did the French GI cuck out as well? iirc the German branch is getting fucked by the government right now so it might be an attempt to cool down the heat.

What cigars you got lad? bought some Cuban ones the other day and they are so nice

smh poor chinky lads

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Forgot arthoe tbh

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Romain Espino RTd it so yeah.


What a shame

Sound good mate, I've been looking to a set of 25 my mate got me years back but they seem to have vanished from the face of the earth, now get a box of cheapo ones mate, 100 cigarillos for £30, taste like smoke cos that's their job.
It was pretty funny tbh, I've had them for a while but tonight was the only time anyone's asked about it, just doing his job so no issue.




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Good lad

Those are nice tbh, slim cigars are quite comfy if you smoke a couple while drinking, hamlet is a good slim brand you should try them if you havent already

Picked up two cheapo J Cortezes, £20 of loose whiskey and a £1 little tin of snuff from the tobacconist in town this afternoon, myself.

good lad. had me some water for dindins

smh she looks 20 years old but is probably 40. good lad for having morals tbh

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Is that worth buying? always wanted to try it

No food? smh

Ta' lad, I'll give them a looksee.
Yeah cigarillos work out great, lads go out for a smoke and I'm not stuck out with them with half an hours worth, the ones I get aren't the best but for price and quantity they are decent.

don't tell porkies :^) no-one has been banned for that

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snuff is solid tbh, so long as you can get a decent one

I may have drawn a comparison between imbibing cigar smoke and willies, lad. Maybe.


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Should have steiner and SA the other way around tbh, Tuco is an amerimutt but the actor is a Jew


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smh kramer get out

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What happened with that garlic shooting tbh?

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Smoking is good for you

Why did Van Cleef look like such a hapa?

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tbh tbh

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no idea tbh, she's drunk and obviously can't speak English.

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Redditers are claiming he’s a white supremacist

Garlic festival?

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Thought it was a legit one of those types of videos at first

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antisemitic smdh



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The guy even repeats after him

Was that her husband or just some rando lad?

A wasp followed me into the tobacconist's and the lass on the counter said she was allergic to wasp stings. She had massive jubblies and just a t-shirt on and she was jumping about all over the place trying to avoid the wasp, had a good gander ngl lads

squinting due to the sun

probably that tbh


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smh where the hell is he then just letting his wife fuck off to some pub without supervision

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She was probably with her friends. Would have been a girl's night out thing. Entrusting his wife to her friends



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smh, why did he do it?

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tbf her friend did try and put her arms inbetween them but only after the lad was doing the same



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What a bunch of cunts but we knew this

>marry a salary man toil serf
cheating house wives is a big thing in nipland tbh smh

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can't be worse then under the jevvs, can it?

What a shame

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Garfield did an appearance introducing that film at a cinema, tickets sold out quickly

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from her profile pic I wouldn't mind putting my wang in her tbh

Someone on the most trusted source of Japanese knowledge on the internet, known as /a/, once said there's a big problem with Japanese housewives having sex with their sons because their husbands literally don't give a shit about them.


lad… based

smh image didn't post first time

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Is this movie any good?

>ywn be a japanese boy going over to a mates house only to find your friend isn't there but his lustful mum is

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