Bump Stock Buybacks Begin As Possession Becomes a Felony

Thanks Trump!


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Fuck off shill.

kek this is why you trumpniggers got rekt during the election.

Obvious chess.

Which state?


No better way to avoid being called a shill then to call other people shills, trumpshill.

While bumpstocks are not great and can often have feeding issues, the reality is that they are are dirt cheap and widely available method to create a functional approximation of automatic fire for suppression purposes. There is a reason zionist capital wants them gone.

Anyone who isn't anti-Trump should be banned from this board. A jew worshiping natsoc board is ridiculous.

So not Trump order.

Fuck off kike, this is not a nazi board.


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it's about the stocks you nigger, it's about a backdoor ban on Semi autos.

Faggot fudds like you allowed the 1st AWB to pass because atleast you got to keep your duur rifle.

Look at the dishonest kike who worships a dishonest kike President.

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Americans believe they still have freedom. Switzerland has way better gun laws than them. They can't even get full auto guns anymore since 1986. They are being slow cooked. I've said it before, soon they'll have Europe-tier gun laws.


Trump is a pressure release valve.

Are you sure you're reading me right, you dumb nigger?

Brush up on your reading comprehension, nigger.

It is been a month already, kike, where is the federal ban?

Why are these people not banned.

Why are these people not banned.

No, it is not Trump order. It is not a nazi board either.

Squirm more, kike.

Learn to read kike. He said "anyone who ISN'T anti-Trump needs to be banned. Which is equivalent to saying "anyone who IS pro-Trump needs to be banned."

Being finalized by the ATF and the DOJ as we speak to please your kike President.

Zig Forums is not a nazi board.

Political Incorrect the board is.

Yes it is

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Trump’s order. Nazi board. Go home: >>>/reddit/

Nazi board. Go home: >>>/reddit/

Go back to the_cuckold.

So where is it, kike? Oh wait.

The GOA needs to stop being faggots and sue to open the MG registry.

Nope, not Trump order, not a nazi board. Go back to leddit.

Correct. The new interpretation of the language leaves a huge opening for straight up banning semi-auto fire under existing gun control legislation. Trump is the biggest kike of all time

No, Zig Forums is not a Nazi board.


Low IQ trumpniggers even debate like their simpleton kike President.

Trump order. Nazi board. Reported for mass spam and thread derail.

Relegate yourself back to the meta thread, barely literate kike

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Trump has not banned a single gun.

Look at this pathetic pilpul.

Zig Forums is not a nazi board. Was not, will not.

Nazifags are too scared to make their own board so they parasite off Zig Forums.

You mean fact?

Remember when Trump said screw due process–take all the guns? States followed his statements by immediately enacting restrictive laws, including completely unconstitutional red flag laws, bumpstock laws, etc

Fuck you, Trump shill motherfuckers

Trump's gun policy recommendations literally got a man killed in Maryland for refusing a gun confiscation. The blood is on your hands trumpnigger.

Who'll be put in charge of counting them as they come in?

Have some more content, kike

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No, that is the State problem, not Federal level.

Nope, also a State problem, specifically State police.

Some magatard no doubt.

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fuck off.


No matter how many lies you spew, they will not change the truth.

Zig Forums is NOT a Nazi board.

who fucking cares, fuck off.

No one here is being dishonest but you.

Fellate the ZOG emperor somewhere else.


Kill yourself redditnigger. Zig Forums is not yours. It has always been NatSoc

More? Ok. All of this content came from this board btw

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Zig Forums does not support zionists, neoconservatives, civic nationalists, shabbos goyim, or the continuation of the ZOG. Only people who don’t belong here have a problem with this statement.

And you go back to leddit, plenty anti-Trump kikes over there.

I just want to talk about the gun ban.


The board is owned by reddit now. You can’t talk about anything that makes the ZOG emperor look bad.

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Zig Forums was not, is not, will not be a Nazi board.

No, Zig Forums just supports Trump.

Do not speak for Zig Forums.

Plenty of anti-Trump kikes over there, why don't you go join them?

So where is that federal law banning bump stock, kike, where?

Reported. You Trump shills are really insufferable. You've done nothing but shit up this site non-stop since Trump started kiking out on every single thing. Can't you just leave us the fuck alone? Serious question. Please just go away.

Actually, you anti-Trump shills are the ones who spread fake news to smear people, including Trump.

Yet no one bans you for spamming and literally making shit up.

Anyone that replies seriously to this fag after this post should be banned

Why can't you just leave us alone?

About leaving you alone? Nigger, the whole internet is anti-Trump.

Why CAN'T you leave us alone? Oh wait, you can't. Trump poses a direct and sudden danger to you.

Zig Forums does not support trump. Reported.

That is a historical fact that Zig Forums supports Trump.

Why CAN'T you leave us alone?

Zig Forums DOES support Trump, and this makes you buttmad and scared.

No, dude. No it does not. Zig Forums supported Trump back in the day before he reneged on his major promises and turned into a total kike dicksucker. I'm filtering you now. Just stop bothering us. You're poisoning this site by adding pointless Trump rah rah bullshit. It's all so exhausting.

GET BACK ON TOPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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GET BACK ON TOPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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GET BACK ON TOPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No. Reported.


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GET BACK ON [email protected]

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Go ahead you fucking faggot. Type up a dissertation on why we should support Trump after his actions or why not. No one is stopping you from getting back on topic

GET BACK ON TOPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Trump is still worth supporting until he does the actual anti-gun bullshit. Meanwhile your kike smears and lies are not helping anyone.

The topic at hand is this a State law issue.

Another state cucks out.

Trump has done anti-gun bullshit. You have admitted this. Reported for paid jewish shilling and thread derailing.

This has nothing to do with Trump, but the state of Delware.

Anti-Trump shills are getting buttmad.

Where is it kike?

The whole thread is fake news, state laws =/= federal laws.

GET BACK ON TOPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Reported for spam


You’re not even attempting to hide your paid shilling.
Trump is personally responsible for allowing the Constitution to be violated.

Really Hitler? You think it's a nigger? I think it's a kike.

"I like taking the guns early…Take the guns first, go through due process second.”

-Donald Trump

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You dumb fucks, go to lowes/home depot/where ever right NOW!

Now here's the fun part

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Wrong. Up to last year we had an sticky that explicitly declared the intent of this board. Historically, it has always been in the spectrum of racial-councious libertarianism/paleoconservatives (minority) and fascists, national-socialists and national-bolsheviks. All of these either outright call themselves "nazis" for convenience sake, or are explicitly so.
The Zig Forums support of trump back in '16 was also very explicit: We voted for him because he was the choice that would at least give whites MORE TIME, not that he would save us as a people.

Bump-stock wise, let's face it, Trump has historically been a new york labour democrat with his peculiarities. It's highly likely that he personally either is or was anti-gun until very recently.
And he could certainly have negotiated with the states and the courts in order to "safeguar" their gun rights.

I don';t care about trump./ I f you want to make this thread about him and not guns then fuck off and make a new one. I care about back door bans on Semi.

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Zig Forums is not a Nazi board.

Stop parasiting off this great board, and go make your own board.
He isn't, kike.

You mean like that expanded background check shit he signed into law???

Right Here

Go fuck yourself you fucking psyops leddit QAnon chesscuck faggot you and the orange cryptokike are both faggots

It's not about the bump fire stock. Are you 50 years of age or something. It's about a back door ban.

Stop being a thick head nigger.

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Image and proof? I was here for the last two years and there's no such thing.
Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

inb4 imkikey rules
Trump hasn't banned a single gun.
Coulda shoulda, it's still the state's fault.

Proof? There is no change regarding federal background check.

That's a saying, not action.

What can we do to stop this?

Delaware anons should non-comply.

Zig Forums is a Nazi board.
Trump took the guns. Trump is responsible for allowing others to take the guns. Trump is responsible. Trump is not supported here. Trump is a shabbos goyim.

Zig Forums is not a Nazi board, and Trump hasn't taken a single gun. Nice lies and smears.

Do not speak for Zig Forums, you are not Zig Forums.