Reminder: The economy is going to collapse under Trump

Trump lowered taxes but increased government spending be delaying the inevitable collapse, this will cause republican policies to be blamed for it, he should have just kept the message the same as before the election when he was saying that the entire market is one big bubble but now the Republican party will be fucked.

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But it isn’t just Federal debt that is the problem. It is all debt.

When it comes to households, which are responsible for roughly 2/3rds of economic growth through personal consumption expenditures, debt was used to sustain a standard of living well beyond what income and wage growth could support. This worked out as long as the ability to leverage indebtedness was an option. The problem is that when rising interest rates hit a point where additional leverage becomes problematic, further economic cannot be achieved.

Given the massive increase in deficit spending by households to support consumption, the “bang point” between rates and the economy is likely closer than most believe.

What does this have to do with natsoc you faggot?

Good, economic collapse means fun times for us all. I can only hope it affects Europe just as hard as well to help break down order.

That was always one of the plans.
It was going to collapse no matter who took the reigns.
It's better we're in power when it happens.
We do the culling.

Fuck the economy. All we're missing at this point is Weimar-tier economic collapse.
Give me that and I will give you a prosperous Reich in 10 years or less. Count on it.

Quick recap of the global economic system
1. For every dollar in existence, there is more than a dollar of debt.
2. The debt cannot be repaid, ever, at any time, for any reason.
3. The debt, therefore, is meaningless.
4. Income tax exists to pay this debt, and for no other reason.
5. Every dollar in existence is privately owned by the Federal Reserve, a private corporation.
6. The Federal Reserve loans dollars to the US government, at interest, in exchange for bonds.
7. Every other nation on Earth either uses a similar private bank system or ties the worth of its currency to the US dollar, meaning every single monetary unit of every single currency in every single country on Earth is privately owned, by jews, and sourced at the Federal Reserve.
8. The existence of the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional.
For a very brief, and unfinished, crash course in this matter, please see a partial draft of the book I'm writing.
And also this video series, but remember the guy IS trying to sell you some gold and silver (you should have some, and bullets, already).

Oy vey

Does North Korea operate this way?

Wow, you really blew the lid off that mystery. Do you really think the united states wanted hillary? Hillary was to elect trump. Trump said what military agged males need to hear to continue business as usual. The economy will collapse, because, they have a new replacement for the dollar. Blockchain. And just like that, specie to reserve note to unbacked fiat to credit card to digital to blockchain to open enslavement. The mask will come off one day, but only when you stand no chance.

Unless your name is Sheldon Adelson or Jared Kushner, you are not in power

So who's in power right now according to you?

What do you mean?

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Nah you will just be in debt for generations and generations most of America is obese and on anti depressents, this collapse is going to get socialist elected into government because republicans will be blamed for it.

The economy cannot collapse; you see, the wall was an esoteric metaphor for making the economy big and wide.

That's fine. Jews own both parties. It's not like it matters who gets elected.

I recently moved 40% of my holdings to silver. Gold is historically overvalued and recoverable, silver is much less recoverable (in the old days film was the big loss, today it's connectors and band-aids and anti-smell underwear) so in the long term silver will become more valuable than gold. We've already seen gold become more valuable than platinum which is even more noble / recyclable. This can not be sustained.

I've also invested in a number of gold and silver mining stocks because it's going to become more profitable to pull it out and refine it with a weaker economy. Our economy in the USA isn't becoming weaker per se but until manufacturers adjust to the new tariffs (ie steel and aluminum production goes up) it will seem so.

Once WWIII kicks in the stock markets will be largely shut down as will the commodity markets, the War Powers Act will see a lot of commodities being price fixed. Yes WWIII with China and Europe (who will ally) has already started, but it's like the '30s in that it's the revving up / soft war / war of words period.

Enjoy the ride. Thankfully I'm too old to be drafted but I will volunteer for the state side radio corps and monitor the fuck out of the chinky poos.

Where's the rest of this book? It's chapter 27. Is there more or is it just a random chapter and unfinished?

It's all part of the plan to usher in Socialism.

Op is right, I'm just waiting for one last bump before I dump all my stock in cash account. Op, you seem to know youre shit, are we going all the way down or we the markets rise at least 5% again before Feb 2019?

Obama collapsed the Bush economy, which collapsed on 9/11 and never really recovered. America's economic downfall was charted in the 1980s when the World Bank and IMF decided that the third world would be uplifted "at the cost of the West."

All you have to do is listen to what these globalist fags have been saying. It's more up in the air now but I think they will try to crash Trump's economy for 2020.

Trump is a globalist.

lol trumps economy, did you watch the markets by any chance today? its already crashing, tax cut + unbridled debt and spending (you cant do both), fed has to raise rates, markets gonna drop, throw in the global instability everyone feels, the fires, the shootings, etc. majorly fucked.

Ummmmmmm sweetie? Try again.

We are not in power. We as in White Nationalists, National Socialists, and other racially aware people are NOT in power. We'll be lucky if we don't get a blatant socialist for president after Trump. For whites our fate is determined in the next decade.

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It was a globalist move, but not how you think.

A fluctuation of a few percent is nothing. Also this counts holiday off hours trading, the major markets aren't even open yet. I'll be paying attention during tomorrow's session but this happens all the time. Where's the volume at? This should tell you something but still it's not a huge deal.

There will be a weak retail season because Chinese made toys now cost 25% more but who buys toys any more? Kids want the new expansion to the gay ass pay to win game they're playing from age 6.

I rode out AMD after buying at $8 and Tesla after buying at $150 and didn't get spooked and they're both on their way back up again. You don't scare me.

i dont think that was a fluctuation, markets have been bearish since the saudi assasination, we had one or two bullish days out of 14, tomorrow will be a big day for forecasting.

If I was worried I'd admit it, but this is the classic pre-Black Friday profit taking. We're in a cat bounce phase now and there will be some retailers who die this (((holiday season))) but the successful will prevail. I'd buy Amazon and Wal-Mart right about now if you're into that sector.

I hope your right bro. I picked up some blue chips this week, but am watching intently

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Oh, I'm… working on it. It's slow going because I have severe memory problems and have to keep rereading and reviewing my reference materials. I've posted about it here before. Here's the table of contents (though this is a slightly older image) for an idea of what's in it. It's going to be just a "primer" for each of the topics I cover. I want a go-to document for people who are redpilled and bluepilled alike. Every word fact, every word cited. No speculation, just aggregation. The book will be something that a random normalfag can pick up to learn when he knows nothing, and something for us to use as reference (because of the citations) when we already know what it says and are trying to explain our topics to others.

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When it does happen, let it be 1929 all over again.

All things point to this as being totally necessary and inevitable, quite frankly I could not imagine a better historical outcome for national socialists than a recreation of the exact conditions that lead to Hitler's rise to power.

Trump is a globalist, zionist pig that knew how to pander and hilariously tear his opponents to shreds in a way that hadn't been seen in politics and inadvertently helped fuel a frenzy of far-right activity online that culminated at Charlottesville and for better or worse with it's autism, forcefully inserted itself into the mainstream sphere and broke the ice for that in a way that hasn't been done in decade. Every group, figure and website that attended that event has died by their own hand since then in various ways, and anyone here who fell for the fucking most obvious rule of democratic politics (candidates running for office make full of shit promises that sound good) and drank the MAGA kool-aid need to stop fucking around and realize that their boy hasn't and isn't going to deliver on any of the shit they daydreamed about 2 years ago.

Yank the rug out from underneath all it, the political tension in this country is reaching a fever pitch that in terms of visceral hatred between opposing camps that probably wasn't even as intense in the widespread riots and outright revolutionary activity of the late 60s, it just lacks the catalyst that the Vietnam war was to that era, or that 1929 played in the previous explosion of radicalism in the west during the 1930s.

To have the stock market implode and a gigantic meltdown of the global usury system would be transformative beyond description, in the age of hyper individualism and materialism, I think it would be totally worldview shattering to most people walking the streets to see all the happy horseshit idealist promises of the entire post-1945 world come to an end overnight and vanish in smoke. It would mean the simultaneous death of any legitimacy of the political lines of every mainstream political party or ideology, neo-conservatism and neo-liberalism would become words that solicit outright mockery or hostility from the majority of the population overnight. People would be totally stunned, as if their whole world is forcibly being wiped clean before their very eyes and it's now basically an open contest for any camp proclaiming 'not this' to fight each other amidst the death throes of the global, capitalist jew system.

If you want an idea of what this is going to look like in America, go look at Detroit now or New York from the 1970s, the urban decay and suffocating poverty, the every present threat of violent crime and lack of control, if you're in the countryside, think back to the 1930s when law and order totally collapsed and the law enforcement agencies that suffered the biggest budget cuts were the rural sheriffs, the fields and hills genuinely became outlaw country again and in the absence of pervasive law enforcement, the rural folk fell back easily into the old ways of 'mind yer business or I'll kill ya'. It means we get to be free again, if you feel stifled and paranoid now about glow-in-the-darks hovering invisibly over your existence, monitoring everything and waiting to swoop in, oh boy, it's gonna be a welcome change when they've lost about 30-40% of their budget and now have a hundredfold amount of truly radicalized people and groups to keep an eye on.

The bad days are coming back boys.

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Kikes would be stupid to crash it now because everyone is at least peripherally aware of the (((JQ))). With the media's now historic lack of credibility, I don't think they could shift the blame away from (((themselves))).

Fun Fact: zerohedge has predicted 13 of the last 3 crises!!!

Doesn't really matter if the goal is to rebuild strategic industries because it's going to require a big war to keep this turd afloat

Nice. Ive collecting Zig Forums works for a while with intention to do something similar. You should add chapter on French Revolution (jews destruction of monarchy, etc Nameless War and I think myth of german villainy have information on this, as well as other scholary books if you look) and the Red Terrors (Hungary, Spain and German Revolution) and Spanish Inquisition (might have this one in with Jews already, not sure what yours entails, youve probably seen or read about their aiding the muslim jihad, inviting across strait of gibraltar, running slave trade for them, being given governorship of conquered lands as muslims moved on, inquisition to find and root out jews and muslims hiding in power, etc). For WWI, if you dont have it, The Landman Papers, Balfour Declaration Reminder and the Malcolm Document are essential reading. Rare for anyone to discuss WWI. It's like it didnt happen in light of Holocaust industry and WWII.

You've got a lot on your plate as it is though. I'd love to read more if you have a preview copy or what not.

I use Scrivener for my book writing and organizing documents. Compiles to print versions, manuscripts, etc and any word or other doc type you want. I'm doing some work on climate change, reworked a piece I was doing when NPC meme blew up into an NPC Theory (deals with aphantasia, language, races, thought patterns, how blind and deaf people "think"/inner dialogues, etc), the destruction of physics and science by the cult of einstein (replacement of aether theory with pseudo science and unprovable theory and non-experimental or actual physics - all old newtonian science still works, no einstein phsyics works without supposition and "theory") and other current political correctness related topics, like diversity, tyranny of minority, destruction of education, dopamine loops for tech/social media "culture" and so on.

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Swiss central bank doing some insider trading before Apple stock drop.

This is the first time a central bank has more assets than the entire country. Funny money everywhere.

Deutsche Bank is nearing collapse, too. China is going below the 7 line. They've had smaller banks with runs. Their housing bubble is ridiculous (almost 80% of household a is assets n their houses, barely 20% rest of world). 50 million empty houses in the country. Ghost cities fucked housing market, they are barely holding it together as people are leveraging. Some areas had houses being sold for 30% less than market value, resulting in mass hysteria as home owners saw their own homes basically devalued at the same time. If trade war continues or any further instability, China is going to lose control of its population and take most of Africa and parts of Europe with its collapse.

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First time I've seen this take.

Wow I'm With Her now!

Dont be dense user.

Also, I hope you like tacos. Because that and burgers without the cheese are all your grandkids are going to be eating, and they will most likely speaking Mandarin to boot. All because of Trumps based tariffs. Think long and hard.

Trump is an honorary Jew. unscramble your mind mate

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stop thinking in terms of political rhetoric and trying to make yourself sound profound by acting like you have some profound insight that you're just not telling, when you clearly don't. goddammit you're stupid. you are the blackest retard gorilla nigger i have ever seen

go somewhere else you insufferable faggot

again making retard gorilla nigger statements with no supporting evidence or reasoning

You think we're in power? Hooo boy….

He means that those who pull the levers of the machine won't step out and face the light of day until they're ready. Basically the collapse happens when they want it to.

How come shills have been saying this for 2 years straight?

good luck with your based nationalism and those brilliant tariffs user. except that will include mexico and central america. meanwhile we lose control of all naval chokepoints and trade routes and get completely pushed out of eurasia. trump is making all of this too fucking easy for them.

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America is a dirty nigger country that doesn't belong in Eurasia.


The left are going to start it. The police will do nothing to stop it. It will be so visceral it can't be ignored - and it won't be televised but will go viral by word of mouth faster than anything seen before. And that's when the lid will fly off the pan as the bleating of sheep cry out in the millions realizing that it's a banana republic. That things are a little more serious than they're willing to handle. Then they'll go back to sleep. Then the revolution will begin by the hands of those who couldn't through whatever means they can.

another scaremongering article and i am not surprised at all
zerohedge is good at predicting a lot of things but along with that comes a lot of baggage

i'll buy a copy when you're fin. great chapter user



What would be improved by adding 40 million niggers and 70 million spics? Stay out where you aren't wanted.

east new york born and raised and i can tell you that if the u.s. ever resembles what it was like in that part of nyc in the 70s and 80s then it will be a hobbesian nightmare of all against all. the only thing that kept people from slaughtering each other outright was the Outside.
if there's no Outside then the Inside turns into hell on earth.

Does anyone believe that?
The vast majority of the budget goes to paying for negros, spics, mudshits, and jews.

there is a lot of book material out there but iv'e always considered doccos to be more effective to fence sitters and normies, the dimension of emotive music & strong imagery adds a greater kick to the message but the downside is you can't cram a docco with too much info. i'm looking into courses of basic animation and youtube video editing stuff to create a stimulating character to my docco, which is in its infant stages & which I want to turn into a Zig Forums project. first stage for me (which maybe you can help me with) is listing off all the topics & subtopic to focus on. I just think its a crime that a network like Zig Forums has not arranged creating a docco when so many individual creators who are slightly off the money make hardhitting productions. Zig Forums could almost create a series if we got our shit together.

lol natsoc

can we just gas them all?

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Not going to happen, if there is anything right, that is Trump's economy.

If the economy collapses it may be a blessing in disguise… Trump may just turn to basics and get busy doing what everybody who voted for him hopes for - getting the kikes gassed.

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That's the hope.

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ironic LARPing is still LARPing

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Economy is gay

Someone made something similar to what you are describing at one point or another. It used a modified BBC intro with the Zig Forums news network tag, had a Pierce monolouge about holocaust movies, some stats about immigration, etc. It ran about 20-30 minutes, and was very well edited. I don't know where you would find it now, but I would check the webm thread or the OC thread to see if someone has a copy. It seems like it would help you in creating ideas on editing and formatting what you would like to create in the future. I agree with you that film is a much more impactful media for most people because of the sensory immersion, so try and find a copy of the video if you can.

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Watch for a Gold Standard.
Only way to kill inflation.



Oh wow another subhuman that believes the Trump-Clinton false dichotomy

Good post

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What did he post?
His post has gone

Won't these are planned crashes. It will be a recession akin to '08 and people will get poorer and then get swept in some other social issue to distract they are living worse. Meanwhile people who catch onto the cycle get richer. (((They))) know they can't do it in one go, but just simply slowly chip away at our livelihoods until we are just endured servants.

death begets life, and life begets death. we are long overdue for an acknowledged death, so I say shadilay, let the crash come

Our government hasn't represented the people for fucking decades, and it is time they reap what they have sewn, fucking irate citizens.

You know, I weighed that in my mind for a while, but I decided that for the sake of normalfags I’d start the history portion with WWI, since WWII is the foundation myth of modern society and they won’t care about anything that isn’t directly related to their current lot. I will be at least mentioning how jews backed Napoleon because he emancipated them, of course, and tie that into how they backed him and then inevitably betrayed him by backing the British (and taking over the British stock market) in the end. That also lets me tie into historical records which talk about the jews’ “remarkable” and “fast” communication networks that ran between their ghettos, since Rothschild got advance notice of the outcome of Waterloo.

Thanks a lot for that source tip. I’d never heard of it. I’ll give it a look.

Jews backed both Napoleon and the brits, it's a jew war. But if Napoleon has won that war, maybe Europe would have peace since he's saner than the brits.

Napoleon is also sort of proto-Hitler considering his reactionary/revolutionary ideal (a mathematics Empereur!) and also fails due to a costly Russia invasion.

NK has to operate within its means, and its the best system there is.

The same.

Reminder this isn't the first time you screamed about the sky falling.

Napolean is an interesting topic because he originally hated bankers and refused to take loans from them.

The Louisiana Purchase came about because he did not want to take a loan for his army, so sold it for 3 million in gold. He struggled throughout this time as everywhere the Bank of England and Rothschilds influence was found in funding against him, regardless of who he fought in Europe.

Its not until Rothschild gold funding Wellington and his exile that his stance on bankers changed. This is where history goes afoul and Rothschilds make their fortune.

In 1815, Napolean returns from exile in Elba, backed by money from Eubard Banking House of Paris, a dramatic change from his previous stance decade or so earlier. Rothschild makes his historical stock market money convincing people who won and buying back low. A year later they create the 2nd bank of america central bank in America with the funding.

His emancipation of Jews in 1806 is misconstrued as his being in league with them. His public and private statements and present day Jews history of the matter say otherwise.

The Jews on him:

His refusal to take banker money to fund the army and his wars and the historical view by Jews suggest he was attempting to remove jewry with "diversity" and "enrichment" from multiculturalism. His actions were overturned and Jewish restrictions were reinstated shortly after, so it was not a lasting emancipation either and not a hard law that was kept in place after him.

But the return from exile might signal a change in his beliefs or a thirst for power or some other reason that alligned him with Jewish interests. He went from not wanting a penny from bankers to quickly taking their money and debt to fund a new army that would be the end of him and the beginning of the Rothschilds fortune. A 'lucky larry' moment. Unknowing pawn? Later conspirator? Just a thirst for power and sold out to grasp for glory again?

I'm not sure and havent read nearly enough about his later days to say one way or another. I'm quite certain, despite the emancipation of Jews in France, that he was not in their pocket or in league with Jews in the beginning. The entire war period had Jews against him and the banks actively funding his enemies at every step. He went out of his way and gave up colonies to fund his army instead of taking usury and enslavement from Jews. His private letters show a desire to assimilate Jews and drive them out of their evil practices - ethnocide for Jews and basically what they are returning to us in kind today.

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The lack of lasting impact of his actions towards Jews before his exile, his words, his actions and refusal to work with bankers conflicts with a narrative that he was pro-Jew despite the emancipation. His return from exile is a marked change in his behaviour. I believe its just power mad and revenge driven to get back at those that wronged him without knowing the very bankers he took money from are in league with his enemies. An unwitting tool used to perfection to conquer the Bank of England and later fund the central bank in America. But, again, I'd need more in-depth study on it. There's too many conflicting actions to be entirely sure. The current day negative view by Jews seems to conflict with a pro-Jew stance, too. They have no reason not to be happy about it or point to it as an example to the world on how to aid Jews/multiculturalism, but still go out of way to attack him.

For the significance of the period and actions, its been lost to the holocaust industry and rewritten history books. It's difficult to come to a complete view without access to older texts and shifting through historical documents - something I have no way of doing and no inclination to attempt at this time.

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(((they))) have already collapsed the electoral process, so who cares?
Blood is in the water.

Because he's been one a lot loner than 2 years, even Dr. Pierce called him out almost 20 years ago

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← Source

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I can't see a full crash happening. Not yet at least, they still have much more to do before they can crash the economy and have things return to their normal. The Jews and traitors have been coasting by because we're pacified with the luxury and comfort of modernity. TV, internet, games, sports, plentiful food and drink, cheaper entertainment and more keep us satiated, controlled and distracted. If that goes, which it would with a crash into a depression, its the end of their Marxist-Globalist project. Until the demographics are much worse, until the state is more armed and prepared, until there is some kind of UN army to invade and stop those like us, there will not be a crash.


I sincerely hope you are a kid and not autistic

Thanks for the feedback

Crash for the not me. Come on you know how the traitor class works by now don't you?

Not a single bankster got perp walked, no union was left behind, more brwns were brought in, and white reproduction rates crashed. Think they learned anything from the last crash? You bet, that they should try harder next time.

Yeah we know, but this is a planned demolition of the petrodollar. Dr. Ron Paul was right, it was always going to happen because of the nature of fiat currencies. The world is moving away from the dollar and going towards asset backed currencies. The issue however is that clinton and the cabal are not in charge of the demolition. Enjoy the ride.

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Eh. Red Devil; blue devil?
They both needed to burn for a long while now.

What about the Federal Reserve? What about fiat "funny money"?
Useless piles of paper. Colorful confetti. LOL


Sick of winning yet?

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income tax is unconstitutional no matter who are you are, subhuman nigger brain.

The red line on this graph, which represents increase in debt (private and public, corporate and household) is an upside down standard exponential function. If you draw the line out it puts the end of our current system somewhere in the mid to late 2020's. You all have until then to load up on assets who soak up value during times of deflationary implosion/ hyper-inflationary explosion. The latter is most likely as governments have always chosen to print their fiat currencies into oblivion, every time.

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Damn, this post enraged the shills. Well done.

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Bernie was right, you really want church donations to take care of a good chunk of the populations health care or join the rest of the industrialized nations.

he's probably worse