Pay ATTENTION to Congress

You don't think all these distractions are for nothing do you?

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Political parties need to be abolished.

What has the GOP done for gun rights for the past 2 years?

And yet there are still fags here who will tell you the GOP is going to help us somehow


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So LPK's (AKA spare fucking parts) would be banned?

like ar-15 parts kits.

What have they ever done for gun rights. They are at best fudds.

couldn't an assembled ar-15 be considered an "assault weapon parts kit" considering you could take it apart and have one?

A parts kit is where they take a gun that can't legally be imported and saw it in half. It is therefore no longer a gun but just a kit of parts.

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Dude, when engagement commences, laws will be the least of your worries. You mean to tell me this will stop you while it doesn't stop jamil and pedro? Talk about fail.

this is going nowhere retard


I honestly like the aesthetic of that kike FAL.

sounds white to me

What are you going to do about it.

And how are you going to do that when you're all a bunch of lazy assholes who're just going to sit idly by as your means of abolishing the parties and government is being taken away from you?
Most of you do not deal in illegal weapons, smuggling or intend to do that - nor do most of you know how to get them. You're just going to talk tough on your ass till you become Europe.

Yes you aren't going to win shit through politics, but you're going to lose even faster if you do not fight on that front aswell. The white man is under attack on all fronts, thus he must fight on all fronts, not just one like a tunnelvisioned autist full of fairytales and unrealistic ideas.

Overreact always, always overreact to the small things. Flay those that jab you gently, skin alive those that stab with small needles, that they never take the sword to your throat.
This is what your enemy does to great effect, exactly because you do not. You sit there and you take it, every little stab of the needle, drop by drop till you are exsanguinated.

I'll keep you guessing. ;)

Just don't implicate anything or anyone you support or agree with, if you intend to do something "stupid."

You should pay attention alright. Tronald Dump's coal agenda has been a gift. All that work to save marginal coal facilities has highlighted a bunch of marginal coal facilities. Take 'em down. Pass it around!

You can't be stupid, in battle.
That can only mean death.
>>>Zig Forums

What the christ is that font. What the christ is this thread. Where the christ is your actual link and content. Fuck off.

That's never been a good idea, has it?

What the fuck is this eye cancer font?
>to require homemeade firearms to have serial numbers, (((and for other purposes.)))
Kek. You have no power here.
>(((and for other purposes.)))
What the fuck does that even mean in legal terms? Can these kikes be more vague?

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lol natsoc

can we just gas them all?

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What the fuck is up on Zig Forums with the surge of these (1) and dump posters nowadays?
It's always some low effort kosher shit with anime.jpg

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Whats up with all the gun threads all of a sudden.

Just tell your congressman to pass a pro gun law before January.

because they butchered the end of its barrel ?

wtf i luv trump

Kill yourself Q-LARP

Killed the national reciprocity bill completely dead in the water after Vegas oh wait you said for gun rights, right, fuck

If this passed, fuck optics, I'm gonna start shooting.

What has the NRA done to expand gun rights in the last two years?


I had a similar argument with a pro-nra defender and they have no answer to this, the discussion was the 1934 act and no matter how hard you hammer the point that even though the NRA "fights" so that conservacucks lose "less" they will never ever fight to claw back some of the rights lost to such legislation like the 1934 NFA shit.
The NRA has done nothing, achieved nothing, and even supported the bump-stock ban.

The only thing you can do i is…

Keep resisting through normal channels
Keep carrying your pistol LEGALLY
Keep and maintain your LEGAL primary/secondary RahoWa (or your ghost gun 80%)
Keep and maintain your ammunition, mags, web gear/rig
…………………and then
Keep and maintain your Extra legal Equipment somewhere off prem. NO CELL TOWERS NEAR
role playing game 7 edition
Belt fed hogs
Suzi is a pretty goil
Mikails banana machine