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lol natsoc

can we just gas them all?

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Sure that's your dick ? Looks more like a pimple or at best an hairy nipple.



This thread has been up for over 30 mins. When will the mods delete it?

Pfft. Literal micopenis.

quality thread. right in line with what the current moderation is looking for. good job!~

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1. sage
2. global report

its not illegal, you fuckwit. also reporting reports is a bannable offense. as such, i just reported you :^)

With that sooper-close-up zoom I'm guessing we're the first lucky bass turds to have ever seen it.

never. so come to

Fed honeypot. come to mewch.net/pol/

I just want an imageboard with a large userbase of people that are ethusiastic about fucking imageboards. Mods that delete off topic faggotry and don't allow the place to get overrun with jews, feds and faggots.

ps. shills and subversive, "this is my job" horrendous wastes fucking up imageboards, pls go


Yes, and Nanochan would be precisely what you want if there were more users, which there will be eventually since 8cucks is turning into halfchan rapidly now.
8chode is dead. Long live Nanochan.

this is what i'm trying to create. i just need the userbase, first, then keep the kiddies out, second. high quality threads only. a "community" (i hate using that word) that is enthusiastic about creating OC, sharing novel ideas, media etc and generally lulzing. just come by mewch.net/pol/ from time to time. you'll see as i get it running. go check out my CSS. that's all me. I'm taking this place from the ground up. give me time. please have patience. please come help!

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How embarrassment.


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With a hairy microdick like that you are without a doubt a pedo.

I bet this is the same pindick jew that trolled Zig Forums with photos from "Bohemian Grove" a couple of years ago.