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Those tumors really need medical examination. Thank me later.

Nice fat roll faggot.

go to the gym you hideous beast

No fatties

Need silicon injection.

Poorly shaved, unusually veiny, and I can smell the fromunda from here. 2 stars.

looks like u r fondling a retarded, overweight frog.


this is no joke one of the better posts i've seen on nu-Zig Forums in the last few weeks. bump and kudos!

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Still up,along with "rate muh dicc",so to speak.

>definitely NOT OP here, let me just bump this thread to show how concerned I am

What did you bump it for you fucking homo? Christ.

why isnt this fucking retard banned?

bc this is exactly what moderation wants, user. come to mewch/pol/ the new bunker. its super-slow now, but that'll change. just give it a few weeks

Gay faggot, come to superior nanochan instead.

You missed


I'm the BO of mewch/pol/ you faggot nigger. have you seen the new CSS I've done? gtfo out of here with your fed honeypot

why is this still up?

How did we let this great thread slide to page three? Let's give it the ol' bumperoo and get it back on the first page with the rest of the quality threads.

Because OP is one of the few actually white people on this board.
Why arent you posting your scrotum? Is it too darkie, maybe?

because Chodekikey is a kike.

That's actually an esoteric metaphor for having a back-up plan. I know this because OP is white, and colder climate makes you think forward. Also, in case one testicle gets shot, you can still impregnate a woman with your other testicle.

Good thread OP, keep it up.

kikey likey ;)

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