(((NGO))) Teaches migrants how to trick ‘f***ing stupid’ EU border guards

>Ariel (((Ricker))) the executive director of Advocates Abroad, a major non-profit NGO which provides legal aid to migrants, has been caught on tape openly discussing how she teaches refugees to lie to border agents. The video was released by Canadian right-wing activist, author and internet personality, Lauren Southern, and will be a part of her new documentary film project 'Borderless,' which takes on the European migration crisis.
“I tell them this is acting, all of this is acting… for them to get through, they must act their part in the theater.”

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Lauren Southern
Twatter -mobile.twitter.com/Lauren_Southern/status/1062030780422008833
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amazon.com/Rationalis-Examination-Rationality-Legality-Identity-ebook/dp/B00HB7Y7Q8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1542170153&sr=8-1&keywords=ariel ricker


Only thing can stop this is right wing militia holding the border, can't trust the police, can't trust the government.

I wish we could send our esoteric immigrants there.
t. US

Looks good. Let's see more of this. Honesty is for dealing with decent people, whereas nationalists have many times over proven to be brutal degenerates who undermine the worth of their nations before God.

Ex-security turned chemist here.

It's not that they're stupid. As a guard, it's your job to follow orders and protocol – nothing else. In a sane world, they would have been taught that the migrant waves are little more than waves of an invading military force and that Europe is in a state of war. Instead, they're told they have to accept "refugees". The problem is, you can't turn them away without sufficient evidence of them being fakers (which they all are) due to pozzed rules and laws. So they just let them in (because that's easiest and the least inflammatory), which is what the rulers want and strive for anyway. Essentially, they, the invaders and NGO cunts, just manipulating a massive flaw in the security because muh universal human rights and globalist agenda. As long as we have kikes in power, nothing will change.

Nope, this is like a soldier killing people and said he's just following order, each security guard has his own conscience, if he did not wish for it to happen and do not allow it to happen, he would quit that job a long time ago.

I'll add:

Guards also have little to no autonomy. Your ability for action as one is basically binary by rule. I used to work as a bouncer. Where I live, I had to sometimes permit entrance to gangs as long as they weren't wearing colours/uniform.

that's actually a valid defense in most cases, though

Intuition pump: we know niggers are extremely likely to commit crime. But if you're club security, e.g., then you have to let them knowing there exists a high chance of them doing something wrong because muh anti-discrimination laws. If you let 30 in, you're virtually guaranteed to have at least one doing something illegal inside.

However, you'd be better off denying access to all of them because you'd avoid shitty situations and they don't have any money for the club anyway. You'd lose nothing. But muh laws.


Marxists exploit bureaucracy to achieve desired outcome.
Jews involved.

Except in cases where he needs the money more than he cares about right and wrong.


NGOs are a type of Trojan Horse to aid immigration and ultimately fragment the European societies.

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Unless you're Japanese or German.

Migrants flee terrible nations to go to great ones. This creates pressure for terrible nations to look like great ones OR ELSE. Don't you want to or else the primitives, Zig Forums? You people aren't going soft, are you? If the terrible nations get to keep their own most motivated and mobile people, they won't be or elsed at all.

Marxist groups focused on aiding alien immigration to white countries, really. They do it because they hate white people. In reality, they should be labelled terrorist organisations or convicted of treason.

And so many of them were created in the same year as the Balfour declaration, while gentiles were slaughtering each other in trenches.


Another trick by Lauren Shimonsen to hide the Jewry at work

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You literally lied in your post complaining about liars.

are you trying to imply that because Lauren is a zionist jew, that she cannot tell the truth and expose jewery?
They are a people divided, and the fracture points are our weapons.
Given that she is exposing white genocide, i'd say attacking her and her message more reveals your intentions, Chabad user.
Why don't you kill yourself? do us all a favour.

You do know they play both sides to steer people into positions they want. For example, be patriotic and love America just like zionists love Israel# See jews are based because they are nationalistic! All while keeping people away from who is responsible for preventing those from taking action from the shitskin hordes. It defend you missed the whole TRS shitstorm and how it revealed how degenerate and kiked they are.

Why do these people want to willingly destroy their own countries?

It seems*

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Hijrah is a muslim pilgrimage, not a subversion strategy. Don't spread disinfo

Cunts like this need a hammer to the skull. Having something between their legs that ressembles some form of aquatic life, shouldn't prevent you from cracking a bitch's head open. I think some white knight type faggots might have a problem with this, but it's where migtow weirdos could shine. EVERYONE, whose an enemy of White people needs to get it.

I love how they try to paint the defenders of Europe as the bad guys, as they help illegal invaders get into Europe.
They cry out in pain as they strike you.

Either you're dumb or they're really not sending their best here.

drive with a female in the passenger seat of your car and look at how they react. if there's a broken car on the side of the road they'll be like "oh my goodness," if there's a lost pet sign they'll be like "awww." they will audibly express concern over that shit.
if there's some grubby homeless fuck limping along the side of the road at a traffic symbol instead of getting a shower and their shit together the woman will want to give them a dollar, or two.
this is what they are like. they care for everyone regardless of circumstances. that the homeless guy is literally mental and would probably love to take advantage of her hospitality before raping her and putting her in a dumpster doesn't cross the woman's mind. if someone approached you on the street asking for help, would the following thought occur to you?
if so, you're a man.

now, what happens when people in political power are either a.) womyn or b.) cucks that bend over for womyn? you get mass immigration, the rape and murder of whites, and the destruction of your country. that's why people willingly destroy their own country, women are too damn nice and white men are too willing to go along with it. now as a result you can never vist paris without getting pestered by packs of niggers.

Ricker is a German name you mong.

Youre really bad at this.
The truth is spilling out, your tactics are failing. Soon a torrent of reality will absolutely crush you.

I'm not going to kill myself, Jew. I will endlessly expose you for what you are.

Why can't somebody just find this bitch?

You know, take her out (for seafood)…

Like 30 KILOMETERS out.

These weazenthals totally SHUT IT DOWN, too.

As if that's not an admission of guilt.

Last snap:

SAME LOOK. "Perfidy"

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This fucking bolshevik kike whore is a piece of shit

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The "er" suffix in a German name can always make it go either way to goy or jew tbh.

Hijrah means both going to Mecca and invasion by immigration.

To add on to this, for crying out loud Hitler ends with an "er" suffix.



Ricker can be a Jewish surname, and the facial features of the woman - Ariel Ricker, only add to the suspicion.

oh yeah I agree with you, and to add onto that I'm actually starting to get annoyed now with people only identifying kikes by their noses. I find their eye and forehead area (the upper third) to be far more distinct. A lot of other ethnic types out there have big, and or hooked noses, but the kike brow ridge is unmistakable.

Oh look, she has written a book.

amazon.com/Rationalis-Examination-Rationality-Legality-Identity-ebook/dp/B00HB7Y7Q8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1542170153&sr=8-1&keywords=ariel ricker

No it isnt. If you can quit and find some mcjob then you have a choice. And everything is better than being a zogbot anyway. Every. Thing.

It's a kike. She's selling shitloads of different books about the exquisite suffering of kikes on amazon.

ARIEL is a kike name.

Know them by their deeds.


Why isn't anyone else commenting?

This is pretty big.

The kikess is growing fat on Sorosbux.

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what a horrible creature. there's not enough holy water in the world to kill it

She's currently doing more to help expose the truth than you are with your shitposting.

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Yep or they try so hard to be a man they just end up being a dick to everyone. Woman are a huge political liability. You'll know it when Hillary's getting sworn in @ 2020. Because she's a woman is good enough for most women.

check out the partners page. One, some swiss rapeugee firm, has a cheatsheet for manipulating the authorities.

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They are not even hiding it anymore.
Good job user. Archived that shit.

Yep when Israel kicks out all the black people that's another fracture point. The shit they're doing to those Palestinians is beyond fucked up. If they care so much about refugees there's no group more worthy than the Palestinians.

The whole Arab world used to be allies, real allies not backstabbing phonies like Israel.

I bet you anything Israel is blaming America for the shit that's happening.