Chicago: Negro Armed Security Killed By Police for Detaining Real Shooter

Get ready for a chimpout.

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Pigs be racist and shit yo. Gonna kill a brotha because he had a glawk. Fuck da po-po.

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There's salt on #JusticeForJemel
Maybe there will be no chimpout because MSM will never cover this and niggers are too retarded to organize without MSM and dnc support. The left can't spin gun control because it was a nigger security guard who had the gun, and they'll probably avoid it like the plague even though it's anti-cop because the nigger with a gun actually stopped what could have been a mass shooting at this bar, with a gun.

gofundme already setup for goy farming

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i don't even think it was because he was a nigger. chicago is a no gun zone so the cops aren't used to people with guns, and cops shooting anything that moves when it's a small operation is nothing new, unless it's a school shooting or they're up against any semblance of opposition, then they just sit back and let it happen and wait for the reinforcements.

Crackas always tellin' brothers what to do. We ain't marchin' for some rent-a-cop nigga. Nigga should have just let them mofos handle de bizzness. They wuz probably just puttin' in work. We on dat Malcom X shit nigga. We got choppas and burners ain't no one gonna come in our hook and fuck with us.

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the way this looks the chicago PD shot this nigger 5 times in the back while he was posing no threat to them, no gun pointed in their direction, could just as easily been a white security guard

The one time it actually was a good boy who dindu nuffin. I hope Shit-Chongo burns to the fucking ground. I know it is cold, but bundle up, niggers. Go out and close the Dan Ryan during rush hour if you really want your voices heard!

I would pity the guard were he white. Fortunately I have a hierarchical morality, and all of these animals need to be put down one way or another.

(plane checked)
And nothing of value was lost

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So the responding officer shot the guard who apprehended the suspect, this would have been a tragedy if the guard wasn't a nigger. I'm getting ready for a comfy GloomTube stream of some Chicago riots.

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In my country there is a saying "if you fail at life, become a cop".

Hey, give Robert a break. Every day having to deal with his archnemesis male black. Nobody cares when a hundred niggers die in a weekend in Chicongo anyway, not even libshits.

Kek, the piggies fucked up again. I hope this causes a chimpout. Those pigs deserve it.

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It's fine, they'll start ignoring it the moment they take a deeper look.

Unfortunately it's too late in the year for a good one. If this had happened in July we could have had a whole summer of fun but as it stands I think this one might fizzle.

the kike media wont care much. they like drumming up the "yoof" ones or unarmed nigs getting shot while hes commiting a crime. bonus points if the nig is obviously guilty and violent, it helps them racebait, they know they can easily make niggers all jump on a bandwagon, and whites will say "but didnt he just rape/rob someone then resist arrest?" theres the conflict the jews can keep pushing. this one everyone would agree the cop was in the wrong for shooting an ARMED security guard and the media has no use for NRA republicucks agreeing with libniggers.


911 lol
your skin is your uniform. im really hoping he was a based MAGA nigger too.

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t. Yellow Dawd Demo-dumb Anglin


You're still complicating the situation too much user, it's really as easy as assuming the other perspective:
Two options remain: He's the shooter about to kill a man so shoot him before he kills the innocent (but actual perpetrator) or he's a security guard that subdued the shooter but if I'm wrong the innocent (but actual perpetrator) dies. What choice do you take in that scenario?

I hate this fucking meme, YOU'RE NOT IN AN ACTIVE WARZONE, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO FULLY RAIN BULLETS ON THEM UNTIL YOU MUST RELOAD. You only have to stop ONE person, you use everything and reload when you get home/police station.



I'd like to point something out. In the USA, in no state can non-law enforcement use lethal force to detain a suspect. Even if the guy just raped your kids and shot your wife, if police come to the scene and you are pointing a gun at an unarmed man you can get in trouble. (Though in such an extreme case you could pretty much kill the guy and that would be fine) The point is, detaining a suspect with a gun is a big no.

The black security guard here notably put his gun away and used his body to physically restrain the suspect. That's exactly what he's supposed to do. It's what they train non law enforcement to do. It's what they train law enforcement to recognize.

This case is one of the few times I disagree with the cop. The others both included shooting white women that had called for help and then the simon says guy at the hotel. Drunk on Vacation? The state can order you to do a whole bunch of moves and shoot you several times if you try to keep your pants from falling off.

Fuck this country. Anyone that thinks the police will side with the people in a civil war is insane. They will be exactly like Venezuela, that is, they will be one of the worst gangs in SHTF.


Damn it typo, I was referring to this post.

Hey now, this is still animal cruelty.

If there was no armed guard, then the shooting would have been much worse. The guy actually dindu nuffin wrong, just his job, and by the fact the he managed to disarm and subdue the guy alive, it sounds like he did a really good job, at that. Then he gets shot by some idiot who was shit at his job.

If you live in chicago you are a fucking fool, now, later, and forever.

cops despise security guards with the "nobody else does my job" shit while not actually doing their job…..
my city has the most corrupt police force and a good friend started working at a new security company and within months the police started harassing them.

They have arrested employees on assault charges (while false filing reports…..the security company presented witness statements and video evidence and the prosecutor moved for them to be dismissed)….two are facing 10 years for defending themselves with batons while being assaulted (they were hospitalized due to the assault and had a license to carry the batons and defend themselves with it)….finally they have revoked all of the owners security licenses and are currently trying to pull his business license. They show up daily and threaten him.

nigs are fucked on media coverage for this, both sides will want to memory hole it.
the left will memory hole because it's pro-gun
the right will memory hole because anti-cop
the side that cares is BLM but without the MSM behind it and without soros funding they won't do anything.
I'll bet twitter even deletes black twitter tweets about it.

i understand this situation but somewhere at police academy they must cover "their might be good people with guns, don't immediately shoot anything that moves". maybe that got overridden with all the mass shootings and cops getting shot during them, because in the end the police lives matter more than anyone elses.

If you actually have a concealed carry and try to stop one of these you better watch the fuck out for the police.

I'm not in favor of pussifing the police to the point you've got the UK police, and they need to stop hiring bottom of the barrel people for diversity reasons.

For the officer: give him 25 years in prison.
For the person who taught the officer: 40 lashes and 25 years in prison.

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So stupid to have a gun out while police responds to "active shooting", especially in these days. Also why have a gun pointed at an unarmed suspect when you have your knee on his back? Guy thought he can play the hero, forgetting in what kind of danger he still was. Next time either shoot the lunatic, or disarm and cuff him.

the solution it seems atleast for security guards is they should communicate much more with police.
security guards should be given police radios and trained how to use them as a condition of the business licensing and security guard licensing.

the police should be trained not to shoot the fucking security guards immediately.

of course the police will want nothing to do with this because it's slightly more work for them and it doesn't result in infinitely more funding for them or increased union retirement or pay benefits

police unions are a big part of this police corruption. all government unions should be outlawed. no government job, federal, state, or local, should be allowed to unionize, just like the military is not allowed to unionize (or leave their post/desert when shit hits the fan).

i don't even think it's the cops fault he did exactly what they trained him to do, shoot first and ask questions later with this mass shooting hysteria, don't try to negotiate and calm the other person down or stand off and figure out what is going on.

police training needs to be changed to account for good people with guns defending themselves, the police chief should be fired, and the nig's family deserves 100 million not for them but to punish the city for having incompetent police. The mayor and the police chief should be given 40 lashes.

Cops hate vigilantees the most.

kys, marksmanship is superior to magdumping and we all know cops go to stormtrooper academy. Also kill me for using a fagwars refrence.

reminder (pic related).
the police killed no-one, one woman was injured with broken glass the other woman got glanced twice.
8 police officers emptying their magazines into a vehicle and they don't manage to kill anyone.

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I used to live in Lemont. If you've been in that part of the 'land you'd understand why the cop would do this.

When they put in the 355 extension it lowered my blood pressure 30 points on my trips to Indiana. It's worth the detour not to deal with that shit.

For once the nigger actually dindu nuffin

Pierce knew this. In the Turner diaries, he predicted that the police would be the main counterrevolutionary resistance.

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How the fuck.

Were these cops also Israeli-trained?

Need info on the cop. Nog or what?

During the Dorner chase. See a truck matching the color and just start shooting. Nevermind them shouting burn it down when he was at the cabin and then denying they set it ablaze.

the lapd feared the dorner

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I believe this goes in this category

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Fuckin' great, this is going to start a shitstorm.

Alright that made me chuckle

this is the only name i've seen from a highly trustworthy source
i'm sure more info will be released after it has been effectively memory holed.

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Respects to based nog.

all signs point to yes.


as a royal-blooded white 'murican, it's shameful how badly trained our police are compared to the average citizen.
hell, kids who do nothing but play FPS at least know the fucking proper way the sight goes on
Deleted page.

At that point, the police should be showing up just to scrape his remains off the sidewalk, and you should not be "detaining" anything.

kill murder shoot assassinate blow


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Oil drillers get the rope too

This is bad, but if male niggers didn't commit 51% of the homicides while being under 7% of the population, they wouldn't get killed by pigs quite so much.
Fuck the pig too though, shame no one shot him for revenge. That would be a double treat.

Time, once again to circle the wagons around a dumb-ass murdering cop.
If the police were held to the same standard the people are half those fuckers would be in jail.

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>(((police))) still shoot him

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The climate is in such a mess that the only moral response is
Should not have kept the gun on his back after he had apprehended him.
Give the cop a medal

The cop should go to prison and the guard's family should be paid over ten million dollars for his wrongful death.

-t. WHITE security guard in training.

t. cuck

Yeah right when the NAACP start paying white families 10 million for every victim murdered by a black.


When the police arrived this nigger was probably immediately deemed an extreme risk due to the nigger race and so the police attempted to execute a gun forfeiture.

I remind you that extreme risk gun forfeiture is the law. The police did literally nothing wrong.

The police need to be stopped. Seriously tired of them making us all look bad. Our boys in blue arent our boys.

This is what bootlickers here unironically believe.

This isn’t entirely wrong, my buddy’s sister’s boyfriend was flipping pizzas and didn’t have a plan in life until he suddenly decided he wanted to be a cop. I assume this isn’t an isolated case at all.

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It's hopeless user. As bad as this is, Chicago is a shithole and cops have a shoot anything that moves policy for a reason. Cops have families too. There's no nobility or honor here, it's kill or be killed.

Classic Chicago tbh.

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Cops need to learn to fight with their fucking fists like back in the old days, then they wouldn't all be trigger-happy chuckle-fucks.

Past tense. Don't assume his tense, shitlord!

yea boi dem cops gotta punch dem glawk boolets it aint no thang, we'ze gud bois

You're absolutely wrong. There are several states where "stand your ground" applies to stopping the commission of a felony from happening around you. There are several states where Castle Doctrine applies to your vehicle.

yup. Not all of em are bad. I still don't want them in my ethnostate though.

The cops are at fault but also are at fault:
The diversity problem is the biggest cause because a polite and crimeless society has relaxed cops who don't feel forced to jump to conclusions the thousanth time it is another nigger with a gun. Without diversity we would be peaceful.

Waiting to see the color of the cop here.

Many lulz if it was a shitskin.

AAAAAHHHHHHHH Nuke Commiefornia, JewYork, Chicago, and Jew Jersey also outlaw the ATF!!

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Are you a volunteer?

A nigger with a gun is like a dog with rabies.

In state that occupy my country police is only ZOGbot branch where they reject candidates that score too high IQ on tests

of course the cop wasnt white. if he were white, do you think anyone would hesitate to spread it all over media?

This is kinda sad I mean he was innocent after all