La creatura…

la creatura…..

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Hi jew

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sage for youtube


Fuck you faggot, we might be 56% but America is feared by all of Europe

But all white Americans are pure. Are you worried about the trend of whites uniting together despite borders? Stop projecting on Zig Forums and talk to your rabbi. Here enjoy a nice white family. While you are posting your nigger dick cartoon porn collection, whites are making lots of babies.

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Looks like whites are having a grand ol' time crossbreeding with asians according to your first picture.

imagine being a mutt without culture and ethnicity


Imagine being so triggered by a simple modest white family that you had to switch ips and reply twice. Enjoy some more wholesome white fams.

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imagine being such a mutt ameriscum that you get assblastedly triggered by the word 'ethnicity' and 'culture'

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In just 200 years whites in America alone created more culture than Jews have in over 5000 years. Hell even our outcasts created the cowboy culture which in and of itself is superior to anything Jews created.

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You are a bit off, (((friend))).

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Sorrey, but last I checked, outside of Asians, whites are literally the only people with any sort of culture. You jews, blacks, and Muslims literally haven't made any contribution whatsoever. I can't think of a single thing that non-Asian/whites have come up with, not one.

not fooling anyone by ip hopping.

You are the same assblasted kid spamming those stock images in the other threads lmao. Nice arguments mate, sure disprove reality and don't make you look seething at all

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Hi reddit!

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Yeah you are right.. posting all of your fetish cartoon porn doesn't make you look upset, insecure or unstable at all. Why do white families fill you with a sense of dread? They are stock photos because it took me about 5 seconds to have an endless supply to trigger you Levi. Enjoy.

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Why do american cringefags always think that anyone besides amerimutts identifies as white in the old world

e.g. frenchman first, "white" second (according to american law, white includes sandniggers too, the correct term is aryan or european, since japanese are also whiteskinned and some sandniggers too)

you are see through m8. You accuse me of being from reddit, but you use classic shill shit. Northern and southern European, are no different than white man and white man. You aren't actually Italian, Spanish or anything, you are the cuck race, the jew.

Want proof? as soon as your 6 million inch black dick memes weren't working you went to D&C memes. You are a termite, your people are termites.

more ip hopping, you are so boring show us more of your cartoon porn collection, maybe simpsons or family guy?

is this the power of amerimutt iq?

im on mobile data u retarded mutt


Also assuming you are a real Frenchmen (you aren't) you realize skin colour is only one gene right? white is a grab all term, if you weren't the samefag you would know this.

a phone posting jew, with at least 10gb of cartoon cuck porn :"). Truly amazing.

naah, european is, sandniggers arent white retarded mutt, they may be caucasian but id kms before armitting them as "white"

White=European anyone else is being disingenuous.

Nobody ever calls the Japanese white, despite many of them having light skin. You are just a weak jew arguing semantics, trying to change definitions of words but you can't. Your people turned your own God against themselves.

Aryan=white=European=Caucasian you will have to consult your rabbi, no more obfuscating the truth by using synonyms.

Sandniggers such as the persians used to be white before being defeated by islam. This is why many sandniggers appear white, because some of them are.

not according to nordicists or the american goverment, thats why i made the distinction between european

the point is white culture or language dont exist, ethnic cultures do, what you americans lack

sandniggers were aryan
cringe amerimutt larp

Yet Cowboy culture (which is just one subset of American culture) is superior to anything you Jews have made in 5k years. You can't use the enthicity arguement because that is like saying Kenyan people and people from the Democratic Republic of the Congo aren't black. They are Kenyan and Congonian. I guess Japanese, korean, chinese aren't Asian either right?

How can you call the pure white Americans who are 100% pure on average mutts? What are jews? A conglomeration of many different races. You are the ultimate mutt.

Islam made them arab and Muslim, some of them. But Iran is still mostly aryan, and we will be on their side agaisnt (((you))). Iran remembers, and so do the rest of us. I feel like I'm in an arguing with Jews sim. The way (((you))) ignore important points, move the goal post, and post porn. No wonder a certain painter grew to hate (((your))) kind.

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does your amerimutt ass understand that irish culture has almost nothimg in comon with ukrainian culture

10/10 delusion

You mean except for a very similar pagan religion, very similar culture, and nearly indistinguishable genetics? Okay, Kike.

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Call it "White", call it "Europoids", call it "Caucasians" it still is the same subspecies with no distinct enough genetic boundaries between ethnic subdivision. Go DnC somewhere else.

I knew mentioning our brothers in Iran would upset you.

we are talking about modern concepts of ethnic culture, not long extinct pagan traditions

Iran will occupy isreal by 2028.

man ur dumb


persians were aryan once, not anymore sorry

You cannot Distinguish Europeans via genetics. You can arbitrarily say one gene is Irish, one is slavic, but you cannot say for sure. Especially since you will have many Irish possessing slavic genes and many slavs possessing Irish genes. They are all part of the Aryan race, sharing common ancestry, culture, religion, and DNA. Try to look at a French man and a German man's DNA and decide who is who. It is indistinguishable, you point to cultural variations, and all that does is illustrate that Aryans are a truly diverse people, with endless amounts of art, culture, language and science.

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The average Iranian is more white than you, Levi.

never forget: you're here forever

Jews are not white, and never will be.

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Found the mutt

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everytime these amerimutts, everyone here looks down on them and their mcdonalds degenerate culture, usa is literally the center of jewry, degeneracy and muttification