Homosexuality in the (((Soviet Union)))

I know it's from Jewkipedia, but this is a quite interesting summery of how certain goyim would turn against their own (((masters'))) propaganda given enough time. I'm not saying they were based, but still you can never underestimate the radical shift of Stalinism back in the day, modern commies know fuck all about their own ideology and yet they still keep lying. Now let's take a read:

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For those who are too lazy, here's a continuation:

A 1964 Soviet sex manual instructed: "With all the tricks at their disposal, homosexuals seek out and win the confidence of youngsters. Then they proceed to act. Do not under any circumstances allow them to touch you. Such people should be immediately reported to the administrative organs so that they can be removed from society."

Imprisonment for male same-sex sexual intercourse and government censorship of homosexuality and LGBT rights did not begin to slowly relax until the early 1970s. Venedikt Yerofeyev was permitted to include a brief interior monologue about homosexuality in Moscow to the End of the Line (1973). Perhaps the first public endorsement of LGBT rights since Stalin was a brief statement, critical of Article 121 and calling for its repeal, made in the Textbook of Soviet Criminal Law (1973). These references were characterized as being brief statements in a novel or textbook and were made by heterosexuals. Vicktor Sosnora was allowed to write about witnessing an elderly gay actor being brutally murdered in a Leningrad bar in The Flying Dutchman (1979), but the book was only allowed to be published in East Germany. When the author was gay and, in particular, if they were seen as supporting gay rights, the censors tended to be much harsher.

Russian gay author Yevgeny Kharitonov illegally circulated some gay fiction before he died of heart failure in 1981. Author Gennady Trifonov served four years of hard labor for circulating his gay poems and, upon his release, was allowed to write and publish only if he avoided depicting or making reference to homosexuality. In 1984, a group of Russian gay men met and attempted to organize an official gay rights organization, only to be quickly shut down by the KGB. It was not until later in the Glasnost period that public discussion was permitted about re-legalizing private, consensual adult homosexual relations.

And that's all goyim folks!!! You see how baste communism used to be?! ;^)

Homos "useful" for the demoralization phase. Not normalization phase.

America stuck in demoralization phase btw. Soviets were chipping away and then suddenly crumbled…leaving a bunch of clueless Professor fags to drag down the culture into further depravity, without any masters to clue them in on the real plan.

modern western marxism has almost nothing in common with the soviet socialist policy.
in case youre new, the soviets enacted programs in the US and western Europe to subvert and destroy the moral and cultural fabrics of western society so that the whole society would collapse.the only problem was that it while it took effect in the 60s, it didnt have real results untill the late 80s when the USSR was already collapsing.
the russians didnt accept the liberal marxist policies like homos and anti-establishment crap in their own country, it was suppost to be a weapon against the capitalist west.
the irony is that now 50 years later they succeded and the west is trying to spread its degeneracy to russia.
this is probably the biggest prank gone wrong in modern history


Stopped reading there. Converged, kike-controlled.

Yuri Bezmenov and E Michael Jones really complement each other well in this regard, you get the full spectrum.

Yuri gives us the practical analysis of demoralization, E Michael Jones gives you the spiritual side of the process, plus some based extras because he didn’t die prematurely of a (((heart attack))).

Gays and trains are either non-breeders who do not effect long-term human evolution, or they are victims. Victims who can be saved.

I recommend we view white people, even soyboys and fags, as blood-kin, and spare them. Any persecution will just backfire.The "yikes" heard 'round the world.

Keep focused on real enemies.

We don't save garbage user. I wouldn't save a faggot any more than I would save a coal burning whore.
What the fuck are you thinking?

Well said user, keep BTFO'ing (((TOR))) users.

Agreed user, why remove part of the disease and keep the rest?
All degenerates must go

The benevolent must have mercy. There is a difference between what they do because they are foolish, and what others do because they are deliberately malicious.

It's hard to know what is right and wrong in this world. I don't want to make any mistakes. Especially mistakes that backfire. Maybe they can't be saved, but even so, I can't judge them as guilty enough to deserve any sentence. The brainwashing upon our children and upon ourselves is why the red pill can save them, just as some of us here might once have believed foolish, wrong things.

Not many are born into a world of truth and clarity: Instead, lies and deception ensnare us from the very beginning. That's why there is a chance they can have redemption, and if not redemption, at least they can have mercy.

It's easy to know what is right and what is wrong. Only a piece of shit degenerate scumbag has problems knowing how to be righteous.

So if you had cancer and the doctor was going to remove the whole tumor, you would beg him to leave part of it so that you could experience Death the proper way at cancers hand? No user. This is a radical surgery to save the patient's life, not cosmetic surgery. Faggots are completely immoral, pedophile disease bearing degenerates. I do think it is funny that you think 'the world' would care. No one really likes you guys (except yourselves) this is why you need such huge PR machines to push your agenda on Heterosexual culture. No one likes you or wants you around.

Logic is a difficult field of study and I sympathize with your plight.

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At this point, I become aware that you are a fool with no mind.
If you lack benevolence and mercy upon your own blood, then you are a sick fool, and your wrongness is self-evident.

My enemy is the usurper and corrupter. The corrupted will die on their own, so that I do not have to:


Yes, unlike you, i will not slay my own kin. You are lower than a dog. I go to war against true enemies. Not the brainwashed victims who were forced into schools of degenerate indoctrination since the time they were little children.

Have mercy, because no one is guiltless. Especially a murderer of kin.

It's important to understand that as Stalin consolidated his position in the Soviet leadership, jews started biting the dust.


I agree with the 00000 guy. The nazi-ism is being promoted to keep everybody who's on the same page divided. So I'm half Mexican and white and want to restore our country and keep the first and second amendment

This is a club for whites only. We are however anonymous, so if you are not white, enjoy the benefits of anonymity. Else you are like a woman, always eager to attract attention to yourself.

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How have fags displayed 'benevolence' towards their own flesh and blood? By spreading disease and raping our children? By lowering the age of consent and spending our children like water in foreign wars for your own amusement because you have no STAKE IN THE FUTURE? ALL OF YOU DESERVE TO DIE. You are not 'our flesh and blood' you are aberant and diseased sexual predators. There is nothing 'normative' about your homosexual agenda or your lifestyle.

Do not dare accuse me of being in that group.

In fact, your immorality and degeneracy is far more severe than even the most prideful fag. Dd you think no one will notice how you twist words to manipulate this conversation towards your own agenda?

You are not fully aware of truth. The righteous clan sticks together, and the strong are to protect the weak and the meek.

I will say it again:
The strong are to protect the weak and the meek.

Do not violate your role, warrior.Your brutality must be focused on the true enemy, and if you strike a white man or woman, you are a traitor. A traitor.

If the caricatures help you sleep at night, whatever, but don't muddy the waters by thinking opinions, conjectures, categorical errors and logical fallacies are facts.

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What a faggot. LMAO.
I am not a traitor to my own flesh and blood when I remove the parasites from within the populace so that it cannot be preyed on by your sickness anymore.
Fags are not part of Heterosexual Culture. You should go form your own faggot Ethnostate…know why you don't?
We are going to purge your 'type' from the Earth and continue purging you whenever your 'tendencies' appear in our people. You are not going to corrupt the Earth anymore.
WE ARE GOING TO HAVE MERCY ON OUR OWN YOU FUCKING FAGGOT…and part of that begins with eliminating you forever.

Nothing is going to save you fags from what you deserve.

Most humorously, you claim to oppose culturally leftist thought, yet you accept the liberal belief that sexuality can be categorized into 'homosexual' and 'heterosexual' categories. There is no such thing as a heterosexual, nor a homosexual, unless you accept these concepts, which derive from leftist social theories. The subversive kike and notorious filth-monger Magnus Hirschfield had quite a hand in popularizing such ideas.

I bet you also believe the laughable notion that attraction is a purely formed by nurture, and thus if only you got rid of all the fags, there would be no more of them, which is yet another leftist idea.

You are clearly deranged and a traitor to your blood.

I know my enemy, I know my allies, and I know and understand that the victims of this world end up mgtow, r9k, fags, or as leftists.

But those victims are kin, whether or not I like it, so I will show them mercy.

The unfit will die without reproducing.
The true enemy will be known and defeated.
And our victory will remove the source of the corruption. There is no point in fighting the pawns: The game is over when the king falls.

I believe that your 'kike explanations' for your degenerate behavior won't save your life. And I am not going to 'argue' with you about what has to be done, I know this is a leftist faggot bait thread to try to provide your fucking sick 'reasons' why you should be allowed to exist in Hertrosexual Culture.
LMAO. I am going to really enjoy seeing every last one of you PURGED.

No, it is not, you fucking retarded faggot. You know nothing of history (certainly not the history of chess).

Openness, tolerance, and sexual deviancy are only possible in populations that have never gone hungry. This simple fact is etched into the bones of the organism. Deeper than any pilpul can reach.

All men can join with women and have children. A proper family. Put in scientific terms, all males can breed with females to produce offspring. There is no such thing as homosexuality.

And I do not trust that Europeans are simply weak: It is brainwashing.

It is suspicious that children are forced under threat of fine or violence, to go to a government school, and the coincidence deepens when they come out not just as fags, not just as leftists, but as depressed, demoralized people with no will to live or create families..

I do not care if "sometimes a person is just born naturally gay."

That is not what is happening here. It is deliberate manipulation, indoctrination, and brainwashing. They are forced onto drugs, told by psychologists that they have adhd, autism, bipolar, homosexuality, and whatever else: And it is somehow bigoted to speak the truth: But here is the truth They lie.

All of those things are made up, and none of it is true. They invent words to manipulate your children, and us when we were children.

But we are men, and we are strong by our very nature. Unless deliberately crippled and brainwashed by drugs, degeneracy, and utter foolishness. But that will only hinder us. Not defeat us. Because we are not just strong: We are smart and we are courageous..

And do not think you alone were spared: We are all battered by this war on our very lives and future. But we will win, and we will be guiltless, because we will not strike our own people.

We know our enemy.

I have gone hungry three times (almost starved) in this life…I have learned my lesson so thoroughly that nothing will change the way I feel. No more 'forgiveness', no more 'mercy' and no more 'tolerance'…it is fucking REPULSIVE to me at this point.

You will 'win' by losing because you will tolerate parasitic predation within your own people.

A common enough experience with the simple minded.
Straight out of the vocabulary of Cultural Marxism
Do you mean to say that they will die? Because all men die. Or do you mean that they will not have children? Because most men throughout history have not had children. Furthermore, 'fags' throughout the world bear children with their wives. Think of all the Amish 'fags' that have large traditional families, and all the Italian Catholic 'fags' that have large traditional families, and all the Muslim 'fags' etc.
And what will you do the next generation? And the next? You will have to set up a reign of terror like in the Middle East where if suspected of this evil sin, one is thrown from a rooftop or hung by a crane. That could very well be you, if I testified that you were one of them. And whites will not abide by such injustice. Bringing us back to square one.

'Homosexuals' are men. Men can breed with females to produce offspring. Thus, 'homosexuals' can produce offspring. Throughout history, men of all personalities have supported the ideal of a family as you describe.

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And what will you do the next generation?
And the next?
Until you are purged from the gene pool. I have no use for the Sin (moon; variable faggotry) anymore.


They knew you wouldn't be a fag, so they taught you everything wrong. They knew you wouldn't be a leftist, so they taught you everything wrong.

They knew you'd make the perfect fool and traitor, so they taught you incorrect facts, insane religions, and illogical logic. They broke you, and they broke many. Just as you look like a fool with your capslock key, hand ow you clearly lack self awareness beyond the most basic level, you were indoctrinated on purpose to be a degenerate.

Not gay, not communist, but a traitor. I swear an oath of vengeance if you strike a European. I will not tolerate more harm upon my kin. There is not enough time left to play these games. You have no idea how far ahead they can plan.

Control your emotions, dog. Focus your mind and know your true enemy. You are a man, and you are not just strong. You are smart. Act that way, and be a proper European. We do not murder our own.

You are welcome to become a Muslim or a Jew. It takes just a snip. How will you go about purging these people from society? Surely, they will just hide from such a powerful and menacing authority such as yourself. You sound like a tough and scary guy over the Internet, I bet you'll just get rid of all the degenerates and leftists, and when they're gone you won't be able to tell the men apart by what's in their heads. The inability to control everything must drive you nuts sometimes. The thought that other people might not be just like you.

You are repetitive and obnoxious.

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We do purge parasites from our people. You are not going to convince me that you deserve to live so that you can prey on what is innocent any longer. I am sick of you and your 'type'. You are the problem on this Earth and it has become intolerable. I can't wait to see you dead. YOU ARE NOT 'MY PEOPLE' you are a people to yourselves. FAGGOTS, DEGENERATE, SCUMBAG, PARASITES.
They didn't teach me anything…everything I learn I learned from YOU.

I am welcome to become a faggot kike like yourself? Gee, why didn't I think of that? The answer was so clear, right in front of my face…Jesus Christ I am dealing with complete retards who don't even know where the biggest HIVE OF FAGGOTS on this planet reside. LMAO.

This must be that 'Ashkenazic genius' I keep hearing about.

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The sort of man who today is a tranny, a fag, or a leftist could, in a proper society and culture, be a tailor, a painter, a creator of charities, or any other decent profession. Not everyone is the warrior class. Some are scholars, some are inventors, and some are family men, and only care for their family, without a hint of aggression or masculinity: Until the invader crosses the threshold.

Europeans are not weak, and we do not need purging. Mother Nature and the cruel scythe of evolution is enough.

There are worse things than a feminine man. I nod to the French, when it comes to that. But there are certainly worse things.

To be a fool, to be a brute, to be a coward, to be a traitor.

I don't have to be a genius to be ethical, faggot. But what would you know about that? Right? Do you really dream in your 'down time' (unpaid) that the NAZI's loved faggots? How quaint.


The only reason France doesn't have many warriors now is that they all got killed in WW1. Same goes for other countries.. although some were smart enough to migrate to America in the previous centuries.

The reason Europe is full of fags and shopkeepers is that was all they ever were before. They just weren't dominant.

You aren't really talking to me, you're talking at me. Your posts hold no substance, they are nothing more than virtue signals to indicate that you are ebigly based. You claim to be ethical, yet you know not whence these ethics derive.

You add nothing but empty platitudes to what could have been an interesting discussion.

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That is probably because this is no longer 'a discussion' for me but is something that is inevitable and I won't be changing my mind. It is boring as fuck for me as well, so perhaps we can drop it now. I won't be happy until fags are dead and you won't be happy until the entire planet has AIDS or something worse from your faggotry (aka dies from faggots).

Not how this works, pedro.

Fuck off, faggot.

*make the body


This is one instance where reddit spacing gave the faggot away. Go home, yid.

Exactly. Bugchasers are not welcome here.

Pretty much. It's used to drag the populace down. By popularizing it, normal people feel alienated to the point where they distance themselves from the public sphere. Additionally, there's the homosexuals themselves who cause riots and discord among the family unit. Remember the activist who chased Tucker out of a restaurant? He was a latino sodomite.

Most of them are activists who act against nationalists. They can easily be controlled by others since they can't control themselves. That goes for everyone else.

Great frigging quote user.

Jewtin smartly outlawed it and the increasing muzzie faction wont stand for it either. Faggots are only given a voice in white countries. As majorities decrease so will their influence.

I don't care to read filth, but I think you should shitpost this in leftypol for some lolz. Do it seriously though, they'll gobbled it up like a bunch of faggot, retards.

Wouldnt be so sure of that. These fags crossed a major red line when they began converting kids into freak shows.
All of this faggotry is given breathing room because american society is still technically a first world country. Soon enough that wont be the case especially when the imported hoards of subs loathe them as well.

Good point. Rather than trying to rape and poz our kids maybe they should have spent time making sure that this nation wasn't being flooded with violent fag hating spics who know how to peel someone's skin off in one piece using a blowtorch. Fags aren't know for their foresight because their nature is one of hedonism, making them LESSER creatures than Hetros who have to plan for the future rather than fritter away their days on sexual deviance and giving each other prolapsed anuses via fisting in gang rapes.
In the end who really cares what happens to faggots they are like I said, lesser beings without discipline or the ability to delay gratification…so basically they are nothing other than White Niggers.

It's just that by the 40s, they realized that you cannot have a strong state when faggots are allowed to do whatever they want. It's just a brute fact that homos destroy everything, same as women, which is why they had to be reined in. USSR ended up putting aside a lot of the ideological shit for practical reasons.

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN


Many people bring up the decriminalization of homosexuality and the removal of age of consent laws in 1922 as evidence of the Bolsheviks' "progressive" attitude towards kiddy-rape and faggotry. While age of consent laws were abolished in 1922 and homosexuality decriminalized, this was the work of a small committee of individuals. When the "Left" Socialist-Revolutionaries pulled out of the Justice Commissariat in protest of Brest-Litovsk, the drafting of the new code went primarily to a handful of Bolsheviks who had taken over the Justice Commissariat and the Institute of Soviet Law. Most of these people were also heavily involved in the 1919 trial of pedophile-priest Bishop Palladii, which itself is a testament to how Bolshevism viewed men and boys fucking. The original documents under review, written by Kozlovskii, actually did have references to age of consent and kiddy-rape. Exactly why they were removed remains obscure.

There is certainly nothing in anything Lenin wrote that would lead one to the conclusion that the Bolsheviks were pro-faggot. In fact, the opposite is the case. The German communist Clara Zetkin wrote down Lenin's remarks on various topics relating to women and sex, which seem to backhandedly speak of homosexuality. To quote the relevant parts:

While faggots are not mentioned specifically, one would have to go through mental gymnastics to conclude that Lenin doesn't have in mind faggots, along with other sexual degenerates. And just as Lenin predicted the total parasitism of Western Europe, he has basically outlined how the pro-faggot movement won acceptance from the imperialist bourgeoisie of the West; they used a 'sex theory' to win acceptance from bourgeoisie society, namely the lie that people are born faggots. Probably most importantly, Lenin said this shit should not be allowed into the party.


You support ZOG i see
I think it is good that the soviets did it, it did the biggest damage to the ZOG as possible

This is where he's wrong. Christian "original sin" nonsense.

>tfw present commies aren't even remotely against (((capitalism))) when they still support its promoted degeneracy while claiming the same (((capitalism))) "hates" femicunts and the LGBTQABBQAYYLMAOBENIS+ community
I was never really that surprised to begin with.

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The love of communism by retards like /lefypol/ is some shit fad. They don't understand shit about communism. They truly believe the nonsense about seizing the means of production. They don't understand how communism simply creates fewer, but significantly wealthier and more powerful plutocrats who own the means of production under the guise of the gov owning them.
They truly believe the means of production would be given to the people.


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Have another bump.

fags to gulags lmao
this whole time rectal reamers were the real nahtsies mind blown

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Bumping again.

Confirmed Soviet commies were the original cuckservatives, lel.

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Stopped reading right there, you fucking Illiterate swine.

Based Stalin sending fags to gulags.

I'd suck her cock, homo

kikes were alrready in power after the soviet revolution
the last thing they needed was a horde of degenerate faggots spreading STDs and normalizing the kind of promiscuity that does not produce baby goyim for kikes to rule over
had they allowed fagotty to run loose, births would have declined and STD mortality rates would have climbed, not to mention the fact that emasculated faggots are the shittiest storm troopers and kikes still needed a kinda competent testosteron filled horde of mongolian savages to zerg rush yurop
faggots thought they would be in power
but that would never happen
they knew to much
so they were lined up against the wall

If giving up ass, you give it up to all? Or your ass was made to produce ass for all?




TORkikery never changes.

"Warrior? Can you stop larping? This isn't after school dnd

Go home shill. You're trying to hard

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