Bill That Would Allow Social Media Checks Before Gun Purchase

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Two New York lawmakers are working to draft a bill that would propose a social media check before a gun purchase.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and state Sen. Kevin Palmer’s proposal would allow authorities to review three years of social media history and one year of internet search history of any person seeking to purchase a firearm.“A three-year review of a social media profile would give an easy profile of a person who is not suitable to hold and possess a fire arm,” Adams explains.

The two are hoping to identify any hate speech on social media profiles, which are often revealed only after someone is arrested in a mass shooting.“If the police department is reviewing a gang assault, a robbery, some type of shooting, they go and do a social media profile investigation,” Adams said.

There are some logistical concerns as free speech and gun rights complaints are likely to come up. Though, Adams and Palmer say it is doable and needed.

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Truly desperate.

This is even worse than having no guns at all. You will end up with a situation in which the only ones armed are ANTIFA, MS13 and the random Niggers the FBI feed guns to. And the worst part is that everytime one of these groups guns down whites - it will magically be used to justify more gun confiscation.

Dark days ahead friends

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You deserve this.

Facebook has been around since mid 2004. And it has had prominence in social circles since about 2009ish. Most of these kids who have been indoctrinated by the machine have unwittingly signed their own warrants. How you can hold those who have known no other world accountable seems pretty unfair. It's easy to know when you are in the know.

Unfortunately for all of us - the battle over the fate of the internet is the battle we are really here on this Earth for. Not a battlefield of bullets but one of propaganda. We are the velites of the legion not the hastati. And it is on the backs of the next generation that all will be won or lost. The generation who is unwitting slaves to social media from their retard parents and the social pressure placed upon them in this modern world.

Social media background checks will be memed mandatory everywhere and everyway they can

Always use TOR.

No faggot it's a battle of bullets but you just want to live

Obviously it isn't mongoloid. Otherwise we would be out there shooting bullets opposed to inanely arguing online. Your point falls flat in lieu of the fact that you are even here typing it to begin with.

Reported. You have exposed yourself.

I think this is a great idea.

Not seeing any downsides here because it's a position that is not only extremely expensive to execute given the overhead and complexity, but completely fails to make any difference and a legal failure.

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That's pathetic.

Yes, you certainly are.

I'm not the mouth breathing faggot who has to put words in his opponents mouth to make a point. You belong in a field scaring away pests, not trying to sound smart online.


Everybody with even a fraction of a brain should have purged all social media, or created dummy ones that have nothing interesting.

Screw your bullets the optics of this are worth going in for.

Think of this as a view as to how the future will unfold. This is exactly what the Chinks Scoial Credit Score is for.

The gun grab was always an esoteric metaphor for reducing anonymous pro-White debate to endless variations of "no u".

I actually have a life

I did not say once voting matters. This shit is happening under a majority Republican government. Obviously voting is not a solution - but why does that make convincing more Whites to come around retarded? It isn't about voting it's about consolidation. The system itself has to go - who the fuck can you vote for so that happens?

Guns are worthless polictically without a civil war/collapse.

As a line of demarcation politically, guns are the definitional point between communism and freedom.

Sage I roll those dubs and no recognition?

Reminder: Democrats are stealing multiple elections in broad daylight so they can do this:

nice article faggot

Yes. We've had plenty of guns for decades. Every time we've needed to use them, everybody says "you first" and continues watching sportsball while America keeps getting browner. Civil War 2 is an esoteric metaphor for White people screaming at each other on anonymous image boards while they go extinct.

You don't even need to subscribe to get the point. The Democrats are currently stealing multiple elections in broad daylight for one purpose and that is confiscate weapons. And you will just take it like a bitch as usual.


And what happens when someone doesn't have social media accounts, hmmm?
They already have your search history, because they subpoenaed your ISP (who are we kidding, they already have everything on you via glowniggers), which means they also have the rest of your browsing and can connect you to your posts, even the ones made here (btw, this thread was #3 when I searched for OP's article), and will make the argument that anonymous forums still constitute social media and your posts there are fair game.
We even had the likes of Informashun Ninjuh™ openly admit they were working to compile profiles on each of us; well, here it is, the other shoe is dropping: de dacto kill-lists: one copy to issue to the authorities to come take your means of self-defense; the other to Antifa to come kick your door in that same night and paint your walls with your brains.

The access to search through all your internet history is even worse than checking the social networking sites. 'Oh, you listened to the nazi anthem once two years ago. No gun for you, but we have a list to put you on.'

They are going to get the information directly from the NSA.
Using any sort of VPN or anonymizing protocol like Tor will likely be an immediate disqualifier because "only guilty people have something to hide".
Violating the first amendment is the whole purpose of hate speech laws. They want a way to lock away any political dissidents for any bullshit reason they come up with. As bad the neocons are, they have been pretty good about fighting hate speech laws, so I think we are still safe-ish on that front for now.
They will just take on more debt and blame Republicans for like like they always do.

This is only state law, so even if it passes, it will only affect Jew York, so we are still safe for now, but if this does pass, they will try to pass like this in other states and eventually at the federal level.

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The train bringing ANC the the USA has already left the station with no brakes. It's just matter of how many generations we have left in the US in your A. It's too early to flee and too late to turn it around.

Like the 1st A means anything more than what these creatures want to mean.

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this is the future you chose.

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Don't have social media.
If you must, use it only for whatever is your normalfag bullshit reason to have one, and nothing else. Don't try to "redpill people on Facebook", that doesn't even work. Talk to people personally about politics.

Use a VPN
If you want better control about this, get yourself a VPS and install VPN stuff on it.

If you use search engines that track you, don't be logged in to search political stuff
VPNs or proxies won't matter if you logged in to Google before searching.

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Only one man earned the right to not have the "you chose" meme applied to him this month

The real goal of this bill has nothing to do with gun rights, it's to create a (((legal precedent))) that allows the (((alphabet agencies))) to see your internet history.

Anyone who isn't on the list is a fucking traitor who gets the rope

Were is the NSA going to get nonexistent social media data?

So they're going to identify people using anonymizing methods? And then make the claim that because somehow the magically anonymized methods are evidence of "something"?

This is true, however, they still have to jump the legal hurdles to make that case. They can't even define "hate speech" in a way that would get past a 1st amendment violation case.

This is just fucking retarded.A leftist run shit hole can't blame anyone but themselves, especially in places like NY or IL. And so what? The system still goes bankrupt. Blaming isn't going to stop that collapse.

Yea good luck with incrementalism. They can trial balloon all kinds of shit, but enforcement and cost when they can't even fund their shit now means they have literally ZERO chance of success.

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few typos, just deal with it

Then pretty much everyone will be no-gun if that happens. Ask any white friend or better yet a stranger for to look at his or her's phone and view his google history it's a bunch questions like why do black does x or why do latinos does Y. Do think every time you bring it to your local phone store to get it fix the people working on your phone don't know what is on your phone?

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No it is a glimpse into the future. Ny was once a solid Republican state. Then diversity took hold. AZ just flipped and Texas was a nail biter. It's only an election or two away.

.gov finds the resources real fast when it's important to them.

A-are you saying I should stay home, Hitler-kun?

They couldn't ram their universal internet ID's through, so, they're going for the next-best thing.
And, this won't stop at guns: this is pre-crime brought to life, and any argument made in the interest of ensuring public safety can be applied to other aspects of one's life: the right to free travel and association (because someone deemed too great a risk of violence to own a gun probably shouldn't be allowed around other people.)
The right to employment, because your name's on The List and you might fly off the handle and go postal at work, one day.
Imagine having the same level of scrutiny applied to your residence as are sex offenders: "Oh, sorry, but you're on The List, so, you can't live there because it's within 2,000 feet of a school and/or daycare."

I know this sounds reactionary, but, the loonies on the left have made no effort to disguise the fact that they intend to destroy anyone to their right by any means necessary.

It doesn't work like that. Phones have passwords. And your google history is already in google's servers.

Means nothing.
You're political beliefs have nothing to do with your rights under the Constitution.
The only thing that can interfere with those rights is a felony arrest.


'Then pretty much everyone will be no-gun if that happens.'

Isn't that the end game?

Checked grammar dub dubs

So smart, goy? Not having facebook? That may be red flag for you

Believes in a Constitution administered by Jacobins.

That's how it should work.

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- Con: People have to give up internet privacy.
+ Pro: Gangsters and drug dealers will not be able to buy a firearm from Wal-Mart.
- Con: Some bureaucrat or advocate will determine what is "right" and "wrong".
+ Pro: Some social worker will have to datamine through a few TB of furry porn.

Piss, I'm torn on this.

This is a good thing, it'll prevent friendless whackos from obtaining guns.

It's always saved us from gun-grabbers in the past.
And it's getting even more originalist with each appointment.

The old libtards are dying off, they're losing members every day…how long does Pelosi have to live? Ginsburg is on her deathbed.
The coming generations are more redpilled than ever, and it's one of the reasons they want massive migration into the U.S., so it seems like they represent more people than they really do.

Yes, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are very important, and every patriot must demand their government officials obey these laws.
The alternative is bloody war, and everyone will suffer, on both sides, at every level.

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except when they put a pillow over the head of a justice. Doesnt take long for the others to get the message.

You stupid nigger. Niggers and spics don't buy guns legally as there are already background checks in place. Do you even own guns?


Did the 2a apply to the AWB? Did the 2a apply to Cali and the NYNJCT AWB +2? Heller was just a GD piece of paper.

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you can buy guns legally through 3rd parties to avoid the background check and it would be registered in your name

god dammit

They would die in the hostilities later, anyway.
The day they start confiscating guns is the day the snowball starts rolling, and the gutters will run red with the blood of cops, citizens, justices, politicians, and their families.
If they have any foresight at all, they'll avoid this.

If you arent careful thats a federal felony dumb ass , and also banned in most states.


you can hope for that, but history tells us not to buy stock in body bags.

You can buy a gun from your neighbor without any background check.
You can buy it from another citizen without even giving them your name.
The only law involved is the number of guns he can sell every year without a dealer's license.

Not in many states. And coming to yours soon .

When did history ever teach us THAT?

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In all states, last I heard.
The laws are federal.

Reminder, 2nd Amendment is the solution to vote theft.

Democrats had taken the votes to the county jail to steal the election. A group of veterans opened fire, were about to blow the doors open with dynamite before the Democrats surrendered.

Theres ur problem heh

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Negative for Washington. Of course hard to even enforce and only one Larson was busted for it.

The same history that taught us whites will never revolt, no matter how revolting the circumstances.

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Then travel to the next state, and buy it there.
There are guns advertised for sale in the classified's of our local paper every day.

This whole country was founded by a white revolution, where do you get your history from?

Checked. That pic needs the caption

Woah thats a double felony there . Time to put that keyboard down. You are gonna get somebody hurt

until they require background checks for private sales.

Hur muh patriots.

Fla. Const. art. VIII, § 5(b): Background checks are not required by the state. However, county governments have the authority to require background checks and a 3- to 5-day waiting period for private firearms transfers

well shit if you dont give a shit about felonious behavior go buy it from Tyrone or Hesus

kids dont be stupid.

awhell you caught me. how much iron ore do I need to buy a gun?

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Little Rock law school forced integration.
A bunch of whites turned out to protest the admission of 9 niggers into a white school, and the feds sent troops to insure their safe passage through the crowd.
The troops were laughing about it, and if you look up the larger pic user is showing, the girls are laughing about it, too.
Nobody was going to get bayoneted, because nobody refused to move.

Would have been interesting to see what the troops would have done if the protestors had refused to move aside, as they often do today.
Might have been a better outcome if the troops had been ordered to shoot, and the public saw their government slaughtering citizens.

The easy way of doing this is the buyer obtains a "Gun buying approval" where they pay the state for a background check and recieve a 90 day endorsement. Then make it illegal to sell a firearm to anyone who lacks the 90 day endorsement. Not really enforcable, but it would work.
As a bonus you could take your 90 day endorsement to buy from a gun store which would only need ot verify that the endorsement was still valid with a quick lookup on the state website.

But that won't be what happens. Clownworld is going to get much worse, I don't like this new timeline.

thats a model already in force in a few states

dont get distracted, the point is this will come, its just a matter of demographics.

But nothing came of Waco, Ruby Ridge, Malheur, and nothing will come of them. That's because hoohhwhite men with testosterone were wiped out in the Civil War, the two world wars, and Vietnam. This is also why spics and niggers are so dominant and have taken over this country permanently. No white chads anymore.

Most likely would be some beatdowns and arrests, I doubt the physical violence would escalate past minor injuries and bruises, but it isn't like the Nasty Girls won't shoot to defend themselves. Put a bunch of National Guard soldiers with bayonets and ammo and then you make them scared that they might get shot at? Yes they'll shoot their fellow Americans, even if they are sympathetic with the crowd.

Lots of riot cops are gungrabber bootlicking suckers of the government teat that even vote Democrat, but they fucking hate Democrat protesters, why? Easy to hate a bunch of smelly shit-slinging hippies and their (((NGO))) violent agitators. Even garbage faggots like Antifa have a mix of paid agitators and violent fags who are only there to break shit. This assumes the majority of antifas are just a bunch of faggots who think they're gonna scare some nazis and protect the childlike subhuman minorities.

True Chads are making babies not playing dress ups in military drag.

It isn't a bad model, I'd support it if we had very real guarantees of the second amendment to go with it, but the government only knows how to ban and grab.

Making babies as their baseline constitutional rights are taken away, yep.

Yup those cops are on our side —Graphic video shows Daniel Shaver sobbing and begging officer for his life before 2016 shooting

When you go Bowers to the Wall ill respect you. But in the meantime keyboard commando do get with the program.

So 31 of the 50 states do not require background checks for private purchases, while 4 states require them for either handguns, assault rifles, or both.
Seems like you can easily find a state to buy a gun in, without telling anyone any of your social media alignments (or even if you're a felon, unfortunately).

Sad that to fight the unreasonable assholes in this country, we can't give them an inch, not even a reasonable inch nobody would have a problem with, like keeping felons from purchasing weapons privately.
But we didn't create this atmosphere, THEY did, with actions like the one we're discussing.

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never teach children that if they believe enough that they can change the slaughter. Same nonsense that we are "celebrating" ending a hundred years ago.

Actually, all those incidents made the BATF the most hated agency in America, and cause the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in OK City.
It also did a huge amount of damage to the gun-grabbers, allowing the federal "assault weapons" ban to twilight and go away.

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How's AIPAC?