Is there anything more jewishly capitalist than calling the Super Bowl the "Big Game"

Network advertisers have all accepted it as "the big game" and advertises it with that name instead. You can get sued for calling it the super bowl or anything besides "the big game"

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For pro football, it is the biggest game, at least until somebody tries another stunt like the XFL.

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I was expecting a response like "is there anything more capitalist than the super bowl" since this is left pol

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>Is there anything more Judicially Capitalist than The Go yim Bowl the whole sports industry?

Isn't the reason they say "the big game" because "Superbowl" is copyrighted or something?

Do people really need to have it said that professional sports is a giant circlejerk of capitalist exploitation? I mean I guess you could deconstruct the awfulness but isn't it all pretty apparent? Someone tell me what I'm missing here:

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Big sport events are bourgie as fuck already. I care about the environment and the crumbling working class, not shitty sports.

Probably the greatest indictment of spectator sports is watching the same thing happen to vidya in realtime:
I can only imagine past generations were equally buttmad about what happened to their passtimes

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LoL and Overwatch are a bad example as the devs desperately try to turn their games into NFL. American franchising is the worst.
Dota and CS for example are not doing it (for which they are criticised by people with a lot of money but who never played one game in their life) and while the barrier is set, the games still feels raw and genuine

ASSFAGGOTS and CRAPCUNTS alike are both designed around eSports, microtransactions, and streamerbait from the ground up, as is the abomination of CS:GO compared to its predecessors (both tactical games like R6, and loadout/role-based games like Enemy Territory).

Read what pic related has to say about sports.

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So much right and wrong in one post.

Oops forgot to take off my meme flag.

I can only imagine you're salty about my lumping together all ASSFAGGOTS as eSports under the heading of
in which case, riddle me this: A "genre" whose greatest distinction from everything before it is being a multiplayer game with ONE SINGLE FIXED MAP, how doesn't that absolutely scream "we want the eSports audience"?

Have some light reading:

t. butthurt 120 mmr Herald who doesn't comprehend the strategic depth and greatness of DOTA

Yes remember that time /leftyshithole/ had the NIGA general?

Esports were pretty deliberate from the start like and pointed out, but they were largely inspired by the tendency for people to hold video game tournaments for stuff like fighting games and halo. It's interesting how it does pretty directly parallel what happened to sports, but what else do you expect in capitalism where people have less and less money/time/energy to spend on hobbies? People stopped playing sports as adults because that shit is expensive and time consuming and their jobs left them tired. Same with vidya but worse because the bar for all those things is so much lower. Just a measure of how severely capitalism has ground people down.

Let's Plays are fucking weird because they started out as a way to preview a game or see how to beat that one part, but then the game just became an excuse for Personalities to riff on. It's weird because it could have happened with something other than games, it's just that games provide a steady stream of stuff to lazily react to. There's a lot of good content about video games (mostly stuff analyzing how they're put together), but it's kind of morbidly fascinating how games turned into some kind of "supporting character" for a bunch of e-celebs.

I don't remember that. Summary?

I told you you had some good points, no need to get all antagonistic and shiet.
Your problem stems from oversimplifying things a bit. Probably because you haven't played ASSFAGGOTS or were too unfortunate to play oversimplified LoL.
You are right about GO. It was made to be more microtransaction friendly. You can live by playing Source, no problem.
DotA: All Stars had no e-sports in mind. Back in the haydays it was just a fun TFT mod. The focus was not the map, this ain't TF2. The focus were the heroes and their crazy over the top abilities. The transition to 2 made sense due to the heavy limitations the WC3 engine had, like max speed was always 522 and max slot was 6 and you could do nothing about it. When he buffed Bloodseeker, IceFrog circumvented the limitation through mini teleportation, which was kind of ingenious.

But I get where your hostility stems from. Recently the TF2 e-sport fags got increasingly annoying and Valve committed the mistake and listened to them. Meet your Match is a disaster that killed public servers. Their focus on 6v6 stems completely from the fact that no org is going to support more than 6 player (and one coach/manager/tactical analyst) in their lineup. So you have 12 guys battling it out in a map that was meant for 24 people. And the community trend actually went to the other direction where they enlarged the server to have 32 players in it. TF2 comp as a result feels empty. And in order to make their retarded meta work, they even remove weapons that outright annoy them. Had they lie about the Bison when they nerfed it, calling it a bug? Despite even being in the tip section of the loading screen, that the same projectile can hit one single target multiple time, if said target moves backwards like an idiot. Whine a lot on reddit and Valve listens and even helps you lie about it. This is why e-sports doesn't work for TF2. You can't just superimpose your arbitrary rules to it and antagonise the pubs with it.
Dota formular never changed. It happened to be e-sports friendly as well. The reason it's fun to watch is because technically you could play this way as well, if you skilled right, brought the right items and never tilted. There is little that differentiates a match played in the pubs and played by pros on the stage and in theory you and 4 pals could make it to the main stage of a big tourney.
And in the end there is RTS. I used to be one of the top players of Age of Empires 2, but RTS right now is a dead genre, because the publisher and developers can't figure out for the heck of it how to butcher it for micro-transactions without throwing the game off-balance. So they don't bother producing it at all, claiming no one plays it anymore. The reason no one plays it, is because it isn't made anymore, and the few that got made (C&C 4, StarCraft 2) are garbage, so we have this retarded viscous cycle. Meanwhile the AoE2 HD expansions sell so well, they warrant further expansions. But yeah, if you love RTS, you are stuck.

By the way is Zig Forums interested in a TF2 server to hand out?

Yes but inb4 all the autistic shut-ins come out and complain about steam/volvo/tf2/etc. being spyware and refuse to join in

What better way to spread your bankrupt ideology by appealing to anti-capitalist sentiments whilst casually dropping an anti-Semitic non-sequitur in your low effort thread.

Capitalism clearly doesn't bother you that much when the worst thing that seems to bother you about professional for profit sports is that your "free speech" is being stifled by intellectual property rights which you don't even bother to elaborate on.

Stick around though, you might learn something.

Capitalism is to the Jew, as Creative Labor is to the Aryan.

There are the Creators of Society
There are the Benefactors
There are the Destroyers

You're looking too much into it. It's just abbreviating it for retard Americans who can't remember complex things.