There shouldn't be any age of consent, instead...

There shouldn't be any age of consent, instead, all rights and legal protections should be taken away from anyone lacking a Y chromosome.
When all females have the legal status of inanimate objects, they will only become capable of receiving the protections that are afforded to inanimate objects under property laws, when said objects are owned by someone.
They will be forced to become slaves to males who could kill or do any else they please to them any time they want, for any reason and without need to provide a reason at all, and without any possibility of facing legal consequences for their actions.
It is important that homosexual activity between males should be illegal, as an act of rape, punishable by death.
It is equally important that the abortion of any pregnancy with a male child should be illegal as an act of homocide, punishable by death, thus, pregnant females are safe unless it can be shown that they are only carrying female children.
Female = no Y-Chromosome
Male = at least one Y-Chromosome
I banned homosexuality between males, of any ages, I made girls and women slaves so that they'd have an incentive to remain obedient.
And the idea is that the father, being the first male to claim a girl, will keep her pure so as to increase her value to any males that would recieve her as a wife-slave later on.
Her value would be as a commodity as a wife, so she'd be protected, trained, and provided for so that her father can negotiate the best return on his investment.
A females first owner is typically going to be the oldest male with the closest biological relation to herself.
Typically her father, than her oldest brother, then her oldest son, then her grandfather, then her oldest uncle, then her oldest male nephew, etc.
As for claimed and adopted girls, their first owner will be either the male who claims her, the male who owns the female that claims her, the make that adopts her, or the male that owns the female that adopts her.

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Okay, mohammad.

Kill yourself, childfucker.

You have to go back (to the seventh century)

Im not a childfucker

Or a muslim

Reported for pushing pedophilia

did you just miss the entire fucking point of the post, or are you just illiterate?

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god, I wish I still had the "READ NIGGER, READ!" scene from Boondocks in my Webm's

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I'm not a pedophile FFS!

What part of my post even gives you that impression? this is about THOT extermination! this is about putting things back into an order in which they used to work, and going an extra step in order to stop it getting lose again!

I have much higher goals in mind than getting my dick wet, okay?



so go ahead, make more false and uninformed accusations at me, there seems to be nowhere I can go where this doesn't happen.

I never said that, listen, if a girl gets fucked, I don't care, she probably deserved it for having such a degenerate genetic line, she will be worth nothing as a wife later on, and so that line of low-IQ genetics will die out.

But a boy getting fucked, I do care about, it's faggotry that makes more faggotry, spreads disease and mental illness, and is disgusting in addition to being completely evil, I clearly set that as an evil in the post I made, and gave it the sentence I feel it deserves.


Kill yourself.
>if a girl gets fucked, I don't care, she probably deserved it
Literally what jews say about killing Jesus. You've outed yourself.

You are espousing sharia-compliant views with regard to women.
If you're not a muslim, you are an honorary shitskin.

Stick to fucking goats you backward cunt.

her father had the low IQ to destroy one of his most valuable commodities for momentary self-gratification, those genes are likely in her as well.

Do you want a master race or not?

white women are good for making white men, this is an important role, and i know most men will treat their females well because of it, but they are not good for much else, hence my system relegates them to drudgery.

my system works, when it has been tried in the past, it worked, yours does not, giving women any sort of agency opens the door to them fucking shit up for everyone, this is because we, as men, have compassion for women to an irrational degree.

this is where we are now, and I don't want it to happen again.

Kill yourself, childfucker.

Conservacucks would object this (though they defended OP idea 300 year ago).

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Pedophiles get the rope
You're not welcome here, you disgusting kike.

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I hate muslims for what they have done to my people, I hate the jews more for bringing the shitskins in and permanently corrupting southern european purity.
but there are some elements of their policies that work better than our own.

what is it sun tzu said about learning from our enemies?

I care about what works and doesn't, this system has been in place in european societies for fucking ever, so it isn't muslim, its practical and pragmatic.

how about we stop calling me names and talk about my ideas themselves? if you have a legit criticism, simply sate that, it's better than what were doing now "youre an x because you said something that triggered my feels".

I want a wife more than a "wife-slave".
Be anhero asap OP.

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Taking (((you))) serious for a second. The thing you call (((ownership))) white men consider pride. Women are by nature with us to secure our future, you can not go against nature. This gets even more obvious when we look at the statistics regarding single parenthood, racemixing, whore mothers.
This pride compels white men to look after the women in their life. Id have a hard time respecting even white men that fail to protect their sisters and daughters. Especially in the current clown world.You fail to realise something that gets repeated over and over and over and over and over and over on these boards: Fight the enemy within, conquer yourself, be what you can be, its always the jews.
Women are not your enemy, white women are not a (((commodity))) or a burden. Your wife and daughters are your reason to live.
In a world of whiteknights and faggots (((you))) seem to be reactionary. Being an edgy faggot going for extremes.

TL:DR get fucked kike

Explain what is wrong with it. Experiment of giving freedom to women is clear failure at this point.

Kill yourself, childfucker.



I dont expect children to get fucked under my system, any more than they are now, boys are safe from childfucking under my system, and that is important.

I'm not jewish, I'm not muslim, I simply want us to revive policies that europeans used to have, and which work better than what we have now.

dos it work? does it not? that's my concern here, and so far, you want to avoid it in favor of shutting the conversation down.


most marriages will work like any arranged marriage in traditional society, the legal status of your wife will only be in the background, your relationship will only be as abusive as you make it.


never said it wasn't the kikes, they were behind the shift away from my system towards whatever abomination that we have now.

but if we need to bring backthe best and make it better, we need to do so without fear.

think about it this way, natsoc shares stuff in commonm with a lot of their hated ideologies, they see nothing wrong with sharing a part of their enemie's stances, but it doesn't change the fact that the ideologies are different, does it?

you and a fly are both carbon-based lifeforms, you are very different from a fly.

Not an argument.
You clearly act as hardcore "liberal" flailing in hysteria instead of providing arguments.

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its not boys getting fucked, that's met with death as a consequence.

fathers have a strong incentive not to fuck their daughters, so most of them wont be fucked.

also, most white men aren't interested in fucking kids, or rape, or abuse, etc.
remember, this policy is for an all-white society.
this is after the jews, niggers, arabs, and spics have been purged or evicted (not going into imperialism vs nationalism here).

Im not a pedophile, this was come to by thought about how to create the best society possible, not out of some sick sexual fetish.

I merely came toi the conclusion that it was an unavoidable side effect of keeping women under control, and also that it was an acceptable sacrifice, since the pros so far outweighed the cons.



Okay, faggot, no more namecalling.
Your ideas suck, they might not have sucked 1400 years ago. But this is now. And you suck.


Nothing changes for you you can treat you wife like today.

Well expect you can't bequeath you property to wife only to your son. So this is only objective loss for you. Are you planing to leave your son with nothing? Then ok i see it.

more screeching and rolling on the floor

Explain what in today is different then 1400 years ago. Objective values can't change.

Reported for being a childfucker.