Dems Ready 85+ Subpoenas

Lol the Jews can't put Trump in prison yet on made up bullshit but Democrats are planning to put all his supporters and campaign staff in prison for perjury. Good luck in 2020 Trump 😂😆

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Kill yourself.

Orange cuck cucks

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Nice Autist Kike Post. You can try Shilling your Gurgiated Mongering all you want. Trump is in the process of Locking up the Deep State right now. Civil War is coming KikePriss. Get ready for the big wave KikePriss


Suck ZOG cock elsewhere.

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why do you fucks even bother with this place? We hate you.

Irony is a cruel mistress.

Trump will get thumped by even Jew in Congress and he will still lick their asses clean.

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b-b-b-but trump and Q and 5000 subpoenas, checkmate demorats

Get the fuck out.

Race war now?

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Fuck off nigger.

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Race War of 2023

“Orange man bad”
“Btw what about Russia? Teehee”

who is "we"?

Trump is so based.

Why do you think that?

Don't you like a man who is the father of kids that are all with kikes except baron. Truly the model man and his unwavering support for israel and his call for the death penalty for all anti-semites. What a model person to stand behind as long as there are epic lulz and salt to be mined because I mean who cares how shit he's making things as long as twitter salt can be found.

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Oh oh Blumpth scared, right Shareblue?

Ya know, I really am torn on this bit. yes, we all know who our enemy is, and yes trump is empowering them and sucking their dicks as hard as humanly possible. And yes he is stating as plain as day that he is totally against us and with them. Which are all bad things. And no, twitter salt isnt worth it, as funny as it may be

But at the same time, I dont think there was any other or better outcome frankly. All our choices were awful, this may have been just as bad as any other, but I dont think it could have been any worse. So really, the hard truth is that no matter what we did, we were not going to turn back the clocks or undo the damage without an actual fight. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I fully believe violence is the only way out of this. I dont like that fact, I dont want that to be the case, but every day we see more and more reason to accept it as truth.

Regardless though, in the meantime, we might as well enjoy the laughs and salt. With any other president we wouldnt even get that. We'd have been more miserable and being railroaded even harder than we were under obama, at least now we have some fucking things to laugh at once in awhile.

of course this is mostly going to dry up in the coming two years because leftist faggots and kikes are going to be on and on because their control of the house (and satan willing their election rigging to work, they'll get the senate as well) will basically give them a constant card to shove in peoples faces, and make no mistake they'll be in fucking overdrive mode in the house throwing out accusations and calling hearings and all kinds of shit… two YEARS we have that to look forward to constant circus and liberals cheering and screaming the whole time, and of course their "leaders" will give them things to cheer on and on about.. it wont amount to anything, but they'll believe it and cry victory the whole time.

So, sadly, there will be far less salt to mine in the near future

Senate can shut down anything that comes their way. Fail.

You are assuming whats left of the senate are with Trump….after allowing democrats to conduct blatant voter fraud you think any of them will defend the president?

He wanted to lock up Hillary on the campaign trail and did nothing as president now democrats actually try to press criminal charges on him…. never cuck always destroy your enemies completely.

It would be amusing and not that surprising if they impeached/imprisoned him and then Hillary pardons him for Hannukah 2020.

You do realize there is rampant and well proven voter fraud, vote tampering etc. in like a dozen+ election from last Tuesday?
You do realize it always and only helped dems?
Did you notice how every single (((republikike))) just rolled over and called it quits?
Even if (((republicans))) keep 50/100 of the Senate, which is seeming to be unlikely at this point: those 50 (((republicans))) are not conservative in any way, shape, or form and are closer to progressives libshits than they are to even center hurr durr 1axis politics!!!!!!! Additionally since when can the senate stop impeachment proceedings?

But user did you see that baste tweet Trump made earlier? The dems will never recover from that tweet.

They forget that Trump can unilaterally and instantly declassify whatever dirt he wants to.
I'd let Acosta back into the press pool with the understanding that every interruption or slight will immediately result in declassifying a Dem secret at that presser. I'd have them on 3x5" cards in my jacket pocket ready to fucking go.

Fixed archive

Yes he can.
He never has, has he?
He always ALWAYS makes a tweet about how topic_X should be declassified while saying something about the DEMS are holding it back and he has to wait on AG Sessions or some FBI desk jockey etc. to approve.

The left couldn't be more jewish in their tactics if they tried.

Support the ZOG emperor somewhere else.


Well, he has 85 new reasons to start doing it.
As far as I'm goncerned…

True, that tweet was a dogwhistle about Q that based keebler sessions is arresting Hillary as we speak and secret tribunal is being held like what with God Emperor did with McCain. Losing the house and possibly the Senate is chess because when nothing happens like with his first two years of his presidency, he can blame them and not his own lack of action because he totally isn't controlled.

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The fuck are you on about?

Your post. You expect us to fall for that, or you’re just brainwashed and don’t know better.

Total fucking bullshit, predicated entirely on the jewish false dichotomy. You would have us believe that only the options that jews gave us are what we can do.
Grabbing our guns and killing jews and traitors is not an awful choice. You even admit this. There’s nothing to be “torn” about.
Fucking why.

Since forever. Read a book nigger.

Excuse me?
The house Impeaches, the Senate holds the guilty or innocent trial. Impeachment is just having charges brought against you. It can lead to removal from office but at that point it's no longer impeachment.


Stop using emojis you faggot

Which would win:

Looking forward to more continuous lib ownage

There's no executive privilege protection if the charges are brought by the house. That only extends to law enforcement / AG charges.

You don't know how the US government works.

Congress can't charge anyone with a crime. They can submit criminal referrals to the Justice Dept. and they can vote to impeach.

Nice try tho.

Meanwhile Trump's men(Huber & Horowitz) are lining up all the Dem ducks in front of a Guantanamo firing squad:

Fuck off Q-tard.

The house isn't bringing charges against Trump, Trump's DOJ is bringing charges against Dems in the house for leaking classified info to the Dem press.

You reek of gefilte fish.

That's a separate matter.
While it may or may not happen it's unrelated to the 85 "subpoenas" prepared.
Another D&C of this article is that a subpoena isn't a charge. I've been subpoenaed before for witness testimony in court when I refused to testify under my own will.
I was charged with nothing.

No, literally kill yourself. Your kike paid shill is a proven hoax. It was proven an entire year ago. Kill yourself immediately. Trump is doing nothing to anyone but whites.

I want you to promise that when this doesn't happen, you will blow your brains out and stream it. Would you do that for us?

Someone pee in your mazto balls this morning, Moishe?

Although I'm kinda with;

No one who has sold privileged information to the (((MSM))) from the FBI has been charged. None of the Clintons nor the numerous DNC politicians have been charged with handing over and selling state secrets. Not even a lowly FBI agent has been fired.
It's getting tiresome. The tweets were excellent during the '16 election because he had no power to actually do anything.
He has all the power and more now and he's choosing to not do anything. That's why it's and he's just turning out to be obnoxious as fuck.

That's pretty huge bonus. If he is so kike'd that he allows the nation to fall apart intentionally as planned by his kike overlords, then no self-respecting White man gaf if he's in the WH or not. If the dims cause him problems getting re-elected, then every White man that has a White moment will destroy everything Democrat. Can't wait to see their shit burned to the ground en route to an all out cleansing.

Go back to leddit, woman.

If you didn't like the Mueller investigation or the Kavanaugh hearings, then you're going to love the next few years

You’re lost. This is not reddit. We do not support Trump here. Trump is a shabbos goy. His entire family is jewish. Nothing he has ever done has been for the benefit of whites. I’ve watched my government exterminate me and my race for 30 years. I’ve watched him continue to do it for another 2 years. I’ve also watched the people refuse to rise up in that time, too. Don’t fucking talk to me about your delusional fantasies of the ZOG arresting the ZOG. Don’t fucking talk to anyone here about support for zionists, either.

Reported. Go. Back. To. Reddit.

MFW Mueller comes up with nothing about muh Russia and Democrats haul him in to call him a gang train rapist for revenge.

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Lol, this is just what he needed to completely delegitimize muh Russia. Now he’ll be able to pardon everything on reflex.

Zig Forums does not support zionists, neoconservatives, civic nationalists, shabbos goyim, or the continuation of the ZOG.

The reason he's "not finding anything" is because everything he is finding is on israel and includes the dems. Trump is most likely implicated in some way with israel, but not nearly as much as the dems.

The entire US government is complicit in treason with Israel, hence any investigation that reveals anything about ANY member’s involvement with foreign nations is covered up and dismissed, because it implicates Israel and implicates all of them by connection.

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Fall for what? Its a statement of an opinion, I'm not telling you to believe anything faggot, stop having such a god damn hardon for spotting shills that you see them everywhere

I dont want you to believe anything but what you want you colossal faggot

What other choices were there? Realistically speaking, in this day, in this age, in this exact situation we find ourselves in now. what other REALISTIC option was there? Start the fucking racewar and burn it all down? Yeah, cause that was totally going to happen. Run a natsoc as a candidate and … win? Yeah, not gonna happen either, population is to brainwashed. Oh, but then you get to THIS gem of a brilliant solution

BECAUSE THATS ACTUALLY GOING TO WORK OUT FOR US, more specifically that would TOTALLY have been a goal we could achieve and a decision that would have had a positive outcome for us, right? Get a god damned clue, WE ARENT GOING TO BE THE ONES TO FIRE THE FIRST SHOT. We just arent.

No matter how much I agree that violence is the only way out of this, it isnt going to just happen, and every attempt at making it happen so far just results in more bullshit. Were you asleep two weeks ago when a trump hating jew hating dude shot up a bunch of jews? HOW WELL DID THAT TURN OUT!? It didnt, and it galvanized a bunch on the right further on to the side of the jews. Thats what happened, so much so a crowd of tens of thousands cheered at the idea of going after the big bad anti-semite boogeyman. Do you not understand this? The more WE lash out first, the worse the prospects of us winning are.

The solution is to simply spread our message, get people on our side even if only subtly or quietly, and wait for their side to attack with something our side cannot ignore and that our politicians either help in happening or do nothing to prevent. ONLY THEN is the whole "rise up and start DOTR" going to actually work. UNTIL then, if we try to just kick shit off, guess what happens? We end up dead and the average normie ends up further enslaved to the jews mindgames because they get to ACTUALLY play the victim card and it not be a false flag… just like they did with this event recently.

So, my entire point, was choosing the best of the REALISTIC options, the actual things that 1) could have come to pass, and 2) would have not ended up with us murdered or in prison getting raped by apes while some jew looks on and rubs his hands in glee.

Because thats god damn reality son. You know what though? You're all about kicking shit off, gunning down the jews RIGHT NOW because thats what we should be doing? Go right ahead, you can go fire the first shots… see how well it works out. Hell, gather an army, get 50+ people who think like you and go out and start slaughtering jews. See just how long it takes before the entire nation hates you and sides with the jews and opens their assholes to massive gun grabs and crack downs on free speech as a result. Your actions would directly HARM us, help THEM, and make the situation even worse, because its not a realistic goal at the moment.

Give it time, and continue to open peoples eyes in the mean time. Which is exactly what Trump was for in many ways. The businessman who will put america first and stop liberal cancer from filling our nation with invaders… he said everything they wanted, and sounded like he believed it.. he got to washington, and has done NONE OF IT and just sucked jew cock since he got there. THAT is a message that will resonate with our people, that there is no saving this system, its to corrupted, that even their golden candidate cannot fix it, and if he cant, who can? us, thats who, thats the only option, and once all their hope and false idols are broken, only then will they be willing to strike back

Read siege faggot

Enjoy the show!

That just shows how much of a worthless cuckold Trump is. His entire administration revolves around doing what is good for the Jews, and they hate him.

wtf I love fake news now

I used to feel your frustration. But then I read siege and things are much clearer now.

Well, if the left manages to impeach Trump. Assuming the GOP loses the Senate majority as well due to (((rigged elections))). It will be a reverse of the super majority that was seen in 2016. If Trump does end up removed, Pence will be the president. Knowing him being a typical cuckservative. It won't look good. Invest in lead and guns while you still can.

To be honest, I actually think Trump will go to court over some of this AND WIN.

don't be a cuck, if Trump gets impeached, it will be a victory of women over white men.



No, it won't. It has nothing to do with that. Voting literally does not matter and has not since 1960. You're spamming the jewish narrative here.


It feels like old Zig Forums


What if I told you that American politics is just another battleground for jew infighting with us as the victims regardless?

This is sad, but it will also give us cultural ammo to give the normies.

top kek

Getting married to a DACA girl from Venezuela, she just turned 17.

All it will cause is complete chaos. Win in my books.

This. Each and every one of them will realize that if he couldn't do it, no one could. Voting in another jeb or military faggot isn't going to cut it anymore.

Depends on what you are looking for. Civil War 2020? Anarcho Capitalism? A great purge. All are viable options to me as I got my SHTF mindset ready to go.