Richard Spencer - Useful or Useless?

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Back to my post, though. I’ve always been critical of the e-celebs in the alt-right such as (((Weev))), Andrew Anglin, Christopher Cantwell, Mike Enoch and Eric Striker, but I think Spencer has his head in the right place. TRS/DS will never discuss Enoch’s Jewish wife, Weev’s ancestry, or the debacle that was the “optics” debate. Striker seems very keen on ignoring my criticisms towards him and I was banned from the 504um after owning Enoch in a debate. What do you guys think about my assessment on Richard, though?

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Spencer is ideologically and strategically miles above TRS or DS (with the exception of Striker). He has problems with being narcissistic and focusing a lot of attention on himself, similar to the problem that heimbach had. It ends up harming any organization. But he is still better than Anglin or weev or Enoch or any of the other e-celeb clowns, since he actually tries to build real life organizations whereas they actively work to prevent any real life organization.

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I'll re-asses my position on him when he admits he was wrong about the Holohoax and so-called "jewish nationalism", and takes a hardliner stance against jewry.

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ironically, i find spencer and striker to be quite close ideologically, despite wanting different means to achieve an end. They at least have some thought process behind what they say (right or wrong). Most others are subjective to their "brand" and shekel flow, and will flop depending on what their donors want. Add in the big gay cabal and it's a giant clusterfuck. Nobody gets on with anybody so you might as well focus your efforts on destabilising the enemy.

He's literally a (((Bolshevik)))
All of the (((identitarians))) are Bolsheviks.
Google the origins of the "European New Right" which is where (((identitarianism))) originates

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Are you retarded? Or do you not understand that quotes need context?

If you have paid even a single ounce of attention to anything Spencer has previously said, you would realize the context of these Jewish quotes are that he admires there state as a vision akin to what Whites deserve.


absolute state of controlled opposition

Again, it's easy to take anyone's quote out of context.

He is referring to White civilization's ability to overcome and rationalize, similar to how we've developed free speech in our cultures, we have developed tolerance for sexual outliers. This is not found elsewhere. The lib culture of hyper-homosexualism is implicit white identity in the sense that it's a remaining vestige that survives modern times due to political circumstance/climate and context.

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I'm sorry, I recall recently departing from the 20th century and prior to that the 19th, not the 7th.

Consider the most important development in Western history:

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Hi, commit suicide immediately for supporting queers.

I don't agree, homosexualism is a degeneracy and health risk. It was never seen as something valid or to strive for where I live (west europe) - Homosexualism is an imported product from the USA through the TV shows, movies, consumer culture, who had previously implemented this in Weimar Germany, one of the things the NatSoc party fought against with great strength and fury, removing all it could.
There is no way to spin that homosexuality is in any way White or European.

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Not much more needs to be said on this subject.
Personally I cannot stand listening to Spencer tiptoe around all the controversial topics. But I am a man of higher than average standards and people tell me that they think he's a good speaker.
I just don't see it, but if he appeals to some and he is willing to stick his head out to talk about White issues, then he is contributing to the White struggle in a positive way.

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Either lose western civilization or get over your gay hate

I agree it's unhealthy as do most common sense gays. And not a single rational person believes anyone should strive to be gay. But you're not going to win a platform by suggesting we throw gays off of roofs.

That's an argument you use against normies with Islam.

Homosexuality isn't endemic to western civilization, but its expression is allowed. If you're gay in Iraq you're just killed. Gays have always existed. Nothing new.

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Yes we all know about James O'meara and Yiannopolous. How original. Also tl;dr.