Nordic "socialism"

I'm kind of confused when the left tries to defend socialism by stating
What the fuck does they mean with that? And I ask because Zig Forums keeps saying that whites are nordic, but are they also leftist? The only explanation I can find is that the nordic whites aren't there anymore, replaced by and with social marxism and the such. I'll summarize my doubts.

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Not posting the original, what are you OP?
You know what you are.

An ignorant. I want to learn more.

It's the biggest mistake they can make tbh
So it only works in white countries? Why not in Venezuela, China, NorKo? What are you some kind of nazi!?
They wanna pretend its proof socialism works but in reality it's not actual socialism. Workers do not own corporations, what you get is capitalism with high taxes that pay for public services which anyone can use. Maintaining this requires a competent immigration policy because if you just get more and more welfare drains then you're fucked. They also have tons of problems, like the housing shortage which are exacerbated by immigration. If you want capitalist welfarism then you need open borders and you need big corporations to fund it.
They are in terms of quality of life. Economically it's not as good as the US but they absolutely have a better quality of life than the US.
Norway, Sweden (pre immigration), Germany (pre immigration), lots of european countries really. The problem is it's not actually socialism.
Socialism ruins countries and leads to mass starvation. So that's likely how socialism would affect them. Ask Poland how it went for them.

My mistake, if you want capitalist welfarism you need closed borders and big corps to fund it.

The problem is that when I present this argument they come with "But muh massive debt".

High living standard (prior to mudshit invasion), but always shit undearneath all the polish. Sweden, I do not need to elaborate on, but take Norway, for example. They take children from their parents under bullshit excuses. They even go "Yeah, we weren't in the right when we took your kid…. but your kid got used to its NEW parents by now, so they're keeping it. Now fuck off." The inherent flaw of socialism is always just socialism.

This is what I've gleaned, I'm no expert so take the following with a grain of salt:
If you want a vision of their future, look at Canada.

Then lurk before posting

1. Sweden/Norway/Denmark were are not socialist and never were. Libshits don't know what socialism is so they think that national healthcare = socialism
2. When a libshit claims that the Nordic nations were socialist and it worked, point out that they were also nearly 100% racially homogeneous. Then put on your best shit eating grin as they squirm and come up with an excuse. If they say "race doznt madder!" start listing actually socialist shitholes like Venezuela and Angola. If they start shrieking their hate-slurs, give them The Mantra
And smile wickedly as you do it.
Bam. Effortless victory.
3. Almost any economic or political system imaginable can work if the nation in question is ethnically homogeneous. Especially so if it is homogeneous European.
4. As things become increasingly shitholed, their social welfare programs will begin to break down and the nation will disintegrate.

The problem is when people compare countries is that they never actually compare people or demographic groups.
Agreed. Also, you can compare U.S. immigrant groups and spot trends. That tends to convince people that are in denial.

White people can make any system work for white people in homogeneous WHITE countries, anything lower than 99.9999% ruins it irreparably and absolutely if a jew is involved.

QTDDTOT, faggot. Kill yourself or lurk more before posting again. This isn't your personal blog.

All of those "socialist" countries they love to refer to were previously capitalist and gained enormous wealth. Now the offspring of those gens accepted socialism while leeching off that wealth. Eventually the good times will run out now that millions of subhuman leeches have been introduced into the system.

Nordic socialism largely refers to a different kind of structure and is only referred to as socialism because of the focus on workers, it was never related to the Marxism people today think of when they think of socialism, and had in it a large focus on the homogeneous nature of the nation. That's why the moment they started phasing it out in Sweden by dismantling the eugenics institute in 1974, and passing a vote in parliament in 1975 to make the nation "multicultural" after politicians were "encouraged" by the US embassy, it started to collapse. This marked a transition from the Nordic "socialism" which was keen on maintaining homogeneity and applying eugenics, to Marxism, which bundles everyone into classes rather than race.

Coincidentally this was also largely pushed by media which just so happened to be owned by Bonnier publishing. With the move towards Marxism also came looser borders, and less focus on the homogeneous nature of the nation. The first big hit occurred in the 90's when a lot of Albanians and other undesirables flooded the region. At this point there was a notable downturn. The second came during the Iraq war, and kept on going, albeit slowly, and the third flood began with the removal of Gaddafi, and got progressively worse as ISIS was funded more and more.

tl;dr - They were never socialist, they just had strong rights for workers and high taxes, and in the case of Sweden it's largely collapsing because it's abandoning its old model in favor of Marxism by aid of Jewish media and a relocation of executive power to the EU.

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They also claim the holohoax happened and that the allies were the good guys, so there's that.


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What they are referring to is "mixed market economy", which is the model everyone uses.

It works for nordic countries the same way it works for West Germany, Japan, Singapore, etc, people are white and hard working.

This. /thread

Finn here, can confirm this. The only worker-friendly groups seem to be a handful of the unions and True Finns even though they are pretty cucked as well.
What speaks volumes of the degeneration of the whole country is a massive push for inclusivity.
What's interesting is how fucked the government is as of now, they're very anti-worker, anti-higher education and even if they're seen as the right-wing conservatists they're ridiculously liberal, almost as much as the fucking green party here.

It doesn't. Only reason the countries are still standing is despite that shit because people still does enough of a good work to make it float. Have to deal with the government in any instance from going to the hospital, the school, getting licenses, getting tax-cuts, well-fare, allowed to build on your house, avoiding tv-license etc is a fucking hell. Nothing ever works and takes forever to get made while they deliberatly slows down the work so that the budget won't be minimized (and thus tax-cuts from the already highly taxed under gun-point citizens).

Just to give you a few examples. Going to the Intensive Care still can make you wait a couple of hours before them treating you, had a kid at my street who nearly died because nobody was treating him at the hospital because his disease wasn't in the right bracket of importance.
Calling the police in case of emergency can take you up to 40-50 minutes until they get there and that is in a low population area with the police minutes away, i mean i could walk up to the police station and get a police down there quicker than calling the emergency line.
The postal services is clogged down and they always seems to misplace your mails, don't get them in time or don't get them at all. Avoiding the tv-license fee will make them send government guys to spy through your windows and harrass you late at night or send in checks through the door so that you have to cancel it again and then pay the a small fee because "they had registered i had a tv for 5 minutes", i had one guy standing on my porch, looking through my window in the middle of the day.

And this is just standard shit i've been affected by, which is not much considering i avoid dealing with the government like the plague. I just know that nothing ever works and always takes a lot of them while they steal half your shit every month to finance stuff you never agreed upon and is actively fucking up your life and country in the end. Tons of millionaires are made by the government because they get paid to house immigrants in their facilities, tax-payers money. There's also a standard joke about how many communal-workers do you need to change a lightbulb? 5, one who does it, one who explains how they do it and three who watches them and does nothing. Socialist hellhole is what it is.



Social Democracy is inherently class collaborationist. If you don't know what that means go ask Zig Forums why they hate it.

this. also,
we have an illegitimate government now. (((They))) created a new party (split from True Finns) so they could keep the government running without having to deal with an """Alt-Right""" individual. True Finns elected a new party leader and when they elected the """wrong""" person (who opposes the refugee circus, for example), they just split the party. And they say there isn't any corruption in Finland….

Nordic countries briefly encountered success with socialism because they were homogeneous. That homogeneity ended with the EU and implementation of the Kalergi plan through out Europe. Now that it's not homogeneous anymore, socialism is failing. That's because niggers, jews and arabs don't share our ideals or work ethic.

Swedes suffer from something called propaganda. Endless, never ending waves of propaganda, the same kind of propaganda that is being shilled through out the rest of the world were jews hold positions of power in government, law and media. Remove the jew, and the host nation's nature changes as much as a man recovering from a parasite.


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There is a whole bunch of writing on what is called the 'nordic model' economy. Read about that.
Stop thinking in terms of 'socialism' vs 'capitalism', these are largely theoretical debates that don't perfectly align with reality and are becoming less and less relevant with each passing year.

There has never been a truly 'socialist' country, there probably never will be, and I'm doubtful there has been any truly 'capitalist' society since shortly after the industrial revolution, if it ever existed at all (you can argue about how emerging and frontier economies are more purely 'capitalist').
All modern countries are some model of mixed economy. The fascists, national socialists and other 'third position' movements of the 30's were among the first people to recognize this reality and embrace it, not as a compromise but as a core tenet of their ideology. They recognized that society was going to tear itself apart cycling between marxism and capitalism, and that these fights were largely illusory. We're currently seeing that play out in-front of our eyes. America wants to hold onto some illusion of capitalism while it uses state funds to bail out banking ponzi schemes. Marxism, with a coat of paint on it and re-branding, is being dangled infront of everyones face as a way out but it's just jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Escape this conflict, say no to both by taking what works, being pragmatic, abandoning economics as the basis of your worldview and moving forwards.
You don't even need to become a national socialist, you might find some parts of the theory or the economics or the whatever to be insufficient. Hitler himself specifically stated that every country needed to create its own nationalist ideology, that simply copying the German Idea in other countries would only be another type of internationalism. There have been dozens of different expressions of the eternal worldview, each dedicated to its own people and culture.

But if you're still thinking in terms of the intellectual abstractions of capital vs marxism you're going to be forever trapped in the chaos of the modern world.

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If you spend time looking into model that will have voluntarily replaced 50% of its population in two generations, and decide to recommend it to others as an even remotely viable model I have some bad news to you about your mental condition.

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A bunch of leftists socialists create a ranking of the countries they like the best on metrics that are important to them. Then, leftists look at that list and declare that those countries are the best. It just so happens that the nordic ones were previously very highly ranked on this arbitrary rules. And now that things are falling apart over there, you never see them talk about it.

I haven't seen a lefty talk about how great Sweden is in a while. 10 years ago, they wouldn't shut the fuck up about how amazing Sweden was.

I'm telling him to read it because it will answer his question, he wanted to know more about the nordic model. It's my fault though, I should always remember that most people will read something and just end up supporting whatever they just read because they don't understand.

I'd also make the counter-argument that the American model has done the same thing, only much faster. Only the Asian societies have actually held out and they're extremely autocratic and collectivist, far more than European peoples would really tolerate or fit into.

Yeah its quite funny. They love to cite (national) socialist nordic countries as proof that multi-cult socialism can work in a rootless and divided collective of nothingness.

The fact that multiculturalism is destroying those countries has to be one of the biggest self-owns.

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