Mutt Thread

Mutts of America listen to my call
This thread is for us less-than white folk who have clutched onto our Fustian-spirit since it is our last vestige of what is good in our blood.
We must discuss ways to earn the respect of our full blooded Aryan senpai and earn honorary status. It doesn't matter to the rest of us mutts in here what your cut is, Chink/Legume Potato-Nigger/Nigger-Nigger etc. So long as you understand why the 14 words exist and respect Mr.Hitler you're fine with me.
I'll start, what does anyone regardless of race respect? Confidence and humor, lets be honest with ourselves, we're fucked. What ever your race traitor ancestors did has fucked you genetically speaking. I was a blond baby boy with cherry red skin at birth, I was the swollest baby my doctor had ever seen. In fact, my father said to me that the doctor had picked me up out of my incubator with his index fingers, me holding onto them as though I were about to do a pull-up. If that ain't the nigger genes in me I don't know what is. Unfortunately those golden silky locks didn't last, I got embrowned by the age of 6, with eyes as brown as two glistening turds.
Why do I mention this blog-shit? Because, to move forward one must come to terms with their past and their present, no? Get it off your chest Mutt! Take pride in your fucked up blood, just understand what our situation is, in all honesty one can make a good case against our very existence. But you know what? Some of the smartest dogs I've met were mutts, is this perhaps a side affect of autism due to genetic gumbo?
And to any of you Whiteys that say this a stupid thread idea, piss over wouldn't you like a containment thread?

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How amusing would it be. Picture it, in 80-100 years, your progeny will learn in the history books about the fierce Mutt races of America. Who helped overthrow the Jewish supremacists that had ruled the entire world from the shadows through deceit and usury. Like that bionicle you made with all the leftover parts. When you consider what lies before us, what we could do with our future as a collective, don't you get a plethora of ideas?

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Damn it

The bingo card is fucking necessary here because of how blatant this goddamn shilling is. Pretending that being mixed is a good thing only does more harm than good. You're encouraging civnat tolerance and perpetuating the 'muh based nigger' shit.

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No no it isn't at all, nor am I suggesting that it should continue. But what, do you think mutts are going to just say fuck my shit up fam, end me?
Or just let our family lines fizzle out? The Chinese should procreate with the Chinese, the German should procreate with the German, the Indian with the Indian, the Mutt with the Mutt. We have no other clear choice that I see, either that or get someone to burn our coal/harvest our beans. Which I have already said I don't condone, but will happen regardless. What I am trying to do is reach out to others who are still denying themselves the harsh truth. The fact that they genetic slush, so to speak. I can't be the only Mulatto here, can I?
And looking at a problem with no hope will only propagate it, no? Since you seem to be so wise, what would you advise us to do? inb4 gas yourself

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I am trying to come at this issue with an open mind, a humor that understands and contemplates is better than stoicism that only accepts, to me at least.
Please friend, I am worried for my future, is that a Jewish trait? I think not, and I care for my fellow Mutt, another trait that is not Semitic. The 56% meme is, while most certainly an over-generalization, quite funny in it's horrifying truth, I am blessed that I am a heavy majority of something at the vary least, others cannot say the same. Looking at its honesty, anyone can see why such a thing is horrid, their existence is one that will be pitiful at best, contemptible at worst, in this we agree.
In this I have no defense, what you say is true to a certain extent. The negro is capable of being useful though, such as Malcolm X, not the "kill the whitey Malcolm X" but the J naming one. All I know of this is that before he was assassinated he named the jew, which is why he was assassinated I don't look up things about niggers, I have no reason to. But if I must be placed in this lot for now I will say that if any nig could be based, the one that names the Jew is in my books "based." Still won't catch me in public condoning niggerly behavior.
I just want to be in your trench, do you not see this? I have no home white man, and while you have paid for my ancestors living. I know better, I know that they have been complacent and ungrateful to your generosity. They took your wealth, they took your women, and know they are trying to take your countries. For your sake as much as mine, we cannot let this happen. Whatever little "whiteness" I have in my blood is screaming at the top of its lungs for retribution, and it deserves it. I know I can't call myself a part of your family, but the issue is no Mutt can, the only calss they belong to is Mutt, we don't have what you have. But we have pieces, parts of a whole, for several peoples possibly. I certainly don't think my spic blood is the reason I feel the empathy I do, perhaps the craving for a joint every now and again, but not the empathy. This is the cross that I must bear for my ancestors sexual immorality. This confusion of spirit, this nationlessness. What would you call this?
TL;DR Mutts need to make their home somewhere, since in all honest we belong nowhere, please help a sperg.

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Listen fam, if you're a mutt in the sense that you're not a mutt of European fabrics and you got some of that shitskin in you, ponder on this picture. Hopefully it clears some things up. It is going to take many generations before you can have someone from your lineage be considered "white" and thats only if your descendants dont end up burning coal like their ancestors.

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The only mutts that will be pardoned are the soldiers on the frontlines.

In the End, come to the Mountain, for I will build a shelter that you may build a Home.
Mark with Lavender your Body all, and let no Infestation take root.
Here now I mark the Snakes with their Number.

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Dubs confirm, all I ever wanted out of my life is a home, I'd rather die an American than live as something I know I'm not. Is war not on the horizon? You will find me on the side of God.

With the damage that has been done all across the US, do you think that is even possible? I am no geneticist but from what I understand shit is browned everywhere except central States, no?

Where is this from? Why does it sound biblical

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At least it's """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""white"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" kebab but that doesn't help much.

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Well fret no more brother. You have seen the error of your ancestors ways, now we can all figure a way to get out of this mess. How much of Kebab culture do you know? What are some things that you have come to admire, if not tolerate, about it?

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fuck off

Find me a place to fuck off too, and I will lead my people from Egypt :^)

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Yeah, my plan is to just not have kids.
Food and language mostly. Not a big fan of the country; I realize how more and more how much of a shithole it is as I grew up (outside of the hotel resort and beaches).
The food. That's about it.

Flip-Romananon here. Been lurking and posting whilst leaving out my race for about a year now. I watch the downfall of this country with a broken heart. I watch the slow genocide of my white brethren with clutched fists and rising anger. I know the true enemy and that they are the jew.

I don't want to fight against you in the DOTR.

We whites are on our way out. Just make sure to teach your kids the truth when the white man is gone from this world. Don't let the kikes get away with it.

Lets see, what time is it.


At least you're not diversifying the genepool anymore than it already is, God speed friend.
I can say the same about my Dominican heritage, can't stand the way Spanish sounds, don't know why, it just sounds shrill to me. Love the food though.

As have I, I can pass for Caucasian in a conversation, having respect for verbiage and a diverse vocabulary help with that. All my associates, can't really call them friends, liked to make fun of that, but eh, fuck em, they're cucked normies now.

That's not how you fight the jew user, be fanatical. I have hope for your people still.

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Am I missing something here?

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You sure are nigger, you sure are.


Lucky you! You don't belong round these parts now do ya?

Care to elaborate?
I have nigger genes so I'm a bit slow on the draw as you have rudely emphasized. All I'm seeing is Hebraic Kvetching and some deleted posts.

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Ah son of a bitch, meant to post this one

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I think you'll enjoy this OP

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You were quite right user. This is what I wish to convey to people like me, while we may not see the light at the end of this long tunnel, it is still there, and our children will never see it if we don't start walking ourselves.

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Cheers to the Jackie Arklövs of tomorrow.

Mutt-user, I do feel bad for you that being said stop being an autist and replying to yourself. Do you not realize your post has ID #'s? I actually think there are a lot of Mutts that associate more with their white side but are quiet about it. I honestly think in a perfect world we'd have the ethnostate and then a Mutt-state that would be under our protection only in a military sense and completely isolated from us geographically, like a tributary that we'd protect. It'd probably be really small but I genuinely feel bad leaving you undefended to Jewish globalism and Dindus. We can't let you into the ethnostate proper though because you'd mess with our genepool eventually because of our pathological altruism and then you'd just be used as a wedge issue/minority force against us like we have today, or used by big business crypto-kikes to be mininum wage sweat shop labor which is bad for both of us. This is all fantasy larping though, we're not even near an ethnostate yet, we need that first and then we need it stabilized and relatively wealthy before we can promise to protect and/or aid mutts who want to flee Jewish globo-homo atomized individual materialism.

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Add eugenic policies for both states and I'd be happy with the direction of the world.

The forced (You) Was in reference to me fucking up my gondola post.
While I appreciate the sympathy you have toward my people, that is not what I wanted. One cannot be equal with the person he wishes to be peers with if there is dependence, or worse yet, pity in their midst, as I am afraid some will become complacent with that again. Still, you are right, we have quite some time and even more hardships to go through before we can have such a world.
True, but reaching out to other Mutts and affirming our drive to rid the world of the Jew would certainly boost my morale, as I'm sure that others who are not privy to them and their lies would as well, if we could only make them understand that is.
I'm no good at organizing things, for instance, this is the best thread I've ever maid that wasn't on /a/. But I think we could sway the Mutts to our side, if they're anything closely resembling what I am then they appreciate humor in any form. And that is something that Zig Forums is brimming with.

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Eugenic policies would be mandatory if we are going to unfuck any genepool, I hope you like math. Because the Mutts of America are going to be your pet project for generations to come, we'll all have to work on setting things straight if we want to do this humanly.

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Well, it's pretty late, I'll be here again tomorrow if the thread isn't killed friends. Nighty night.

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Im 1/64th native american + 99% white

So what would your ideal situation for mixed people be if not a separate state for mixed whites under the white ethnostates protection/aid? Or did you just mean you want us to be in close alliance like how a lot of us admire Japan but not be a sort of protected state/tributary but it's own independent nation? It's honestly pretty complicated like would mestizos, mulattos, and hapas really get along with eachother though? Maybe if they all strongly identify enough as white and look white enough like 80% or so it might work, I honestly don't know.




Yeah, its called brazil.

I also love how he implies all white americans are just like him, shitskin mongrels.

We Irish already earned it. Turns out, it’s not worth having.