Natsoc goons are the new SJW NPCs of the non-left. Just like screeching SJWs overloaded the Canadian immigration website in 2016, natsoc goons are now talking about moving from the United States to… kek… Argentina.

Let them go. They are a cancer to the United States. There will never be a gassing of jews, lynching of niggers, taco'ing of spics, ricing of chinks, japs, and gooks, or mass-currying of pajeets. Your failure of a movement exists only in the bowels, so drop your natsoc pants around your natsoc ankles, pop and squat, and blow your faggot asses apart until you die.

I call upon Jim Cherney Watkins to dig up the old pedo-purge protocol he used years ago and repurpose it for natsoc goons. Please move to Argentina and mobilize on faggot Mewch/pol/ and your little onion sites.

Lol natsoc. They can't be gone soon enough.

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Get the fuck out nigger.

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lol natsoc

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I don't understand, user. What are you doing?

I recognize that kangstika.

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It's a psyop about "creating noise" so the shill can slide in and out of any position whenever desired. The point isn't to take a position or win an argument, but always to be smugly discrediting someone to create an unproductive atmosphere where it becomes more and more difficult to discern the actual positions and beliefs people actually hold. Trudging through a thread filled with these posters is more difficult by design. It's really just so tiresome.

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This is a shit thread from a leftpol faggot. However, white people should be forming a long term mindset that would obviously include an international coalition.

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Try harder, your trolling is pathetic.

Of course I guess its also possible that over the last two years, given the nonsensical chaos, there are people who hold massively contradictory views that visit this site having never known any other Zig Forums other than le ebin smugpost anime culture, complete with never actually arguing a point but skipping to the end where you're too good to be bothered and can only muster maintaining an extensive anime reaction smugpost repository.

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OP, did you take your birth control today?

Zig Forums is not a natsoc board
Mods stop banning Trump suppporters

Shittiest forced memes and incredibly laughable vector of attack. You are trash and should dumpster yourself, niggerkikefaggot.

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It doesn't matter how many websites you infiltrate, take over or shut down. The sharing of information and historically ACCURATE content will continue.

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Israel isn't sending their best, guess they have most of their good shills on their recent bungling in Gaza. I'm always wondering how it must feel that a large part of your existence is dedicated to trying to blackpill young white men into killing themselves, essentially your soul and existence is lower than slime. Enjoy your time in hell Moshe when we are all judged by God. Saged.

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Rich coming from a (((natsoc))) goons.
Your entire ideology is based on WE WUZING and misinterpreting philosophers to project your insecurities.
The modern day (((nazi))) goons online are about falseflagging relatively centrist and rightwing websites with black dicks and extreme bluepills.

>The modern day (((nazi))) goons online are about falseflagging relatively centrist and rightwing websites with black dicks and extreme bluepills.
What did he mean by this?

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Thank you for correcting the record.

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