Anti western cosplayers movement fundrising, don't let racist western cosplayers keep ruining Anime!

Don't let racist western cosplayers to keep doing racism against us Asians and to keep ruining the Anime characters you love

Join the anti western cosplayers movement if you don't want :
1. Racist western cosplayers keep doing racism against us Asians. When racist western cosplayers cosplaying our Anime characters are the same as they imitate us Asians because we Asians make our Anime characters based on us Asians which Japanese also agreed with, imitating other race is racism.
2. Racist western cosplayers keep ruining Anime including the Anime characters you love. When racist western cosplayers cosplaying Anime characters they only end up ruining the characters because they look nothing like Anime characters because they are not Asian while Anime characters are based on us Asians, millions of Anime fans especially in Japan are hurt by racist western cosplayers.
3. More racist trash such as trump to emerge, one of the effects of the anti western cosplayers movement is to teach westerners youth about how bad racism is so that they will not commit racism in the future.

Only Asians who can Cosplay Anime characters because Anime characters are based on Asians so only Asians who can Cosplay Anime characters without end up as racism and without end up ruining Anime characters which not end up hurting millions of Anime fans :
My favorite
The girl on the right is a real western girl who heavily photoshoped her picture, trying hard to be/look like an Asian girl to match the Anime girl she imitate.

The minimum is 500 yen, 100 yen is around 1 usd and only Asians can participate in the fundrising, if you are not Asian you can still participate on the anti western cosplayers movement by joining the circles, add more likes on the site, etc

As long as they still look like Anime characters then they automatically based on Asians, that is why Anime characters look totally different from cartoon characters which westerners made based on themselves or that is why peoples can identify which characters are Anime characters and which characters are not Anime characters without even have to look at the title or ending.

Anime are for Anime fans to enjoy and not for cosplayers to imitate so not just anyone can Cosplay because they must not end up hurting Anime fans by not end up ruining the Anime characters they imitate, those who look nothing like Anime characters such as racist western cosplayers must not Cosplay Anime characters and if they insist then they are just a bunch of sickos who do something which harm many other peoples.

No racist western cosplayers are not cosplaying for fun, love the character, etc nonsenses but for attentions which solidly proven by those racist western cosplayers spreading their racist fail Cosplay all over the internet. If those racist western cosplayers really Cosplay for fun, love the character, etc then they must do it inside a hole, cave, etc where no one else can see because showing what they do in public simply mean they are a bunch of attention whores, especially stop being jealous of Asian cosplayers who do better and look more like Anime characters than them by stop spreading nonsense about Asian cosplayers of using photoshop and other fake stuff to look like Anime characters. What very sick is when those racist western cosplayers said the reason they Cosplay is because they love the character because that would make them as sick psychos, psychos are sickos who said they love something but showing their love by hurting or ruining what they love.

Paypal are accepted.

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Proud To Be Asian!

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Proud To Be Asian

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only westerners who have rapist as president [ bill clinton ], rapist as prime minister [ netanyahu ], rapist as supreme judge [ kavanaugh ], etc rapist as westerners top leaders.

This fucking Indonesian nigger again.

Stay mad cuck nips, we white men are taking your women and waifus

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This kinda reminds me of some commissions I doing for a south Asian cosplayer. I had to dig deep in order to find out if she was a trap or not. Real girl. Just ugly. And she happens to be asian. So….

? ? ? ?

I've always wondered why nips have such a hate boner for us when we're the only Western country who genuinely likes them?

>(((we white men))) are race mixing
off yourself shlomo

Anime is a prime example of why two nukes just wasn't enough

Who gets to cosplay Disney's Mulan?

He never said those things, and he would be classified as an otaku himself.

Yeah, it must be the Japanese who are getting cucked. Pay no attention to the fact that whites are rapidly becoming a minority in their own lands.

This is a prime example of a reddit NPC comment.

this, currently dating a dacapede… she's so cute every time I scared her with "you might get deported and I'll be sad"

You realize that those asian chicks are wearing five pounds of makeup, right?

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If anime characters are based on asian physical features, then why do the character designs of explicitly white characters not change at all from their "japanese" counterparts in other shows, but the japanese characters are usually changed to actually look more japanese?

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What woman isn't, user? Have you ever seen a pretty woman in your life? Myself, I have only seen one no surprise, she was already quite taken :^( . The rest are pretty paintings.

Where does this happen?

The third one is actually a dude too. Laugh at OP and the faggot he is.

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It's kike disinfo…

Not Nips, usually Indonesians larping as Nips or living in Japan as guest workers.

Anime is what disney would have developed into if Walt hadn't died and it hadn't been taken over by Jews.

Anime is based on Disney animation and European folk tales. Pic related.

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That's obviously impossible.

Anime is completely different from Disney animation and is not based on European folk talkes. Anime characters don't look white. Are you retards ever going to produce any new material or will you just keep posting these same discredited images over, over, over and over again?

Checked, 911 dubs.

This is why op's crap never shows profiles :^)



You really never watch anime, do (((you)))?

This thread has been brought to you by :
4 and 5

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Yet the "God of Manga" Osamu Tezuka cites Disney as one of his biggest inspirations. Which even the normalfags will admit is true. You bait is weak and you should stop.
I've defiled all your waifus multiple times and there is nothing you can do about it

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i lived in japan for a few years and can say that anime is degenerate and attracts degenerates.
older shit is mostly fine, but the people who gravitate towards it these days are mostly weebs who simultaneously think that japanese girls are trad and submissive but also massive sluts that will sleep with them on the first date(and also racemixers, which they usually aren't unless they're liberal or just trashy)

You have serious problems with comprehending the human anatomy if you think the cosplayers in his pictures would have the profile of the woman on the top right.

It's a fact and a very self-evident one. They look completely different.

Also a fact. What European folk tale is Haruhi Suzumiya supposed to be based on?

>You really never watch anime, do (((you)))?
I've seen far more anime than you ever will, kike.

It's discredited because it's nothing but agenda-driven cherrypicking.


There was no bait.

What are you talking about? Are you on drugs?

also mostly speaking in regards to white animu fans with this statement, the japanese ones range from complete normalfags that read manga on their phones to older guys who read more lewd shit (or read manga for kicks because it's in serialized magazines about everything from cars to porno to mountain climbing)

most of the hardcore degenerate types over there get obsessed with vidyas. it's a bit like the "FGC" or speedrunning trannies in the US.