Brit/pol/ #2929: Wine Aunt Edition

Sex and the City writer Candace Bushnell, 60, admits she regrets choosing a career over having children as she is now 'truly alone'
Her best-selling book and the racy TV series it inspired taught a generation of women that they could ‘have it all’, but Sex and the City creator Candace Bushnell, 60, has admitted that she regrets choosing a career over having children as she is now ‘truly alone’

Eco-activists targeting fossil fuel firm barricade offices of green energy company by mistake
Climate change activists chained themselves to the wrong building in the City of London after failing to realise the fossil fuel company they wanted to disrupt had moved address last year

Thugs yell ‘gays should be strung up’ then attack man as he tries to leave Tube
A group who verbally abused a gay couple on the Tube before knocking one of the men unconscious in a brutal homophobic attack are being hunted by police

'Intense downpours' cause flash flooding in parts of the UK as Met Office issues weather warning
Parts of North Yorkshire and the West Midlands were hit with flash flooding this evening as the Met Office issued weather warnings for across the UK

Jeffrey Epstein served with fresh court documents alleging rape of 15-year-old girl
Disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein found out he was facing further legal peril last week, the day before he was found unconscious in his cell with neck injuries

Iran warning: Oil price fears as tension mounts - ‘There could be consequences’
RISING tensions in the Gulf could push oil prices up, with last month’s incidents in which Iran was blamed for attacks on Saudi oil tankers triggering an instant ten percent jump in insurance premiums for vessels passing through the hazardous Strait of Hormuz, a new analysis has warned

Christian persecution: Church shut down for ‘made-up reason’ after residents complain
CHRISTIANS have been banned from praying in a church in Indonesia as persecution against the religion soars into overdrive in the country

'Liberal paper straws don’t work': Trump re-election campaign raises $500k with embossed plastic straws
Donald Trump's re-election campaign has reportedly raised nearly $500,000 by selling plastic straws branded as an alternative to “liberal paper straws"

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Good lad

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there is a girl in the thread?

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ok, I'll repeat that. Toil is a social construct tbh. very little work actually needs to be done tbh.

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niggers are the west indians

PLEASE hit london

I'm doing it lads

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very good lad

Read KJV

Says a lot about our society that sheeple can be easily distracted by muh race but the moment you mention the money changing cabal you get the flouride stare.

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douay-rheims is best tbh

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Why? I don't want an Anglican bible

Beware NWO bible versions.

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stop biting your nails

nothing in the bibul about eating your nails lad

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Because it's the correct one, all other versions are fake.

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Good lad

Good lad

Are you a lass or just gay? Smh

On personal grooming and maintaining a healthy appearance:
On resisting the temptation (to bite your nails)

it looks like this is the new international version

I used to dye up old camouflage to make them more practical in different seasons lad



Download a PDF

imagine where we'd be today if Jesus bit his nails tbh

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Biting your nails is materialistic tbh

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Luddites rise up

anti nail-biting is a psyop to weaken the white race tbh

extremely good lad

tbh KJV is in my opinion the only good well known English one

Please please please please please please please please be real please please annihilate America causing a worldwide nuclear war so I can watch only to be obliterated by a bomb

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it probably isn't going to happen

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He's gonna say it

Great job killing the thread, lad



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reported by Polish news


Doing the jobs our journos don't want to.

Been reading Propaganda by Edward Bernays. I would highly reccomend reading especially Chapter 6 Propaganda and Political Leadership. The chapter deals with the issue of candidates trying to sway public opinion.

Bernays' view of propaganda should be thought of in that way. We don't tell people what to think, we lay the groundwork and let them do the rest.

Bernays gives this example of 'the old fashioned approach' to campaigning: 'Vote for me and low tarriffs because the high tarriff increases the cost of the thing you buy'. This approach fails as it assults the listener with an argument, they fight back, resulting in inertia. You'll notice the similarity between this argument and the remain campaign.

On the other hand, Bernays puts foreward that the skillful campaigner creates circumstances that make his point self evident. Think of the fishermen rowing down the Thames; an exhibition on the impact of the EU. The drama on the event said far more, for far less, and far more effectivly than the government's leaflets ever could. Nige ticked the box of the dramatic personality (as exemplified by the Zig Forums memi culture that arose around 2016). Group leaders negativly impacted by the EU came out to support the leave campaign, 99% didn't get any airtime but certainly were heard by their local community or interest groups.

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Did the nukes hit yet?

not birmingham yet unfortunately, unless it was a small one

hopefully north korea creates wormhole technology so their short range missles can hit the UK through one of their wormholes

Wish they would just nuke the US already

magnums for supper

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cant they just build better missiles instead?

Good lad

i thought eggs at 11 was outrageous

Not bad tbh

It seems there are a lot of these strange, motiveless attacks going on in Germany. This one was only a couple weeks ago.,15700021,15700186,15700190,15700256,15700259,15700262,15700265&usg=ALkJrhhcmeDy68XKzMGxbMNS8L0-cwRbXg

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Is it really too hard to just write the KJV in plain modern English?

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Me too lad

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Reminder that journalists are signed up to some code to not report too much on xeno attacks. Based media plurality ensuring freedom of speech, huh

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Actually find that really funny tbh

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good lad

Nice baps on her tbh

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watching it again lads

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spasiba bam, I've not slavposted ina while


Does 22st have a gf now or was he LARPing in the last thread?



you alri la?


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Trying to figure out how to put a screen protector on my phone for dinner

dinner at 1am? losing control?

Just got in late from work

toil it is then

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work is rewarding and useful.
It's toil, pure relentless toil for coins and plastic paper so you can give it to rajid and his spawn and buy yourself some %8 cider to forget what's been lost


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Sounds like penis envy to melad


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