The absolute state of Chodechan

Chodekikey is directly responsible.
8chode == 4cucks
Time for another exodus.

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Chodekikey is directly responsible for this bullshit.

Maybe it's time to get off the chans and protest in the streets? We're being genocided for crying out loud. Whose with me?!

Protest requires organization. Organization requires moderation, lest the protest turn into (((Jewnite the Kike)))-style cuckery and falseflagging. Moderation requires that Zig Forums not be a fucking useless (((GLOBAL BOARD))) with no quality control, quality discussion, or uncucked moderation.
Chodekikey is stopping this from happening.

checks out. so who runs nano?

I'm the admin.

I love free speech

Find a safe space you fag

revive axiom.

who are you? I remember when the (((Stormer))) was sowing division on 4chan so they could spam Zig Forums as an alternative. I potentially see the same thing happening here. So who are you?

Lolbergs are cancer. There is no solution to the paradox of tolerance.
Only a total retard like Chodekikey would follow an ideology with a fucking unsolvable paradox in the middle of it.
Reminder that "FREE SPEECH" is code for "letting leftists and kikes disrupt serious discussion".
Reminder that "FREE SPEECH" exists on boards like /b/ and /general/.
Reminder that "FREE SPEECH" is not beneficial to Zig Forums.

Axiom requires (((Javashit))) to use. Nanochan doesn't.

Former polvol4. Other than that I will not reveal my identity.

Good luck with your chan.

An interesting read:

Ever since MC spammers I've been incredibly weary of all of these forced exodus posts.

the absolute state of a butthurt avatarfag

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Yeah free speech is important, if you weren't a brainlet with a nigger IQ you'd know that.

You're a fucking kike, you're one of the chumps that has been banning people for 88 years for criticizing christianity and your orange nigger president.

Just fuck off.

An admin with common sense. Not something you see everyday.

Reminder that Gexter was the BO before the roach and codemutt is the reason why he was brought to power.

If "free speech" is so great why doesn't he bring it to Zig Forums or /liberty/ or even Zig Forums?

/liberty/ has free speech, what the fuck are you talking about?

Zig Forums is currently dying under the lack of free speech.

First it was the Imkikey who was Zig Forums number one boogeyman, now it's codemonkey himself ?
Even if the BO was a "white aryan" people like OP would still find a reason to whine, since it's all they do.
Whine and complain like a bitter old man all the time.

Yeah it really is time to abandon this pile of shit. It doesn't remotely resemble what it was during 2015-2016. Back then this place was something pretty god damn amazing. A uniquely effective think tank and repository of red pilled history and hatefacts that was as merciless to the shills as it was to the newfags, and for good reason. Now it's a fucking joke. I hardly post anymore because I feel like I'm wasting my time doing so.

Codemonkey has been inactive for months, it's the kike mods who are now enforcing secret rules and banning dissidents while leaving spams alive, and they blame Codemonkey.

/liberty/ is deader than Zig Forums. 0 PPH. That doesn't help your case.

Not sure where you got that idea. I do not like Trump.
You're confusing me with both polvol2 and imkikey.

fuck off

Its not the same "free speech" that we have.

Ah, you're that retarded that gets triggered when you read different opinions or arguments from the other political aisle.
Here's a little tip: there's boards for the NatSoc ideologies to be discussed unhindered by commie crap. There's also boards for the commie crap to be discussed without NatSoc's shitting them up.
Then there's Zig Forums, a board that is suposed to sit at the center of it all.

The Zig Forums I imagine is a furious storm of autism and political incorrect discourse where a thousand points of view and opinions collide violently and only good arguments, well sourced stories and your own wit will prevail.

The Zig Forums you imagine is 200 threads of "HEIL HITLER" and circklejerking. You're not the first mderator/volunteer to complain about this.
You seem to think Zig Forums is a board where we should plan meetings and IRL action so we can fight this (((Jewish Occupation))).
You are wrong. Zig Forums is a board of discussion. The planning and IRL shit that happens is done outside of this place in every little local comunity and NatSoc cell. If you're not in one k(and given your kveching, you don't seem to be) it's because you're too retarded to find one, or you unknowingly already did but they didn't want your stupid ass to hang around.

Just to reinforce how fucking stupid you are:
>implying you're not the "DACAryan spammer" that did it so you can use it as an argument here

tl,dr: your shit's all retarded and you talk like a fag

Yeah, it's the same, it's even better tbh.

The problem with /liberty/ is that it's too fucking small.

Free speech is overrated. Kikes don't give a flying fuck about freedom of speech and that's exactly why they are able to maintain control and continue to dominate in the manner they do so. You need to stop clinging to this idea that free speech will somehow save the White race and start realizing that the way to win is to destroy your enemies by any means necessary. That includes silencing their speech.

Good post.

polvol4 is a brainlet who has no idea what "national socialism" is, it's all about the aesthetics.

He will ban people for starting threads about Bismarck or German history or WW1 because he thinks this board has so many retards that you need to explain these two terms to them.

Free speech is the SOLE reason why we were even able to distribute our memes.

Imagine a society like China? Your ass is gonna go to prison the moment you start "I want to be white".

This is a bot. Reminder that Chodekikey does not have ANY ways of getting rid of this crap. He could accept more vols, or allow for the definition of better rules, but he doesn't.

Reminder that Chodekikey gives us shit rules designed to turn this board into cuckchan 2.0.
Then he doesn't allow better rules to be defined.
Then kikes like (((You))) blame >da m0dz for everything.

Get out. Go back to fucking reddit. Take your friends with you.

Banning you was the most satisfying thing I've done as a mod on this board.
You know why? Because your thread was LOW EFFORT TRASH.
You cannot make a literal two-line "history thread" and expect it to stay up. Not on a sane board at least.

Free speech is not a per-board thing. Free speech is a site-wide permission. Free speech is good for Zig Forums in general, but not for Zig Forums. Perhaps (((You))) and your friends could move to Zig Forums and protest their lack of free speech there? Certainly you cannot deny that Zig Forums censors things they don't like.
Look at this fucking kike.



Nigger you are living in a dream world. The only reason the memes cannot be stopped is because to do so would mean shutting down the entire internet. If the kikes could figure out a way to do so without immense backlash and financial loss they would. Free speech has nothing to do with it. Freedom of speech is a fairy tale they dangle in front of the goyim to placate them when it's convenient but then step all over the minute someone actually tries to exercise it. Try and spread Zig Forums tier memes out in the real world and watch how fucking fast your "free speech" gets shut the fuck down with a vengeance.

Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed.

Codemonkey rules are literally the same as Heil and imkikey, nice try.

Meanwhile, the mods try to enforce bullshit rules that were never there.

My threads aren't low effort trash, my threads were about history, meanwhile, you are so fucking retarded that you need to Germany history be summarized by 2 paragraphs.

And nope, free speech is what made Zig Forums. Imagine if moot back in 2006 decides that /new/ should have no nazis, and banned every nazis? Yep, no Zig Forums, no nothing. And you wouldn't be here.

>Perhaps (((You))) and your friends could move to Zig Forums and protest their lack of free speech there?
I would, many times, I make fun of them, considering right wing boards like Zig Forums and /liberty/ have free speech, but not their colonial liberation board.
And it's precisely why their board is a dumpster fire now.

And yes, Zig Forums is MULTICULTURAL & MULTIRACAL, Zig Forums is not a fucking country, it's a public place where people of all countries meet, retard.

He certainly did try, you fucking retard.

This is a jewish post. You have outed yourself.
This is why an exodus is required.

Yeah, just like all the memes on Facebook.

Oh wait, fucking banned. Twitter? Also fucking banned. Other obscure places? Can get immediately funding cut.

In fact, they can CENSOR all the internet, the reason why imageboards make fucking money.

Your dream world is believing that MUH memes can survive without free speech.

Which is PRECISELY why memes can only survive in the free speech internet.

Stupid fucking meme, how about you dehumanize yourself right now? Stop acting like a human.

When you make posts with another IP to reinforce your own view, make sure you don't start with a point (muh protests) and then bring it up yourself as a premise for your argument.
The moment someone doubts your alt/proxie, your argument goes up in flames even when valid.

Free Speech is the only way Truth can spread.
A restriction of Free Speech is a restriction of Truth. The same principle that applies to safety & liberty applies to Free Speech:
"A nation that gives up Free Speech in exchange for the Truth will soon have neither".

So, this is the eloquence of our next great Admin? Nah thanks, Codemonkey at least knows how to speak properly.
Did you see that word anywhere on my post? Or anything about culture? I said Zig Forums should encapsulate all arguments, true or false, left or right. Neither you nor me know everything and neither of us can claim his ideology is the best.
Our individual ideologies might be the better one's for now, for the current world and society. But how long will they stay the best?
To ensure our political paradigm keeps pace with societal events and changes, one must keep discourse going, one must clash ideologies, re-forge old ideas into new one's using every little thing you learn everyday.
Everytime I post something to this effect, you brainlets assume it's "hurr durr, swallow leftists indocrination", when it's closer to "pay attention to what the other guys do, answer in kind".

Touched a vein there, did I? Some of you get really angry Zig Forums isn't this "underground hacker/insurgency club" where we plan to kill cops and murder people in their sleep.
I'll repeat it again: that's not what Zig Forums is for.
You have your local communities for that.
Why the fuck would you faggots discuss IRL shit here? We're being watched morons, the recent German arrests don't mean anything to you? Fucking retards.

moot banned /new/, Zig Forums pops up. Imagine if that time he enforced a rule, no nazi allowed, all nazi banned similar to leddit.

Bam, no more Zig Forums, you wouldn't be here crying about Codemonkey.

And please fucking go, nobody miss you, you are an actual brainlet who need people to sponfeed German history, you are a ledditor brainlet who have no knowledge of either imageboard history or any history at all.

And no, they aren't, you kike mods literally decide your rules on Discord, don't think we don't know.

I posted a link incriminating the OP polvol4. See: Please read the thread.

Wow, the kike mods really are buttmad they are trying to slide actual news thread.


Oh, apoligies then.
I got a little /v/ in me, seeing a link to another site automatically triggers my anti-shill defense and I assume it's some sort of tracking link.
And, yeah, you were right. It is an interesting read.

masonchan was paid to destroy Zig Forums, the same way cuckchan was paid to destroy Zig Forums. They realized that National Socialism was being spread to the youth online, and traced its source back to imageboards. Their strategy was to subvert moderation so that the board could intentionally be shat up while simultaneously having armies of shills try to blend into the culture while encouraging newfags to stay away from NatSoc because it's "not cool".

It worked. Cuckchan is no longer an engine that educates you White males about National Socialism. 8/pol/ has been cut off at the knees and turned into a shit infested edgy-magapede circlejerk, subjected to endless waves of cuckchan refugees that serve as a channel through which the cuckchan poz continuously flows.

The interesting thing is that what started on imageboards has metastasized far and wide into the rest of the Internet. This is why they are going so hard on trying to shut down social media now, because they contain the spread.

And here we stand, in the flaming wreckage of ground zero, where it all began, wondering what happened and how to begin picking up the pieces.

Imagine what would happen if we were to rebuild, if we were to resurrect the furnaces of the cultural war engine formerly known as Zig Forums.

So the whole mod team is connected.

What a surprise, fucking hell, and they blame Codemonkey.

You're new. It's no problem. You ever speak to me like that again though and I'll hack your router. I'm just kidding, you're alright.

In my opinion everyone from Jim Watkins to mods are involved in an Intelligence operation.

How? You can't even define it.

The threads about National Socialism here is a fucking joke, with people disagreeing and calling each other kike.

And worse, the brainlet mods who ban anyone who have a different opinions then pretend they are the arbiter of "National Socialism".

Is National Socialism the Scrodinger's Cat?

Jim Watkins is a disgusting ass jew tbh, and I blame him for the downfall of Zig Forums.

Hell, I think even cuckchan has better discussion since you can have actual dialogue.


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But I can define National Socialism.

I actually can.

It's an authoritarian system with a mixed economy model with a focus on race and culture.

You made me blow air out of my nose at an irregular pace.

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Who make these awful goddamn shops?

In fact, this kike abusing of greentext is a suresign he's a newfag, even 2012 /v/irgin would cringe at this amount of strawman.

You are aware that you have failed to shut it down, correct?

You can be quiet now. Your only arguments that you have EVER made on Zig Forums can be summarized as follows:
>Muh low effort "history" slide thread oy vey!
Go kill yourself.
This is why we need an exodus.

leddit spacing is in fact a meme of newfags, you can search old posts from cuckchan that is pre-leddit that posts like this.

All of that is true.

If you want an exodus, just leave. LEAVE!

You contribute NOTHING.


It's called paragraphing, it's what I do.

Reminder that Chodekikey shitposts totally incoherently across all boards. See thread as proof.
Chodekikey is not a good admin. He only pretends to be literate when speaking officially.

I bet you failed English class, nonwhite moron. Go back to school newfag and don't come back until you've learned basic formatting and writing skills.

You have to go back.

This is how I write, and I will remain so.

The board was lost the moment the roach and his merry bunch of fuckbuddies started deleting self-improvement threads, Syria general, book threads and corral anons into supporting the completely judaised American two-party system. If anons here were allowed to do their own independent research and share what they dug up combined with some much-needed self-improvement they would quickly realize they don't need that orange kike to be their savior and would understand how completely kosher American politics really are. Since 2016 after the massive banning sprees and ungodly amount of thread nuking of those critical of ZOG and their kike stooges Zig Forums was just a more edgy GOP cheerleading squad with some NatSoc overpaint to cover the jewish agenda lurking deep inside of it. Now we're just a shadow of our former glory and the board is overrun by obvious kike shills, christcucks and low IQ redditors straight from r/the_donald.

Codemonkey is not a good admin because he's fucking inactive.

Wish he's back here and announce a new mod choosing.

Even so I feel 2016 Zig Forums had a vision and team-planning and organization more than now, which is nihilistic blackpilling and self-cynicism.

The light, we have lost the light.

Yes, you will forever remain a cancerous reddit user. We know.

Whatever you say, newfag ledditor.

Glad to know you will always be identifiable so I don't have to take you and your kikeposting seriously.

Imkikey was a (((Trump))) supporter, supporting an obvious fucking israeli golem. Not surprising that his moderating was as shit as it was.
>tfw got banned for pointing out that (((Trump))) was failing all his major promises
And then Chodekikey got involved and replaced the cancer of Imkikey with the AIDS of Chodekikey.
Zig Forums has not had a white board owner in the last 2 fucking years.

go back to reddit
right fucking now

I thought you would at least be able to recognize one of your own.

it was censorship that destroyed this place not what is going to safe it
back in the old days they weren't dropping anchors left and right like we are a pirate board, low effort posting was generally handled by letting it slide the catalog
the problem now is the flow of information is stiffled because anons think who bother posting if some kike mod is going to shadow ban me, yes this is what anchors are, purity spiralling only results into a dead board

and lets get two things straight you insufferable newfags /pol was never a natsoc board, on all the pols made back in the day it was always 40% natsoc and 40% lolbertarian with the rest made up of meme answers
leftists were never shut down directly but were eduacted on the wrongness of their ways as is easy to do so
number 2 fuck reddit spacing other then being a subhuman there is no reason to hit the button twice at every line, unless you are trained to do so from being a habitual reddit poster hence you being rightfully bullied for it and don't even begin with 5 word paragraphs you reddit cucks

This newfag ledditor is so mad about this "leddit spacing", and the madder he is, the more he proves he's a newfag.

peak chutzpah

Anyone wonder why this kike's vocabulary is so semetic?

I agree that this is the best way to handle it if your userbase is capable and not retarded enough to take bait.
However, when your userbase is 50% cuckchan civnats, reddit civnats and kike shills, this is not a viable option. They will bump their own threads.
More transparency between mods and users is necessary to ensure that the users understand the rules and that the mods understand what the users want.
Chodekikey has explicitly forbidden communication between mods and users.
This is clearly an utter failure of Chodekikey's ideology and administrative direction.
Chodekikey is not a good admin.

Kill yourself.
You're not fooling anyone.

Is this true?

Of course it was. There were so many kushnerbots and other paid shills shilling for Trump that any opposition was either banned, chased away or drowned in useless white noise. Posting rare Hitlers, checking dubs and praying to magical frogs while pretending a guy who married his kids to yids and spend his whole life supporting jews and Israel is secretly redpilled on JQ is not a path to victory. It's just ludicrous. It's a doublethink of the highest degree. Anons figure it all out in 2015 but then anyone too critical of ZOG got the short end of the stick and waves of refugees from halfchan, dumbfuck redditors and paid shills made sure the truth will not see the light of day. Zig Forums was united in shilling for obvious kike stooges and everyone who was against it was silenced onn the spot. That's 2016 Zig Forums unity for you.

No, you are not using the jew tactics, you are just adapting to their disgusting vocabulary, and it's fucking disgusting.

Speak Germanic language.

It is, but the mods just post their bullshit and no one bans them anyway.

i am actually complaining about this as recently i have seen many threads that started as a low effort OP but then saw valuable effortposting by anons, only to be deleted or anchored by the mods
like this weeking on fucking remembrance day axing threads about WWI
don't turn this board into a newsarticle aggregator where the only content is a link and summary of underpaid lefto journo interns opinion number 4872

Yes. In fact, he stated it as one of the reasons he removed polvol2.
or something like that. I'm sure someone has a screencap.

As said, I would take that Zig Forums unity against the now Zig Forums.

There's nothing good in self-destruction.

Kushnerbots are literal memes made up by CTR.

Yes, this is true. This is the verbatim text of the email he sent me when I became a Zig Forums Board Volunteer:

>Do not capcode. Do not make yourself visible. Do not attentionwhore. Keep it to yourself, if you can. Why? They will use anything they know about you to discredit you and the board. The less people know about you, the better, especially if you're in a country with hate speech laws. If you fail to follow any of these instructions, your account will be removed.

Nope, his reason to removal of polvol2 was the fact users complain too much about polvol2, which is very legit.

polvol2 was an anti-Trump spamming kike and he still spams now.

So? Then make a new thread with a decent op and continue from there

Neck yourself.

Then the famous polvol4 decides to avatarfag like a whore.

Codemonkey seems to be in the right again.

Seriously, you can learn a lot from him.

Second that. I check here less and less. Kikes/shills couldn’t have white guys being red pilled in such large amounts about so many things, I guess. The amount of shill threads is insane.


Nope, that's the reason polvol2 was removed.

And? There's no reason for that thread to be anchored in the first place.

That's a problem with the moderation, that kike mods NEVER, NEVER admit to.

Lot of kikes are anti-Trump.

As I said it was a thing he mentioned. Him spamming so hard polvol3 banned him (presumambly not knowing who it actually was) and than unbanning himself to continue was what got him in the end and I'm not defending that.

Hopefully Codemonkey removes the whole cast and elects someone new.

Because under their direction, this board is toast.

If you want to be united in sucking jewish dick and asking for seconds afterwards by falling for every kosher distraction ZOG throws your way then feel free to do it somewhere else. Zig Forums is a board dedicated for finding the truth and being a slave to jewish marketing is as far from it as possible. The truth is not pretty but it will set you free. Stay here and lurk more if you want to understand it or go back to where you came from if you want to wallow in love for Donald Trump and his jewish grandkids.

Thanks for the compliment, Kike.
Chutzpah is a jewish technique. This is the reality.
I'm not trying to sugarcoat anything. Neither am I praising chutzpah.
You are deliberately misinterpreting everything people say to you.
Like a fucking SJW.

You are blatantly wrong. Yes, polvol2 was a spamming nigger, but capcoding should not be forbidden as long as it's relevant to the context. Allowing anyone to just impersonate a mod without needing to capcode is a recipe for disaster.

Lots of kikes are pro-Trump as well. Trump is pro-kike himself. Look at his behaviour when he was in Israel. Look at his kike daughter and kike son-in-law. Look at his condemnation of white nationalism.

The board is toast because of Chodekikey. I don't care if the mods get removed; nothing will really change in the end, because this board is fucked either way. Chodekikey has publicly stated that he DOES NOT intend to ever deglobalize Zig Forums again. This is why we need a fucking exodus.

Not the kushner kikes who astroturf this board, Chaim.

I have stayed here since 2014, and as said, 2016 was the grandest of time. In fact, I would say the reverse that you oughta lurk more.

Just stick to that, no problem with it. But don't bury the truth when it doesn't fit your agenda.

Watching a jew-controlled republiZOG kike get elected to the highest office in the country is not "the grandest of time", chaim.

tldr; OP is salty because he can no longer destroy the board with massive censorship

Fuck off you maganigger

No, you are just using jewish words, not tactics. And it makes you fucking disgusting.

And now you throw in another Oi vey, ever notice how it becomes natural to you? That your spirit is literally turning jewish?

And Codemonkey didn't say you can't communicate with users, meanwhile, you avartarfag like a whore, got anything to say to that?

polvol2 was a spamming nigger and he got deservely banned for it.

Lot of kikes are pro-Trump, but his opposition is way more jew-funded. Kikes play both sides like Napoleon vs England, and whoever wins, they win as well, same tactics under WW2.

And no, this board would be fine under Codemonkey rule just that kikey was deposed, new threads were coming, history threads were back, people can have dialogue again. Then the kike mods team come, and here we are.

I dunno, but Trump's opposition is way more kike-funded.

Watching Trump get elected and the fact we have done worthwhile with unison and strategy was the grandest of time.

Lurk more.

Watching (((Trump))) get elected and the fact (((we))) have done worthwhile… was the grandest of time.
Maybe for you moshe.