God Exists

The thing about truth is that you know it when you hear it.

God’s name, in modern English, is Causality, or The Universe, or Spacetime. By these names is the anthropomorphised theory of everything best understood.

You may think this is a reinterpretation, and therefore invalid or at least, talking about an entirely different concept and misassociating it with the idea of God. You will see that the idea of a magical man in the sky is, in fact, the misinterpretation of the truth.

I do not believe our ancestors believed in a literal magical man in the sky. I am sure they believed, at least initially, in the concepts I am about to lay before you. They called it God, and told stories about it, anthropomorphising it to make it more understandable to everyone, especially children. These were people trying to communicate important, physical, universal truths, thousands of years before science. It is no wonder they used metaphor and stories.

The atheists who laugh at these stories as plainly false, are fools. It’s as if, on being told that “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” they sneer and say that ‘’'falconry is irrelevant today’’’. Well no shit Sherlock, you’ve completely missed the point, and to make matters worse you actually ‘’congratulate’’ yourself on being clever enough to evolve beyond falconry. It’s laughably shallow thinking, but forgivable because we have moved so far out of Biblical context that the stories are mostly inaccessible today for those coming to them fresh. They do seem crazy when taken at face value.

Unfortunately, the Church has largely forgotten the original truths too, or is at least terrible at explaining them, and are left defending dogmatic metaphors as if they are literally real, also making themselves into fools. When I went to a Church recently, the priest was reading random sections of the Bible without context. To an outsider, it’s meaningless. The faith has become blind.

We have lost the ability to talk about God directly, because nobody seems to know what the hypothesis actually is. We are left with every debate between believers and atheists being largely about whether or not religion is good, which is irrelevant to the actual question of whether or not there is a God. Believers get blind faith, atheists get blind nihilism.

There is obviously not a magical man in the sky. But you will see that the universe, from our perspective, actually behaves ‘’as if there is’’. The story of God is a brilliant metaphor for a truth that’s very hard to convey, especially to children. It works, and religion actually makes sense, when we understand what God actually is. We will start from the core truth, referring to God as “It” for now, and then re-anthropomorphise it and come to see that the stories of all religions actually make a lot of sense.

Causality is God. God is Causality. It is all matter, energy; the whole universe. In other words, The All, or Spacetime.

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Everything that happens today, happens because of what happened in the past. Cause and effect rule the cosmos, via the laws of physics. If we have a vacuum chamber with 100 Oxygen molecules inside, and we know their starting positions and velocities, then we can model what happens inside perfectly. In other words, we can predict the future of these 100 particles. We know where they are going, how fast, and what will happen when they collide with each other or the sides of the chamber. We could model the box infinitely into the future with a powerful enough computer. Their future is pre-ordained by the laws of physics. Perhaps it would be impossible in practice to know enough to actually predict the outcomes. But that is a human limitation. Even if we cannot access it, the information is there that predicts the future of the molecules.

This chamber is a model of the universe. A second after the big bang, the entire timeline of the universe was already decided. A causes B causes C causes Z, eventually. It is unknowable to us, but the information is there. All of human history, your life, your future, were pre-ordained at the beginning of the universe (or perhaps before?). The universe, after all, is simply matter and energy interacting according to straightforward laws of classical physics. According to quantum theory (if you believe in that), many interactions are unpredictable, and down to probabilities. But if there’s a 60% chance of an atom in the sun emitting a photon, then 60% of the atoms will emit photons. Probabilities only make things unpredictable when you look at situations in isolation. The whole universe is still running according to laws. Spacetime is a script written at the moment of creation.

We don’t have free will. We have the illusion of free will based on ignorance. You can’t know all variables, so you have to choose between seemingly viable options. But if you look back on every real choice you made in your life, you will see that actually, you never would have chosen differently. You ‘’could’’ have if you had different information, or a different mindset at the time… but you didn’t. You don’t create a new universe every time you make a choice. Like the vacuum chamber, your life is simply matter and energy interacting. It is thought that every decision you make is already formed in your head up to 10 seconds before you’re conscious of it. Did you just decide to do something random like pick up a pen for no reason, to prove you have free will? Would you have done so if you hadn’t read these paragraphs? Cause and effect rules the universe, and us.

So, living in the universe, we are completely subject to cause and effect, and we still have the illusion of free will because we’re doing our best with the information and tools we have. From here, it is simply a case of pattern recognition. There are patterns of behaviour, actions, that improve survival chances, and actions that decrease your chances. These are not necessarily possible to learn in one lifetime’s experience. It probably took us hundreds if not thousands of generations to figure out patterns of causes and effects like;

If you’re Lustful, Prideful, Envious, Slothful, Gluttonous, Greedy, or Wrathful you might waste energy, get nothing done, create chaos in the tribe, get into fights, and die.

If you work hard, are kind to others, self-restrained, strong but peaceful, and humble you might be liked more by your tribe, get more food and produce better conditions for everyone, and get to breed more.

Morality is simply any pattern of behaviour that increases your people’s health, wealth, prosperity and happiness. Because our universe has laws, these patterns are learnable, repeatable, and true on a meta-level, i.e. not in one situation, but any situation.

Now, how would a wise old caveman pass these lessons of experience down to young children?

“Don’t do this, this or this. The universe will punish you. If you do this, this and this, the universe will reward you.”

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God comes from Godan, which is Odin, which is actually real.

The Jewish god is a djin, smoke without fire, a desert spirit.

This is beginning to communicate cause and effect in a storial, anthropomorphised way. It is not a long shot from here to replace the word universe with the word God. Pretty much every human who ever lived spent at least their first 12 years in the world taking orders from, and having the world explained to them, by their elders. Learn your letters and you will do well in life. Practice your spear throwing and you will be a successful male one day. Don’t touch snakes. Share your food. Rules come down from above- mostly from older men. It’s easy to see why God has been portrayed as an old man in the sky; the ultimate rule-giver, who has secrets about life that we don’t understand yet, but have to follow, because the elders seem to, and as young people we know we don’t know everything.

A religion is then simply the body of communication of the laws of cause and effect observed over the generations. The stories that teach the morals, the festivals that observe our place in the cause and effect universe, and the rules that attempt to keep us on a moral path- to keep us behaving adaptively. When the religion stops doing this, it dies. Christianity in Europe died in 1914 by supporting war, but it was sick for a long time before then. It is now little more than a fringe mystic tradition in practice, with no moral authority because it has lost its connection to the truth.

Re-anthropomorphising God

Now we can look at religious teachings and see if the seemingly strange claims can be explained with this theory.

“God has a plan for everyone” - pre-ordained universe.

“God works in mysterious ways” - the plan is unknowable to us because we have very limited information.

“God loves us”- this is the most interesting one. Anything could have happened in history. We could have been enslaved by aliens 10,000 years ago and be living in rape dungeons right now. We could have never evolved into creatures that can experience joy, love and beauty. We could have been actually taken over by full blown communism. Your personal life could be much, much worse. There is surely a lot of pain and suffering in the world, but there is also an incredible amount of beauty and joy to be had. I understand how flowers evolved, but why? Why didn’t the universe pre-ordain that we’d never evolve above bacteria? If the universe is truly indifferent, we are insanely lucky. And I believe that technically the universe ‘’is’’ indifferent, but it seems to act as if it loves us.

If life really wasn’t worth living, if there was really more bad than good, then almost everyone would commit suicide. Life is good, and enjoyable. If you’re not enjoying it, you’re doing something wrong.

“Have faith in God” - Given that life in the universe happens to be good in general, we can have hope and even faith that the future will turn out well. Maybe there will be lots of pain and suffering along the way, but maybe that’s necessary somehow, to make the final victory over evil all the more powerful and meaningful, to make the beauty that we find and build all the more valuable and great.

“We are God’s children” - We know little individually, especially when we’re young and arrogant, and by studying causes and effects in life (pattern recognition) we can learn to live better. It’s as if the universe wants to raise us, by giving us certain experiences to teach us lessons.

“The Lord is my Shepherd” - A shepherd in biblical times was seen as a caregiver. It took a lot of work to look after a flock. Again, the universe seems to look after us. Things do look bad at the moment, but do any of us really expect to lose this fight? Do we really think our enemies are doing anything but ensuring their own deaths by fucking with us? We will have many casualties like in any war, but this only means we will come out stronger, having learned important lessons. At least 400,000 Europeans were enslaved by the Ottoman empire. Did this stop us? Where are the Ottomans now? Even in these dark times we have beauty, and history, and nature, and art, all to give us hope and recharge us. We DON’T live in a grimdark universe.

“God will forgive our sins if we repent”- this is quite simple. The universe is fairly forgiving. You can have a lustful youth and still make it. You can eat and drink too much and still make it. You’re not damned to failure immediately if you break the rules. Only if you ‘live in sin’, ie consistently make maladaptive decisions, will things likely go wrong for you. If you repent, ie learn from your mistakes and accept the rules of morality, then you might get another chance at biological success.

“Jesus was the son of God” - Jesus grew up learning from experience and pattern recognition the true ‘way’, ie the absolute most perfectly adaptive behaviour. He learned it from God by observing cause and effect. God taught him how to live, raised him; in other words, he was the son of God.

So you see, the magical man in the sky is not the idea. It is the communication of the idea, the metaphor for the truth. It only ceases to make sense when it is taken literally and the truth- Causality- is forgotten. God = Spacetime is not a reinterpretation. It is the truth at the heart of the myth, a myth that has become detached and therefore, appears false and is easily knocked down.

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>>>Zig Forums

I don't have anything against Christians, but this does not belong on Zig Forums. It will only result in D&C

God in religious contexts

Now, you might not accept these claims of the Bible, and that’s fine. It doesn’t actually disprove God’s existence if none of these are true. Maybe God doesn’t care after all. That’s where faith comes in. Christians have faith that God is good and in Jesus, but this is only one religion. Accepting the fact of God’s existence is different to having faith in God, and it’s also different to following a specific religion. I’m not sure if I can be part of Christianity in its current form, so corrupt it’s become, but I do believe Jesus was a perfect example of a man and died for my sins. Perhaps we need to restart it from a position of truth. The downfall of Christianity was its sword of truth; eventually many parts of the Bible were discovered to be scientifically incorrect, ie untrue, and the baby was thrown out with the bathwater. But the Bible was written by unscientific people; it being wrong about the Earth’s shape doesn’t make their wisdom about life wrong. But it’s understandably hard to accept the word of a book that’s been discredited, when many of the modern people preaching it have forgotten the actual message, and simply preach dogma and don’t follow their own morals. It’s hard to see the original truth in there without getting to it from first principles.

Polytheism does not necessarily disagree with monotheism. Norse and Classical mythology is a different type of religion; they passed down their morals through stories of heroes, and these heroes are like mythical ancestors of the people. It is likely that Odin and Thor were real people, ancient kings of the Indo-Europeans. It is likely that Odin, Zeus, Jupiter and Rama are the same person. Myths and concepts get attached to them; archetypes of heroes, useful in teaching causality, virtues and morals. These religions do not really disagree with monotheism, rather they simply lack it. Hinduism of course has a ‘one true god’, and a trinity as well. It could be said that the Norse Yggdrasil is a version of The All. The fact of God can be easily integrated with a pantheon of Gods; the Gods are archetypes and causes relating to the human world, under the umbrella of and parts of the All. The simple truth of one true God is more true than hero myths, though, which is probably why they all converted to Christianity and not the other way round. We here know better than anyone that the winning ideology in the long run will always be that with the closest relationship with the truth.

Different parts of the world have different moralities and adaptations; hence, Islam, Taoism, Sikhism, Buddhism etc. Buddhism is not a religion in the same way as others; it is simpler, more of a perspective to be adopted rather than a whole story. The others accept God, or they call it the Universal energy, or Allah, but different races have evolved to deal with causality and the laws of the universe differently and so tell their stories differently and pass on different messages.

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Speaking as a former Atheist, Atheism seems to come from either ignorance or denial. If we accept God is the name for Causality, then atheism is the rejection of consequences. It is the belief that our world, our lives, can be completely and competently controlled by ourselves. We can make the best judgements, we don’t need any external wisdom, and there are no universal rules.

It is this or ignorance. Understandably, many modern people have no time to think about the messages of Christianity, especially since it became corrupt, lost all moral authority, and parts of the Bible were disproved. They are brought up atheist, or practicing a religion as more of a tradition without truly believing in it. Why would they consider God at all? They are presented with a magical man in the sky and rightfully dismiss it out of hand. There is nobody to teach them what God actually is or means. So they go about their lives laughing at the faithful, missing out on the knowledge that they are part of a great universal script, and therefore, their lives and actions matter.

Nihilism and immorality follow. Why bother doing anything? Why restrain myself? What’s the point in morality? It’s just a stupid, constricting set of rules imposed by people who believe in a magical man in the sky. There can’t be any value in it. We have the moral hangover of Christianity in the west; some people are still moral, without really knowing why. It is just convention, left over from a (much more powerful, but this is forgotten) society that truly believed. It is slowly and surely declining to nothing more than the vaguest politeness (if that), and virtue-signalling ‘human solidarity’, which means nothing and goes out the window as soon as life becomes challenging.

As we can clearly see, this societal atheism has led to extremely maladaptive behaviours on both the individual and national level. There is no guide to policy beyond personal gain and what gives the directionless masses positive emotions, because we abandoned our old guide, a guide that was an attempt to convey the lessons of thousands of years of experience. Without learning from history somehow, we are bound to make the same mistakes again. I don’t need to explain in much detail here how immoral/maladaptive, insane and wrong the west’s actions have become.

It is because we believe we can do what we want and that we can decide the consequences. We have stopped believing that actions have predictable, unavoidable consequences. We believe we have more control than the universe does. This is the only explanation for the insane decisions made by most of society and individuals today.

Of course, having faith in God, I believe this is all part of the symphony, a terrible crescendo of immorality and evil that will make the following triumph of light and beauty all the more powerful in its majesty. I have faith in God’s plan. But I also believe I must play my part and put this information out there.

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The Judeo-Christian deity is YHWH, you worship a Jewish god. You're a faggot.

European gods exist, and don't ask you to grovel. Stop asking for things to happen and just make them occur with your own willpower.


I think in reforging faith in the universe, our place in it, our morality, and our bright future, a Western version of Hinduism needs to evolve; acceptance of the one true God, and understanding of that fact, the Trinity, Jesus, but also including the Norse and Classical myths, stories, heroes and gods (with a lower case g) which are tightly bound to our race-soul. The 8 limbs of yoga, the 9 noble virtues- all are important to live a good, wise, successful life.

There is no limit to how much wisdom we are ‘allowed’ to pass on or what material we can use to teach lessons of morality and truth to our descendants. The main truth is, no matter what you believe or have faith in, that one true God exists, and that God is Spacetime, Causality, The Creator, The All. Perhaps it really is conscious.

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Finally, I'm not going into ideas of the afterlife here. I simply don't know. And can everyone in this thread just ignore dumb, one line, didn't-read-the-OP, the world is black and white replies like this it will make for much less D&C and mess.


I read enough to know you're attempting to validate a semitic religion, sweaty. Fuck off with it.

No he isn't, he's saying once you admit that there's one and connect with it, shit happens, fagit.

I appreciate your guarding the board, but religion effects politics directly, we often have theological threads, and I'm hoping this might even help us get past the constant Christian vs Pagan D&C.

For the record I'm not fully Christian or Pagan, as I explained I think they both have elements of truth.


Many do. Which one?
Perhaps, but they're observably superior to the Christians that screech at them constantly.

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Let's hear yours

I'm not retarded enough to start a religion argument on Zig Forums

But you're retarded enough to bump a D&C thread.

That's under the pretense that YHWH is one of the "gods" you can connect with.

Pissing in an ocean of piss at this point.

At this point, even as a Christian myself, I'd rather we do not assume there to be Gods or Afterlife. It takes away a great deal of our fighting spirit when we can just assume 'oh, we don't need to stand up for ourselves, we'll be in Heaven soon anyway'.
It's similar to morals, ethics, values. These are often Christian in origin but are used against us to destroy our entire western/hellenic civilization. We might be better off putting these on the shelf and do what must be done, what our forefathers have done, even those who believed more fervently, think of the Crusaders and Spanish Inquisition.

I hate you all so much. God is about as real as the prospect of National Socialism actually succeeding. Fuck you all for tainting it. Nobody will ever take it seriously

Thank you for proving my point that Christianity no longer knows what it's talking about when it talks about God and has been reduced to simple tradition.

You're talking about Judaized Christianity, which is exactly why I'm not a Christian, beyond the very core teachings of God and Jesus it is very corrupt and amoral.

OK, so go back to shitposting and firing off one liner opinions about the latest Trump tweet.

If you've never read any of the New Testament, then how can you say that you are against Jesus? Some people seem to think that this board is run by Jews now, and they don't know who to trust anymore. To me the New Testament seems to have parts in it that show such genuine love to people. Really, it seems to be either the biggest deception that has ever occurred or the truth. People that complain about Jews promoting Christianity and wanting it to flourish may not recognize this recording by this man saying what his professor told his class in 1969: the Bible will be changed archive.org/details/New_Order_of_Barbarians_remaster_tapes_1to3/New Order of Barbarians [remaster] tapes 1 to 3.mp3
at 42:55. People that haven't read the New Testament and want to find truth ought to read the KJV New Testament and decide for themselves. Is it not clear that multiple Jewish people hate Jesus in Israel? You can find information concerning that if you do some research. I remember an image that showed essential things to read before one posts on Zig Forums, and the KJV New Testament was one of those things to read. Honestly, I myself have not read all of the things that were listed (there were about 4 things, I think). People ought to give the New Testament a chance. After all, this nation has Christian roots. I think I even saw an article that said that the settlers of Jamestown had the King James Bible as the school textbook for children. I do not mean the generally accepted modern Christianity that America has now.

Funny that you are here.

You don't need a 'book' or a 'religion' to talk to God user.

I look at Christianity as something 'too good for this world', it's all about power and influence here, not about doing good or being the best, most moral person. Other Christians around me take a hands-off approach, they simply state 'we are not of this world, so we shouldn't get involved in it'. Yet in the past, Christians fought with great conviction, during the Crusades and the 2nd World War for instance, or used great Godly judgment against the Jews in Spain during that Inquisition. That old Christianity seems so distant, so different to what I've seen around me. Perhaps it's because of Protestantism? The Orthodox seem to still retain a great amount of fighting spirit, autonomy and influence.

"God" does not exist - a "supreme being' designed to judge us and send us to 'hell' is a jewish construct and this thread will result in only dividing us.

Then he's retarded, good on him. Shit doesn't real.

There are beings that can manifest and manipulate our plane. They can move objects physically, they can influence us emotionally, and they can be seen with the naked eye. Now the fact that what one might call 'devils' exist does not necessarily mean that God exists; but it certainly lends a degree of acceptability to the idea of their being an entity outside of our plane that interacts with us, and that is more than a mere abstract definition of existence.

I do think there is a great deal of good in understanding that God is so much more than 'a man in the clouds' or a 'superman' or any other human perception; but there certainly is an aspect to God that is readily identifiable to us and which could appear to be a character in a children's novel. God is so much more than that as well, but to completely ignore that aspect is simply wrong. It might sound more 'true' to you, but I and many others have witnessed those other wordly being that one might describe as devils, angels and whatever else; and as such I cannot accept that all those stories written the world over detailing their existence are all abstract analogies detailing metaphysical truths. Perhaps they are that also, 'As above, so below' and all that; but they are certainly real in the way they are described as well.


I like Eastern Orthodoxy for their less jewy understanding of Christianity…anything Rome touched ended up being pretty faggy and ultimately horrendously destructive. That said, I don't really trust in any 'institutions' on this planet anymore even if they were majority 'good' you are still 'joining' yourself to something (similar to marriage) with a larger entity that is morally compromised (at this point in one way or another). Men should be head of their household, head of themselves and responsible for themselves.

Stop astroturfing. >>>Zig Forums

You can't have an unmoderated discussion about anything of importance on Zig Forums.

What fresh idiocy is this. Do you know nothing. Jews really don't like God, and they really, really like and push atheism. So why am I a Jew? Oh right, you didn't even read the thread.

I don't honestly think this idiocy is very fresh user.

I can accept this possibility, I just haven't seen anything like it in my own life. I would like to see evidence for it. I guess the point is even a committed, scientific materialist who only believes in physical reality can't deny that something exists which perfectly fits the description of God.

I agree, I honestly find it hard to believe that any modern Christian is a true Christian. It's become a tradition, not a true worldview. None of them actually seem convinced, apart from the evangelical ones who think that every story in the Bible is literally true, and God is actually a magical man in the sky and nothing else.

The 'Abrahamic-God' concept is used to distract us from the truth - the truth that there is a 'God' inside of each and every one of us - the one that might be called, "The True and Radiant Inner-Most Self"

Jews love (((YHWH))). They sacrifice babies to him all the time, much to his delight! Just as it was when the Christian demon-god (allegedly) murdered every white Egyptian firstborn child I say allegedly because Exodus didn't happen.

Then YHWH isn't God. Can you point to where I said I believed every word of the Bible? I can't seem to recall stating that.

Praise Kek
Fuck abraham the nigger and moloch and all semites

Also, it is fine to revere a given deity and to commit oneself to higher spiritual truths, but don't get caught up in the reality denial that so many religious people get into. For instance, the process of Evolution is an absolute observable fact, despite the screeching of Creationists.

Don't need to. You've broken the Christian conditioning yourself.

Did you literally just read the title? How can anyone be this fucking simple

YOU FUCKTARD. You should just shut your fucking mouth if you don't understand what you are saying. They don't 'sacrifice' babies to YHWH they sacrifice children so that they can't 'be seen' by God. They use the blood of the innocent to disguise themselves. You people are fucking RETARDS who don't understand shit.

that's D&C tier

Calling out actually incorrect information isn't D&C.


Thank you Odin! I actually replaced my wife's DACA with a citizenship once we married.

Religion isn't relevant to me. I just want folks to stay grounded in reality, instead of leaping off cliffs in faith.

>defending the indefensible (((YHWH)))
Your precious jew demon is happy to see White children and babies die.

This is unimportant here and any Zig Forumsack that isn't some faggot conservative Christcunt knows this. This is just D&C and I reported it as such as soon as I read OP.

I've been wondering this myself, we often read Jews state that they are atheistic yet still follow Jewish traditions, follow the rules of their Rabbi, etc. I suppose it could come down to their religion and culture being one-and-the-same but it could also be another element of their rebellion against God/Logos/logic.

What kind of faggot plays cherry pick with his faith? You either agree with your faith entirely or you don't. What the fuck is wrong with you mental gymnastic mother fuckers

I think what you meant was; "Gee user, how perceptive of you to understand the entire framework of semitic religion that requires ritual human sacrifice and the covering of ALIEN KIKE FAGGOTS in the blood of the innocent creatures of the Earth in order for them to remain here and 'party'." FTFY


You Sethian fucks are going down, soon.

Tfw Kek has more grounds in reality than YHWH.
I think the thing that gets me is that people refer to this type of stuff as "Divide and Conquer" we would need to be on the same side to be divided to begin with.

Muh Hebrew lineages

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It's Divide and Conquer when it's an opposing ideology trying to subvert another. National Socialism is as much a spiritual movement if not more as a political one.

Sethian? What's that mean?
Sorry, but anyone who reads the (((Old Testament))) objectively will see your precious (((YHWH))) for the demon it is, no Gnostic babble required.

Christians by definition cannot be national Socialists unless they follow positive Christianity. They put their faith over their folk.

You are an idiot.
The kikes don't belong on this planet, they are from somewhere else. That is why they use the blood of the planet in order to stay alive here. YHWH is part of this planet, it is the 'God' of this planet. The kikes HATE this planet and everything on it including the God of this planet. The only thing that would make them happy is if they were able to murder the entire planet and then start up cern to replace the El/Mag field and artificially control the planet, weather, systems and people. You think your precious kike overlords are going to favor you when the planet is dead? Why do you think they want to murder Aryans (the original inhabitants of the planet)…God you people are dumb as fuck.

You're a braindead faggot who does mental gymnastics to validate his belief in a semitic faith. Drink bleach.

There is one true God and that MEANS SOMETHING REAL, and Christianity used to know what that was but it then got corrupted early on, so any thinking person doesn't 100% believe in Christianity's teachings because a lot of them are Judaised. How fucking difficult is this to understand?

Prosperous, peaceful society based on truth, obviously.

Indeed. Read this.

Yes, exactly my point. If more people here were familiar with Positive Christianity, these threads would hit the last page long before getting bumplocked or deleted.

You worship the demiurge lmao.

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Yes, you dumb fuck YHWH is a demon, meaning it is PART OF THIS PLANET and not 'angelic' or from OFFWORLD you stupid shit.

Choke on your own cock you filthy kike.

Why do you think Jesus looks like a white person? Just curious.

Its not really a matter of unfamiliarity, its the fear of consequences in their own faith.

You got part of it right, faggot, you missed how they did that, though.

Wrong reply? He looks like a kike.

This doesn't disprove the existence of God. At most, if you're right, it would show that YHWH is a false God. And I happen to agree that the God of the old testament is Saturn, ie not the true One.

Perhaps, but that would make them especially retarded for being here pushing their bullshit to begin with.

Christianity fights natural law. It has nothing to do with the universal truth.

Your faith is dead and brown.

He was not a kike, faggot. How many times does Zig Forums have to go over the fact that before the half nigger islamic filth polluted the Middle East with their subhuman genetics the entire region WAS EUROPEAN/WHITE?

Filtered for inability to read.

What's new?

They see radical missionary work as like some sort of martyrdom. They want to be persecuted. Its a masochist death cult lmao.

It never was, and never will be. You worship a literal semite lmao.

You are completely retarded. Filtered.

Then why does he look like this?

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get fucked, faggot

Well, Italy has AR-15s now, so maybe something cool will happen, like the pedo Vatican burning.

The only way they could sell that story to Europeans.

>(((YHWH))) is part of the planet
Nothing could be further from the Truth. Momma Earth is a living planet with chaotic energies and (((YHWH))) the Black Cube demon is a thing of entropy and death.
so do Christians. They call our beautiful natural order "fallen" and "Wicked" and prefer to live in a Heaven after death.

Maybe if you subscribe to the Christian belief that Hell is a place at the center of this Earth. But really, demons are just pathetic spirits of weakness that prey on vulnerable humans, like how (((YHWH))) got you. Any hellscape would not be permitted near our momma Earth - the Gods wouldn't permit that.

Really? Because they put Jews in the leading roles in stories meant to entice whites all the time. Why not this time?


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Don't get my hopes up. I just hope the library gets released uscathed if those Saturn-worshipping shitbags burn.

Philo-semites attempting to identify with a foreign faith by personalizing Yeshua's countenance

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My intention has never been to disprove the existence of Gods, merely to show Christians that their specific God (((YHWH))) is actually a demon in disguise. A very thin disguise at that.

Then why does Jesus talk so much about the dangers of demographic replacement, and why does God talk so much about why established nations are important?

Fuck dude, glad someone gets it. Rome 2020 on the summer Solstice. Get there.


It is good to know someone else is riding the rising wave of consciousness.
Knowledge of the immovability of time may be maddening at first, especially once one learns how to see the past and the future. Thoth teaches that it is possible to reach a state of consciousness where one exists outside of time, where there await more mysteries to explore.

Read and feel these words: "Reality is perfect." - "God is that which is beyond perfection."
(Some druggies often see God as a Triangle with two Sides, God can be that while still remaining logical because he is beyond Reality, which is perfect.)

We both see most misunderstand and attack Christianity, even though Christianity is not the point of this thread.
When one shines such powerful truth, the light exposes every demon. They possesses the host and attack. This thread will still be a good even if only the two of us could talk and understand.

5 ; 61

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Yes, it is a 'story' at this point. But a discerning mind carefully parses the truth out of the kike lies by doing research.

Incorrect, Demon is derived from 'Deva' and it only pertains to a different sort of God than an 'air' god Aesir or 'angelic (offworld) god'. Do some research into linguistics and etymology of the origin of words.

They are just confused by kikes, just like you.
You are in agreement with the kikes when you want to kill off the demon (underworld god) of this planet.


They don't. Your personal interpretation of christianity does not change what it means.

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