Some studies for newfags.





Outbreeding depression

Asian-white couples face distinct pregnancy risks, Stanford/Packard study finds

1/3 of hapas (white+asian) suffer from mental illness

Most congenital problems are more common on mixed-race babies:

Race mixing can trigger dental problems (in Portuguese, talking about this problem in Brazil)

Prematurity and Low Birth Weight are a lot more common in mixed-race babies

Mixed-race people have the highest mental illness rates:

Organ donations must be from person with the same race and similar genetics, due to this, mixed-race people for having peculiar genetic combinations face challenges when they try to receive organ donations

Teenagers who identify as mixed-race have greater health and behavioural risks than those who identify with only one race:

Mulatto teenagers show much more anti-social behaviour than both black and whites teenagers:

Hybrid and multi-racial animal offsprings suffer from a decline in their reproductive and adaptive capacity




African-americans are on average 22% european, and due to this they face reproduction problems that africans from africa don't.

Study done in Iceland shows that breedings among 3rd cousins are the most fertile and successful. Suggesting that mating within the same ethnic / racial group would be more beneficial than outside it:

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big summary:

“Mixedrace children suffer from more health problems

Racemixing leads to outbreeding depression & pairings of non-complementary traits.

A massively well-funded study of over 100,000 schoolchildren found that “Adolescents who identify themselves as mixed race are at higher health and behavior risk than those of 1 race.” Indeed, even when controlling for education, socioeconomic status, and other factors, there is an across-the board higher rate of health risks amongst mixed race adolescents than mono-racial adolescents.

One study found that White-Asian mixes had a 2x higher rate of being “diagnosed with a psychological disorder, such as anxiety, depression or substance abuse.”

A study on Black-White mixes in agreement found that ”When it comes to engaging in risky/anti-social adolescent behavior, however, mixed race adolescents are stark outliers compared to both blacks and whites.” This holds true despite being raised in similar environments to mono-racial children.

Often race-deniers and cultural Marxists will bring up Haldane’s rule, arguing that since races can mix and create fertile offspring, the genetic distance is not too great. Haldane’s rule is “when in the offspring of two different animal races one sex is absent, rare, or sterile, that sex is the heterogametic [XY] sex.”

Indeed, although Black-White mixes are not sterile and males are not absent, males (the heterogametic sex) are more rare than females.

the argument regarding Haldane’s rule is also meaningless because different species in the animal kingdom can breed and still produce fertile offspring. The wolf (Canis lupus) and the dog (Canis lupus familiaris), the coyote (Canis latrans), and the common jackal (Canis aureus) are separate species yet can all interbreed and produce fertile offspring.

Two species of orangutan (Pongo abellii from Sumatra and Pongo pygmaeus from Borneo) can interbreed despite having different chromosomal numbers.

The common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and the bonobo (Pan paniscus) and many species of birds, such as the pintail (Anas acuta) and the mallard (Anas platyrhynchos), can interbreed as well.

The gibbon and the siamang can also interbreed to produce a hybrid

Some species that aren’t even in the same genus can interbreed.

Black Americans are a hybrid race of around 22% White ancestry

This 22% ancestry is the cause of multiple negative health effects due to genetic incompatibility. Indeed, consistent with Haldane’s rule, unmixed Blacks from Africa and White Americans do not have the same rate of birth problems that hybrid American Blacks have: “In 2005, the mortality rate for black infants was 4.4 times higher than that of white infants… African women who come to the United States and have babies experience the same low rate of infant deaths as white American mothers.”
t1nyurl.com/6tr9e6t (docs.google)

“Indiscriminate interbreeding between distinct forms, whether ‘species’ or markedly different races, is not generally beneficial. The defect may show in a change in the sex-ratio of the offspring, probably caused by the early abortion of members of one sex, generally the male in the case of mammals.”

LTA4H, or “leukotriene A4 hydrolase” is found on chromosome 17. An allele of this gene increases the risk of heart attack (the #1 cause of death in America) in Blacks by more than 250%, but only 16% in Whites. The 30% of Whites with this allele have counteracting genes, while the 6% of Black Americans who obtained it through race mixing do not.

The average rate of success for mixed race couples is around half that of same race couples, 0.127 compared to 0.213.

There is evidence that the more similar the two people are, the happier their marriage tends to be.

A study in Iceland showed that 3rd cousin marriages are the most fertile and successful. Suggesting that mating within one's ethnic/racial group would be more beneficial than outside of one's ethnic/racial group.

One study showed that people tend to find their own face when morphed into the opposite sex most attractive, even when he/she doesn't know it's his own face, strongly suggesting that people typically prefer those who look like themselves, in other words their own racial/ethnic group.

Hybrid vigor (heterosis) does not seem to apply to humans as we are already very heterozygous, at 0.776 [mbe.oxfordjournals.org/content/14/7/707.full.pdf] Compared to dogs for example at 0.401. [eebweb.arizona.edu/Courses/Ecol406R_506R/Garcia-Moreno1996-Wolf.pdf]

Although some argue that race mixing "averages out" traits and since average faces are considered more attractive [cs.brown.edu/courses/cs143/2009/lecture13.pdf] then mixed race offspring are more attractive.

However this is fallacious as it assumes we are designed for perfect symmetry, when in fact the magnitude of asymmetry is the correct measurement and this random component fulctuates, also called "fluctuating asymmetry" - so more honestly a lower level of asymmetry correlates with increased attractiveness, not symmetry.

But does increased heterozygosity cause lower asymmetry? A meta analysis of 118 datasets in 14 studies showed a very weak inverse correlation between the two, showing that increased heterozygosity has no beneficial effect on symmetry or asymmetry

One study on the craniofacial morphology in White-Amerindian mixed race individuals found that over half of the 52 shape variables deviated from the mathematical average completely shattering the above argument.

The neurotransmitter oxytocin "makes people more co-operative, benevolent, loyal, generous and trusting of others. It is involved in the parent-child bond - new mothers and fathers have raised levels of oxytocin. Production also increases when people hug and when they have sex and, recent research suggests, when they receive psychological warmth." However, oxytocin has been alleged to "foster racism."

The study found that "intergroup bias that fuels prejudice, xenophobia, and intergroup violence… Which maybe modulated by brain oxytocin." This suggests that the instinctual desire to pursue the interests of one's own ethnic group to further ensure the existence of one's people is linked to racial bias, coinciding with the observation that diversity is a weakness, not a strength.

One study found that during the menstrual cycle when women have a higher likeihood of conception, racial bias is increased, especially when the likeihood of sexual intercourse was increased; "increased conception risk was positively associated with several measures of race bias. This association was particularly strong when perceived vulnerability to sexual coercion was high."


Race Is A Social Construct?
The Immune System: How Important Is Race?

The reason that mixed-heritage patients are so hard to match can be found in the immune system. Different races have developed certain proteins, or markers, that are part of the body's natural defenses. These markers help the immune system determine which cells are foreign and should be rejected.

Are cells racist?
A match between two people who share more genetically in common significantly reduces the risk of the donor and recipient cells attacking each other. (READ: cells from people of two different races will attack and fight each other as though they are a virus)

The more people of different backgrounds who produce offspring = the more types that are harder to match.
Multiracial patients have uncommon profiles and since there can be many possible racial and ethnic combinations in multiracial societies, finding a match can still be extremely difficult.

As an example, a White mother of mixed-race child would have more genetically in common with a random White person on the street than with her own child.
If such a dramatic and fundamental alienation from your own parents if not horrific enough, With a mixed-race child diagnosed with leukaemia, every member of the child's own family becomes an incompatible donor for a bone-marrow transplant, and finding a compatible donor is unlikely:


Bone Marrow Transplants: When Race Is an Issue

Race matters when a patient needs a stem cell or marrow transplant

The Race for Ancestral Genetics in Clinical Trials



Sickle-Cell Disease
Sickle cell anaemia is a condition found almost exclusively in blacks, about 1 in 4 west Africans carry the gene for it, almost no whites do. Any whites who carry the gene most likely have a black ancestor.

As a result of population growth in African-Caribbean regions of overseas France and immigration from North and sub-Saharan Africa to mainland France, sickle cell disease has become a major health problem in France. SCD has become the most common genetic disease in this country.

Invasive species: Genes Are Destroyed With Admixture/Racial Mixing

Extinction by hybridization:

The Island Model with Stochastic Migration:
The above implies that if you have two genes in some frequency in the immigrant population, under one way migration that frequency becomes the dominant frequency on the island.

What this means is that the genes initially on the model island, in effect, disappeared.

Evolution with Stochastic Fitness and Stochastic Migration


Figure 1. The consequences of a negative correlation between fitness and immigration rate:

Allopatric speciation
Allopatric speciation or geographic speciation is speciation that occurs when biological populations of the same species become vicariant — isolated from each other to an extent that prevents or interferes with genetic interchange. This can be the result of population dispersal leading to emigration, or by geographical changes such as mountain formation, island formation, or large scale human activities (for example agricultural and civil engineering developments). The vicariant populations then undergo genotypic or phenotypic divergence as: (a) they become subjected to different selective pressures, (b) they independently undergo genetic drift, and (c) different mutations arise in the populations’ gene pools.[1]

The separate populations over time may evolve distinctly different characteristics. If the geographical barriers are later removed, members of the two populations may be unable to successfully mate with each other, at which point, the genetically isolated groups have emerged as different species. Allopatric isolation is a key factor in speciation and a common process by which new species arise.[2] Adaptive radiation, as observed by Charles Darwin in Galapagos finches, is a consequence of allopatric speciation among island populations.


Reproductive isolation - Sexual isolation by behavior or conduct
Even where there are minimal morphological differences between species, differences in behavior can be enough to prevent mating. For example, Drosophila melanogaster and D. simulans which are considered twin species due to their morphological similarity, do not mate even if they are kept together in a laboratory.[3][12]Drosophila ananassae and D. pallidosa are twin species from Melanesia. In the wild they rarely produce hybrids, although in the laboratory it is possible to produce fertile offspring. Studies of their sexual behavior show that the males court the females of both species but the females show a marked preference for mating with males of their own species.



Just imagine what a few extra years of separation could have done for certain human populations…



I mean you could've posted a quote from Mengele about race mixing but instead you want to be a faggot.
Good shit though.

The biggest issue isn't even health itself, its the loss of hereditarian identity. No history, no self-sustaining narrative, no shared beliefs, no real home. This is the cause for majority of the illnesses (or breeding with a jew).
Capitalism, socialism and jews love mixing people up for this very reason. No history means no reason to do anything.

Why do you even care about race mixing? Ehhh fuck off with that start telling white men to stop abandoning their children.

You could read the thread to find out why he cares about racemixing.

Race mixing doesn’t even come close to the amount of white men that bail on their own children. Start talking about that. It matters more then this pretend epidemic of race mixing you’ve conjured up. Disgusting.

America mixed the whites first. Poles, Germans, Irishmen, French, British…
It's mixed. The American dream no longer has an audience, as it was a pull away from traditional European identity to begin with.
E. Michael Jones speaks about this.

America isn't mixed. Most White Americans are like 70-80% British, you're retarded and spreading D & C bullshit.

And why does he cares so so much about dental problems, low birth weight, mental illness, etc. Pray tell? Let’s not be stupid.

Oh my gosh who the hell cares.
Nobody is fucking "pure" god damn it.
Retard spergs like OP need to GTFO.

You could've looked at the image more carefully but instead you want to be a faggot

I'd rather had no identidy then shit skin color/hair color

Kikes really hate this thread. The amount of leftykike shilling on this board this week is astronomical. How much are you yids being paid?

Because racemixing is a far more insidious threat, being championed and encouraged as morally desirable muhdikking by the multimedia globohomo conglomerates. Obtuse post.

OP answer the question, why is the matter of white men abandoning their OWN children NEVER brought up? You care about mixed people having dental problems but not about white men abandoning their own children even before birth? I have never seen one damn thread about men abandoning fatherhood. Not once! What a disgrace!

Certainly not you, ugly mutt kike.

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Fuck off kike. Nobody is going to answer your disingenuous pedokike questions and your attempted derailing is obvious. Thanks for bumping the thread though, pedophile.

No one has an active desire to abandon their own children (w*men aren't people), but many have an active desire to conquer nonwhite pussy, which is sustained by a lifetime of deep submersion in Jew culture and must be exposed, understood, and corrected.

Oh bullshit! Don’t act like you care. Fucking disgraceful. How do men abandon their own children? Why is that never a topic of conversation. Tell men to be better fathers. Tell men to be better people. 8ch is full of pedophilia, rape, people having sex with animals, depictions of infants being raped, basically any fucking awful thing that exists you’ll find it here. When it actually comes to white men taking any responsibility whatsoever you immediately find a scapegoat wether it’s, women, poc whoever you’ll find one. Bow your heads in shame boys. You and you alone make this world a worse place. Aw But you can’t help it, baby you were born that way

Hey I think you need to adjust your tin foil hat, it’s looking a bit askew. Ooh pedo lol how deflecting of you. Take a look in the mirror. At least I can sleep at night

this thread deserves more bump. Thanks OP

There's the nagging, always the nagging.
Uh oh someone drew a baby getting raped better shit out a half breed
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What happened is the creation of super Europeans. People who are Germanic+Italic or Celtic+Slavic or a mix of all and cares about securing the existence of the European people and a future for their children.

The number one nationality is German. The second is Mexican.
The number one cultural group is Germanic; the second is Celtic. Hispanic culture is Celtic culture.

Reported for attempting to derail the thread with unrelated bullshit. You obvious-as-fuck Jewish woman. You aren't even saging a thread you don't like. That's how little you know about this place.

Your diction and patterns of speech are flagged by my Reddit/nonwhite/w*man heuristics, and your goal is destructive rather than constructive (bitching in other threads about anons not taking the action you desire, instead of taking that action yourself.) You're also dismissing all counterarguments with an emotional handwave.

You stick out.

OP, they get a thrill from being called names. Thank you for your collection of links, very helpful to me personally since libraryofhate went down, but please don't let them derail you.
Remember that the advantage here when Arguing With Jews is that everything is recorded and lurkers can replay it all by reading the thread. All that's required is to stay the course and remind newfags what the signs of antidiscourse are.

I don't know how much they're making, but if the position was open in reverse shitting up their boards for money, I'd apply in a heartbeat.

>going to any board other than Zig Forums or /pdfs/ or /x/
Top fucking kek.
You jew, Europeans are the People of Color, and the People of Light.

Go back to leftypol you neurotic kike whore.

Fuck you, Torfag.
You forgot >>>Zig Forums :^)

Thanks for the great info OP
100% N. Euro American feels good.

great post OP. any insight on how interbreeding between northern european countries pans out? for example nordic and german people mixing?

This is what a shill looks like. Time to reclaim the board all passive Zig Forums lurkers.

>A study in Iceland showed that 3rd cousin marriages are the most fertile and successful. Suggesting that mating within one's ethnic/racial group would be more beneficial than outside of one's ethnic/racial group. sciencemag.org/content/319/5864/813.abstract
>One study showed that people tend to find their own face when morphed into the opposite sex most attractive, even when he/she doesn't know it's his own face, strongly suggesting that people typically prefer those who look like themselves, in other words their own racial/ethnic group. psyc.nott.ac.uk/research/vision/jwp/papers/pentonvoak1999.pdf
these ones stood out to me regarding your question. Whites in the US are essentially a conglomerate of N Euro tribes. Britain is essentially a similar makeup from historic migrations/raids

lol sup juden

OP doing God's work

Good thread. Racemixing is the ultimate act of treason against ones own people and an act of incredible cruelty and selfishness towards the products of it.
Thank you.

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race mixing is extremely rare for whites. media overplays it.

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I'm going to try to exercise some compassion and ask the question, what is there to be done with the products of miscegenation? A mutt didn't choose to be a mutt, and like you said, they're the product of the cruelty and selfishness of their parents.

I'm probably the only one that would even think to say this, but I don't hate mutts, but rather, I pity these miserable, ugly, dumb sacks of mystery meat, I wouldn't continue to hate on them since their very existence is suffering.

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Could have been worthwhile if you weren't busy sucking those cocks OP. Filtered for wall o text spam.

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triggered amerimutts make my heart warm.

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Fucking kek. How will America ever recover?

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Fuck your cousin, White man.

Race mixing = Mutants

Good thread OP.
'Ave a bump.

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The worst kind kind race mixing!

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Outbreeding depression

''In biology, outbreeding depression is when progeny resulting from crosses between genetically distant individuals (outcrossing) exhibit lower fitness in the parental environment than either of their parents or than progeny from crosses between individuals that are more closely related.[1] The concept is opposed to inbreeding depression, although the two effects can occur simultaneously.[2] Outbreeding depression manifests most significantly in two ways:

Intermediate genotypes are not adapted to either parental habitat. For example, selection in one population might favor a large body size, whereas in another population small body size might be more advantageous, while individuals with intermediate body sizes are comparatively disadvantaged in both populations. As another example, in the Tatra Mountains, the introduction of ibex from the Middle East resulted in hybrids which produced calves at the coldest time of the year.[3]
Breakdown of biochemical or physiological compatibility. Within isolated breeding populations, alleles are selected in the context of the local genetic background. Because the same alleles may have rather different effects in different genetic backgrounds, there is the potential evolution of different locally adapted gene complexes. Outcrossing between individuals with differently adapted gene complexes can result in disruption of this selective advantage, resulting in a loss of fitness.''

what is to be done? when Old Yeller went rabid, what did lil Travis do to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children?

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Yeah I'm easily mostly British, about 60ish percent then the rest is German. That's not all that mixed.

I really hate the term, "poc" for people that all look like a pile of shit.

Tor fag is projecting jewish filth, what a surprise.

Dumping normie friendly pics

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Attached: Interracial partner violence.jpg (1410x1633 1.06 MB, 806.27K)

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Dumping some diversity pics for normie consumption

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You can always tell a jew because they think that breeding within a race is inbreeding, because they've spent millennia fucking their cousins, while whites are the least inbred race on the planet.
Enjoy your hereditary diseases and neuroticism, Shlomo.

These are great.

Finally a reason to get off on bbc porn those kids are going to suffer genetic problems creating a dead end blood line.
*incase you are wondering yes this is a joke*

Ask me how I know that's an Anglo.

Tell them they are a real poc

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bump, This thread really triggers a lot of mutts and rabbis

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Jews are part african and they have the most diseases than any other "race"

Eggcellent thread full of triggering info.

Will spread.

Eurasian mutt here, giving this a bump.

I have so many health problems, it is almost as if I was genetically engineered for a lifetime of intense suffering. All these problems are congenital; and none of them exist in either of my parents' families.

You need to hit this issue hard. I see too many rice-mixers here. Treat them like you treat coal-burners.

By the way: Kalergi was a "Hapa". (Dear heavens, I hate that term.) He had a rice-mixer dad and a Jap mom. (Of course, he himself married a Jewess.) Father of the E.U., prophet of the "Afro-Eurasian" race of the future. If you're wondering why Merkel opened the floodgates…


Thx fren. The western world seems ready for race identity to rise again.
Yep, not the least bit surprised about the health problems. See

Pic related has so many allergies and gets sick so often, that she as a streamer is almost incapable of doing IRL streams and mostly just sits at home.
If you GF pic related, you will never be able to do any fun stuff with her, because she will just keep you home, because muh allergies.

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Don't worry, Torposter. At this rate, you'll be the last small-eyed, black-haired "white" on Earth. It might be lonely, but be glad nobody will suffer the way you did again,

The so called """elite""" have been practicing eugenics among their own in private, while preaching that you doing the same is racist in the public sphere.
Everything is recorded in the DNA. By mixing the DNA of different racial groups; you add "noise".
What is "noise"?


If there is such a thing a incompatibility in blood transfusion; what does that mean when it comes to combining the DNA of two compatible or incompatible blood types when producing a child?

I used to think race mixing was fine, but that was before I was running a marathon and someone sped past me with a bicycle.

Her eyes are as far apart as her tits, LAMO

Based on personal experience, I have no words strong enough to express my contempt for persons so criminally-minded that, having received the gift of relatively sound genetics from their ancestors, they choose to curse their own children to an irreparable downfall, the ills of which cannot be adequately described. How can anybody hate their own kids so much?


Do any of you folks know of any studies on autoimmune disorders in human hybrids? Have any such studies been done?

Besides relevance to thread topic, that could be… helpful. (Can't be more specific without whittling down my anonymity set too far.)


Thanks, Aryan; I find that reassuring. As for "lonely", that's nothing new; see also some bits I dropped in another thread, more relevant here:

>So he kicks back, waits for you White people to wake up and save your damn selves, and contemplates how the protagonist in Dr. Pierce's novel Hunter did a work of kindness in saving future mongrels from the curse of being conceived.

(Staple that to the forehead of the next rice-mixer you encounter, with a long-range "stapler".)

>I myself sobbed uncontrollably when I first read certain passages of Mein Kampf II, Chapter 2. (Also Volume I, Chapter 11.) I felt as if the Führer had reached out through space and time to personally touch me with words of understanding. It was painfully healing of a psyche wounded by that which cannot be healed.

You cuckold faggots are going to be exterminated or willingly breed yourselves out of existence. Every white I work with has some disgusting niggress fetish or is dating some Hispanic. Hell one of my colleagues is raising his Hispanic's daughter. A cuckold! Willingly!

Look at these ladies, smiling ear to ear ready to take in their dark-skinned masters. I'm going to lay into my white lady now. Have fun fighting off the relentless urge to beat off to /wx/'s interracial threads. Remember that demographics are everything, and your percentages are dwindling.

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come on you fucking bigot it is 2018
seriously though, what are we supposed to do since >95% of white women have been irredeemably pozzed?

Good thread OP.

Read up on Indian history — the history of Aryan India. Then, look at India today, after thousands of years of heterogeneous racial mixing: A polyphyletic teeming mass of street-shitters. This is the Jew's planned future for the whole world (except for themselves). This is Hell on Earth.

Is that what you want for your posterity? What is your purpose in having children at all?

White genocide means producing a future where either your bloodlines will go extinct, or they will be so degraded that you will pray for extinction. Remember that when you ask what you're "supposed to do".

A huge amount of anti-racemixing material can be had from the horrific plight of what once was Aryan India. I don't know why most people ignore this.

Thank you so much OP

The "nicest" option is sterilization, assuming they can be useful to society in a meaningful way. As for less nice options, use your imagination.

This user understands.

I posted the following in another thread when an user was complaining about how he wanted to marry his conservative asian waifu. It was relevant there and I'll throw it up here again. This is also related to what said about India.

Look up the etymology of the word "pariah". You probably know this to mean a "social outcast" or something like that.

The word originally comes from sanskrit (an indo-european language) and it loosely means "a person without a caste". Anyone born to parents of different castes aka races is a pariah in the sense that there is actually no group to whom they belong. The higher caste will reject him/her for being tainted with poor traits i.e.: contempt and the lower caste will reject him/her for being a constant reminder of their own deficiencies read: resentment. Of course that assumes the product is not a mutant diseased freak, which is often the case. These people don't fit into the fabric of society and are therefore pushed to the outskirts, forever doomed to live a life even lowlier than that of a shudra (the lowest caste) as they are truly alone on this earth. (pic related is a modern brahmin, clearly "whiter" than most indians today but obviously not pure. He is "a lesser son of greater sires"

Attached: blue eyed brahmin.jpg (600x440, 37K)

Best buddies with Warburg, Baruch, Rothschild etc. too.

image related is vital reading for newfags

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One of the 1 star reviews is as follows:
GEEEEEEEE, I wonder who wrote this review?


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Thank you, White man, for neatly assembling some information which I am too chaotically disorganized to present properly.

Kalergi is key to understanding the racial mixing agenda and the invasion of Europe. Read that infographic if you read nothing else on Zig Forums today.

Does anybody here have a reliable English translation of the full text of Praktischer Idealismus? Thanks in advance.


The Jew always accuses his victims of his own crimes against them. (((Boas))), ((("Montagu"))), "race is a social construct", etc. are the real pseudo-science. (Cf. the "Holocaust" — Jews exterminating Germans whilst accusing the Germans of exterminating them.)


This is understandably a painful topic to me. I am a living creature with healthy instincts, including the biological imperative to reproduce. (Also, healthy racial instincts — which leave me in a dire state indeed.) I know that, as discussed below, mongrelization causes worse degeneration in future generations. I know that my predicament is my parents' fault; but correctly assigning moral blame does not change the cold facts.

I'm not sure if this is suitable to discuss further here… Suffice it may to note, the inescapable conundrum I just sketched is one of the worst destructive effects of racial mixing!


>(Continued due to post length limit…)

An even bigger, yet somewhat subtler point is that the mutt retains the pure characteristics of neither of its parents.

Both of my parents are strong, healthy individuals from strong, healthy families. (Well — healthy except where other mongrelization occurred on the White side, some of it with niggers. As you may infer, they are obscene degenerates who idealize racial mixing. The Yellow side of my family is actually quite decent, modulo some "youthful mistakes"; although their brains work so differently that I myself have trouble understanding them.) I am essentially the assembled product of quality parts which don't fit together properly. As such, both sides are degraded in the assembled whole.

If you rice-mix and spawn a brood of unhappy "Hapas", the results will actually be much worse than if you could have real chinks and gooks for your children! And oh, did some anime meme turn you to idolizing the Japs? Well, you can't have any real Jap babies — only Japs can have Jap babies. If you mix the races, you will produce only deformed mutts. And if you're White, European culture much better suits you than Jap stuff.

In each individual mix, is unpredictable which parts will predominate. Even siblings are wildly dissimilar. In my heritable mental characteristics, I think I am about 80% Aryan, 10% Oriental, and 10% neither — this last being the product of internal chaos. In my physical characteristics, I looked fully White until puberty; now, I look almost like a Mexican mestizo (Amerindians are distant racial cousins of Asians). Any of these results could have gone any which way. I've seen persons with the same percentage admixture who looked like slightly paler Asians, and were literally, clinically psychotic.

Now, lest anybody take the wrong message implied from my showing too much intelligence here, I should point out…

Degeneration in mongrels most heavily sets in after several generations. Thus, first-generation mongrels should never be taken as representative of the effects of mongrelization. Sometimes — rarely — they have some amazing qualities, despite being diseased basket-cases in other ways; I myself personally call this "the last cry of the blood." Race-destroyers like to trot out these specimens as super-mutts, just as they do with a "smart Negro" at the extreme high-end of the Negro bell curve. (Women are most susceptible to this trick, because the female brain particularizes where the man generalizes.) Still, their offspring will regress to the mean and then degenerate precipitously if not ruthlessly culled.

By mixing the races, you condemn your own children — and you condemn your children's grandchildren much worse.

This long-term degeneration has been discussed by Hitler and others. Some White people should take up this point here, with White man's science and stuff. I myself somehow got a stratospheric IQ, and I am widely read; but I am also a chaotically disorganized degenerate with my bibliographic resources. Case in point of the process described above.

Correction/clarification of some clumsy wording and typos:

>In each individual mix, it is unpredictable which parts will predominate. Even siblings are wildly dissimilar. From my heritable mental characteristics, without regard to the genetic percentage of my admixture I think I express as about 80% Aryan, 10% Oriental, and 10% neither