IBD Accidentally did a Race Redpill

>Socialized Medicine Requires Six Things — America Has None Of Them.

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Why wouldn't you archive it your god damn self, new fag?

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But a screenshot isn't sufficient for archiving purposes.

ITT: Niggers and why we can't have nice things

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Ok. Back to op and his six.
1st, be tiny: the article expresses that in order for universal health care you need a small populace. US is fucking massive.
This article is pure fire. I like it.





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Except many European countries aren't homogeneous. UK for example is 85% white British, that is 15% of the nation being foreigners. It will only get worse too.

you could do it by county/state instead with residence in certain counties providing different benefits and integrate your way up to "universal" healthcare although the levels for each district may be different
tons of IP works too, as long as you have a large GDP its fungible.
if done by county this is more or less de facto



The NHS is a fucking joke now.

No argument there, but the article talking about homogeneity falls apart when they specifically cite European countries.

We had homogeneity when the NHS was set up and its a mess now because of traitorous governments, over spending and having to look after all kinds of bottom tier people, in and out of the UK.

Pretty clear what the solution is.
Return the homogenity that had been present since 200,000 years ago until 70 years ago.
Problem solved.

Canadian style single payer would never work due to spics and niggers. It's well known in the insurance industry, just that you can't say it out loud.

Talk about Amerimutt not having a single clue about what's really happening here in Sweden.
~67% of voters think shit's great and that the only solution to our collapsing welfare is more niggers, subsidized tampons, and raised taxes for men.

u wot m8? japan doesnt have socialized health care.

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Homogeneity is just one (large) part of it. A much bigger drain on the system is its universality, making the healthy part of the population subsidize and lose out on quality care to the morbidly obese, alcoholics, smokers and drug addicts. And then there's the prevailing idea that all one needs to improve the general health is increase the availability and decrease the cost (at the point of use) of treatment, ignoring that you need pro-active government incentives towards healthy living, i.e. subsidizing healthy foods, education about the benefits of exercise, reversing the post-industrial trend of sedentary lifestyles, making sport something people participate in rather than watch on a TV, and regulating unsafe but cheap chemicals administered to livestock and farmland.

declare yourself a tranny and fuck the system over quicker.

But goy, think about the jobs and economy!

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Then why the fuck did you rant about archiving it, cum-chugger?


Sounds like they are saying the only type of socialism likely to work is one based on ethno nationalism.
Because you can't accuse blacks of being lazy, petulant or poor timekeepers, even if they are.
Because you can't accuse jews of being greedy, nepotistic and subversive even if they are.

The most important thing that most are unaware of is the fact that all races are genetically different from each other. It's much more faster to implant limbs in racially homogeneous country than it is in diverse ones.

A lot of people are considering the cultural impact of diversity, but not the biological impact of it. It's no coincidence that US healthcare is slower than that of racially homogeneous countries.


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Good article except they don't point out why Socialist healthcare is failing in Scandinavia because it's no longer homogeneous. So it bypasses the race issue altogether and just jumps right into immigration as the likely cause. They are two parts to the same puzzle.

Also will disagree about the World Military bullshit as to why the U.S. couldn't do it. There's too many reasons to list because one issue rolls into two other problems and then those two problems branch out to two more so on and so forth. At least they tried to strike at the root in those listed. You actually don't need a big army like before with technology and proper will. You can get by and be protected from invasion with minor R&D in the right fields. Russia has done a good job proving this scenario given they've been hit by everything including the kitchen sink the past 100 years, let alone since the fall of the USSR. The best offense is a good defense, something the U.S. should actually consider. For decades our Patriot system was a fucking disaster of epic proportions that nobody took seriously including our allies. We just can't produce defensive weapons worth a shit at the moment and what is out there hasn't really been put to the test. Long story short, you don't need much to prevent another country from fucking with you. It's because America is willing to spend blood and treasure to fight in wars that benefit ourselves and allies, even if only temporarily, is what allows other nations to spend a little less on defense and more on social programs. The U.S. doesn't need this colossal waste of a military. I guess that's the price you pay to keep them from overthrowing this shit-tier government. Like they'd even do it given they believe in these faggy principles that nobody even believes in anymore. Iraq war and all its lies and consequences have crushed whatever faith the peasant soldier had left in our military institutions and government. Now its just a good training vehicle for making men stronger.




And the food. Do you know how difficult it is to wrap ground beef in a tortilla?

When the NHS was formed, all six boxes were ticked. Now, not so much…
Substitute 'usa pays for everything' with 'uk is one of the few net contributors to the eu'

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