Paypal nixes Bitchute

This is the most important trend going on right now.

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I'm not going to water is wet you this time, but kike financial services strong arming censorship isn't anything new or surprising.

wtf it's literally just a platform.. Paypal is really in the pocket of the elite that it's filthy.. Does someone have a list of paypal account terminations? Have they ever terminated their service to other literal platforms in the past?

They tried the same shit with the printing press.
They tried the same shit with the VCR.

Bitchute sucked anyways

its really the only free speech video outlet

I mean, this is not the end of bitchute is it? Just a mayor inconvenience..

How much subscription revenue will they lose and how easy is it for them to find and use a paypal alternative?

we need to start a campaign to dump paypal.

They ban cam girls all the time when they find out they're using their services to sell videos/clothes/etc

Fuck you, kike. BitChute is great.

Keep in mind the ability to shut off funding/banking services at anytime is exactly way there has been a push to a cashless system. The cash paper money in my wallet is welcome everywhere but if PayPal does not like your politics they will cut you off.

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>(((alt-right))) fags cry and jump ship to another centralized platform
This shit wouldn't be an issue if you fags used something like PeerTube instead. It's basically the same shit, just open source and federated.

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Expected using paypal.

Check again kiddo

I hate to break it to you, but our enemies have been aware and fighting for our destruction since before we were born. Everything they do. Everything they've ever done has been with us in mind. It's only going to get worse as the facade falls from the cage built around us. Prepare for biblical levels of shit as God designed the world this way. Appreciate the struggle. Feeling good isn't enlightening and will not build up your soul nearly as well.

Any other way to help Bitchute, financially?

See Also Revelation 13:
OY VEY! The chip in your hand will make it easy to buy chinese plastic, goys. Just wave it over my shekelbox and off you go why not?!
Oops, you are an anti-semite! Now your chip doesn't function because no food for Nazis!

Tell them open a separate bank account and to open a new BTC/XMR/Link wallet that people can donate to.

This shit wouldn't be an issue if you fags weren't a bunch of impotent crybabbies using whatever excuse to suck up to your ZOG masters.

The bots are starting to act up.


>shit on the neverending (((alt-right))) exoduses from one centralised service to another
I'm calling you fags idiots for not using something more resilient. This isn't as retarded as the shitters who migrated to Gab instead of federated GNU Social/Pleroma instances, but going for yet another proprietary, centralized platform when they're such easy targets for DDoS attacks and financial attacks is fucking retarded.

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Kill yourself, niggerjew.

you saw those kids doing a roman salute being chased down by media? in 20 years from now, if they did that then, they would be denied access to food, transport and healthcare, just like now paypal denies you access to bitchute or gab

What's next, begging for the poor jews at gab to get their shekels?

Dear God this. For the past few years, I keep seeing the foundations of The Revelation 13 stuff coming true.

You know what the worst part is? If you have medical issues like asthma or anything, they will still cut you off and deny your right to medical treatment, unless you have that chip in your hand and you are a good goy to Israel.

I have asthma and other medical issues, my relatives have them too. If we can't buy anything, like it was prophesied, we will be insanely fucked.

Fuck, maybe I should learn hunting and other things so I can live off the grid. Maybe even find a good herbal remedy for asthma. There is no way in hell I'm going to bow down to (((them)))

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Thank God for the advent of cryptocurrencies

I admire Bitcoin and several others, but it's worth taking notice of Venezuela's new cryptocurrency, the petro, deliberately designed to get around ZOG censorship.

"Venezuela had been planning to get around U.S sanctions through an ingenious plan to develop a national, untraceable, cryptocurrency that will allow ‘shadow allies’ around the world to trade with Venezuela in manner which the U.S won’t be able to detect. "

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As much as crypto is tanking and is not real money, it's the only true alternative to these jew led internet banking accounts. There's no way of get censored on it, it can bypass most filters, and governments can't regulate it in any shape other than taxes.

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That's why I recommend we use open source, federated platforms our enemies can't shut down as easily. The software and websites exist already, you fags just need to use them.
Even if the pressure gets too great for federated platforms, there's fully distributed options in the works. /hypno/fags are really into RetroShare and IPFS is the holy grail of the distributed web, which will get even better whenever the fags add I2P support.

Fuck off

ok how is it not.

Petro could be a very good idea for the oil industry in general, but unfortunately I can't see Venezuela being competent enough.

For instance people who rent out their land to be drilled could have an accountable way to get paid.

Fantastic, you're a /g/edditor. How's that tranny CoC taste you impotent fag?

They already take bitcoin etherium and bitcoin cash. I sent them some.

Simplest way use whatever wallet you have buy the coins and send. But I tried to do that with coinbase and it wanted me to verify my account. My camera on my phone is broken so the pic of my drivers license was too blurry to read.

I've been hobbying around with setting up my own raspberry pi bitcoin node over tor. It's hooked to a spare hard drive I had, and I used ttps:// as instructions.

It's been downloading the entire blockchain over tor for weeks.

I generated a new address. Experimented with sending myself coins. Didn't set transaction fee. Waited more weeks . Finally transaction came through. Set trans fee using:
# Get your balance ( changed to protect the guilty)bitcoin-cli -rpccookiefile=/path/to/rpccookiefile getbalance0.0012345# estimate what fee to pay to get confirmation within six [email protected]:~/.bitcoin$ bitcoin-cli -rpccookiefile=/path/to/rpccookiefile estimatesmartfee 6{ "feerate": 0.00013010, "blocks": 6}# Set bitcoin-cli to pay that amountbitcoin-cli -rpccookiefile=/path/to/rpccookiefile settxfee 0.00013020# give yourself 3600 seconds to use your wallet without needing passphrase bitcoin-cli -rpccookiefile=/path/to/rpccookiefile walletpassphrase "NotTheRealPassphraseButUseTheRealOne" 3600# Send the entire contents of my wallet to bitchute. The amount is not the real amount. It's a tiny amount I got from a bitcoin atm. I have to drive 40 miles to the nearest bitcoin atm. bitcoin-cli -rpccookiefile=/path/to/rpccookiefile sendtoaddress 1JkaK9WTBeZfXcQBugAtQHegQUzpzvGf7H 0.0012345 "Paypal SUX" "Paypal Can Die" true # I think I sent it anonymously. My node runs over tor. I did this as a donation and as a hobby excersize in anonymity. # I was going to use Coinbase to send them a few bucks but now you can't send with Coinbase without verification. So I sold all my Coinbase bitcoins and removed their app.

If you just want to donate directly from a bitcoin atm just copy their address to a piece of paper and enter it in at the bitcoin atm as the destination after inserting a bill.

I'm not shilling for Venezuelan cryptocurrency in particular. I'm just celebrating blockchain currencies in general bringing an end to the nation-wrecking jew monopoly with our money and payment systems.

However, when ZOG shills tell you it's all doom and gloom for a cryptocurrency such as the Venezuelan petro, a digital coin that is a "designer baby" created to thwart America's ZOG, don't you lose sight of the fact that no less a power player than China has stepped in BIGTIME to support the Venezuelan cryptocurrenty.

"The director of the Development Bank of China, Tian Yunhay, expressed his support for the Venezuelan government as part of the start of the sale of the petro and was one of the authorities who attended the National Cryptoactive Superintendence in Caracas last Wednesday to buy the digital currency."

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Helium is good for asthma, redditnigger.

If you're going to shill a cryptocurrency, at least go for something fungible like Monero and not something tied to the shitheap that is Venezuela the incompetent socialist shithole.

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>(((shadow allies)))

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Funny how this all pops up when cryptos are taking yet another nosedive.

You mention Venezuela being socialist. Yes, they are - and I am certainly not.

But don't overlook the fact that the People's Republic of China is also a socialist government.
And China is thirsty for oil.

Their support of Venezual's new crypto seems sincere.

>use dumb shit that doesn't work and relies on things like your ISP not throttling or restricting P2P traffic instead of these things that get attacked precisely becaues they do work

We still have DVD burners.

XMR is monero you silly goose

Reducing your contribution to slitting your own throat from tax theft is something that can be done. Grow your own food as much as possible for cost and health which later boils down to avoiding much larger medical cost, make and repair things, buy used, be a frugal consumer, do your own utilities with solar, water collection, own waste system(lookup earthship home for a non composte method that's way better,) free cellphone service with freedompop, drop your property taxes, most of it is the house and other structures, categorized as structures on the land, replace with rv(s,) which are considered vehicles, but rather than living in a shitty rv, take an rv frame and build using regular home building on top it, so instead of losing $5k/yr to jews and other non Whites, the loss is cut to $100. Gasoline is 50% tax, get an electric or hybrid with a long enough battery range to cover local driving like a chevy volt so that the only time you use fuel is on trips, bike for short distances, 1-4 miles, often biking is faster than cars this close from traffic, lights and parking, ~20 round trip with an electric assisted bike, the grocery store, bank, etc. if possible, to reduce wear on your car, reduce risk of accident by not using it when you don't have to, bike on the sidewalk for safety, most places allow it, do medical tourism, local medical is only needed for emergencies, otherwise have time to setup better and less expensive medical arrangements, for a single individual you can fit up to ~72k a year income into the first two lowest tax brackets by maximizing contribution to IRA(18k) and HSA(health savings account, 3.4k.) If you manage to accumulate a little over 500k and pull a 7.6% return like the dow jones 30, would produce 38.7k, the first tax bracket of long term capital gains, which is zero tax, invest in hard assets, use non jew alternative currencies. If you built a three wheeled hybrid it would be categorized as a motorcycle which would drop your insurance from $500-600 to $100, lookup sondors 3 wheeled ev as a good example. Eat healthy, exercise, skip reckless activities to avoid and delay medical costs. Note, bicycle and motorcycle for transportation, and living in a regular rv would cut those costs right away without having to build, building them is to make them nice/not shitty, and less dangerous(motorcycle.) Did I miss anything? My aim being to cut while maintaining normal level civilization amenities. Any rate, these are the above board ways I've thought of when it comes to cutting the tax theft. Perhaps could cut more in above board fashion with more fancy tax avoidance measures that the wealthy and corporations use, after that what's left is under the table measures. After getting yourself sorted, next move would be to setup friends and family as well. Taking shekels away from jews should be an aim, promote anything that does so, free alternatives, non jew competitors, alternative activities so people aren't wasting time/stop being indoctrinated/losing shekels on jew swill, starting a business with its purpose to take jew market share, control and influence away.

Cutting down the loss of your money from taxes, take advantage of medical tourism in dealing with your ailments over seas.

So how do you financially support your non-pozzed website without traditional payment processors or putting your supporters at risk? I'm familiar with at least two options: neither are ideal but they're better than nothing.
Remember how Mozilla kicked out their founder after they noticed he donated to some anti-gay cause, and the guy released this thing called the Brave browser? Its main feature (alongside the great adblocker and tracking protection) is the BAT ad exchange platform, which tl;dr provides an Etherium-based token advertisers pay sites to host ads, and the proceeds are split between the site owner and visitor. The visitor can either exchange their BAT tokens for cash or tip websites with it.
It sounds a bit nuts but there's already right-wing sites which pay their hosting costs entirely through BAT tips. If you want a a better explanation, see
Unlike the other shitcoins out there, Monero places a huge emphasis on coin history and transactions being untraceable. It's a favourite of ransomewarefags and anyone sensible enough to not want their payment history immortalised in clear public view for all eternity.

My apologies, I don't follow cryptocurrency that closely.

P2P throttling can usually be avoided by changing your fucking ports. Even then, it's better to have a throttled but working platform than a neverending cycle of centralized, proprietary shitheaps going down because they pissed off a payment processor.
More importantly,
Federated does not mean P2P or blockchain shit
Email is an example of a federated platform: people use different email sites but your address can communicate just fine with some gmail fag. The same goes for other federated services: GNU Social/Pleroma are federated microblogging sites while PeerTube uses the same P2P webtorrent technology as BitChute except it's federated and open source.

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That's stupid.

as long as trump keeps grabbing his nuts and howling like micheal jackson HEE HEE it's all good, trust the plan magapedes

I want them to keep going.
These fucks ran around pushing for net neutrality like it was the fucking apocalypse.
"Your ISP might fuck with your internet goy"
Here we are today, they effectively are the Internet and they are shutting shit down as an antitrust conglomerate.
Understand this. This is anti-competitive measures. Thats all it is.

paypal mafia strikes again. elon must be so proud.

All the more proof that we have lost and (((they))) have won. There will never be any fighting back against this shit.
Revelation 13 is real. A millenium of sorrow awaits. We no longer have anything to live for.
Take the redpill and realize that suicide is our last option.

But P2P is what makes federations possible. It looks like "federation" is the more popular word people are using to describe open decentralized systems. The ability for users to freely join and leave the system is what makes open decentralized systems so powerful.
In centralized systems users talk to each other on a single server. There's no need to contact third party systems. A decentralized system is able to communicate internally like central systems but also have the ability to communicate with third party instances of the system. Each user in a distributed system hosts an independent instance of the system and depends on the network of other users to use the system.

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I wonder how this happened.

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Then go blow your fucking head off you useless asshole.

Asses and Elbows

Reminder that the asses and elbows poster was right this whole time. We should have listened.

Oh, well. What are you going to do about it? Absolutely fucking nothing.

This. Take the redpill. We will keep on losing as usual and commit suicide once our time is up.

Niggerpill kike is not even trying anymore

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You first, faglet.

The battle has not even begun and you are already giving up. Be sure to KYS asap.

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Then what are you waiting for?

You can easily jew Paypal Credit out of 30-50% of your balance and they don't report to credit agencies.
The big caveat is do NOT lie on the credit application, that is illegal.

Change your contact information to a burner jewgel voice account/email. Close out any bank accounts associated with PP. Ignore them for around 5-6 months until you get a letter offering a settlement. Give them a sob story that isn't readily provable by looking at your credit report. Work on reducing the settlement until a couple weeks before the "charge off" date then pay it off once the you're officially enrolled in the settlement program (not the "hardship" one). Pay it off before charge off because they'll sell it to debt collection lawyers after that, and it will go on your CR.

This guy gives a good rundown on the settlement process. Pretty much, make your situation seem as bleak as possible and run the clock down.

Don't bother with federal agents, they're not here to contribute, they're here just to demoralize, trying to tame and neutralize their enemies. Little they know this only gets them more radicalized

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In a federated system the servers peer with each other, but users are only connected to their specific server. was confusing them with distributed/traditional P2P systems and assumed his ISP would throttle them like torrents.
Even if changing ports doesn't fix the throttling, there's always VPNs and shit like P2P over I2P.

Nigger you ARE asses and elbows.

suicide.. bombing?

You did not listen. It's too late now!

Asses and elbows

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'Life? Don't talk to me about life.'

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Go back to Zig Forums you fucking nigger lover.