The sexual maladaption acronym grows a letter.

LGBTQP, 'P' for pedo-oriented.

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Snopes would disagree, of course.

Cum is Cum

Fuck snopes, who gives a shit what snopes says

Twitter is supporting the LGBTQP movement.

Who is the central governing body that determines this?

Protip: Go to any snopes article where they are covering up a redpill and most of the time they claim the redpill fact is false over a technicality. Most are condensed down to, "because of this minor issue, the whole thing is false."

And of course the other thing people need to realize is Snopes being affiliated with (((george soros))).

Some site called 'Resist Hate' is proclaiming the LGBTQP movement to be a dastardly Nazi white supremacist trolling campaign. Personally, it's the first time I've seen it.

The meme wizards determine what this acronym is, and what it refers to.

The state of Israel

They (the left) also usually claim bugchasing is a homophobic lie too

Since the left can't meme …

Quite a few people do.

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At first I thought it was a joke, but… it's the real deal. It's really happening.

Here's a black Christian guy discussing the new acronym, LGBTQP. As he points out, pedofiles just want to be accepted.

'LGBTQP' is listed in the dictionary.

Um … no.

the kikes

Again, are you implying that Israel/Kikes are right wing? Remember: The left can't meme.

You need a more authoritative permission to add the letter to the acronym?

Dr. Robert Gagnon, an ivory-tower academic at no less than Princeton Theological Seminary, has written about the LGBTQP movement, which he labeled sexual perversions .

Baste niggress @ 2:30+/-
Doesn't name the jew but implies the propaganda is at fault for the degeneracy.

There are more kikes on this board than there are in Zig Forums, many of the memes here are produced by the same kikes that you think are 'nationalists' (technically not a lie; they just aren't European nationalists they are (((White))) nationalists).

Right wing = common sense policy, and since (((they))) only want to destroy goy countries, Israel is known to employ right wing policy

saged for double post.
What better way to start a meme movement than here and just let it take off…now the left can 'own it' and they won't look guilty for sponsoring pedophilia because it was an 'idea of the right'.

Even if the LGBTQP acronym is not broadly-accepted enough for you, the acronym is already being used by a counter-cultural subset.

Here is on Deviant Art:

So, ok, Dr Robert Gagnon (ha! funny name .. gag non …) is the determiner of the homosexual community's acronym? If he dies, will that leave the fags leaderless? The point I'm trying to make is that just because one or two sources claim the "P" doesn't make it so. A lot of organizations still call it the "GLA" (Gay and Lesbian Alliance) because they don't recognize the B or T. There is no central governing body, so the source is basically "out of my ass".

'nother source…

(got lots of 'em…)

Do you know what that means?

A Christian article on it:

They're using "P" here for "pansexual," e.g bisexuals who are even more special snowflake. Look at the fourth image. The only people who I've seen try to claim pedos are part of the acronym are actual pedos trying desperately to ride coattails and trolls. Most people including a "P" don't mean "pedophile."

Yeah, and Mormons call themselves Christian, but no Christian accepts that.

…And by fourth, I mean sixth because it's early.

Anyone in this thread including the OP who doesnt know about this old operation, hasnt put their time in, and doesnt belong here. Absolutely pathetic.

Apparently in street usage, pansexual is another term, slightly whitewashed, for pedosexual. Just ran across a USA Today article about it, but I bypassed it, and now can't find it agin, so you'll just have to do your own research. In any case, it doesn't hurt to muddy the waters.

Fuck your thread.


It's an old, failed operation. It's like the Log Cabin Republicans fighting for the right to be on the floor of the RNC - an old, FAILED operation.

read the thread, dipshit

>If it's cucked which (((fact check))) site do you use?
None, all fact checking sites are bullshit kike run disinfo hubs that were designed for that exact purpose since their inception.
Anyone who turns to them is retarded or knows their bias and sides with it.

Nonces are already represented by the LGBT acronym. Gays and pedos are one and the same.

Apparently gays are not happy with the addition of the 'P' letter to their sacred nomenclature.

I can't fault your logic, but their are pedos whom are NOT gay, just fucked up.


I know this. You know this. The rest of these schlubs dont know shit.

I suppose it goes back to at least 2017.

Hello homo, just get back from raping a kid?

It's older than that. Soon after the Stonewall riot, NAMBLA tried getting in on Pride parades but were chased away by the gay community.

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Or a young teen boy?

That's nonsense. It's literally always meant "bi but also open to trannies" (whereas "bisexual" is the term for transphobes, obviously) and "pansexuals" mostly call themselves that for the obnoxious bragging rights of being more "open-minded."

P means pansexual at best, polyamorous at worst.

Let's not invent false propaganda. Lies make you a liar, and liars are immoral. Do not lie. Lying makes you the bad guy, and bad guys are wicked. And the wicked must die.

You and the rest of these faggots need to go back to reddit

Perhaps, like the IOTBW operation, the time for this has come again. Recycle what works.

At the very least, adding another letter to the acronym makes it that much more ponderous, and thus ridiculous.

Just found this. As authoritative a statement on the LGBTQP acronym as it can be.

You only repeat operations that work you dumb fucking plebian. This didnt work. Like I said, fuck off back to reddit.

When I forecast, look to what's a headin our way, I see group LGBTQP marriages into which children are adopted from the State.
And then I run across this.

So adoption agencies are already behind selling to pedophiles? Color me surprised.

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There's a word for that: pilpul.

bragging rights of being more "open-minded."

More like being more "open-sphinctered" amirite?

Of course it's ridiculous. My stance on the issue is scientific and social: All male humans can breed with female humans. This means that homosexuality or transgenderism is not a real thing.

Instead, it is a matter of society and culture.

Does the boy become a transgender lady, or does he become a tailor who makes the most gorgeous clothes for women, as a professional tailor?
Does the boy become a homosexual, or does he become the most skilled poet or painter?
Does the girl become a feminist dyke?
Or does she become a strong, protective mother who fiercely defends her child and clan?

If the culture is wrong, the people will end up wrong.
If the culture is right, the people will end up right.

I think any sane person can understand that a few Muslims, a few Jews, a few trannies and a few gays is not an issue, and has always existed. It is good and normal to be able to interact with other people of this Earth. We are not fools who can't handle a difference of lifestyle or opinion.

But there is something wrong when there is propaganda and nigh-brainwashing of children in their government-run schools. It should be an uphill path to being an immigrant, a fag, or any other life-choice that isn't having a family or creating great works for the culture you belong to.

Instead, it seems like immigration and LGBTism is being encouraged, and that is a path of absolute madness. But what is the solution? The solution to how we deal with our own people is one that must last. It cannot be "undiscovered" like Christianity can be. Anyone can question their religion, and realize that it's mere mythology, and not actually true. Then the rules fall into shambles, and they become rebels who feel lied to or manipulated by falsehoods.

Only the truth can lead to a path of a strong, benevolent society.

Snopes = pilpul 100%

A lot of these commune-type situations are used today to launder money. You could Al Capone the faggot degeneracy and the muh hate kikes wouldn't be able to say a word.

I can grok it, but it's just a wee bit hard to willingly accept where our current trajectory leads.

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When seeking asylum it is most common for them to claim to be homosexual (meaning death if returned home), homosexuality is being given superior status and streamlining in government services . Positive discrimination.
I know of some revolting junkies who have used the same scam to get a nice council house, saying they are a couple. Whereas they were both in a 1 bedroom hostel type situation before, which made taking heroin a real drag. Now they can do it comfortably. And are laughing at the fags in government for believing that they are also fags.

Polyandrous LGBTQP marriages. How many can live in one council house?

And which one's would you have to call 'Daddy' or 'Mommy'?

The Dark Research user a long while back warned of this back in his origional threads, he said in every port city there are groups of pedophiles that marry amongst each other for the sole purposes of birthing their own fuck toys and then having big "swapping parties" where they trade children for a few hours, and where they introduce their fuck toys to each other so they will marry later in life at the earliest age for childrearing and raping purposes, seeing all this as totally normal.
His theory is that this is nature being a harsh, cruel bitch as usual and that this is an adaptation to a high divorce, high backstabbing society that doesn't have kids much at all. Now if they divorce all this will come out and that would be BAD so no divorces. They have children because they are pedophiles and they fuck children, and they want lots of children to fuck so. huge litters are common….
He also talked about how the majority of the freaks on were introduced to meth and anal sex by their own parents, and their fathers would whore them out at 11 to friends and by the time they hit 16 they had tried EVERYTHING! And were ready to have children to show them all too!

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Will MSM start referring to it as such then?
LGBT-P big f#cking P
Should it be used or not?
Use it may wake some?
Use it and they get their way?
2017; #LGBTP “Loves Knows NO AGE” !?! WHAT !? End Time Signs – YouTube

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It comes back to r/k selection. In an environment with infinite resources the correct strategy is to have as many kids as you can as fast as you can. But as a bitter old kikess was fond of saying, reality is not infinitely elastic. This endless summer is the product of complex social mechanisms that these creatures cannot hope to maintain.

might as well put all the sexual deviants and twisted fuckheads all together. This is why sex should be for procreation purposes only. If you go beyond and make exceptions to this rule, you are bound to undergo slippery-slope. Babylon, Late rome/greece, weimar republic, today

I'm going to have to agree with that, the worst part of the spiraling staircase is there is no actual floor, in order of a liberal to feel progressive he needs to be transgressive in some way in each step down, or else he's on the "wrong side of history" I only escaped that hellish spiral staircase due to looking over the bannister and having a flash of green lightning illuminate the lower floors, exposing what came after my current position. That was back when people seriously tried getting Aids and were using dog costumes to enslave willing youngsters into living in cages and barking on cue with plugs up their butts and eating off the floor. Now…. Look at it, they're becoming servitors from WH40K.

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I don't get it, it's all so dehumanizing. In the case of that animal or whatever fetish literally dehumanizing. What is wrong with these people? Were they born this way? At least if it's genetic we can genocide them all but I'm afraid there may be another, more hard to eradicate cause.

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Like I said in my long post above, in the right society, that person will be a master of wolves, and a righteous fellow.

And in the wrong society…. well, you know.

Don't focus on them. It hurts my head, so it'll just make me a dark person too. I won't be a murderer. I will build a better society.

What about us necrophiliacs? It’s only a matter of time, bigots.


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They're just bored nihilists looking for some cheap thrills

Alan Ginsberg was an early supporter if not one of the founders.


Fuck off cuckchan.

Snopes is often the very best source of intel on what to look into as they always either cover something up or try to push a false flag. It works reverse with whatever they say usually.

You're a stupid faggot.

Hard to believe after everything that gets posted here about race and sex that there are STILL people who believe in bullshit "nurture" "muh culture" and various tabula rasa theories when it comes to sexuality and gender. Do you never self-examine and actually ask yourself if what you believe is remotely consistent?

However a society handles the question, it is not helped in any way by pretending that queers don't exist in muh culture.

I fully believe this is true (Madeleine McCann's parents, anyone?), but you're going to have a hell of time proving any posts like this are legit. For any kind of fetish like this, there is tons of LARPing. The vast majority of these people undoubtedly live alone and the parents who they are supposedly fucking have absolutely no idea they're posting this filth somewhere on the internet.

No shit, really?!

"Z" is next, for zoophilia/beastiality. God help us.

Just dropping off some antiques for the newfags.

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Ah, I was looking for this thread. I was just thinking maybe I need to bring PG back to life. Bigotry hasn't died out yet, and the world could use a reminder what abusive people are like to their children. The left will never tolerate pedophilia. They love children sincerely. It's the right that breeds lunatics.

its not rape if they consent

Instead of 'Pedophile' use the word 'Paedosexual' as it gives an air of pseudo-intellectual haughtiness and derision for normal people who use normal language. Also, Poe's Law and all that.


It's the firdt time you've seen this because you're a newfag. Adding the P to LGBTQIA+ has been a project for quite some time. This will discredit the entire group if they're foolish enough to accept it.

Hello Torjew

This makes too much sense to not be real, but at the same time it's too evil to contemplate.

You only use whom when the noun to which you're referring is an object (when you would normally use him or them).

And obviously, you should use there and not their. Their is possessive for they.

Learn to write reasonably well, or don't post.



This is the Jewish plan to weaken Zig Forums

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P isn't going to happen, stop trying to make it happen.

Why would you even care what a nigger following a semitic religion has to say?

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That first one has to be a troll account.

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